I'm Back!

Our YouTube limitations have been lifted from our recent community strike and we’re able to post videos there again:

Check out my appearance on the TimCast podcast tonight, Dec 30th, at 8:00 ET, where I’ll be talking about a range of today’s most important topics as we close out this crazy year.

The TimCast podcast can be accessed here.

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I’d like to see the total deaths/million (i.e., per capita)… as ‘causes’ can be/are? manipulated, etc. And comparisons to same from past years & months, per country, i.e., what are the REAL ‘excess’ deaths. Comparisons to 2017-18 bad flu season would be especially enlightening. Wish I knew where to find these…
Oh, and thanks a million Chris for ALL the accurate info … wish other so-called ‘experts’ offered the same.
UPDATE - Jan 1 - ‘ask & you shall receive’… just thought to check in with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, and ‘fine minds think alike’…he’s just reviewed the important, revealing numbers… see what you think…

The problem as I see , is they do have a responsibility to us, as we are infinitely connected to each other by them. We have grown dependent upon them and rely upon them for information. Anytime they decide what is correct , without careful investigation, regardless to who they think is an appropriate authority, and it harms people it’s criminal… nothing short of this… I am all for not only putting them in jail, but dispersing 100% of their assets to those who have been harmed.

Hey Chris,
Thanks for Being Here! I would like to know more about the formation of intentional communities and monetary theory related to creation of local/regional money systems.

I am interested in Chris’s assessment of what risks a physician might be taking if he/she prescribes either DSNBN #1 or DSNBN #2.

I like realteal’s question. To what extent are the numbers “real?”
I have two other questions.

  1. How often does the virus give rise to a “long haul” debility?
    What is the real risk?
  2. What are the risks with mRNA injections?
    The MSM portrays mRNA as a fabulous new technology ushering us into a “wellness wonderland.” But this technology has never been tried before on a human population. Are there foreseeable bio-mechanisms which could cause this experiment to go wrong?

Usually Tim does long-form evening interviews on the “Timcast IRL” channel (www.youtube.com/channel/UCLwNTXWEjVd2qIHLcXxQWxA), not the “Timcast” channel.

FYI: Tim does all his 8pm shows on this channel. https://youtube.com/c/TimcastIRL
Congrats. First China Uncensored, now you. I posted that it would be great to see you on Timcast on one of your urube videos last week, thinking it will never happen though. Im happy to be wrong.
It will be a great boost for more people being exposed to all the hard work you guys have done. His live viewer numbers range in the thousands to tens of thousands.

Hi Chris,
First, with regard to the censorship: you really should invest in digital resiliency. You could download all your work to a censorship resistant platform. For example, James Corbett from Corbett Report has downloaded all his work (he also has at least 12 years worth of work) to LBRY (https://lbry.tv/@corbettreport:0). LBRY is decentralised and uses blockchain as underlying protocol (just like bitcoin does) so you don’t have to worry about censorship. But there are a lot of other alternatives as well. Check out https://www.corbettreport.com/youtube-is-purging-again-heres-how-to-find-me/ to see which ones. So that would seem as an example worth following.
Very important: you don’t have to self-censor anymore if you have obtained digital resiliency by having downloaded your work on another platform or even multiple platforms. I think non-self-sensorship is crucial when discussing certain topics, such as vaccines.
Which brings me to my second point: you asked which topic I would like you to cover? Hands down: vaccines for Sars-CoV-2!
But I read a lot about vaccines already, so I would respectfully like to say that viewing such a video would be only worth it to me only if you are at least cognizant of the role certain actors such as Bill Gates play in shaping the vaccine debate (check out: https://www.corbettreport.com/gates/ and https://www.corbettreport.com/futurevaccines/). And if you could answer questions such as:

  • Why EXACTLY is an mRNA vaccine less harmful for a person that the actual Sars-CoV-2 RNA virus?
    I’m asking this because an mRNA (messenger-RNA) is still RNA as well. mRNA is still RNA, it’s just shorter. Both the Sars-CoV-2 RNA virus and the mRNA vaccine hijacks you cells and produces more RNA.
    I would like to conclude that while I point to the Corbett Report on this site, I likewise point to PeakProsperity at his site. You both complement each other in general. I just wish you both would address each others points more often.
    That being said, thank you for your informative videos and keep up the good work!

Chris, I just can’t WAIT to hear your one-on-one with Dr. Kory this weekend.
That is definitely something worth watching !!!  Count me in for sure.

What I hope you can ask him is whether his attitude about the “establishment” has changed, how he and his team are reacting, whether there’s been any follow-up by NIH (which is my acronym for Not Invented Here) after his Senate subcommittee hearing. Has there been any fallout after all that? Curious minds really want to know.

My feeling about Dr. Kory and his team is that they’re a lot more in alignment with PP than they are, or ever have been, with NIH or any of the many Three Letter Agencies.

It’s not that I want them to adopt an adversarial role in public.
But I do hope that they, (as I have done) have brushed up on their Sun-Tzu.
You do not make reality go away by pretending it does not exist.
It is crucial that you know your adversaries better than they know themselves.

There’s my two bits’ worth.
I very much look forward to your interviews.
Bravo to you, Sir, for going to Houston to do them.


I haven’t bothered looking up national data but I have followed the Oregon data. It’s published monthly and annually as a pdf on the OHA web site.
2020 deaths through 12/1, total 32,330, natural 29,556
2019 deaths, total 37,397, natural 34,070, accidental 2,227
2018 deaths, total 36,191, natural 33,097, accidental 2,069
2017 deaths, total 36,640, natural 33,542, accidental 2074
The rest are classed as homicide, suicide, legal intervention, undetermined and other.
As of 2020/12/29, 1,449 people have died from COVID-19 in Oregon.
2020 Population is 4,301,090. The virus has killed 0.034% of the population and accounts for 4.5% of total deaths. This assumes that all deaths reported as COVID actually died OF COVID instead of WITH COVID.
It’s worth noting that the COVID death count has doubled in the last 6 weeks. As of 2020/11/16, 761 people had died from COVID. It is puzzling since the lockdowns have been the most severe starting the beginning of November. No indoor dining, no groups of more than 6 people from not more than 2 households. (In theory families bigger than 6 can’t live together) Correlation isn’t causation but the death count rose most quickly after the severe lockdowns started, but I digress.
Since there have been about 700 more COVID deaths since the middle of November it’s unlikely that the year end death count will be higher for 2020 than it was for any of the previous years. It will almost certainly be lower.
So, in Oregon there are no excess deaths, the number will be negative for the year. We just killed our economy, thousands of small businesses and hundreds of thousands of peoples livelihoods for nothing.

Things I’m interested in:

  1. How widely used is the EVMS/I-MATH protocol? Most doctors I talk to indicate their hospitals are using steroids, remdesivir, anti-coags but not much else. Rarely do I hear about large doses of Vitamin D/C, etc.
  2. How many areas/doctors/hospitals are treating people in the early phases of the illness at all? With anything like the protocols mentioned above, with ivermectin, etc? Again, from what I hear it sounds like almost everyone with early stage covid is told to go home and “come back if you have trouble breathing.”
  3. Is Marik encountering resistance/censoring from EVMS? Throughout the pandemic they’ve been posting regular updates of their “EVMS Covid Protocol Document” but now the site says “Updates will no longer be posted on the EVMS Website. Please check on the FLCCC Alliance website for updated versions of this protocol.www.flccc.net” Is he getting pressure from his own institution to stop promoting these treaments? That would be a bad sign…

Where is our David Collum’s podcast?

What is all this “camera crew” stuff?

Remember that story the Lorax.  That “Once Ler” character, he went on biggering his factory and biggering his loads, and look where it got him.

Hopefully I speak for many other PP members here, we like the plain old fastion Chris Martenson with unedited pod casts where we hear a door close or a car drive by in the background.  That stuff at least feels not faked.  Every time I see an edit in your clips I ask why, what are you hiding?  Just my two cents.

I notice oil bbl/day is still holding at 11,000.  How’s Art’s prediction for next summer holding up?

We see Bitcoin is taking off like a rocket.  Any idea’s how soon till the FED steps in shuts it down?




Everyone I know who has been diagnosed has been sent home to wait it out with no prescriptions or specific treatment protocols. It has taken them a week or more to get over it, at least one with lingering issues. One family member took my advice, used Ivermectin and was better in a couple days. He still tested positive once he felt better so he still had to self isolate a while longer. No idea what the PCR cycle count was on his test.

Dr. Marik says the PCR may be valid for the first week or so after symptoms but may still show positive results over the next two weeks as a reflection of dead and fragmented virus. That’s aside from the issue of cycle count.

Hey all, going mg live in about an hour and a half.
Just had dinner and wish that had been recorded! I think this is going to be really good.
Tune in here: youtube.com/timcastirl

Doctors are less immune from bureaucrats than they used to be (or people believe them to be); and deviation from orthodoxy has a potentially onerous penalty. The colleges (which allow licensure and oversees standards of practice in Canadian provinces) are in my experience; paternalistic, pompous and predatory. When seeking off label Rx, most pharmacists also see themselves as guardians of rectitude. So to get an off label Rx playing the game my be necessary; say,’ asking for scabies treatment (because of an affected infant in the house, or some other plausible story that no one believes) may be required to get ivermectin.

Sorry…I like your videos but I can’t listen to these guys any longer.

I want to see Chris, Evie, and Honey Badger dressed as lumberjacks speaking with Canadian accents showing us how cut up some wood planks.
Well…might need to wait till spring or something…but sure would be a fun video for a change.
All this censorship & tyranny crap is kind of bumming me out…dang it.

Chris - I’m listening to this stream and I can just hear your non-verbals over this virtual enconomy to infinity.  LOL…   People, it’s not real!  They still are using electricity, they still have houses, eat food, need clothes, and many many other real things.  Virtual reality is no different then books, tv, theater plays, music, computer games, uselss nick nacks, etc.  At some point somebody in the enconomy needs to provide real things.  And real things can’t grow to infinity and beyond.