Greg Hunter Interviews Chris Martenson

This is an interview of me by Greg Hunter.

We go way back and Greg has always been supportive and a delight to know.

We discuss:

  • The banking crisis
  • Ukraine
  • Covid and Vaccines

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Exelent Interview

Touches on most of the main themes of PP


Bipedal Hominids Vs Sentient Yeast Running Out Of Sugar

I have had brainstorms about the idea of how would a sentient yeast behave when the sugar is almost all gone and the ethanol is starting to be toxic in the final stages of the fermentation of mash.

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Can’t Access Rumble

Is there another way to view this interview? I gather it has been banned from Youtube?

'hedge - Hunter Interview Fallout

Appears Dr. Martenson is over target. On Zerohedge, negative (and outright wrong / ill-informed) comments about CV19 and Chris are quite amazing…
edit: typo in subject

No big deal. If you have ever read the ZeroHedge comments before it’s the same 15-30 guys and their opinions range from laughable to downright “OK, where’s the moderator?”


Uh Oh, Now You Did It!

Someone get the pin! Zerohedge now has Dr. Martenson’s face on the news article about this interview.
A Best Seller and now this! Don’t let his head get too big Evie.


I haven’t read one single comment on ZeroHedge for at least ten years. Total trash and waste of my precious time.


Which Chris Martenson Is This?

Wow! To my ears, Chris threw his usual caution and diplomatic way of saying things to the wind in this interview. Maybe that’s because he didn’t fear censorship in this particular instance. Maybe he’s letting his hair down in ways he usually doesn’t on his way to modifying his style. Most darkly and harshly, maybe things today are so bad that the time for caution and verbally tiptoeing around truths has passed.


You Know You Are Directly Over The Target Now!!

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see the USA Watchdog interview! Great job Chris.
I especially liked the way you framed your response to Greg’s comment about how we seem to be heading into civil war. Using the term of a ‘fractured’ society was perfect.
Today is another step forward in making the Crash Course common knowledge.


Rumble , not YouTube

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I am happy that it is on Rumble. I normally ghost public websites. I feel a lot safer being candid and communicating my thoughts and ideas here than on youtube. The pay wall kind of screens out the bullshit. I am a lot more vocal now than in years past but I still self censor myself because I have no idea what discovery can churn up if things go horribly wrong for me.
Youtube is for consuming garbage that tastes good and pacifying the masses.

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Sometimes ZH comments are additive. But too rarely to be worth my while.
Mostly it’s like I’ve wandered into an ignorance swap meet where the long-timers set the rules.

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I tune my message for what I believe I can get away with due to censors. If careful, you can still say everything you want on the censored channels, but it lacks a certain punch.


Evie is on the job!


Im pretty sure I discovered Chris through articles on ZH back in the day. For sure there were Peak Prosperity 'Part 1" postings, but they might have posted stuff too.

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I havent read those comments in forever. They were fantastic when “Turd Ferguson” was getting egged on to start his separate blog which evolved in TFMR metals over time.
Surprised people who wouldn’t like an interview like that would be on ZH at all.
Maybe the chatbots have been set loose?

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Super Excellent Interview

Chris, your calm demeanor helped keep Greg calm. Plus he knows you don’t do Left/Right.
Enjoyed the interview very much and Congrats on reaching NY Times Best Seller List.


This all reminds me of the scene in the first Ghostbusters movie when the NYC mayor and staff are trying to sort out what to do, and the team lays down what is gonna happen:

Real wrath of Adam Smith type stuff. Stock brokers falling out of the skies! Securities and bonds melting!
Forty years of illiquidity! Foreclosures! Bankruptcies!
Bad debts rising from the grave!
Home evictions, street bums and middle class living together! Mass poverty!
I love these pull-no-punches interviews. Greg Hunter is a great host to bounce off of.