Horse Dewormer or Nobel Prize Winning Medicine?

I am a frontline worker RN taking care of covid patients.I am not vaccinated and I have been taking Ivermectin every 2 weeks plus my vitamins from the FLCCC website for prophylaxis except melatonin which makes me sleepy or groggy in am. I also take olive leaf, tumeric and chaga powder. I have done this since last year around August or September 2020. I have not contracted covid, considering I am A+ blood type. I thank God as well for protecting me! Another thing I noticed is that in the ICU or when patients are already intubated, Remdesivir does nothing for them, and I see it is useless since they die anyway. It would be interesting to see a study, or numbers of people not intubated and that received Remdesivir, how many got better because of it. It is frustrating, very sad that more people cannot be saved with all this misinformation and lies!


My intuition is that our moral superiors on YouTube et al, are tip-toeing away from the fray.
Here’s a thought. They went to work and all their bosses were absent; gone off to their repurposed missile silos in grand funk, leaving their useful idiots to face the wrath of the awakened Saxon.
It fits with Clif_High’s prognostications.
This is it, Normies. At the sound of my voice , in 10 seconds you will wake from your deep trance.

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I am a Rhodesian. When the whole world turned upon us, everybody in that land-locked country wanted a yacht.
Now I am in Australia and have a yacht. The problem is, of cause, the colour of my skin. White people are not allowed to be refugees.
Ask the Afrikaaners of South Africa.


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My daughter who is a Vet has said for years dogs get better treatment than humans. I agree.



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Perhaps remdesivir remains on the list for 2 reasons: 1) more profits for Gilead, granted by a captured “health” regulator, and 2) more people dying in hospital = more fear = stronger vaccine uptake = a win for BMGF.
Remdesivir certainly doesn’t remain on the list for “health”. I mean, even the captured WHO doesn’t like Remdesivir. Perhaps Gilead didn’t toss enough into the WHO’s kitty in the last few years, and this truth bomb is the result?
I agree Arthur - it sure does look like the censorship is abating, at least to some degree. Perhaps Google/Twitter/Facebook have figured out that they might actually be liable for hundreds of thousands of deaths by suppressing factual, scientific information about treatments that work at the behest of Vax Manufacturers and their captured “health” agencies?
Can you imagine a lawsuit that takes all the studies that FLCCC has on the various treatments, Chris’s matrix (no harm + possible benefit), and then add in Youtube censorship => led directly to the deaths of a lot of people. “We relied on NIH” - even though its clear remdesivir has no benefit, but has some severe side effects. The jury gets to effectively decide if “relying on information from a captured regulator” is good enough to protect the company from liability.
The lawsuits against Google and YouTube should be numerous and legendary. They ought to be held accountable for any harm they caused by preventing the dissemination of lifesaving early treatment information. No class actions - a flood of individual lawsuits, one by one.
Perhaps the corporate attorneys at these companies are starting to get concerned about exposure? Alongside the possibility: "gosh, what happens if we were wrong, and a few hundred thousand people really did die because of what we did?"

What more evidence do you need than the 3 graphs in this article.


And we have about 80 papers supporting IVM, not gummy bears.
I submit your logic doesn’t make any sense. Chris has reviewed the evidence many times.


Just follow the money. No profits to be made and if ivermectin is proven a reliable treatment, then the vaccine push is out the window.


If you take away all other effective treatments & preventatives, then the victim (sorry, patient) is nudged towards the ‘V-bomb solution’ as the only option (which is looking less ‘safe & effective’ by the day…).
Is it just simple racketeering by the medical mafia, and state power-mongering? Or something more insidious? That’s the million-dollar question…
I quote Kamran Abbasi from the BMJ last year:
“Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health. Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts. The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency—a time when it is even more important to safeguard science.”



Google translate text from Swedish mainstrem (left) news SVT:
Umeå research shows: Overweight and untrained respond less well to covid vaccine
Research has shown that overweight people are overrepresented among those hardest hit by covid-19. Now a new compilation made by researchers at Umeå University shows that obesity and unhealthy living can also reduce the effect of covid vaccines.

  • Vaccination is about forming more antibodies against the virus, but if you are overweight, inactive and especially older, it looks like you respond less to the vaccine. If you lose weight, you seem to respond better to the vaccine, says Michael Svensson, researcher at Sports Medicine at Umeå University.
    Five researchers at Umeå University have compiled over 318 research reports on the Sars-Cov-2 virus and now their so-called review has been published in the scientific journal Sports. The results confirm much of what has already been seen.
    Many diseases linked to obesity
    Abdominal obesity and too little physical activity is a major risk factor that can lead to intensive care and increased mortality.
  • The research that exists in the world shows that the risk factors for suffering from life-threatening covid are actually common risk factors for other diseases. Such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease. Those diseases are more or less linked to abdominal obesity and physical inactivity, says Michael Svensson.
    In the video, you hear Michael Svensson explain why physical exercise is so important in reducing the risk of being hit hard by Covid-19.

either too many people have caught up to the bs and they’re letting the leash a little loose
or the plan was a success and they no longer care


@Mark_BC, you’re under no obligation to do my work for me. However, I did ask if Chris had reviewed the Ivermectin evidence with the same critical eye that he’s reviewed everything else, and you implied that he had. As these videos only focus on safety, I merely asked you to prove that claim. Maybe that analysis has been limited to his subscriber-only posts; at any rate, I don’t recall seeing it mentioned in the materials I have access to. I hadn’t heard of, but I’ll check them out, so thanks for that reference. I did notice this blurb on their page, the gist of which I agree with:

The FLCCC Alliance has always maintained that our protocols are a bridge to vaccines and a safety net for those who cannot or have not been vaccinated or are vaccinated and have concerns regarding declining protection against emerging variants. Vaccines have shown efficacy in preventing the most severe outcomes of COVID-19 and are an important part of a multi-modal strategy that must also include early treatment. The decision to get a vaccine should be made in consultation with your health care provider.
@Pipyman, Chris stipulated the following: "It's very clear that the only logical choice based on the safety alone, even leaving aside efficacy, is you would give it." (Emphasis [arguably] added.) That's the position I'm challenging, and he did say that "If anybody can argue against this decision matrix, [he'd] be very interested to hear that." I'm not really arguing against the matrix per se, but I disagree that it's sufficient by itself to drive policy. @ian.k, there have been lots of graphs throughout this pandemic. I remember when everything started looking better as vaccination spread out here, and the graphs at the time supported that notion. Maybe Delta has changed things, or maybe those were nonsense for some other reason; my point is that confounders are everywhere.
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A “novel combination therapy” with zinc, doxy, ivermectin, vit d, and vit c, doesn’t show that ivermectin works - it shows that one or more of those things, or all of them together, works. Chris knows this, so why represent it as good evidence?
Here’s a quadruple board certified ICU MD and Dr Rhonda Patrick debunking EVERYTHING Chris has been pimping for the past month:


re JoshuaGreen @17, Pascal’s wager applies to cases for which we have no data and have no prospect of getting more – in the original case say, for an afterlife. In the case of ivermectin, we have much more to go on: a proposed chemical mechanism, in vitro studies, etc. This leads to a hypothesis, or as Feynman said, a guess, which is almost never randomly selected. Here, let him explain it.

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Holy cats, here we are 13 hours after Chris posted the video and it’s still up.


@HurricaneRider, you’re not wrong, but it was Chris who stipulated that we should be administering Ivermectin based solely on its safety profile, “even leaving aside efficacy.” I’m just playing by his rules. If he wants to seriously discuss the evidence then I’m all for it.