"I Give Up", Informed Consent, Pt. 1, LiveCast Replay

This week, Chris dissects the latest news and the outbreak of hepatitis in children.

Most importantly, the looming energy and food crises are set to dominate 2022 and 2023. Are you ready?

He hopes so because your “leaders” are certainly not up to the task of dealing with even the most basic laws of reality let alone the more subtle and complex relationships. He’s “given up” any hopes that there will be a savior of any sort.

As always, he connects the dots to show how governments, corporations, oligarchs and bureaucrats create more negative policies and push for more outcomes pointing us down a perilous road.

Don’t miss this video tonight.

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Fed Decides Recession: How Deep? How Soon?

Here is Prof. Jack Rasmus’s analysis. Worth a listen.


Possible use in the USA in June. Do we have any ideas as to whether it is safe?

Hepatitis In Kids And Vax Status?

Were any of the children Vaccinated?

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Contraction Not Collapse

As you are speaking about the upcoming energy landscape don’t you mean contraction not collapse.

World Hunger

If 2% of Musks money would solve world hunger. Doesn’t that mean that .7% of the USA’s defense budget would solver world hunger?


$40 Billion for Ukraine when the administration asked for significantly less. Only thing Dems and Repubs agree on is lots of money to the donors, in this case the military industrial complex.



Adenovirus 41 is (HAdV-F41) if that help? Confirm is this correct? Was given this info


One of Chris’s best podcasts.
Very well done.


If you follow the hepatologist Farid Jalali on Twitter you can get good information on this whole issue. I am reading that the large majority of cases (if not all) are in toddlers, children under the age of approval for the vaccine. Dr. Jalali makes a distinction between “hepatitis”(like you get from bad seafood or blood products) and “liver failure”. He says these children are dying from liver failure which is a catastrophic cascade with little chance of recovery after a certain point-the liver dies. He thinks it is an autoimmune reaction to prior Covid but obviously no one knows yet.


I was thinking the same thing

This week’s flccc video addresses hepatitis and yes, they implicate vaccines and adenoviruses.



Hey, aren’t there enough resources if there is only 500 million people in the world versus 7 billion?

No, I mean collapse, in the sense that entire nested subsystems tend to fall apart as units dragging other units with them.
Think of it as entire tree branches being pruned off.
No, I am not saying “everything collapses” as in a Mad Max scenario, because that’s not how things tend to work, but rather that critical elements will break down. For example, once the energy situation becomes more widely known, that may well destroy the bond market as we know it. After all, who would lend anybody money for 30 years when there’s nothing but unpredictable decline over that time frame?
It’s also called ‘the Seneca Effect’
Here’s a slide I prepared on this but didn’t use tonight.


One Of The Best

Great presentation, Chris! One of the best.


Thanks For The Great Overview

Hey, have been following you since the mid 1990s? something like that. this was a great summary Chris, maybe as a result of you having said it so many times and having the words worked out with the time being ripe. we’re in the ‘game’.
I’m sitting here looking out at the Salish sea, its a cool spring, way too cool. but the garden is in and this year i’m making a commitment to produce ‘real’ food, in quantity. problem is, i’m not in as good a shape as i was when i first started this journey. getting older and ovewhelmed in an emotional sense.
i knew these ‘guys’ were evil, but now that they’re starting to show their true colours in the open, its much harder. most canadians are asleep at the wheel and are fighting that knowledge - ‘it can’t be that they’re that evil - must be a conspiracy’. Totally bamboozled by the ‘coof’ scare. good people but still counting on the system working. it’s like watching a disaster movie in slow motion.


…I suppose…but how would these 500 million be selected? If by a random process of attrition, things could be pretty dicey even at that lower number until nature had recovered sufficiently.


Maybe It Did Have To Be This Way.

Maybe you’re wrong Chris. The Buddhist theory of Dependent Origination says it was always going to be this way. Isn’t it true that every thought you ever have is a function of, not just the thought you had before it, but of every thought you’ve ever had and every experience you’ve ever had? Same goes for everything humans have ever done and ever will do? How is this not true? The trick may be to understand, as Thich Nhat Hahn said, how to be at peace with the world we have, just as it is. It doesn’t mean giving up on advocating for change, It underscores, as I’ve heard you say, the importance of our spiritual lives. A peaceful mind is the only source of true wisdom.


Part 2

Where and when will part 2 be available to watch please. It’s early morning here and it would be helpful to know. Thanks. Part 1 was very enlightening. Thank you.



The precariat I think is the term ? for the % of the population that is expendable. Service sector jobs are gone and not coming back. Anything associated with non-essential spending. High end goods will boom. Transition will look something like South Africa… Minus the raw materials and with an aged population.
Collapse now and avoid the rush. Or perhaps, recontextulize yourself: fitness, food production, first aid, and anything associated with repurposing current technology are all be great investments.

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