India Bans Many Pharmaceutical Exports

SARS-COV-2 has two distinct types (S-Cov and L-Cov) circulating which may explain why some areas are being hit harder than others.

India’s cases have jumped straight through a handful of cases to a small cluster (for a total of 28 cases). In response to this and to the loss of precursor chemical from China, India immediately banned the export of 26 important pharmaceutical products including paracetamol (acetaminophen), and clindamycin (a very useful and popular antibiotic).

Meanwhile the din of public officials claiming that face masks do more harm than good in the public’s hands has reached an embarrassing fever pitch. They are embarrassed to admit they failed to plan and are now on a very dishonest campaign to sow confusion in the public’s mind about the use and function of masks.

Later, when sufficient masks are available ,t hey will then have to try and undo this misinformation campaign. Maybe they should try honesty sometime?

Remember; it’s case, case, case, cluster, cluster, boom!


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There were 22,000 visitors from Wuhan alone over the holiday. They socialize almost exclusively with their contemporaries. It’s a certainty most of them were infected within a month. Also a certainty a very high percentage of the subsequent foreign tourist and businessmen interacting with them got infected. Plus all the other SE Asian sex worker populations and businessmen and tourists from al over the world moving freely from country to country partaking of the local entertainment.

Chris, you’re a machine. Pleas also take care of your physicsl and mental health. All 8 forms of capital, friend. Even you!
Lucky us?

Looks like they didn’t have a chance to get all the way home before…

But wouldn’t you know it, Royal Cruise Lines stock (RCL) went up 1.5% today.
All hail the magic printing presses that, apparently, can make “investors” overlook the prospect that nobody ever again is getting on a cruise ship for any reason.
Of all the things the Feb has done that are wrong, lobotomizing these ““markets”” has to be the more egregious.

I think the reason that Taiwans cases have gone up so slowly is that they as a population are disciplined and prepared. A large proportion of the people here wear face masks, indeed even before the outbreak it felt impolite to NOT wear a facemask while coughing. Also, the government having learned from the 2003 outbreak, where 150 000 people were quarantined, have put measures in place very quickly. In the county where I live, where there is 1 confirmed case, there are already receiving tents outside hospitals, requests to wear masks in the hospitals and temperature screening at entrances.
They trace connections to confirmed cases very quickly and they keep the public informed.
They also admit that community spread is inevitable, or has already occurred but as Chris keeps saying, they are doing their best to slow the rate of infection so that the hospitals can cope.
I think they are being realistic and very proactive, no fairy godmother here…

As I try to piece together all the ways the Honey Badger Virus is both different and difficult, one thing is emerging; being “recovered” might not really mean that after all.
First there’s the issue of people still being infected in a post-symptomatic phase. Possibly for 3-4 weeks. Don’t have a lot of good data there.
Then there’s the issue of the virus possibly hiding out in the nervous tissue. Again, not a lot of data yet.
Finally, the autopsy results paint a stark picture of “irreversible” lung damage happening.

Autopsies offer key clues for early stage COVID-19 patients By Leng Shumei and Zhao Yusha Source:Global Times Published: 2020/2/29 Autopsies show severe damage to COVID-19 patients' lungs and immune system, according to a doctor in Wuhan reached by the Global Times, who called for measures to prevent fibrosis of the lungs at an early stage of the disease. "The influence of COVID-19 on the human body is like a combination of SARS and AIDS as it damages both the lungs and immune systems," Peng Zhiyong, director of the intensive care unit of the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in Wuhan, told the Global Times on Friday. Peng said he had just talked to Liu Liang, a forensic specialist from the Tongji Medical College at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Liu's team has reportedly conducted nine autopsies on deceased COVID-19 patients as of February 24. "The autopsy results Liu shared inspired me a lot. Based on the results, I think the most important thing now is to take measures at an early stage of the disease to protect patients' lungs from irreversible fibrosis," Peng noted. If irreversible damage is done, other measures, like those to prevent patients from oxygen deficit, will not be of much use, he said.
So, if you’re among the 15% to 20% that go to the hospital in serious or critical condition, recovering may not mean “back to 100%.” That comports with this sad case here: “Respiratory obstruction & failure” could mean a number of things. Perhaps a saddle embolus (clot) or maybe neurological issue that made him “forget to breathe” as one survivors account read. Maybe a sudden recurrence of the disease? We don’t know, but this paints a picture of long-term consequences and health issues for those who do survive. Some of them at least.

...An economic crash is built into this event. There is no way around it, and I am not simply talking about stock markets, which are a meaningless trailing indicator. With supply chain and labor disruptions central banks can do nothing to intervene, and stimulus measures would be pointless except as a placebo for the masses. But how bad will it actually get?

I am doubtful of total breakdown of government unless there is a larger scale rebellion against martial law measures. The system will remain somewhat functional, but constantly inadequate to help the public. The system's only purpose will be to keep people inactive and in check as their prospects turn worse and worse. Agencies like FEMA and the CDC will attempt to herd the public into "treatment centers" and camps in the worst hit areas. Gun confiscation on the grounds of "national emergency" provisions will eventually be suggested as some people will resist. If you and your community have had success in self quarantine do not expect to be left alone. In fact, expect interference that will put you and your community at risk.

Finally, a "solution" will be presented to the world by global institutions like the WHO and the IMF. As the globalists suggested in their "Event 201" pandemic exercise which simulated a coronavirus outbreak killing 65 million people and was staged TWO MONTHS before the real pandemic started, the great fix will be to form a global financial authority to manage the response. And thus we see the beginning of global governance...

The solution to the problem is not more centralization, more globalization and more government power; the solution is decentralization and localized response. The solution is for people to be less dependent on the system and more self sufficient. And, the solution is self quarantine organized around a local model, not federal government enforcement. If these measures are not taken soon by individuals with foresight, the elites within the establishment will make this particular crisis into a hell on earth for everyone.

Since i saw Matties post that he might have it as well, i’m posting both these text files here. They’re plain text cause i like working in notepad, nice and simple :slight_smile:
First is my list of symptoms. This also includes the solutions i applied to each symptoms, as there is no cure, vaccine or treatment. So that leaves Medieval science: Listen to your body, remember the old wives tales, and well… pray a little. Considering i;m still alive, i think this has some merit.
list of symptoms
Also my sick diary with measurements i made when things where progressing from bad to worse. This was before i was taking Ibuprofen or any other kind of medicine (not even vitamins) as i was deliberatly letting it get worse to collect data.
The main way you can diagnose this by yourself is by looking for >Fluctuating< body values. Heart rate jumping from 90bpm to 140bpm and down again as in the sickdiary. Those where consecutive measurements with the only time in between the time it took to write them down. Here’s a good example of it, a series of pictures i took with my phone of my own pulse ox meter while i was in the emergency room (while the shrink was writing me a prescription for diazepam to “calm my panic disorder”,). Before anybody says i was indeed panicking; I had already taken 10mg diazepam and had to wait for the shrink for over an hour while my burning chest symptoms had passed. I was “resigned to my fate” calm at that point cause the shrink refused to look at any of the pictures, videos or evidence i had on me. Probably as to “not feed my obsession” (i’ve seen shrinks from when i was 5 till 21 i know how they think):
The readings i get now at rest while i’m feeling good while i’m sitting behind the PC is a O2% of ~98%, PI% of ~10% and a heartrate of 60 on my left index finger. When i was having one of my “attacks” i couldn’t get a reading on my left hand because my pulse there was too weak, while my right hand would show <1%.
Look for stuff that just doesn’t make sense. I’m fine with a PI of 3%. I’m fine with a PI of 12%. I’m fine with a BPM of 60, 80 and 140. But not when all of that happens within 15 minutes while i’m just sitting behind the PC looking at memes the entire time!

Also; just to mention seperatly. This thing is Horribly treacherous.
I’ve been feeling good all day. I wanted to get a live pulse ox reading for that other post. I put the meter on my left hand, no pulse. Right hand, no pulse. Clearly this thing is attacking my heart and i didn’t even know, i thought my right hand started tingling cause i was typing a lot.
So. Make that 10 attacks. Dancing right now. BUT! 5 days ago 1, then 2 next day, 4 next day, 2 yesterday, 1 so far (with first “normal” readings today). So i still think i’m getting better. But the regimen continues for another 2 weeks. I’m not getting fooled again.
Edit: 20 minutes into the routine, the tingling in my palms has receded to my finger tips. Just remember maintenance is the hardest thing in the world! Because why would you try to fix something that isn’t broken? (double edit: 55 mins are up. left finger: 98 o2%, 8,8 PI%, 84 bpm. That’s what i mean by strange. How the hell, after dancing/bouncing for an hour straight, is my BPM not higher then 84? I went to the gym for 2+ years and i haven’t for 6 months. Paid a personal trainer 1200 euros. I know my heartbeat. 10 seconds on the elliptical and i hit 140 bpm easy).

AH i hadn’t watched the video far enough. Deleted the other link. But this one is still new info: Covid attacks the nervous system, beijing hospital finds (1st known case):

How can we prevent fibrosis early, Chris?

There’s been a story going around of a man and his daughter who went in to the ER in Florida, thinking he had Covid19. Turns out he had the flu instead. The story says he was charged $3000 for the test.
Here’s a fact check:
Note, he never got the Covid19 test. Had he gotten one, he would not have been charged though.
He insisted that he be given the flu test, assuming that if he tested negative for the flu, and having visited China, he would then have Covid19. His $3000 bill was for the flu test, and some other things, including an ambulance ride I believe.
Now his insurance company did jerk him around, trying to weasel out of paying by claiming he needed to prove it wasn’t related to a preexisting condition with three years of medical records. They knew I’m sure almost no one can provide that. Funny how they 180’d when the newspaper started asking questions.
My take away, remember the sick care industry isn’t there to make you well, its to bleed every bit of money out of you it can. Be wise if you have to use any part of it. If you have insurance, make sure everyone who sees you is in your network. If a lab coat comes up to look at your chart, ask them who they are and why are they looking at your chart. Don’t be intimidated by them. Way too many health professionals pad their income with so called “drive by” billing, the practice of going around and looking at charts, then submitting a bill to you and your insurance company in hopes you or they will pay.
One of my friends on a recent hospital stay, went so far as to put a sign on his bed chart that said “If you aren’t in my insurance network, I WILL NOT PAY YOU!” He said he watched two doctor types come into his room, say hello and pick up his chart, see the sign and immediately leave.
Just like the a$$holes trying to charge $10 for a can of spinach, there will be people in the sick care industry looking to profit off this crisis.;v=68wP3J8V1ZA&amp;feature=emb_logo

With the Feds dropping the rate to pump billions of liquidity into the spooked Market to rescue the Rich, people are starting to ask the question, “What about the people too poor to self quarantine if they get sick?”

"The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging employees to stay home if they have respiratory illnesses, part of its recommendations for controlling the spread of the coronavirus. But that common sense guidance is running smack into reality for many Americans: An estimated 3 in 10 low-wage workers don't get paid sick time, while many can't afford the loss of earnings by staying home if they're ill."
You know at some point helicopter money is going to be needed. If Trump wanted to win in a landslide in November, he should propose that everyone in the county receive a "Pandemic Preparedness Allowance" of say $1000. There is something like 330 million people in the United States, so that would come out to a mere 3 billion dollars. If not Trump, then the Democratic candidate. First one that does, wins the election. Remind me how much has been pumped into the Repo market since September? That would be 3 billion dollars that would go right into the economy too, for preparation supplies, rents, bills and other things that poor and lower middle class people need. Businesses would benefit too. And it would go a long way to keeping sick people out of the public and infecting other people. You could justify it as a way to cut health care costs too. Heck, make it $2000 for just 6 billion and pay for it with a financial transaction tax that last for a year. That would cut down on the computer trading and lower volatility too, stabilizing the Markets. Not much chance of that happening, is it. Look for a lot of domestic troubles this year. Funny I thought the American Empire would end with a bang (of civil war) instead of a whimper of a cough.

RCL or Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (not Royal Cruise Line) is a direct competitor to Carnival Corporation which owns Princes Cruises. Since now a second Princess ship has been afflicted with the corona virus, the thinking may be that cruise passengers (known to be a pretty persistent lot) will shift their purchasing from Princess to Royal Caribbean. So the key would be comparing RCL to CCL stock today. And indeed, they followed an identical pattern. So yes, you are most likely correct in identifying the Fed, once again, riding to the rescue.
One wonders in amazement how long this can go on. I thought it’d be over back in 2012. But it’s still happening and shows no signs of abating. Unreal.

Its culls the unproductive sick.
It culls the unproductive elderly.
It culls the unproductive poor.
It discourages large gatherings, especially those that may involve very close physical proximity and physical contact, such as may occur in places of worship.
It leaves the young and healthy largely intact, those who will be and have been more subject to the politically correct education/brainwashing of recent years.
It demands more central power and control to stop it including the possibility of implementing martial law or the peace time equivalent of a war powers act…
It demands getting rid of dirty cash in favor of a clean digital currency to stop it.
It raises the specter of an enemy possibly acting via biological means, giving pretense for a war that will provide both distraction and potential economic gain (at least for some).
What’s not to like if you’re a sociopathic elite bent on total control and domination?

When i was waiting in the emergency room, they did give me a good 3M face mask. But it made things worse. Obviously putting an obstruction in front of your mouth when you have trouble breathing isn’t very helpful.
I ended up putting it on correctly including pinching my nose; but aside from blocking my breath, it didn’t do much as i’ve got somewhat of a beard after being home for a few days. If it doesn’t make a good seal, all the air exhaled just comes out of the bottom.
When i took it off i was foaming at the mouth. They didn’t exactly take kindly to that either. But it was just because my mouth was so dry and with the air being stuck between my mouth and the mask it got real hot real quick.
Honestly the only way to stop this is to filter everybody who doesn’t have it. Because if somebody develops shortness of breath they will continually mess with the mask because with it they can’t breathe.
And i doubt the surgical mask helps against Aerosols. Better then nothing sure but still.