I'm Scared...but I'm Hopeful

What sets your content apart from most others [ and the entire reason why I consume all of your material ] is the individual focus. Its not just about ‘whats happening in the world’, its about how it relates to the individual and what they can do about it.
I like the “8 forms of capital” concept, and I like to read about how I can make myself more resilient. Keep the focus on what “I” can do about it, not on giant collective solutions that I have no power to effect. The internet is full of guys complaining that we need some giant movement to “go back to a gold standard” or “eliminate the fed” etc,ect. All of those discussions have been done to death, and are mostly a waste of time.
I also second the call for a lower price point. I want to be a contributing member but I cant justify a 30 dollar price point

this site is one of the small selections we read, so huge ‘thank you’ to you and everyone for the hard work and comments.
We’ve been actively homesteading our five acres for 10 years. We’ve been teaching ourselves how to survive using what our great grandparents did on the farm (with some modern conveniences!). Everything I do on this piece of land I do as if we have no electricity (just in case).
What I’d like to see are some of the older techniques: meat smithing, tanning small hides, spinning fibers, heating small and large greenhouses without electricity, feeding livestock without store bought feeds, preserving meats without electricity, building root celler, emergency animal care, digging a “bootleg” well, weaving willow, and bartering without the feds coming after you.

Chris I’d love to see you have James Howard Kunstler on the program … he’s probably my favorite social critic and has an amazing way with words. He has many insights on the state of the economy and our social fabric. Check him out at Kunstler.com … his weekly blog is quite entertaining as well.
And it’d be worth your time looking into alternate media platforms … Gab is exploding with users, and MeWe shows some promise as well.

Spot on post. I second every word.

Time must be good for you.
Focus on 3

Time must be good for you.
Focus on 3E’s.

Frankie and I really enjoyed your comments on our predicament. Over these 10 years since you came to Sonora and presented your work to our local audience there has been a lot of change which has seemed both exceedingly slow and at the same time very fast. Many things I had expected to occur have never appeared. (The recognition of peak oil and its relevance to our future as one example)
Many other things which I did not foresee have come to pass. (I would have denied the plausibility that our health care system was deeply co-opted with purely economic interests to the point of becoming ineffective in the face of a worldwide pandemic)
And so it goes. But I also have to say that despite the daily barrage of events which I have to categorize as simply ‘alien to my way of thinking’, I have arrived at a level of acceptance that invigorates me. I would characterize it more as an attitude of ‘damn the torpedoes, bring it on!’ modified by Mike Tyson’s comment that ‘we all have a plan until we get punched in the mouth!’ Take action and exercise humility.
Today’s project is winnowing the Egyptian Wheat variety we are propagating and planting this seasons plot. We should have enough this year for our seed stock and making some bread and pizza!
Back to the point of your comments. I think going live is an excellent move. I tend to reserve my internet content to early mornings (5 to 7am) and later in the day for an hour or so between 5 and 7P. Your webinars on weekends I will usually try to watch but if it is a nice day I am in ‘project mode’ and have a hard time sitting. So I would watch it later since it is recorded. The idea of a live presentation and participation is important enough that I will likely adjust to the schedule you choose. I have a sense that we are at a very critical juncture at this time and circling the wagons is probably an important move.
I consider that the work you and Adam are doing here at PP is something that can be found in nature with the Imaginal Cell. More info here:
I’d say our species is near the cocoon stage and the catepillar is breaking down into more of a primordial ooze than a coherent insect. The change is inevitable and the outcome is in the balance. I’m on the side of the Monarch, I hope we make it.
Your work is exemplary and you can count on our support.

Thanks, Chris, for all you are doing. Two suggestions for people to interview:
Dr. Zach Bush & Dr. Thomas Cowan
On another subject, last summer I encountered this blog post by Dr. David Gluck who runs a website devoted to Low Dose Naltrexone.

"…because LDN acts to normalize one's immune system, daily users of LDN avoid the high-risk category [for Covid-19]." –David Gluck, MD
http://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org/editorials.htm [July 29, 2020 entry] Dr. Gluck's experience with LDN:

Just wanted to put out there some really good books.
back to basics has many ideas and how toos. Petersons field guides for medical or edible plants are very good and newcomb’s wildflower guide is an excellent second source for identifications. Also the preppers blueprint is a great start for storage. And don’t forget the seed savers book…If things go bad you will want to save seeds for the next year and that shows you how. If anyone else has good books would love to add them to my collection. Thanks.

It’d be nice to have a re-appraisal of The Crash Course and review those topics with guests like Richard Heinberg, Joseph Tainter, et al. Are there new developments that have shifted priorities of the 3E’s?
Then, perhaps some launchpad discussions for transitioning (Crash Landing) to a new way of living, with guests like Kate Raworth, Rob Hopkins, Helena Norberg-Hodge, et al. Include the Prosper! forms of capital in those discussions and expand upon those topics with additional, actionable ideas.
Include guests like Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, and Chris Hedges to hear things from an “ex-communicated” journalist’s point-of-view, also.
It’d be fun if you could divert a few minutes to “de-code” the stuff that sticks out like a sore thumb: UFOS!=Space-based proxy wars with ET bogeymen (China, et al.). More funding for $$$pace, the final frontier.
Best wishes on the new format!

Re hamm radios: Yes!
Would love to get my retired (and bored) engineer husband on the case.

I think there’s something happening, too. Maybe the world seems to get a little bit more critical again.

Chris, answering your call for feedback going forward. Catchy subtitle? Common Sense for the Common Good.
Hope you keep doing what you do well: Researching, analyzing and clarifying just a few timely topics, uncovering what’s crucial for the average person to pay attention to. Revealing the big picture patterns. Choosing deep dives over sound bytes.
Possible topics going forward:

  • Please keep flexible: topics will change over time as we continue down our energy descent roller coaster.
  • It’s just the beginning of the IVM story. The real bombshell is why its efficacy was not recognized sooner. Uncover the collusion of the many institutions that suppressed, diverted and covered up the science.
  • Inequality, disinformation, and the stealthy capture of common wealth by the few. Our numbness to a culture of lying, cheating, stealing, meanness. How do we wake up?
  • More from the likes of Richard Heinberg and his focus on interconnecting crises. Localizing: the solutions multiplier! Joseph Tainter too.
  • Please focus on just one or two topics at most so you can delve deeper over multiple airings. Maybe 2 hours per week air time with some additional writing is plenty (and models a balanced life)? In depth coverage educates us.
  • I hope you keep your focus on integrity (aka decency, concern for the average person, groundedness in the real world especially the natural world, intellectual honesty, resistance to being co opted). Please stay politically neutral.
  • , maybe Evie and others (regen farmers, reskillers) could focus on the inner and outer resilience building part. Adam continuing to tie in markets and building capital.

I want to thank you for your courage in continuing to broadcast this information to the world. I know it’s been very unpopular with the media (controlled by pharma?) and big academic egos. I guess in this tribe we’re all sick to death of the damage they’re doing to everyone.
I’ve had a long dialog with my doctor via text, of course, and even though I sent the new NIH guidelines and the FLCCC information he still refuses to prescribe Ivermectin as a prophylactic regime even though he recommends the rest of the FLCCC regime. I have the Durvet horse Ivermectin but, not enough to do prophylaxis. Now I’m getting a bit of pressure to take the vaccine, which I’m loathe to do since there are no longitudinal studies.
Chris, do you or any of your readers have a source for human Ivermectin or another type other than Durvet, which has skyrocketed in price via Amazon? I would like to begin the prophylaxis but, don’t know how to get affordable Ivermectin anymore.
Thanks to you again for all you, Adam and your partners are doing for all of us,
Jonathan L.

I would like to see a show covering the various Covid vaccines that are out there or soon to be out there.
Everyone is going to have to make decisions as things like vaccine passports become reality. If there was a non-mRna option, I’d like to know about it. Becoming aware of the least poison you can have may be pretty valuable going forward.

It is a BAD time to buy a shipping container.Wholesale cost currently is $10K each, very recently they were $1600 each.
OOPS - see how the mind can juggle details ==>
“We were paying £1,600 per container in November, this month we’ve been quoted over £10,000,” says Helen White.
So the economy is recovering - robustly - in some parts of the world. Just not the US.
If you listen to Dr. Gold’s presentation to Revival.com, right about at the 46:00 mark, she recites national average Covid19 death rates,
(Of course, there is the matter of how the deaths are counted & measured, bio-statistics, separate and related subject.)
So the countries with the lowest average health care cost are doing the best at adapting to Covid19.
A policy of liberally dispensing HCQ, Drug which shall not be named, DWhiSNBen - did I spell that right ?, seems to be helping a lot of poor nations.
Just not poor people in the US.
Anyway,I think it’s safe to say:
There is an Inverse relation between Cost of “health care” and effectiveness at fighting Covid19.
It didn’t have to be that way.
On the other hand, Covid19 is GREAT for generating revenues for the Medical Industry. Covid19 may be THE biggest Cash Cow for the American Medical industry - Ever.
It’s certainly in the top 5.
Hey, hook me up for some Recreational Remdesivir. It is the New Injection Drug. For Masochists.
I can’t imagine that it feels too good to have that pumped into one’s vein.
I feel sorry for Susan Moore, the African American doctor in Indiana, who made the video questioning Covid19 treatment in the US, before dying.

Ivor Cummins and crew have financed a time capsule of what Covid-19 & 2020 was.

This recent thread has good info on sourcing ivermectin for humans. Good luck!

Hi Chris. Any night @ 8PM EST

I have that same question about the recording in case I can’t watch it live