I'm Scared...but I'm Hopeful

Sorry for the lengthy delay between videos and postings. But great things are happening behind the scenes.

The pounding, and sawing and scrapes and bonks reverberating throughout the Chris & Evie household the past month have (nearly!) yielded a whole new studio.

This is a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that you’re going to be hearing more from me. The bad news is a lot more.

Please help me be as successful as possible in reach as many people as possible by indicating what you’d like to see in our new live cast show that will be firing up in a couple of weeks once we work out all the kinks.

Why a live show? Because that format is doing really well right now and that means reaching more people. Because it allows people to interact directly with me and my guests in real time, as it’s happening. Because it’s a next step in helping us all feel connected across the distances.

Of course it will all be recorded and then playable at any time afterwards, but the show will be launched and on air as a live production.

So anything you have to contribute - topics, guests, themes, wardrobe, length, time of day, etc., - will be welcome. Some of you have already weighted in to a similar request I made of my subscribers a short while back.

Enjoy! [Note - it premiers at 7:00 ET Friday, Jan 22nd]


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I would like to see a ‘simple’ play-by-play of what REALLY happened with the major events in the ‘pandemic’. Including WHO 2019 protocol re: lockdowns are ineffective (& Cary Mullins death); historically-unreliable modeling; suppression of HCQ/azith/zink and ivm treatments; real Italy story; Surgisphere; etc. I would like all the REALITY in one place : ) Thx for everything.

I think that might be a whole book, not just a single post.

Mon/Thurs 7pm. Have regular Wednesday commitments.
BTW, will the recordings be available on this site if we miss one?

Just do what you do normally, but do it live. I’ll probably still watch the recording most times due to timing. But when I do catch you live, it would be great to lob in questions to you and your guests.
Another thought I had was a scorebored for your guests. Basically a set of 5 or 10 questions that each economic prognosticator is asked to answer and you can keep it up on the site for all to see. Questions like: What will a barrel of oil cost on Jan 1, 2023, Where is the next US regime change war going to be and when will it start? What will the Nasdaq be on Jan 1 of ‘22?
it would be cool for you to have a table to keep all of that.

Beyond what Realteal wants,
I would love to see ongoing info about:
• New strains of the virus (Brazil strain looks pretty damn scary)
• Vaccines:
Efficacy of different vaccines, side effects, long term effects if any, deaths / reactions.
Also, the vaccines coming out of Russia, China, Romania (think its Romania) etc.
• The latest on Ivermectin
• Update on who exactly made this virus.
• Alternative therapies: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, if any of them are showing anything.
• Investigation of big pharma’s roll in suppressing info / hijacking trials on HCQ and Ivermectin and pushing the vaccine or wildly expensive medicines, and who is getting paid off. Ditto on biased reporting about the studies.
Need an investigative reporter on this one to follow the money.

Hi Chris
Have been an avid reader since 2010, and through this most recent crisis you have been my main source of info on COVID. Have shared many of your videos with friends and family.
Re your specific questions - i am in favour of live streaming as a format. I’ve done workshops/courses reimagining our current system recently, on Zoom. We had some interesting conversations and some offline collaboration amongst participants. That’s a potential outcome that might be interesting to folks who’d like to expand this work and build on what you and Evie are doing.
Timewise, i’m on the west coast (Vancouver BC) and am good for the afternoon/evening your time. No particular day of the week. And would love to take part in a live session, and be able to pose questions or offer discussion topics.
Thanks for all you do. I find the current situation deeply distressing and don’t know how to engage with most of my friends and/or family who are still so focused on Trump/COVID that they are missing the rapidly unfolding loss of civil liberties and common sense
I’d really like to explore ways to talk to people

Some show feeedback?
Maybe 2/3 times a week, 8 PM Eastern would be great.
A weekly CV19 treatment and situation update would be great. Any changes to the IMAST/MASK/FLCC protocols (or supplements) and what and how other countries are doing i.e. India and their results with their Ziverdo kits. Vaccine success or failures?
Maybe an update on possible supply shortages would be great. Is it time to go buy some Quecertin or apple flavored horse paste?
Just a couple thoughts. Thanks and keep up the great work.

This is wonderful but I suggest bringing in younger people as virtually everyone I meet here is middle aged and most often of retirement age. The most effective way to drastically increase membership and participation outside of baby boomers is to reduce your membership fee of 30$ per month. Many of us are living on social security (or worse) and cannot aff0rd 300$ per year, year after year, and have a limited budget. We can’t spend a dollar per day for every worthwhile internet site that we visit, I already am paying 5 other meritorious sites that provide great info without ads (all of them are <= half of what you are charging). At some point this quickly becomes our biggest expense.
Obviously you need a paywall. I wonder if some people can contribute something other than 300$ per year to join. 30$ per month is the big limitation that blocks younger people with a long future ahead of them from really joining this group and keeps this from growing 10-100 times bigger than what it is.
Another reason: most every person I have asked to visit and participate in your site refused because of the financial planning ads and tell me that this is obviously just another financial advice website. Many of us avoid “this is how to game the system for extra money” websites.
Please consider splitting off from the baby boomer retirement planning advice for your new program. Why not charge per program and separate it from financial ads and programming content. There are tons of financial advice sites and many of us pass by when we see the ads for buying gold etc.

One of the things you teach here is resilience. I have so much faith in your abilities, one thing I am certain of, you will reach your goals and positively affect many people’s lives. To that that end, you should put your fears to rest. I would do anything in my ability to help support your efforts. You have the most grounded logical subscriber base of any online community in the world.
Things will be different, politics will govern topics which they should not. You may have to be more tactful in how you pursue those objectives, but so long as you don’t roll over and you push on, we are going to get there.
As far as COVID goes, is it a game ender? At first , I thought it was not near deadly enough. But there is still the possibility of cross corona-ADE via vaccine or infection. So, it may still be a game ender (global killer.) It also seems to kill and maim people through so many mechanisms. So, its a big life changer as well to survivors. WE are not going back to normal… There will only be a new normal. But it is good prep for what was always a possibility as we over-populate the planet. The truth is we need to realize we are responsible for our health , we need to take care of ourselves, and not always look to other for this… especially , the govt and medical establishment. We shouldn’t have to fight with organizations with 3 letters to do what is right for our health. There are still lots of nutrients and herbs available to treat many many conditions more effectively than conventional medicine. I hope they do not take these from us. AND that has actually been considered by those 3 letter agencies. I think people are starting to get back to basics, I see in my business a mass exodus from the city to rural. We are also learning, that perhaps we also suffer from over-medicating/doctoring as many people have forgone treatment for conditions which the did not previously.
I hope you keep at it. You are on the right track. I am all in. I think at some point fear turns to courage. Chris, you have helped me make that transition. I am sure others here feel the same.

BTW, will the recordings be available on this site if we miss one?
Yes, of course. And I intend to host them in several locations in case Big Tech decides to go on a(nother) disappearing rampage. I am planning to do a big show on all the suppression that happened along the way. Truly a story for the ages. Kind of a huge mystery how not one single major US or UK news outlet stumbled across it yet. And there's just no shortage of daily news about Covid and many other things. Even as I've been diverted on the Covid story, plenty of ecological events have been happening, oil is still depleting, and don't even get me started on the exploding debt situation. Okay - well, now that you've brought it up... :)

As far as desired show content goes, what attracted me to Chris was always the “ways of thinking” part of his message.
This bit about Covid being right in Chris’ wheelhouse was like the cherry on top for me because I already knew this was a guy I could take seriously when he started promoting unapproved drugs and unapproved ideas.
Obviously there should be lots of Covid content, but I also hope these function like live Off-The-Cuffs with the sort guests that Chris used to have before this all started.
Hearing Charles Hugh Smith, Rubino and Kunstler jam with Chris is always a treat but any guests who can help with other kinds of sense making would be most welcome.
People who can explain exactly how and why the medical bureaucracy made Covid into the disaster it is. People who can do the same for the legal system.
People who can explain how the brand of Wokesterism taught on college campuses today will inform the people who will be our rulers for the next several generations.
I read Crime And Punishment finally and the thing that really stuck with me about that book (and The Brothers Karamazov) is that there is so much background description of Russia as a nation coming apart at the seams.
Read it and the October revolution that was to come isn’t as surprising anymore. The “proto communists” in Crime And Punishment literally sound like crazy people. Just like the Woke do now.
And I don’t mean, “You’re crazy because I disagree with you”. I mean that these Woke people are Proudly, Defiantly, Deliciously crazy people. And they operate at the very top of the social pyramid now. It was like this in Russia because life was completely destroyed for all but the few wealthy and people literally went mad over their inability to live meaningful human lives.
You want to know how something works? Take it apart.
We are finding out now how Western Culture works (worked) and we are going to discover all sorts of critically important mechanisms we didn’t know about as this moves along.
I hope these shows help uncover these mechanisms as they enter their last cycles or in case there is some chance of preserving them.
OK, that was depressing. Hopefully Chris has nice cheerful set lighting.

Chris, your Peak Prosperity videos have been a TOP resource for life-saving information over the past 10 months! I learned about MATH+ and I-MASK+ from them, and have passed that information on to dozens of others. In keeping with that tradition, could you devote a show or two (soon) to disaster prepping? I’m new to the topic, and there’s a lot to absorb. But, I have an intuition that the spaghetti is going to hit the fan any day now. We know the power grid is vulnerable to a high altitude EMP. A cyber-attack could instantly shut down grocery supply chains, banking, & credit. The next pandemic (avian influenza, H5N8) has a high mortality rate of 60%. The NIH and CDC have shown their true colors, by doing nothing, while 400,000 Americans suffered and died. We need to get rid of the corruption in DC, which is widespread, in both parties. But, 1st we have to save ourselves, our family, our friends, and our neighbors.

So I heard a blog from David Collum also interviewed on this channel. He said the reason the media came out against HCQ early on was that in order to get an emergency vaccine fast tracked two things has to happen. They must prove safe and effective and also that there is no other treatments. We looked it up and it was hard to find, but that’s true!!! So there it is. If HCQ worked and now IVM… welllllll we don’t need no stinking vaccine. As Chris is saying, the media is working taking big pharma AD dollars and doing what they can to promote the big pharma cause. Totally disgusting. Also not to mention the tens of thousands of people who died because they did not get HCQ and zinc early on when the powers that be knew all along it saved lives. Thank God I found PP. Chris not only got me out of the market in January 2020 and saved me a bundle, but he also provided unparalleled guidance along the way. Great work Chris. I really think you have helped so many people. I love PP.

I am very grateful to you specifically, and also the PP tribe rallied around your efforts. You brought me information on the early treatment of SC2 months before other analysts. And you sorted through the mountains of data to bring meaningful conclusions.
You (and the tribe) were like a guiding star for me through this pandemic.
Your capacity to dig deep, sort and sift information, and reach a balanced and insightful conclusion is very awesome and greatly appreciated.

Yes, I will watch your show.
Later than 7:00 eastern would be better. I’m not home from work yet at that time.
Guest suggestion - Gail Tverberg
I think talking about overshoot would be a great idea and maybe a lot of your newer listeners are not familiar with the subject.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am very interested in what’s next…What is really happening with the vaccinations? What is happening with the mutations? Is this covid going to get worse? Or is something else being planned that I am not aware of…more eyes and ears the better. And did we ever get a final answer on how this virus happened. So much junk out there it is hard to find real news. So thanks again for helping all of us out.

I have stated this numerous times here, it gets ignored (that is why it is “numerous times”) You have missed the blockchain revolution almost completely. It gets barely a mention and when it does, well it misses the point.
This is clearly a site as Mots mentioned devoted to boomers. I get it. Boomers control the vast majority of the wealth in the US. This site is about preserving that wealth. PM’s are not a wealth building strategy, it is a wealth preservation strategy. Millennials understand viscerally that the current system is designed for boomers and not them. They know Social Security will not be there for them, ditto Medicare, yet they are paying for it. They are being burdened by student debt that cannot be discharged for any reason other than death. It is the only debt that has that condition.
Homesteading is a great idea, been doing it for 50 years, but it has limited application in general and very limited app for Millennials.
What does this site offer Millennials?
Millennials are digital, boomers, not so much. Millennials “stack Sats” boomers vomit on the mention of Cryptocurrency.
I am not a subscriber here.A friend showed me some of the premium content and I frankly did not feel inclined to pay for it. I hope lots of people benefit , it pays the bills .
I subscribe to Real Vision. The content for the Macro view is excellent. What got me to subscribe however, was the Crypto channel. RV offers a free crypto channel with the leading minds in the crypto space. It really is quite amazing. Almost immediately they got 50,000 signups.
I guess the blockchain revolution does not fit the narrative here. That is fine. I am a boomer and I spend far more time on RV than I do here. I can tell you the demographic at RV is far younger. They are far more involved in Crypto. I am not suggesting any site be all things to all people , but if one of the three E’s is the economy then it seems a tremendous lack of vision not to spend a decent amount of time covering and discussing Crypto on many levels.It is the greatest revolution since the internet and may prove to be far greater. An entire alternate financial system is developing at light speed. It is an opportunity for Millennials to generate wealth. Clearly they will need it to pay the bills the boomers are leaving them.
I have sent emails and posted on threads my offer to try to arrange a podcast with Brian Armstrong , the CEO of Coinbase. I have not received one response not even a polite no thanks.
So I have no expectation that any of my suggestions will be given any consideration but here goes. Anrdeas Antonopolous, Dan Moorehead, Mike Novogratz, Joe Lubin. Vithalik Buterin, Olaf Wee Carlson, Raoul Pal, Michael Saylor, Anthony "Pomp"Pompliano, Dan Held, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Caitlyn Long, Meltem Demirors, Robert Breedlove, Safiedean Ammous, Loretta Joseph, a decent interview with Alex Saunders. Oh also Senator Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming who is a BTC Hodler.
That is just a short list. It might be of interest to make note of the ages of the people I mentioned. There is an entire segment of the population that is not well served here.
Just a side note about Caitlyn Long.(she is one dynamo). She is a Wall St. veteran who got 21 bills passed in the state legislature of Wyoming making Wyoming the first state to have Crypto banks.

In response to the live show, 7 pm EST., mind you, I would make sure to watch whatever time you make it. I think that continuing coverage on COVID as the information is always changing would be great. But, I would like to see more of your take on the economic, environmental and social aspects of things. Just like we need to prepare our terrain, so do we need to prepare our mental fortitude. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Occasional live musical interlude. Singer songwriter, or more.
Never under estimate the power of puppets.