I'm Scared...but I'm Hopeful


Very sad , this is consistent with a lot of other elderly we hear dying right after the vaccine. But , I am sure if not a celeb, they will completely brush it off most of the time.
It will not help the black vaxxing effort as he had hoped. But now he is aware of the truth, he got the real answer to the people , they needed… so we appreciate the sacrifice he made- He hoped to prove it safe, but proving it wasnt safe was just as worthy , if not more so…

I’ve been following your presentations and advice for over ten years and have made so many meaningful life style changes because of you. Your insight into the COVID pandemic has been life saving. My husband and I have a well stocked pantry, large permaculture garden/food forest, fish pond and chickens. I’m a retired PA and study to keep my medical knowledge current. Learning more about herbal remedies is a goal. My elderberry tonic, home grown and homemade, is the bomb. Hoping to grow wild “opium” lettuce this season. Recipes anyone? Thank you for all your hard work and honesty. Stay well.

Dr Chris can I just say what a gifted communicator you are especially in these times when the truth is awful and no one really wants to hear it, you have a calm and down to earth approach that’s just common sense which most people can relate too.

Straight up, Chris, you have taken the fear factor out of the equation for me. I have control over everything and that’s so necessary for me. I do take everything you say as simply the truth and is why I am still here. I do not have time to hear, I need to do something. So I choose to provide everything my entire family needs knowing they’ll show up some day and immediately fit in, have their own place to unpack and hit the ground running. I may not even be here on this planet as the good Lord chose to give me rest. But, I will be here and I will leave behind food, clothing, heat, shelter and the resources of our land to maintain all that provide us our necessities. That is my plan, Barb’s plan and her and I just doing this together is worth everything. We will leave this world having left our blood, sweat and tears behind but it won’t stop when we leave as my oldest son will plop down and continue all we have started and plan for other family members to show up to help with harvest and other operations until they see they could just plop down with him. Initially everything is free but eventually if you want to eat then sweat equity is not free but the results of your labor will be your blessings not only to yourself but everyone else as one more person replicates more for everyone and lesson’s the burden of the care takers. It’s such a solid plan, a lifetime in the making.
As for the direction I will take is to make sure our energy needs are planned carefully. No other issue matters more than to be as energy efficient as I can be. If this means one light bulb is on then that’s what we intend on doing. We have begun our Cabin and part of the scheme is to make our space one light bulb friendly. No other rooms but the room we are in will ever be lit up. It’s simple and will work and so this means excess energy shipped down the line and essentially we will have our own power plant to supply all those down the line our excesses. Then wait for our check from the utility company for our excesses. We will store our needs as well in the form of battery pacts and this is inclusive of our friends who live literally a stones throw from us but isolated so is hard to just see them when they are out and about. It’s a lovely place to live at. Plus the power from our home to theirs is close enough to share our electricity by easy hook up. It will be metered so we know their contribution to us for their power. I don’t see us demanding payment but will instead ask for their labor’s in things we need. I would rather has critical chores done and in place than financial gains in some of our projects. Plus their family.
This will be Barb’s and my approach with everything and so we will decorate and align our interior stuff with this in mind. Further, we will have tanks of fuel (diesel) stored in advance of when we may need it. Why? We can and have looked into this and it’s a viable and good plan. It costs BTU’s to get to and from our fuel supply station and that is waste. We want our fuel needs on site and for use in the equipment that will duplicate our labor many times over. Diesel is a farmers necessary fuel source along with taking down our moving all the heavy things that we will need the fuel for. I want to work smart and efficiently and save my body’s conditioning for the delicate labor that machinery cannot get into like our body’s can. At 66 I am finding that my conditioning is getting harder and harder to maintain. I know this because I am ruined most of the time I put in a strong day. I just hurt everywhere, a good hurt but if I can limit some of this pain in favor of more accomplishments then I will mentally stay fine, and happy. Productive.
Remember too, Barb and I are all about waste. In our community we can have this fuel delivered and will. It’s just a thousand gallons but that will last a good long time and is only used by the most productive assets we have, a tractor and truck for the heavy lifting and we do have that. Plus it stores a lot longer than any other fuel, is the safest fuel to handle and so it will be done. Prices are only going higher in the future so we pull that future purchase to today and save a boatload because we bought it low and use it high. So we all understand, Barb and I will use our physical labors first and foremost before jumping on a tractor, and it is why we have such a small footprint in our yard so that ease of access to all parts of the working yard are close to the Cabin and down wind. On the West end are our lilac bushes, peonies and other wonderfully smelling plants and trees for different times of the summer that will make our yard and interior of our home smell the beauty of nature so this is planned and has begun to some degree. More would be planted but the bull dozer has been busy readying the yard for the foundation to our home and the slope of the yard at 30 degrees must be maintained as per our codes so the equipment will need ease of access and seeing as I don’t fully understand what room will be needed by the contractor I do not want anything in his way or our cash spent to be damaged while he works, then possibly destroyed. So planting to eagerly would only end up in the burn pile. It’s critical to have everything go west to east. Some smells are uncomfortable to some, me, I don’t care, it all smells like honey to me.
Now, being scared: I am dead serious, I am part of this tribe like it or not. I am a doer and I love chores, Barb loves chores as well for a host of reason’s and we don’t just talk we DO. In the Sea Bee’s a construction battalion in the Navy of which I honorably served has a motto “Can Do”. It’s a spirit, if it needs done: Can Do!. Ok, I was raised this way also. None of this is foreign to me. In a family of 15 people we all participated. Again, a CAN DO spirit existed among us. We also were painfully honest but fair minded. If someone said any truths then it was applied. It didn’t matter if it offended you, we were taught you can’t argue with truths, you react favorably to truth and then the problem was addressed and fixed. I am to my very soul honest. I have integrity and I am fair minded. Not to be confused with stubborn. I would rather do something for the right reason’s and it be over kill than to do nothing and have to catch up.
Chris, I cannot thank you enough for talking and working on my behalf, I really can’t. You do this for a fee, $30 bucks! That is a good bang for the buck that is for sure. I assure you also that when I am done with this Cabin and share our home with you folks I will be looked at as someone who gets it and never, not once bullshitted my way forward. I am so proud of what Barb and I have accomplished. I want to share because things don’t have to be so spread out, your finger print doesn’t have to be very large you just need to plan for the worse and hope for the best. If you work smart, work with a plan then you can condense everything into a smaller foot print and it doesn’t have to cost a great deal of cash. Barb and I have figured that one acre takes care of our highest priorities and expansions. The other acres are basically our resources like wood and game. Target area for getting better when fire arms are necessary. One shot is always the plan. Our plan requires that our mentality be to be smart about what we are doing and then plant trees or plants to transition from one work area to another where things look beautiful with your movement to one work area to the other.
This home we are building is a place that remembers all the other places we called home. Barb is my inspiration because she represented every place we lived in and made it a home. I was just her grunt who if she said anything, even casually, was the moment I started planning on giving her what she wanted. That was the way I was raised, how I flow, and I’m not changing my spots overnight. So, Barb is the reason for everything and I live a tremendously happy and secure life with this women because of it.
So, the LIVE podcasts you are planning will still be “to a higher standard” that we all believe in so will be terrific. I will enjoy them immensely. It will catch on and be a beautiful contribution to the raising of awareness we all seek. Our determination is yours Chris. You are believed. There is no doubts that many here haven’t moved off their spot in the years we have read their comments and that’s ok, they are striving to have what they want and over time, little by little they will have what they want. Some don’t want the country life but with the knowledge here they know in what direction everything is headed so I believe and are optimistic that eventually we will all end up in the same spot and from there and collectively we will make a difference. I believe this wholeheartedly. Your gifts are just that and they will put to action only positive influences in everyone’s life. Just my thoughts anyways.
To finish, I believe we are already the GREAT survivors of Man since man first appeared. Makes sense right? We are all in the here and now because we come from a long, long line of survivors and we are still in the game. So, we will rise up and do what must be done, we absolutely will and I look forward to these challenges but, to get from here to there requires us to do something, to be good examples and to share this knowledge to those who ask for it. I am not going to force feed anything because the best communications are your actions or the questions people ask because people don’t ask unless their thinking about applying something of what you have shown. All I got today Folks, be good, safe and happy. If you’re going to live then choose the way you want to live. Peace BOB…Charles blog this weekend on his site “of two minds” is really, really good. That Man has such a way of presenting things, easy to comprehend, honest and sometimes gut wrenching. All positive if your a seeker of truths. Check it out. It’s FREE!

Looking forward to the live show, evenings best. One initial request is to have a North American focus to include Canada. We too lack integrity in the media.
Suggestion is to continue to bring in guests, especially interested in the alternative/independent journalists who could take the Covid story further to reach more and bring awareness to more people on the corruption in the ranks that have put profit above people.
Lastly, bring in more economists not afraid to go against the mainstream economic narratives.
Fantastic work, never stop questioning and thinking critically, spreading truth, love and peace. The world needs more of that :heart:

Would like to hear discussion about the possibility of The Virus being nature’s response to our overpopulation and destruction of the web of life, and the potential of an era of perpetual pandemic until our numbers and impact on the planet are brought to a sustainable level.

I found The Crash Course and Peak Prosperity in my search for understanding of peak oil. Armed with data, I still get funny looks.
The loss of our main energy input has massive implications in my mind and I just don’t seem to be able to communicate it to those that I love. I have no doubt you could make the data understandable.
We are 12 years into our homestead experience, it is hard work. The one thing I wish to convey is how gratifying this experience has been. My intent was to build the infrastructure to catch our kids if need be, I did not know that I would find such joy along the way.
Thank you so much for what you do Chris!

Chip, people have been forecasting that world population would top out at around 10 billion.
I don’t believe that. I think we have topped out right now. This virus is just the first event in population growth-reversal. Reversal was both inevitable and foreseeable. And now it is starting.

Been a long time follower of your work and you were my go to source for COV-19 information. You asked for feedback on the live show format. My single advice is leave the youtube format and move to one of the growing free speech platforms. Use your limited speech at youtube to direct your viewers to your preferred platform.

Would like to hear discussion about the possibility of The Virus being nature's response to our overpopulation and destruction of the web of life
Except for the evidence it is not of natural origin, per Chris' video showing clear indication of very specific lab-originated spliced-in enhancements. Hey, I can imagine a natural reaction to our overextending our natural supply chain. It's a shoe I'm expecting to one day drop. Covid just ain't it.  

Robshepler, I am intrigued by your comment that you unexpectedly “found joy” in your homesteading work.  This seems important to us as we become increasingly self-reliant and engaged in community.  I’d love to hear more of your experience.  And hope that Chris, Evie, and Adam will talk more about this, too.

Hey, a healthy respect for arrayed powerful forces is, well, healthy.
I applaud the live format. I have a peeve about it, though. I don’t know the tech to know if anything can be done about the fact that most of the live feeds that attend such shows move so quickly it’s not only impossible to keep up reading the commentary, but no actual give-and-take can happen. For me that obviates the value and so I simply don’t engage such comment streams.
I have seen curated streams, where someone on the production side picks out meaningful questions or comments. Sometimes they are only superimposed for a minute while the presenter is talking, as a way to add something of value from the audience to the topic being presented. At other times good questions or comments are vetted out and queued up for the presenter to pick among to address, in order to provide moderated live interaction. Those strategies have worked pretty well, imo, but likely require a second person on your end.

The entire Covid-19 experiment and subsequent mRNA vaccines reminded me of the Tuskegee experiment from the 1930’s. After reading the summary below, it sure seems like a blueprint for the Covid-19 event:

The Tuskegee experiment began in 1932, at at a time when there was no known treatment for syphilis, a contagious venereal disease. After being recruited by the promise of free medical care, 600 African American men in Macon County, Alabama were enrolled in the project, which aimed to study the full progression of the disease. The participants were primarily sharecroppers, and many had never before visited a doctor. Doctors from the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS), which was running the study, informed the participants—399 men with latent syphilis and a control group of 201 others who were free of the disease—they were being treated for bad blood, a term commonly used in the area at the time to refer to a variety of ailments. The men were monitored by health workers but only given placebos such as aspirin and mineral supplements, despite the fact that penicillin became the recommended treatment for syphilis in 1947, some 15 years into the study. PHS researchers convinced local physicians in Macon County not to treat the participants, and instead research was done at the Tuskegee Institute. Tuskegee wasn't the first unethical syphilis study. In 2010, then-President Barack Obama and other federal officials apologized for another U.S.-sponsored experiment, conducted decades earlier in Guatemala. In that study, from 1946 to 1948, nearly 700 men and women—prisoners, soldiers, mental patients—were intentionally infected with syphilis (hundreds more people were exposed to other sexually transmitted diseases as part of the study) without their knowledge or consent.

One topic that I would like to see addressed is how to counter censorship and propaganda.
How do we deal with the increasing, ongoing attempts by the powers-that-be to shut down the free flow of information and to narrow the range of thought and discourse? The damage done - in human lives and suffering - just by the censorship of Ivermectin information is huge. But the issue goes far beyond Ivermectin.
I am sure that there must be people thoughtfully exploring comprehensive workarounds to the problems of censorship, demonetization, deplatforming and so on.
I am sure that there must be people actively advocating resistance to censorship, i.e. boycotts against censors, secondary boycotts, political action, etc.
I am sure that there must be people who give thoughtful courses on how to recognize the tell-tale signs of propaganda.
I have personally been studying these issues for a long time. But I would love to hear from other advocates for freedom of information.

Great discussion and I love the title/theme as it covers the basics of survival for any species, and every species, besides man, lives instinctively within these tenants as they adjust to natural and man made pressures on their existence. Humans have become less instinctive and more reactive, move, switch jobs, buy TP, protest or just hopeful the government will save them, etc. Our Hunter/Gatherer ancestors understood the meaning of Afraid but Hopeful as they lived it on a daily basis, and it would be good to teach youth that it’s okay to feel fear or panic but hopeful too by learning and developing life improving skills. I have lived my life and raised my children to understand the basic needs of survival and then to apply those skills to everyday life, it works. In closing I will add that while it is comforting to find people who support and agree with these goals, the majority of Americans seek the next amazing thing to eat, view, drive, possess etc., and they do not seek a simplified version of wholistic living.

Would love to see a decentralized communications network without bottlenecks that can be controlled by others. We should set it up BEFORE it becomes essential.
We have several Ham Radio technical guys. I would love if they could put together a concrete protocol for us non-Ham literate types that would enable us to spend a few thousand dollars on equipment, and then follow a how-to recipe to enable listening in.
Several households could pool funds to buy equipment to be shared.

>> how to counter censorship and propaganda.
Facebook is cool because it automates a lot of the FTP & HTML work of uploading a video, that your friends can then comment about, for example.
5 skills that can help people replace what is stolen from them, when they are banned from Facebook or censored by Youtube ~

  • HTML
  • Learning to embed Video from web hosts that don’t censor people. Vimeo, for example.
  • Learning to set up a web forum for both Disqus and Facebook.
  • FTP
  • Cache Management & Computer Finessing.
    Or, to re-summarize, a person needs to know enough HTML to use a web editor, and to use a text editor to find and correct the glitches that occur with web editors (e.g. they remove tags that Disqus needs.)
    FTP can be maddening until you get it set up. There are 5 to 8 configuration parameters that have to be set exactly right.
    One of the other things about web editing that happens is, you can have PERFECT HTML, a working FTP set-up, and STILL your up-loaded page won’t “play”.
    You fix a spelling error - and the on-line version of the web page continues with the spelling error - even though you uploaded the HTML with the spelling error fixed !
    This has to do with the cache-ing of HTML files in all the Internet locations between you and the server.
    It’s enough to make a Grown Person SWEAR !
    Fortunately, it’s easy to fix.

You have, perhaps not changed, but confirmed my view of what’s going on, globally, for well over 10 years now. Please keep doing what you are doing.
However, I have other concerns that aren’t addressed here and other voices that I unfailingly listen to.
I will listen to anyone interviewing Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Bernard, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. John McDougall, Dr, Terry Mason, Dr. T. Collin Campbell, or any other scientific, or medical expert in the field of nutrition’s role in personal health.
As crazy as it sounds, until you look into it, moving toward healthy nutrition can have a massive impact on the environment, energy and resource consumption and our economy , as well as health.
But there is a perhaps insurmountable hurdle. How many are willing to give up pizza delivery and cheese burgers?
As bad as COVID is, it is still dwarfed by the number one cause of death. In fact, the comorbidities responsible for bad COVID outcomes are largely due to the number one cause of death.
Nutrition early death
Poor diet
Sadly, COVID may be the easier topic to tackle.
So that’s a list of the experts I track off of Peak Prosperity. You may notice that they are all doctors. Their message is, to a large extent apolitical, as is Peak Prosperity.
For me, timing of broadcast is not critical.

Not sure who to bring on the show but I think PP owes it to their tribe to explain the economic reality of homestead, small farm, local production, etc.
I have been working my small organic farm for 12 years now and before that I was the regional advocate for transition town, Sustainability, localization, particularly localization of food production. I mentored dozens of folks wanting to start farms or start producing something locally.
The economics of these efforts are unique, brutal, but doable. I always emphasised this point going in but nonetheless the failure rate is huge as most people think that all they they need to do is get up and running it will be great and they can just build from there.
There are some very ridgid standard truths to localization but unless you understand them you will fail.