Heroes in Action: Michael Höhne

This is the first of a new series of Heroes in Action articles, which will recognize the efforts of people in the Crash Course community who have gone beyond the call of duty and contributed to promoting the messages of the Crash Course in unique or special ways.

Michael Höhne is a businessman living in southern Germany, near Munich. He's a recognized expert on a part of the software industry known as Customer Relationship Management Systems, or CRM. While Michael has had a very successful career, he's not a person of extraordinary wealth. (more...)

When Michael recently discovered the Crash Course, he was so affected by the importance of the message that he felt a civic obligation to get involved. He started by promoting the Crash Course on his own web site (where he usually blogs about the software industry). Then Michael learned of our goal of finding a producer to underwrite the cost of producing a shortened version of the Crash Course as a television documentary. He felt this was a critically important idea, and wanted to get personally involved in making it happen, despite not being able to personally afford to fund such a project himself.

Michael put out a challenge to others in his professional community, offering to match any donation they might make to the Crash Course effort. Shortly thereafter, Michael sent Chris Martenson a cash donation of 10,000 Euro (about $13,000 USD) from his own savings, along with several excellent suggestions for how we might coordinate a group of donors to underwrite a TV documentary version of the Crash Course.

Aside from his extraordinary generosity, Michael immediately impressed Chris by registering as a user on the site using his own real name and uploading a real photo of himself for his profile. While we respect everyone's right to use screen names and avatars if they choose to do so, we feel that the topics discussed at PeakProsperity.com are serious issues confronting society, and we always appreciate when people participate using their true identity, rather than an anonymous screen name.

Michael posted a forum message describing his reasons for donating, hoping that his action might inspire others to follow suit. Unfortunately, there was a lot of traffic on the forums that week, and Michael's Post saw relatively few views.

Michael's main belief is that serious times call for serious measures and that society's path forward requires people to change their actions in meaningful ways. So he stepped up and made a donation that was very large compared to his means. Many regulars on this site don't realize this, but Chris paid nearly $2,000 to have the DVD mastering work done and then bought his own DVDs at cost just like everybody else. Chris gives his own time and money generously to this cause and, like Michael, he is not an especially wealthy person.

This is the level of dedication it will take to spread the messages contained in the Crash Course because, frankly, the status quo is not (yet) interested in hearing this message of change. Real change takes vision and sacrifice, and it takes heroes - those who are willing to give more than most because they know that if they don't, nobody will. That's why I thought it fitting to feature Michael in this first installation of a new series of Heroes in Action articles on the blog.

Many who are reading this have already given their time, money and dedication to helping to spread this message and we thank each and every one of you as well.

We certainly understand that not everyone can afford to be as generous as Michael has been, but we do hope his extraordinary generosity will motivate others to consider making a donation this holiday season. We're working as hard as we can to continue to bring you top quality content on PeakProsperity.com, and the site is just barely breaking even on subscription revenue.

Chris Martenson hasn't made a penny from the website this year, and we really need more support from the community in order for these efforts to continue. If you're able to afford to help our cause, please consider following Michael's example by making a donation in whatever amount you feel comfortable with.

Erik Townsend
Business Manager (on a purely voluntary basis)

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FWIW…it’s appropriate and great Michael is honored. He deserves it!



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The following is something I wrote days ago but did not post. Originally it was going to be in Michael’s "Capitalism vs Socialism" forum, but I canceled that post. Not because I did not want to express gratitude but because it was followed by one of my usual rants about people misusing those terms (cap. & sos.). I was done with the catharsis before I posted… My first paragraph alluded to some of the sentiments that he expressed in that forum. Given that this forum is an expression of gratitude from the community at large, I am posting the first paragraph of that letter here. I feel the same way now as then, so here it goes as originally written. I am sure that others share this sentiment.

Your concern for the well-being of others is admirable.
Obviously you hurt from seeing people falling through the cracks. Your
concern shows in the ideas that you propose and in actions like your super generous financial support of Chris’s efforts. Present and future users of this site are indebted to patron saints like you. Hopefully, if efforts like this grow enough and catch enough attention, we will be able to do something beyond just raising awareness.


This thread should have been about this person and his support and ideas to further that or just a plain congrats or perhaps an opinion if this kind of article was what we really wanted. I find Micheal Hoehne contribution proof of the power of the crash course itself. I think finding this as a documentry on like PBS or such will be quite a great feat and source of getting the word out among more of the status quo folks. Thanks Micheal for all you have done for this site!


Tamara Griffith


mom/wife/pilot/mechanic/american/human being

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Well, gee, how could Michael not feel overwhelmed with appreciation after a statement like that! Come to think of it, thank you Michael. Your donation of both your name and your hard-earned money is a tribute to your desire to help make constructive changes in your world. I have said that those who use their names deserve to be applauded. I should be more specific: Michael, you are to be applauded. Furthermore, it is proper and right that those who work on this website should highlight your generous contribution, as it shows their own appreciation of your efforts.

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Congratulations and thanks to Michael. Not only for his contribution but for his forbearance.


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