Greg Hunter Interviews Chris Martenson

The Inflation/deflation Debate

I know most are on the inflation side.
To my mind deflation benefits the banksters/debt holders as they will get to repossess all the collateral. (losing some paper wealth that would be devalued by inflation anyway) Thus owning the real goods and a big step on the you will own nothing and be happy path. Threading the needle would be deflating real assets the pleabs hold(generating the defaults and repossessions) while maintaining inflation in the goods we need to live. We’ve already seen they rewrite/interpret laws to their advantage.
Is the hyper-inflation chant a psyop? Where am I wrong?


Excellent Wide-spectrum Macro/micro -

Great info. As a paying customer, I consider the fee an investment, seeing your work.
To others - If that’s all you can do, is vote with your dollars while you still can, if you can, until you can’t. No one credibly ever said life is fair. We all have our own paths and even if we share a path, we may be on different points in the timeline of the journey. But mind numbing media is intolerable to me, and I enjoy this full-spectrum psychoanalysis perspective


i’ve had the same thoughts. Guess we gonna find out, lol… or maybe we won’t. Anyone who feels 100% certain about the future should step back and re-assess…


The Ka- portion of the Ka-poom theory is the deflation. So why not both? A huge deflation to stop this current “inflation” scoop up the real assets then inflate away any saved currency through the true de-dollarization of the world. Then the phased roll out of cbdc’s after the currency is thoroughly debased and worthless.


yes, I have noticed even just administering a facebook group - I’ve had my entire FB acct blacked out, including FB Messenger chat - my access to ALL data was revoked - I stopped using FB for a few weeks. Then I found that they reviewed and ruled in my favor, and even apologized. I don’t use FB for monetary gain/loss, and that’s not by accident either haha…
But to your point, yes, I have noticed as admin the psychological strategies and technical means of suppressing the spread of “hi impact” (such as memes that communicate an idea, if they strike true, to the right people - within the ‘3 second attention span’)
Often, you get blocked, tagged, suppressed, etc., on the basis of the fact that someone or another declared that an opinion, perspective, or report is “debunked” or “partly true/false” - you know the nonsense; I write this for the benefit of others moreso than yourself:
INFORMATION PROPAGATION is the 5GW game. Understanding human psychology and marketing, from experience, is necessary to truly know whether you know something or not. As for those who are incapable of something as simple as learning and accepting that they were wrong about something - driven by ego and other factors - please, join the side of those of us who understand it’s okay to be wrong.
You may not like how it feels at the moment, but if you insist, all you do is blind yourself and risk becoming a fool, which is a huge risk.


Can This Be Downloaded?

I don’t see the usual download link…


Thanks for the help. I had already visited the site, but, unless I am woefully ignorant, there is no link to the video, there is just a written synopsis.

I don’t think so. This is Greg’s production, and he uploads to Rumble only.
As a service, we also upload to Odysee which has a download function…and we’re still searching for the right video hosting company that does all these wonderful things AND isn’t shot through with censor-happy workers.


Thank you for your support! Indeed every subscription pays it forward in the sense that I and my team are able to keep doing what we do.


Alistair Williams’ Takedown Of Triggernometry & Piers Morgan

Great interview with Greg Hunter! As opposed to Triggernometry’s interview with Piers Morgan (a man who should always be ignored if at all possible). Konstantin Kisin had already gone down a few notches in my estimation with his unhinged demonisation of Putin and now he’s sealed it with this mealy mouthed interview of Piers Morgan. Alistair Williams’ analysis is biting and hilarious.


Shots Still Pushed In Nyc

I visited NYC last month and there were advertisements in subway cars pushing covid shots for pregnant women…


South Africa Will Not Arrest Putin Says Julius Malema


I just had a thought. Rumble’s sound does not play on Google Chrome. I had to download another browser. I use Firefox but there is Brave, Chromium, and others.

I just read this
Today, CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, M.D., M.P.H., endorsed the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ (ACIP) recommendation that all children 6 months through 5 years of age should receive a COVID-19 vaccine. This expands eligibility for vaccination to nearly 20 million additional children and means that all Americans ages 6 months and older are now eligible for vaccination.

A Jailed Candidate Can Still Run For President

Even if they put Trump in jail in time for the election, that still would not prevent him from running for president in 2024. The constitution allows it, and it has happened before (eg. Debs in 1920), more than once.

I actually found you on Odysee as I watch most of my content over there. So I’m curious how satisfied are you with their platform so far? Not sure how long you’ve hosted your content there, but I’ve been on it for the last 2 years or so.

Thanks again, but the issue for me is that the French government will not allow Rumble to be used in France because it objects to Russian content, such as RT, and wanted Rumble to block it. Rumble refused to censor this type of content and therefore is banned.
Chris also answered above: the search is on for the ideal platform!

Odysee has been through some growing pains…we’ve provided a lot of feedback over the years…and it is steadily improving.
So I’m giving Odysee a thumbs up.

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Just heard NM public did-service announcement pushing the jab.