Hello CBDCs, Goodbye Freedoms!

Do you feel like things are moving too quickly to absorb? That’s because they are and that’s no accident. A very common strategy of revolutionaries and those holding the reins of power who wish to get big things accomplished is to move more quickly than decent people can adjust.

“When it rains, it pours.”
If you overwhelm people’s ability to grasp what’s happening, then you can keep them sidelined while you smash and cram through the things you want to accomplish.

It’s obvious that a digital currency is desired by the powers that be. The world’s major countries and central banks are all working to bring Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to their countries.

Do the people in those countries want them? That’s irrelevant.

Will privacy and freedom concerns be taken seriously and safeguarded? LOL!

We all know the answer to that question, right? The answer is “no.”

The key feature of CBDCs is that they will be “programmable” meaning the issuer can place all sorts of stipulations and limits on their use.

Governments want them because of the exceptional power and social control CBDCs will provide. Troublemakers can be cut off from “their” money with the flick of a switch. Nudge units will be able to shape and steer people’s behaviors like never before, using a combination of subtle carrot-and-stick approaches coupled to advanced AI learning and fine-tuning.

But they’d better get busy bringing them into being, there are only a few more years before this whole adventure flies off the rails, as I discuss in part II (“When Does The SHTF?”)

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I am sure they will be “Safe and Effective”.


Fixed It!

(at 17:26) digital shekel shackle stablecoin


Internet Streaming Of “money” That Is Outside The Banking System


This uses an internet native form of money that can be moved rapidly and cheaply.
The lightning network layer is not a good place to store value. But looks really promising as a way to transact.

Trade During Load Shedding

In South Africa we have 3-4 blackouts per day, between 2 and 4 hours each. During that time most (but not all) shops have battery backups or generators to run their cash registers and credit card machines, as well as fridges, freezers, etc. So the “formal” economy keeps going. Banks, internet companies and other large computer systems have standby generators and fail-over systems to make sure they are not affected.
The “informal” sector has bigger problems. They mostly use cash or cell phone banking, but can’t afford generators to run salons, tuck shops, and other small businesses. So in those cases, particularly in townships and rural areas, all economic activity dependent on electricity grinds to a halt for several hours a day.
As Chris frequently points out, the economy requires energy.
So what happens if we have a failure of the national grid, as experienced by Venezuela and Zimbabwe? Then everything eventually grinds to a halt, while the power utility takes three weeks to get the grid working again. Water supplies require electricity. We have already had shortages during the more extreme “load shedding”. Fuel pipelines require electricity. There aren’t enough diesel tankers to transport all the diesel by road or rail, and there aren’t enough diesel locomotives either. Farmers will not be able to deliver food to our shelves (diesel), or slaughter animals (requires electricity). Phones and internet will stop working as the batteries and generators run out. Cell phone coverage is already problematic during extended power outages.
The bank will have to figure out how to implement CBDCs on voice-only mobile phones for them to have any chance of working in rural Africa. It may be possible in urban areas, but not rural areas. I guess I’ll have to find a house in the countryside after all.


Programmability: Be Careful What You Ask For!

The banks think they understand the technology and can make it bulletproof. Their track record is far from that. North Korean hackers have stolen billions from banks and crypto exchanges. SWIFT is a simple system, but it has been hacked.
Programmable cryptocurrencies have been hacked by motivated hackers too. It just takes a slight flaw in the system somewhere and the “money” is gone. Hardly a month goes by without one or other crypto exchange losing millions. And now the banks think they can do a better job? They should focus on getting non-programmable currency to work properly, before trying to get too clever for their own good.


I sure hope so, because the Bitcoin method of transacting sucks.

Anything on the internet that is programmable is not safe. Period.


Sucks in what way specifically?

Problem With Recent Peak Prosperity Odysee Content On A Mac

Recently, I have been forced to download the mp4 file in order to see recent videos on my Mac. If I try to watch via the PP web page (or the Odysee website) I get audio only. HWat has changed recently in the streaming?
P.S. Old content from, say, last year does not have this problem.

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That’s not a big concern. CBDCs aren’t a secure transaction system like Bitcoin. They can be rolled back just like bank transactions. That’s the problem. They can give it, they can take it away.

Democracy Is Not Justification

NO, it should not be democratic. We live in a republic. Your rights are not supposed to be usurped just because they brainwash 50.1% of the voting public into thinking it 's a good idea.


Central Banks Are Private Corporations

Also, central banks are private entities. They will give complete control over populations to private entities.


Better Examples

You left out some of the best examples of problems today: Banks and credit card companies are shutting down accounts of people for having the wrong political opinions. At least today there’s cash as an alternative. Same for marijuana shops.


Beats me. I’ll notify the team.
I hate to say this, but it might be a “you” problem…I just tried it on three different computers, including a Mac(book pro, old) and a Mac tower and it played just fine.
It’s very hard to diagnose something if we can’t recreate it…so, can you provide your system settings/configs?
I know, it shouldn’t be this hard…but sometimes it is.
Anybody else having this issue?

Yes you can slaughter animals without electricity. Just requires a different system. I wonder if anyone has done a historical study of this. After all, electricity hasn’t been around that long. And don’t forget that humans do not require meat to survive.


Speaking of nudging by the health insurance company: you could do the same thing by offering to pay a business a percentage of a sale if that sale was paid for with CBDC. Sort of like when a business accepts credit cards and has to pay the bank a percentage of those sales only this time it would be the opposite in favour of the company. Or even better, the customer gets a discount on purchases made with the CBDC. Nudge, nudge…happy days are a comin’.

Curious. Can you give an example of a thriving vegan society from history?



Cabal Based Dictatorial Credits.
No sir, not interested. I’ll take a pass on this one and use gold, silver, and barter.
I don’t need a government level Homeowners’s Association telling me that I’m a bad person because I have dandelions in the yard or I ate a hamburger.


Digital Currency

The drama here is getting thick. A digital currency is the natural progression of a fiat currency. Instead of printing it, why not just create it out of thin air? That makes sense from their point of view.
Let’s deal with that as a serious topic.

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