"I Give Up", Informed Consent, Pt. 1, LiveCast Replay

How do they account for the unvaccinated cases? I will watch the podcast.

You’ve beaten me to the question. It’s also nice to know I’m not the only one that can’t find it.


It’s in post-production right now and the uploading will begin in a few minutes. So…10-15 minutes from now? (9:22 PM ET) The variability is due to Odysee’s confirmation process which is sometimes slower, sometimes a bit faster.


Thank you. I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve heard a claim that the younger children were breastfed from vaccinated moms and that many moms are breastfeeding their children longer to try to get their vaccine antibodies into their children who are to young to be vaccinated.


Part Two ?

Is part 2 coming out tonight


(This was answered in a previous comment, #2 I think. Yes, in post production. )


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Gates is behind it- say no more


Yes ditto… hanging to find out what you really want to say when you’re not being held back

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500 million versus 7 billion…are you assuming that they will still have electricity, water, food, heat, etc. I don’t think we’ll get to select a cross section of society to run the necessary infrastructure. I have lived without electricity and running water. It is hard work. Cows and chickens, etc. produced our protein, but we still relied on ‘civilization’ for the bulk of our food. If this will be a slow slide into the new paradigm, we may have time to ease into some kind of sustainability.


Nothing Yet?


Great Content

This session is amazing! packed with important information, energy-economy correlation and lots of clarity. Thank you Chris!! I loved when you spoke of the different capitals of resilience, not just the material one. Can you please expand more on what you see will be valuable in the future? more specific examples.

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The theory that Paul Marik supported was one whereby the Adenovirus vector vaccines have formed a replication competent, recombinant virus by mixing with existing adenoviruses. It’s essentially a new virus and it would appear to be quite pathogenic toward some young livers.


Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centred by accepting whatever you are doing.

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Tribal Connections

Is there an established way for PP tribe members to find each other geographically to meet and organize in response to the actions of the ‘money-grubbing-pond-scum’ running this very sick game?

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The Big Picture

”Oil is the Economy”….I’ve rejiggered my focus. Fantastic presentation….I agree with VT…one of the best. Love your passion for the truth. You said that our leaders are either ignorant or dishonest….Could they be both?

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Seeming Contradictions Or Why It Makes Sense To Give Up

Below is a chart of the US Dollar. After consolidating for ten days, it has just broken through major resistance that goes back to 2016. This at the same time inflation is hitting record highs. Wait – doesn’t inflation imply that the your currency is worth less? It certainly buys less. So why is the dollar getting stronger? On the surface this makes no sense. That is not until you realize that the dollar index isn’t measured against goods and services but against a basket of other currencies. So the question you have to answer is; why are foreigners shedding their own currencies to buy US Dollars? 
The answer is hidden in the question. Prices are going up all over the world, particularly commodity prices. Almost all commodities are priced in US Dollars. It appears that foreign countries, along with speculators who see the writing on the wall, are accumulating dollars to cover current purchases and expecting future price increases. 
Who benefits from this besides commodity suppliers and currency speculators? If you have the worlds reserve currency and it comes under attack, it behooves you to do all you can to maintain its status. It is your major source of world dominance. As Charlie Munger says, “Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome.”
So, putting on my tinfoil (it’s actually aluminum) hat, I might suspect the Covid lock-downs and supply chain problems that have created shortages all over the world, not to mention a war that has resulted in major oil, fertilizer and grain shortages, might be more than pure chance. If not, the Neo-cons, military-industrial complex, and US Bankers, got really, really lucky. At the very least, they are doing everything they can to exacerbate the situation. 

Now Is Not A Time To Give Up

Now is the time to grow up and be the strong woman/man everyone needs?
When I think about the last 3 years, in this time I’ve been doing an incredibly though jobsite, building 1.5 billion euro hospital on our hometown. At the same time I’ve build my family a house from ground up (log frame was build by outsiders, crazy laplanders), there’s been covid, war, fear, confusion, managers hidden to they*re homes etc. Now my plan is doing 12 hour shifts at jobsite for a month, before vacation (work) to finance the rest of the build on our home + high tunnel would be a great extra?. that’s my plan, tired as fuck, but I’ll do it or die trying…


Well written, a nice, concise explanation of what I have trouble explaining to others and myself, thanks.