"I Have A Bad Feeling" on Informed Consent

Tonight, Chris and Evie dissected the latest energy, economic and health news and why the road downhill looks more perilous each day. The U.S., EU and Russia are signaling more hostile intent through backchannel diplomatic moves and front facing resource and economic attacks, and now a new military base near Russia’s border in Poland.

Is it the late 1930s again? What about the impacts of current events on our home fronts? Potential energy shortages reaching across the Atlantic to America? And then there is still the Covid and the vaccine injuries…?

Watch the LiveCast, here at Peak Prosperity.

Editor’s Note: there will be no Part 2 tonight.

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Work Just Put Out Notice On Shortages

They told everyone to buy more supplies than they need right now for everything. (Supplies for months) Industrial Prepper Club? Note my boss and I had discussed this last year and I had ordered some big ticket long lead times items but this interesting to see it become the directive to the whole plant now.


Who are ‘they’ (the ones that told you to buy more supplies)? New here just trying to get context :slight_smile:

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One Of Our Jobs In The Tribe

… is to help bring “private knowledge” into “common knowledge.”
This is true wherever we are.
I’m doing my part in that, and if it’s any encouragement to others in the Tribe who might be thinking it’s hopeless, and considering giving up … I offer this.
Even here,
in this little backwater Commonwealth country, there’s a growing contingent of people who are coming to grips, and an awakening group of people who are now realizing the Bull$hit they have been fed, and aren’t buying it any more.
Here, I’m finding that the best way to reach is by use of humor, and specifically the use of Irony in one’s humor. It wouldn’t be the same in other countries.
Despite the fact that English is the language here, the culture is unique, and what “works” in US or Europe doesn’t work here. But there are always ways to reach people.
But, nevertheless, it is happening.
An awakening is beginning.
It’s a slow process and we must be patient.
It will be worth it.


Plant mangement. I could send Chris a pic of the notice if he wants it.

Single Income

I’m quite envious of generations of Americans who could raise a family on a single income. The expendable income keeps shrinking with my wife and I both working full time to provide for our family. I want sound money!


My Dad did that.
My wife and I almost did that.
My kids simply cannot do that.
Their kids? … who knows.
Grandpa is going to talk to Granddaughter about that very subject.
At this point, wisdom is just about the only thing I can pass along.
This is a Turning, and we’re in it.


We may see families need to live together intergenerationally again.


i see this too

Would you mind sharing: Where do you work? What do you do? What kind of supplies?

Here in Belize, it’s actually the norm now.
There are more multi-generational than not.
But in the so-called “Developed” countries,
I have been wondering something,
What happens, when it takes more than one income,
to support One person ?
It seems that in some places, that is not a farfetched idea.
The math in that is not very encouraging.
Thanks for all that, Jerome, Christine, and all you other Central Bankers. Nobody will likely blame it on you,
… except for me. I do.


Hello From Ithaca Ny




It’s your DNA picking up other DNA. Like electro magnetic waves.

Mid July…

that’s been my sense since early spring. Need to be ready. Something in my world changes 2nd half of summer.
The earth tilts further off its axis. I feel a pressure to get people to pay attention.


Sri Lanka

This could mean desiccated coconut shortage. Coconut oil and coconut water come from different places.

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I Feel It Too

I feel it very strongly as well, Chris. I’m not sufficiently ready, and have a strong sense that time is getting very short.


Feeling The Pressure!!

I feel like I need to shake my friends and family awake! I feel a strong sense of imminent danger. I took my cc class last night, and I wanted to tell the lass teaching it to BE READY! Instead she is preparing for a national tour for competition in MMM. Arrrrrgggggh



My neighbors (we have an e mail list ~ 200 peeps) electricity cost went way up last year. Many people got heat pumps. Our electricity cost didn’t go up, but they tried to estimate and not read the meter and over charge us.

I feel the same, VT. Very, very few people are paying attention, much less preparing (mentally, physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually).



I believe English summer warm loving crops are grown in greenhouses.
Good news? Some 90% of owners/growers already opted to not grow this year because of fertilizer costs.