Important Announcement For Peak Prosperity Members

You can feel ‘something’ coming, can’t you? I sure can, as do many others as the population wakes up to the true nature of our poly-crises.

Things are breaking quickly on a lot of different fronts all at the same time. It’s almost as if we’re surrounded by exponential functions each driving off of the others to make things really speed up toward the end. Which, of course, is exactly what is happening.

Our mission at Peak Prosperity is to help as many people as we can…while we still can. So, we are urgently and extensively reinvesting in the website and this community.

My biggest concern is that we may not be moving fast enough.

Like a Maniac

In 2008, I was driven. I researched, wrote, produced, recorded, and edited the entire video series of “The Crash Course” all by myself. I can’t tell you what seized me, but I just had to get it out into the world.

I was driven to create it as if by some force, urgently applying myself to the task day after day.

Now I understand that it was time for that piece of work to come through someone and into the world. That person was me, but If I hadn’t put the work in someone else would have.

Today I am equally driven but this time it’s not about surfacing more data and doing a better job at problem definition, it’s about helping people who see the world as we do connect with each other. Both at Peak Prosperity but also “out there” in the real world.

Covid proved to everybody (who was paying attention) that groupthink was deadly. Groupthink forced people onto ventilators where the majority died, administered organ-toxic Remdesivir to anybody testing positive after a 40-cycle PCR test, and put booster after risky booster into people who faced no plausible risk from Covid. Hewing to the consensus was harmful and sometimes deadly for far too many people.

From that, we learned that our “experts” could not be trusted.

Those who thought for themselves and stood their ground eventually were proven right but at a tremendous personal and financial cost. It wasn’t easy. It was hard. Very hard.

Some of us lost good friends, relatives, immediate family members, neighbors and colleagues, not to Covid, but to their insistence on mindlessly following harmful and obviously incoherent instructions from so-called authorities.

This next period of time we’re entering is even more dangerous and promises to do even more harm to vastly more people. The experts in charge of the Federal Reserve are just as callous and just as clueless as the NIH Covid treatment panel. The only way you can trust them is to do whatever will harm the most people.

What Do I Do?

This is the question we are asked the most.

Peak Prosperity’s answer to this fundamental question involves three things:

  1. Access to trustworthy information presented with excellent framing and context
  2. Surrounding yourself with an incredible group of people to discuss things with
  3. Taking concrete actions that will build your resilience, whatever may come
It is the aim of the Peak Prosperity team to deliver on these three things better and better, and deliver we will!

Progress to Date

Those of you with Peak Prosperity from the beginning know about the huge and important changes that have taken place over the past 2 years.

Let’s start with what’s already been improved

  • More premium content. We are now producing more than seven pieces of new premium content per week to help keep you up to date on information you can’t live without.
  • A daily feed directly from my desk to your screen. This is called the “Happening Now” section of the Forums. It’s BY FAR my favorite feature, as I’m able to provide daily digestible content.
  • A faster, cleaner way for me to provide more content to you whether by video or in written form.
  • Drag and drop picture and video loading in the Community area.
  • Significantly improved Private Messaging, allowing you to directly reach out to fellow members.
  • Personalized notifications, and bookmarks. Now you can choose how you’d like to be notified when people interact with you on the Peak Community area.
  • Referenceable bookmarks. Save sections or comments you’d like to revisit.
  • Chatting with your PP tribe in a Chat Box, either one-on-one or in group chats. Keep a running log of meaningful discussions with ease.
  • Enhanced search
  • Faster performance. No more spinning wheels of death.
  • Introduced “Ivor Mectin,” our friendly chatbot to resolve your access and other issues quickly. Ivor is utilized to help reference tutorial videos and articles on how you can get the most out of the new Peak platform.
  • Peak Help Center, housing and growing tutorials and explanations to provide a seamless service.
  • Upgraded ALERTS. A dedicated section for any and all Alerts issued by me. Providing a log of past Alerts demonstrating my accuracy (or inaccuracy).
  • Revamped Forums.
  • Groups features (which are pretty ‘meh’ and so are a huge area of investment for us behind the scenes right now).
  • A de-Googled “Find Others” map. That’s right – your data is your data. It will only be kept on the Peak Prosperity servers. You can choose whether or not you’d like to display your location.
  • Additional de-google “Groups” map. Showing where various groups are located around the world.
  • A Peak Guarantee – we’re confident in the information and community behind Peak Prosperity. New people are now able to join as an Insider and if they don’t find any value in the first 30-day period, they can request their money back with no questions asked.
As extensive as the list might be. We aren’t even close to being done with our improvements this year.

Here are the planned future improvements several of which are already in development

  • Community 2.0 – we have an extensive list of improvements to groups and how we communicate with each other already defined, designed, and is now being built.
  • A Peak Prosperity App – that will allow you to more easily be notified and stay in touch through your phone, and also to receive critical push ALERTS from me if you opt into that feature.
  • Online courses to create a baseline understanding of specific topics to help promote members to take action. Getting what’s in my head, and some of our member’s heads, out and into structured resilience ‘courses’ that can be taken again and again, or shared with others.
  • Members will have the ability to build, publish and monetize their own online courses to the Peak Tribe. The team will be creating structured guides on how to best do so.
  • Podcasts will be back and better than ever. Allowing you to consume on the go. Both public and private member-only podcasts will be available for your listening experiences.
  • Monthly drawings; who doesn’t like raffles?! We are excited to bring many prizes to the community.
  • Affiliate programs. We are constantly building out existing and new relationships with other networks to save our members money on items they’d purchase anyway.
  • Prosperity Pathfinders Program – we want to reward you for referring new members to Peak Prosperity. This is vital in building a large resilient-focused community that can drive change to alternative systems.
  • Customizable content newsletter – you’ll have the ability to choose how frequently you receive emails about new posts that are released on Peak’s website.
  • A guided self-assessment with a suggested outline of content to take. Members will be able to take a questionnaire that’ll assess the current situation, then provide articles to review and actionable items to tackle.
  • Monthly Webinars to promote camaraderie and connection. This schedule is being built out as we speak.
  • E-Books – Actionable guides that are built by industry experts to bridge the educational gap to help you take meaningful action.
  • Peak Emojis to spice up those heated conversations around the Fed, geopolitics, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Peak Mentor Club – the amount of knowledge, wisdom, and experiences this community has is unlike any other. We want to harness those who are doing it or have done it to help onboard newly awoken folks.
  • Local Peak-endorsed meetups. Community, community, community – one of the greatest assets is a local network. We want to help nurture and keep this at the forefront of our vision.
Of course, this ambitious list will require the focused efforts of a lot of dedicated and experienced people, which brings us to…

The Team

Fortunately, Peak Prosperity finally has the right team of dedicated contractors in place to deliver all this. Together we will take this community to the next level.

Advising us in the role of Chief Technology Officer Nick Cianciolo brings a wealth of strategic technology development. And, oh, he’s been a Peak Prosperity member (and power consumer) since 2010. We also have the services of Wesley Malott who is a full-stack developer along with a mature stable of other contractors who know the site and its inner workings. Together they are a skilled and potent team who are working feverishly behind the scenes to build what we’re internally calling “Communities 2.0,” a project we’re undertaking because none of the platforms out there do what we feel needs to be done. By building the software, we’ll own it and thereby offer better privacy to all of our members and won’t be at the potential mercy of a woke corporation that doesn’t like our free-thinking ways.

Privacy is first and foremost with your website and online community. We are all seeing the rapid increase in artificial intelligence’s capabilities and it won’t be long before you won’t be able to trust a single interaction ‘out there’ on the internet. Aaron McKeon has stepped up and is delving into all things AI, both so we can leverage it where appropriate, and understand how to keep it at bay when necessary> But one thing we cannot do is ignore it any longer.

Dane Larsen, heading up our marketing and customer experience areas, is fully engaged with helping to get the Peak Prosperity message out to the world and making sure that your experiences at the website are as smooth and productive as possible. He’s 100% committed to this site and to you, and he definitely wants to hear of any and all possible improvements or upgrades to your Online Peak Prosperity experience.

Michael Congero is keeping all the operations running smoothly and helping to strike deals with partners, helping with all things regulatory, and helping to secure approval so that we can once again help promote great financial service companies.

Ryan Tiefen continues to improve our studio and our edited products so we can produce the highest quality content in the most efficient ways possible.

And, of course, Evie is the beating heart of this household, Honey Badger Farm, and is the person most responsible for keeping yours truly healthy and balanced.

An Updated Peak Prosperity Business Model

Because of all those improvements and additions, and because of what I’ve learned over the years (and my core mission of helping people become more resilient) it’s time to update the Peak Prosperity business model.

A while back I made the decision to introduce the Information Scout level of website access, at a lower cost point for essentially partial access to premium content. Having this additional lower-priced tier caused me to try and service three levels of subscribers which split my attention too much. That simply didn’t pan out on a number of levels.

The original idea was lower costs would lead to reaching more people. However, while we did reach a few more people, that was outweighed on my end by diluting my attention.

I give my very best at all times. When you sign up here you get my scouting every single day (even when I am not writing, I am always “on call” and always scanning the world) and my thinking cap firmly on my head with every piece of content.

It is also true I sincerely want people to pay close attention to the content here at Peak Prosperity and then act on it. Generally speaking, people value and act on things more when they pay more. If I charged $10,000 for a report, every single person buying that report would feel compelled to pay very close attention and wrestle every ounce of value out of it they could. The same reports given away for free would almost certainly result in no actions, no changes, and no additional resilience.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

~Warren Buffet

Because of all this I have made the decision to eliminate the Information Scout level membership. If you have one, you can keep it, but no new Scout-level memberships can be initiated. With the new site, while you may not have access to everything, you do have access to my daily Happening Now posts and my weekly two-part reports.

If your scout membership lapses, there won’t be any way to get it back and you’ll have to re-subscribe as an Insider or Key Supporter.

I know that the quality of the conversations, the content, and the camaraderie we have here is exceptionally valuable. Also, to be direct, the cost to build and maintain this amazing community is not insignificant. We have added Key Supporters whose expertise and unwavering support for our mission is greatly appreciated. Their expertise and background has honestly helped us all by building our knowledge capital, and becoming even more resilient together.

What does all of this mean to you?

Well, the subscription cost for Insider membership has not changed since 2008 when it was first introduced. It’s still $30/month or $300/yr.

As we introduce expanded content and new community features down the road, new subscribers are going to have to pay more.

The good news for all current subscribers is that your membership costs won’t be going up at all.

When we implement the new business model, we are going to honor every single one of you who helped get us here by permanently grandfathering in your subscription at that same 2008 level for all Insiders and the current rate for Key Supporters for as long as you keep it active.

It will be new subscribers who will be paying more because, frankly, the information we provide and the connections we foster are worth more. We haven’t quite settled on that price yet but it may be quite a bit more than the current price.

Because all of you have been here for us and with us, and helped to fund our expansion and improvements, we will keep you “as is" from a membership cost perspective, but with all of the current benefits as well as the many new benefits and features that are forthcoming. But new people will be experiencing all the benefits and value of the new site when it finally comes online with all of its new community and course features, and they will be paying more.

If you are an Information Scout, and you want to keep being part of this community, then nothing changes for a while. At some point in the future, we will give you notice, and the opportunity to upgrade to the insider or Key Supporter level at the grandfathered rate prior to updating the site to the new model.

This is the fairest way I could think of both honoring you and your support, while also charging more in line with the actual value provided by this site to its membership.

As always, I and the entire Peak Prosperity team care deeply about what you think, what you want, and any feedback you have to help us improve things here. Please do not hesitate to share.

My goal is to make Peak Prosperity durable, constantly improving, and an important source of content and connection.






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Website Upgrades

Great news Chris
Your list of future improvements is excellent. I think the move to a private platform is SUPER CRITICAL!!
I have to admit I have been somewhat in angst about our ‘free speech’ issues and the ability of big tech to censor at will.
Now, back to the garden … and all of the other stuff that needs to get done! Yipes!!
Have a great Memorial Weekend. I checked with my goats this morning and they did not seem to have a worry in the world. I told them "GOOD FOR YOU GUYS!


This Is So Well-written…

The first several paragraphs above are so concise and to the point, I am sending this out via email to everyone I know (with of course, a plug for PP). I am sending it out with my thoughts on Memorial Day (USA), which will center around the idea that a culture which has forgotten how to mourn, has forgotten how to live.
Thank you Chris and the PP team!


Are You On A Mission From God?

Chris wrote:
“ In 2008, I was driven. I researched, wrote, produced, recorded, and edited the entire video series of “The Crash Course” all by myself. I can’t tell you what seized me, but I just had to get it out into the world.
“I was driven to create it as if by some force, manically applying myself to the task day after day.
“Now I understand that it was time for that piece of work to come through someone and into the world. That person was me, but If I hadn’t put the work in someone else would have.
“Today I am equally driven but this time it’s not about surfacing more data and doing a better job at problem definition, it’s about helping people who see the world as we do connect with each other. Both at Peak Prosperity but also “out there” in the real world.”
It seems to me you’re closer than ever to acknowledging here on the PeakProsperity site that you’re aware of a transcendent power/person with whom you “interact” and whose powerful but subtle promptings you sense and respond to. I have sensed and encouraged that in you myself, hoping to strengthen it and watch it develop. You may remember about 7 or 8 years ago when I was one of the speakers at our annual gathering (in Sebastopol, CA) that I called you a missionary and our community here a missionary organization. No one seemed to take notice of that comment (I feared a backlash and denunciation). I think “missionary” perfectly describes your written words above and you have engaged us in the same mission. I’m proud to be involved and to rub shoulders with the wide and growing band of fellow travelers who have found their ways here. We’re sort of like the select humans in the movie “Close Encounters” who were imprinted with an irresistible urge to travel to “Devil’s Tower” in Wyoming to meet the benevolent aliens in their fantastically advanced space craft.
Looking back on how I was not-so-mysteriously led here in February 2010, I marvel at how a “data driven scientist” and a “born again Christian” could find common cause as we seem to be responding to the same transcendence amid the civilizational crises in which we find ourselves thrown together. It’s almost as if you and me and all of us are working together on this ridiculous Ark we’re building, trying to finish before the rain starts falling in earnest.
And I know I’m not the only one here who is aware of these things on one level or another.


I Sincerely Wish The Whole Team The Best Of Luck

As Ive learned both here and from Matt Taibbi recently the spooks have invented some legal fictions with names like “information infrastructure”.
The payoff of the new fiction is that if you spread misinformation you are attacking societies informational infrastructure in much the same way another terrorist might attack the power grid with explosives.
The heats gonna be on any site with reach who is seen fostering “dangerous ideas”.
I hope this place can stay under radar for a while longer yet.



Hey Chris! What you and your crew at Peak Prosperity are doing with the website is amazing! I’m looking forward to the new features.


Amazing Content But…

Thank you, Chris, for rewarding loyalty. I’ve grown older these many years, have incorporated many of the first crash course principles and am finally building our mini-homestead. I’m at the Scout Level (I previously was a $30/mo member but finances have been down graded). I’m hoping once we’ve built our home, the dust will have settled and I can afford the higher priced membership. However, I will always follow your free content, regardless. Blessings as you and Evie move forward on this endeavor…


“born again Martenson”


Exactly… I was trying to describe this to someone else the other day who was feeling the same way - an urge to prepare, a calling.



That’s quite a (nice ) laundry list Chris.
And thank you for appreciating and acknowledging long standing members.
While the technology you use to make the platform and deliver your wisdom is waaay beyond me, I absolutely appreciate the insights and your efforts to deliver honest and quality information.
Perhaps you are a modern day Noah. He could have prayed to God all he liked, but it was his on the ground action that ensured there was an Ark when the rains started.

I marvel at how a “data driven scientist” and a “born again Christian” could find common cause as we seem to be responding to the same transcendence amid the civilizational crises in which we find ourselves thrown together. It’s almost as if you and me and all of us are working together on this ridiculous Ark we’re building, trying to finish before the rain starts falling in earnest.

And I know I’m not the only one here who is aware of these things on one level or another.
Bingo. And Amen, @21306

When You Work Hard And Truly Value Yourself And What You Do-others Will Too

It’s interesting that this morning I was talking to you (actually myself) in my car going to the office (real estate agent). I wanted to tell you that I recognize that you have something that sets you apart from most others. That is the ability to take very complicated information and make it understandable and accessible to those of us that don’t/can’t disseminate those very things that bother us. I’ve been following you since the beginning of covid in 2020 when China was building a hospital a week and you very clearly told us “this is not staying in China!” and then told us to stock up on 3 months worth of certain items and start taking Vit D, Quercitin etc etc etc. I followed your instructions and ended up sending my kids in plain brown packages the masks/hand sanitzers etc that were no longer available. That sealed it for me and my husband. Since then I have more understanding of the world around me than I ever could have without you. I’m in for the long haul. We are completely off grid, have a garden and numerous fruit trees, 3 streams on our property and our mortgages almost paid off. Lots of other things too. Thank you so much for all you do. Just wanted to let you know how important you are to me and my little corner of very northern CA.


Information Scout!

Okay, I admit that I am a cheapskate or perhaps thrifty would be a kinder, gentler term. I take advantage of discounts whenever possible, use coupons, and take extra food home from work when there are excess leftovers from catered events. I don’t spend a lot on myself in the way of fancy clothes, cars, or makeup, etc. BUT I do pay this subscription fee every year since I started following Chris and PP in Feb. 2020. He’s been way ahead of the curve and on the short list of people I trust these days. As a busy person like most people, I feel like I have a sense of what is going on without having to deep dive into all of it myself. Also, through him and this community, I’ve discovered so much more including the FLCCC which has been a huge plus. Dr. Pierre Kory is another leader in this movement with integrity that I trust and whose content I value so much. So my point is YES, I definitely believe it is worth it.



I appreciate the transparency and that you are honouring old agreements - something that cannot be taken for granted anymore. Please keep up the good work!


Just…thanks! Plus A Little Personal History

Dear Chris, Evie, PP Team, and The Tribe,
I have been a follower since 2008. Back around then, a tiny band of academics in Ithaca NY started researching how the local community could survive/thrive peak oil. I am not and was not an academic yet I wanted to be a part of their effort and offered my services as crisis/support doula to the group and they accepted me!
That group often talked about Chris Martenson and his Peak Prosperity concepts. I started following Chris then but the attachment to Peak Prosperity intensified early in the COVID predicament. I am deeply connected to the feelings and facts I experience here.
Thank you for all the work you all do! My partner and I are very grateful for all the positive advise, help, guidance we have received from you all.
Xoxo ?


Is It Time To Try Again? (with My Family)

Chris has changed my life, and YES! I would pay more to remain a part of this community!
I joined at the beginning of 2020 like many others. I sold my home in Denver in March of 2020 and bought 160 acres in northern New Mexico. While everyone else was on the couch, I worked remotely and built an off the grid complex with partner. Then, SHTF for me personally.
My family (esp my father) had thought I had lost my mind!! My family all distanced themselves from me. My ex-husband with whom I shared 3 children litigated against me for taking the kids out of the state, soured our relationship, and has cost me a jaw dropping amount of money in legal fees and came after me for more child support.
When my kids returned to school and I came back to Denver, all homes in our school district had increased by $200K and my emergency/disposable income was gone. Now, I rent a home in Denver. Our parents have been lobbying us to sell the farm for 2 years and give the kids a “nicer, owned home” in Denver and have the income to take the kids on lavish vacations we use to be able to afford. We have stayed steadfast in keeping the farm, our chickens and supplies in good order despite the financial and emotional toll on myself, Tyler, and our children.
The PP community gives me the strength to hang on to the farm though the standard of living my children in Denver once enjoyed, has been drastically reduced. I realize now, the silver lining is that this has been good for my children in order to humble them and raise them in a less “entitled” way. Nonetheless, the family pressure and greed of my ex has not abated.
My father is 83. His parents lived through the Great Depression. He is very conservative in his beliefs and money management. He is a steadfast believer in our institutions and the US administration. I fear he will lose every penny in the coming financial crisis and I fear for his safety in the coming national crisis.
Has anyone had success in converting family members now that our fragile financial landscape has gone mainstream? Chris has turned folks and brought them into the community but he is Chris!!
What tools, artifacts, or discussion points help to open their eyes? I feel like I have an uphill battle because I have been pegged as a “crazy, alarmist” by my family. But now I fear for my family’s financial security and well being. Do I try again?
I have no regrets building the farm. It is the hardest challenge I have ever tackled. I am humbled. I am stronger. I am resilient. And I am ready.
An advanced thanks to anyone who read this LONG entry and will take the time to offer guidance!


It’s So Hard To Evaluate Threats These Days.

All the nonsense going on got me in a sort of chicken little mindset again. “The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!!!” When I was reading/watching too much fear porn from preppers, I was convinced they’d pull the pin on a Holiday weekend. So all this BS going on right before Memorial Day weekend didn’t help.
I don’t think they’re ready to pull the pin yet. China, or Russia could pull the pin for them, but they seem smart enough to play a longer game. I’ll go on the record saying I don’t think it’s going down this weekend. I am tired of waiting, so I’m kind of hoping it’ll finally go down this weekend.
We’ve talked on the forum about how stupid it is to predict dates, but I’m sort of stupid. They seem pretty intent on 2030 for a lot of their “zero” plans. To get there in 7 years will have to be a pretty rapid decile, so a war for distraction and/or hyperinflation between now and 2025 seems plausible to me.


@123352 @wottthecurtains I started a group chat for Calgary people, but haven’t gotten much response. Wondering if you got any notification from the chat group?

All of my effort too, have been in vain…I too, am looked at as the “crazy uncle”, “crazy brother”, and “crazy son”. I am repeatedly told that “nothing” is going to happen and that I need to stop being so gloomy. I no longer speak to them about anything prepper related, etc as they are happy consuming (and believing) the mainstream-media lies & deception. Good on you for staying true to the path…the day will come (probably sooner then later) when your investment and sacrifice will pay-off. I know exactly “how” you feel!
Your Friend
Honest Abe


Hey Jen. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. You sure have been through a lot!
Might I suggest that you re-post your comments as a Community Forum post here on Peak? Just so they don’t get lost in the shuffle and more members may read them and be able to reply to you? Yours is a story worth hearing, and I am sure that there are many here who can resonate with it and may be able to help offer you the guidance you seek.