Government-Run Disruptions Targeting Farmers And Food (And Soon You)

The governments of Holland and Canada have decided that this moment in time - full of disruption and imminent global food shortages - is the perfect time to crack down on… farmers? Because of…climate change?

Yes, that’s correct. This situation is as comical as it is insensible and ridiculous. The target is fertilizers and the methods are rules and diktats emitted by political technocrats who apparently have zero understanding of farming or empathy for farmers.

The reason given is “climate change” but the targeted emission which is nitric oxide is at most 7% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions. Of that, 40% comes from agriculture, and the plans that call for reducing 30% (Canada) to 50% or more (Holland) of fertilizer use will have a negligible impact on climate change gas emissions but a HUGE impact on farm yields and profitability.

After all, even if the whole world joined in, the math would be 7% x 40% x 30% = 0.84% reduction. That’s right a less than 1% reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions, but an extraordinary burden placed directly upon farmers who are being asked to shoulder the entire burden (“for the greater good - same as getting four jabs!”) of the effort. Just farmers directly, and the rest of us later in the form of explosively higher food prices. Again, nothing is being asked of far more obvious, and frivolously wasteful polluters and emitters. The symbolism is stomach-turning.

Meanwhile, these same leaders, Trudeau in Canada and Rutte in Holland, say nothing at all about other obvious and symbolically important targets such as private jets or mega yachts. Nor do they criticize the largest polluter China, whose own emission increases utterly dwarf any putative savings that might result from slamming farmers.

In other words, at the very best, the actions of Trudeau and Rutte are performative. At the very worst, they are meant to drive farmers out of business so that the actual peers and allies of these WEF-compromised “leaders” can scoop up these valuable properties for pennies on the dollar and place them under corporate agriculture control.

They will use whatever bureaucratic, governmental, media, education, and corporate tools they have to scare us into submission. Thankfully the farmers are having none of it and see through these barely concealed plots with ease.

Information is power.

And We The People need all we can get now.

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Nitrus Oxide??

Isn’t that what dentists use?



maybe the cannibalism conversation will lead the little people to the crazy story about drinking children’s blood and make it seem normal.


Soylent Green 2

The 1973 sci-fi film Soylent Green is now becoming deja vu.


Methane And Insects

Measuring the amount of methane production has to be a lot easier for cows than crickets. Is methane and CO2 really that much less after allowing for rotting vegetation, and feed, rotting insect faeces, production of feed for insects, conversion of cellulose to digestible products in insect digestive tracts by bacteria, processing and storing the edible parts of insects etc. It’s a very hard experiment to run in a real life setting - and all because of a gas that persists for a much shorter time than CO2. That’s before considering the balance of amino acids and fats and whether or not it’s actually good for us to eat bugs all the time.
Bill Gates never did a degree and it’s possible he and others are making assumptions on the basis of a false narrative.


No And No2

Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide are pollutants created by high heat in a combustion reaction. This gas is created almost directly inversely proportional to Carbon Monoxide. Nitrous Oxide is N20- if I’m not mistaken. That’s laughing gas.


This Is What Leads To Civil Unrest And Revolutions And Why It’s Growing

Civil unrest continues to grow around the world and Malaysia has been added to the list and it will keep growing and spreading around the world. People are starting to wakeup around the world that Governments are now against their people.
You and I know damn well that while we get to eat bugs, the WEF Elite will be ordering their steaks from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. This is what exposed Al Gore to his hypocrisy that while he was pounding the Climate Change mantra, he was spending thousands a month in electricity to power his home.
Supposedly Obama who also is for climate change activism, bought waterfront property in Hawaii. Hypocrite.
This is why we are seeing people getting angry because they see pretty soon, their backs will be against the wall with no options but to lash out. Trends Founder, Gerald Celente has an awesome quote: “When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT”.


That movie was set in 2022 - crazy!


Electric Vehicles And Carbon Footprint

A similar question about EVs as to insects. By the time electricity gets produced by the turbine in the coal fired power station, goes down power cables to your home, gets stored into your battery, then gets converted into kinetic energy by the electric motor, I find it hard to see that the carbon footprint for an electric car is any better than a gas or diesel fuelled car. Also, you have to dispose of your existing car, have the new car and battery made and transported from an overseas factory to you, and from what I hear you have to replace batteries every 7 years.
Does anyone have a handle on the losses that occur at each of the above conversions? How much power is lost every 100km in power cables? What do others think the relative carbon footprint might be for the two types of transport


I looked at this long ago. As far as power goes, EV’s are still better, marginally. But as you mention, you have to make the car which is significant.
On the other hand, electricity can be produced from a variety of sources whereas gasoline can’t – it is stuck with oil. On the other hand, the other “renewable” electricity sources still need fossil fuels to build out infrastructure…
So, I think EV"s in principle are a good idea. But nowhere near justifying the smugness their advocates exude. Someone buying a new Tesla is not helping the environment.


Perhaps the intention is to conserve oil for vested interests - not the carbon footprint from coal.
Any idea of losses of power down power cables? Our power station is about 600km away.


Yes, we’re discussing Nitrous Oxide:


yes…and, uh, whipped cream dispensers!


I Would Like To Know How Fertilizers Compare To Other Stuff.

For example, if everyone cuts fertilizer use compared to eliminating private jets, or mega yacht. Or switching to 10% better gas millage cars. Or setting thermostats up 2 degrees.
Even still it is all academic, since there is nothing we can do (other than stop all our economies, and allow billions to die) that will have a meaningful impact on climate change.
If everyone were to cut their standard of living by 50%, it would still not be enough to stop climate change. Better we accept it and deal with it, then when we are forced to stop burning fossil fuels, climate change will stop (reverse).


Meanwhile, Rutte And Trudeau Say Nothing About This…

In 2021 coal - dirty old coal - set a new record for global use.
We can only assume it’s setting many more monthly records at present here in 2022 as it picks up entire whole percentages of market share from gas in Europe and beyond.
But, yeah, by all means lean on the farmers! Great plan!


You Had Me At Private Jets

Its as if a bunch of morbidly obese people, madly stuffing themselves with ice cream and french fries, were lecturing us (mouths still full of food) on how we Plebes need to focus on losing weight.
Peak Hypocrisy.


Power cable loss is minor. The high voltage minimizes losses, that’s why big powerlines are such high voltage. Power loss equals current squared times resistance. For a given power, the higher the voltage, the lower the current; therefore power loss is minimized


Hilarious, same happened with covid… morbidly obese urged the healthy to stay home, lock down the gyms, free passing the mcdrives and taking the jab, advocating against adopting a more healthy lifestyle and trusting the immune system. Apparently trusting their bodies was not an option for them.
Same old, same old


Stop it Chris! There is a limit to the sacrifices we can endure… not the whipped cream dispensers!
Humor must save us.


EV’s are my weak spot, I love the technology but the whole eco-system equation simply does not add up.
If we had more nuclear power plants I would hesitate a bit less (I do since the first option to make a Tesla reservation).
Today it’s just virtue signalling and greenwashing. The pollution is completely externalized, invisible at the spot only. Like you say, you need to include the whole supporting infastructure to build ( and build that as well), power, maintain and dispose this.
Great idea to test in a closed system smart city/community like Chris suggested earlier. Let’s see if it can be supported with zero sum real green energy, until then it’s a pipe dream in my view.