How We'll Beat The Coronavirus

So many of you asked us to create a short educational – and SHAREABLE! – clip for why masks are so important, so that you can get others onboard this movement.

That was a GREAT idea!

Because the most effective single step each of us can take right now to beat covid-19 is to start wearing a mask.

It’s cheap. It’s easy. And if we call do it, it will give us a HUGE advantage in the fight against this pandemic.

You don’t need a fancy mask. A simple DIY version will suffice.

Wearing one does the following:

  1. greatly reduces the particles a sick person can spread
  2. prevents you from touching your mouth and nose, by far the most common way we can get infected
  3. substantially increases your odds of having a mild case, should you get infected
If we all wear masks: I protect you, and you protect me. It just makes so much sense.

So you asked; and we’ve answered by creating this short, shareable video:


OK… we’ve done our part. Now, help us out: SHARE THIS VIDEO with those you care about!

Family members, friends, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, elected officials – anyone and everyone you think should hear this important message.


Chris & Adam

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I am going to take this and forward it to the execs that set our virus policy at my employer so that they can start thinking about it in addition to everything else they are doing. I know you don’t usually like to flaunt your credentials… but I think it was entirely appropriate in this case. Concise and to the point… again, well done!

Thank you for the video. The brevity underscored the point. Bravo!

I have been very grateful for your videos in order to decode the MSM gobbledygook.
I’ve got ready as well as I can and dropped massive hints to other members of my family and friends.
The reactions have been interesting (to say the least!).
I sent this video to every member of my family this morning…

Shared it in our town Facebook group, let’s hope they take it to heart!

Has anybody come across any data on what the percentages of Coronavirus Patients survive being on a ventilator. I looked it up and it did not look very promising, I hope I am misinformed.
Thank you Chris for all your research and knowledge and sharing it with others. Your videos make me feel empowered by being informed with factually correct information. I feel blessed to have found you, and be able to share all the great information that you provide to all of us! I look forward to each video and appreciate all your hard work, time and effort. You are an everyday “essential” to me and many other's during this devastating time.

This is so well done and genuinely funny, although a bit sad to see a classic twisted into a pandemic PSA. At least for a good cause…
Do Re Mi - Covid 19 version

covid-19-daily-data-summary (1)v1
I’ve dug deep into the data from NYC.
Here’s some totals for the 18-44 age group.
20,300 cases. 7 deaths for those with no underlying health conditions.
Case fatality rate of .03% for young healthy people. Of course, we know that these cases take time to resolve so the deaths will sadly increase.
The case fatality for those with underlying conditions jumps to .4 percent for the 18-44 age bracket. About 13 times deadlier for those with underlying conditions.
I’m also seeing data that shows obesity being a problem. Take a look at Louisiana Dept of Health for these stats.
Of their deaths, 28 percent were Obese, and 41 percent had Diabetes. Many of these two go hand in hand and are therefore “multiple underlying conditions.” Incredible, over 100 million Americans are Obese with over 30 million being diabetic.
When we look at the 45-64 age bracket, in NYC we have 17497 cases with 13 deaths of those with no underlying conditions, a .07% case fatality rate. For those with underlying health conditions the CFR jumps incredibly to 2.1 percent. Again, the deaths are expected to rise as the disease plays it course.
Looking at 65-74 age bracket we have 6095 cases. The data is skewed here as there is only 1 recorded death with no underlying conditions while “pending underlying” is at 71. With 305 deaths attributed with underlying conditions, lets assume 60 of the 71 pending have underlying conditions. That gives us a CFR of 6 percent for this group. It is assumed that most people in this age bracket have at least one of the listed underlying conditions.
Above 75 years of age the CFR skyrockets to a 1918 style pandemic of 14.7 percent!
Some data on aging americans
The older population itself is increasingly older. In 2016, the 65-74 age group (28.6 million) was more than 13 times larger than in 1900 (2,186,767); the 75-84 group (14.2 million) was more than 18 times larger (771,369), and the 85+ group (6.4 million) was 52 times larger (122,362).
So 48 million Americans are in the high risk category of 65 and up or about 14 percent of the country, or 1 in 7 to be precise.

The number one search term in the world is SEX. If you want people to wear masks you simply tell them there are 4 reasons but actually the most important one is …

Sorry if it’s already been posted.

We can stop this whole thing by getting the engines revved up the make more doses of the necessary medications. Even better medications may come in time… but these work NOW. You are all welcome to worry about masks… but we have a path out of this, and few seem interested… instead we focus on the devastation happening in NY, where Gov. Cuomo has made sure that hydroxychloroquine is only available to already very sick, tested positive people who are past the point of no return. We can treat this … almost nobody needs to die. As Dr. Zelenko says, this is wartime medicine, and we don’t need a placebo controlled study. Chris needs to turn his attention away from masks, and toward the chemicals that work. This is a true emergency. Thank you, Jim

We can treat this .. almost nobody needs to die.
I agree completely, Jim! When Chris featured a discussion of chloroquine in a video two weeks ago, the headline was "chloroquine: a promising treatment?" And in the video he said he wasn't sure about it. But, there really is no "question mark" needed. Let's review the facts. The Chinese discovered this first. J. Gao, Z. Tian & X. Yang from Quingdao, China reported that clinical trials of chloroquine were conducted in ten hospitals, and that “results from more than 100 patients have demonstrated that chloroquine phosphate is superior to the control treatment in inhibiting the exacerbation of pneumonia, improving lung imaging findings, promoting a virus- negative conversion, and shortening the disease course”. Subsequently, the Chinese choloroquine treatment protocol was adopted in South Korea, where the epidemic was controlled with about 2% fatality rate. Didier Raoult is one of the most prestigious and prolific infectious disease specialists in the Western world. He promptly accepted the Chinese and South Korean results, and started treating patients with hydroxychloroquine, combined with azithromycin. He published two preliminary studies, including a recent one following 80 patients, showing outstanding results. A running tally of patients treated with the Raoult protocol is maintained by Southern France Morning Post in conjunction with IHU Mediterranee Infection Institute and AP-HM hospitals. As of today they have treated 1,677 patients, with only two fatalities so far. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko says that as of March 27, he has treated 669 covid-19 patients in his New York practice using a similar protocol (adding zinc), and out of those, there have been zero deaths, zero intubations, and two hospitalizations. Dr. Raoult argues that with evidence as good as this, doing clinical trials that involve withholding treatment from a control population, is like doing experiments comparing the survival rate of skydivers with or without parachutes. It's no longer ethical to run double blinded, controlled studies. It doesn't have to be either chloroquine, or masks. They're both great ideas. But of the two, chloroquine has the greater life-saving potential.

I just did a quick search on google and came up with this and it caught my attention.

Is Zinc an anti inflammatory?
Zinc in human plays an important role in cell mediated immunity and is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Zinc supplementation studies in the elderly have shown decreased incidence of infections, decreased oxidative stress, and decreased generation of inflammatory cytokines.

An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent: Role of zinc in ...

I remember Chris Talking about the Vaccines not working cause they create cytokine storms when the patient gets the virus again. Can some one talk more about this and how zinc may be of affect on the virus.

Here it is… fake news pretending to be real news;
Further politicizing Dr. Zelenko’s work with hydroxychloroquine, which, as JerryR has pointed out, is not unique work at all (though Zelenko pounds Zinc in his protocol more than others) … .here is what Yahoo news is saying;

“I’m seeing tremendous positive results,” he said in a March 21 video, which was addressed to President Donald Trump and eventually posted to YouTube and Facebook. What happened next is a modern pandemic parable that illustrates how the coronavirus is colliding with our fragile information ecosystem: a jumble of facts, falsehoods and viral rumors patched together from Twitter threads and shards of online news, amplified by armchair experts and professional partisans and pumped through the warp-speed accelerator of social media. Zelenko’s treatment arrived at a useful moment for Trump and his media supporters, who have at times appeared more interested in discussing miracle cures than testing delays or ventilator shortages. Sean Hannity, the Fox News host, quickly promoted Zelenko’s claims on his TV and radio shows. Mark Meadows, the incoming White House chief of staff, called Zelenko to ask about his treatment plan. And Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, praised him in a podcast interview this week for “thinking of solutions, just like the president.” Few people have been as hopeful about hydroxychloroquine as Trump, who has enthusiastically promoted it for weeks as “very effective” and possibly “the biggest game changer in the history of medicine” — even as health experts have cautioned that more research and testing are needed.
Death the Deep State.. dead and buried.. Amen.

First of all - yes to masks. And yes to HCQ. Friend of a friend (ID nurse caring for COVID patients) tested positive, got dosed with HCQ as per guidelines, and cleared it in 5 days. She was < 30. No intubation, no fuss. Treated early. Of course.
Now then. <Tinfoil hat on>
It seems likely that a fair number of Our Valuable Elites are over 50, with a BMI > 30, possibly with diabetes, heart disease, and other co-morbidities, and as a result, they feel as though this pandemic is targeting them personally, with a CFR > 20%. I mean, this is scary stuff. They might actually die.
And that would be Really Bad!
In normal life, they have a large staff of younger, healthier people that wait on them hand and foot, but…under the current conditions, literally any of that staff could be asymptomatic carriers! One day - bang. They get infected. Holy crap! They die, while their staff member just gets sick and then recovers. That’s just not fair!
Maybe that’s why we have a worldwide lockdown. Lock down the masses, to save the elites. Trump himself talked about a friend who went into the ICU with the virus, and next day, into a coma. That’s the kind of thing that really gets your attention. Boris Johnson, positive. Trudeau’s wife, positive.
Ergo, worldwide lockdown is the only answer. Everyone in power agrees: we can take no chances with the lives of our valuable, vulnerable elites.
Even if the testing monster that is South Korea tells us the CFR is about 0.6%.
Its not how many people that die that drives decision-making - it is all about who they are that counts most.
<Tinfoil hat off>
My tinfoil hat comment may not be 100% correct, but I think there’s a lot of “directional truth” in there. It is often said that, if the politicians (and their families) had to go to war, there would be a lot less war. Same concept here. “Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that I am at risk in this pandemic?”
Maybe that’s why China got shut down too: to protect the elites in the CCP.

Wearing a mask is really important, I agree, but we should be clear about why we should be wearing masks and what to expect from doing this and changing our habits in general. It’s about “flattening the curve”. When everyone starts wearing mask, it’s not going to magically fix everything. There’s no silver bullet. We’ll need everything we can get our hands on: social distancing, masks, supplements, vaccines, drugs when necessary, etc.

Media posted by Robert Davi
This is Mike Roman of Minnesota, the CEO OF 3m the company selling Masks needed in the US to Foreign countries hey @3M we are all for helping the world but why take masks in America and sneak them to other countries @mikeroman he send 72 million to China-Shame on you Mike you knew