"Informed Consent" LiveCast: Divided We Fall; Is Cultural Destruction Planned?

It’s Summer 2020 all over again? Instead of race, it’s Roe v. Wade. The powers that be are spinning up their protest and riot infrastructure once more, while police and everyday citizens must prepare for violence and rage.

From Covid to George Floyd to Ukraine to abortion, are these all things meant to divide us?

We are all rats in a cage who are being shocked. A very well-studied form of psychological warfare is being waged against us, and it’s designed to encourage us to overlook where the shocks are originating and fight amongst each other.

We’re being played. But, you can survive.

In this episode of Informed Consent, Chris focuses on another approaching storm, what it means in the big picture and how we thrive in the turbulence.

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“Covid. George Floyd. Vaccines. Ukraine. Hyperinflation. And nowabortion.”
If you follow the money I bet everyone of these is super funded by a non profit foundation or donation from someone associated with the WEF. Gates and Soros are big ones, but are others. NONE of these are Organic social and cultural issues “sure they are real issues with real people” but they are ARTIFICALLY Amplified exponentially to crisis by these foundations who really don’t care 1 bit about the personal rights they are funding " in fact the opposite". They manufactured these crisis’s to push us faster toward given WEF more power toward a one controlled world where nobody will have any rights. You can probably add Defund the police, Liberal DA’s letting prisoners out, Antifa, BLM, legalizing Drugs, CRT , 1619, Don’t say Gay, Toxic Masculinity, Meat is not food but life, Climate Crisis to the stack too…and Probably a host of others.
Feel free to prove me wrong " without emotion" with logic, the more I dig the most convinced i become, the dollars all trace back to the same place…


The Politicians Don’t Really Care

If the leaders of the Democratic Party really cared about the abortion issue they would have passed Federal legislation codifying abortion rights when they controlled all 3 branches of government. This would have overridden state laws and made the Supreme Court ruling superfluous. It was much more profitable for them to use the issue to generate campaign contributions.  
Neither party cares about the issue, they use the issue to keep the passionate voters on their side.


I agree. All these various “causes” are supported by the same few groups and individuals.


“the Irrational, Misguided Discourse Surrounding Supreme Court Controversies…”

FWIW, I found this (fairly lengthy) Glenn Greenwald article an interesting read.

When the Court strikes down a law that majorities support, it may be a form of judicial tyranny if the invalidated law does not violate any actual rights enshrined in the Constitution. But the mere judicial act of invalidating a law supported by a majority of citizens — though frequently condemned as “undemocratic" — is, in fact, a fulfillment of one of the Court's prime functions in a republic.

Unless one believes that the will of the majority should always prevail — that laws restricting or abolishing free speech, due process and the free exercise of religion should be permitted as long as enough citizens support it — then one must favor the Supreme Court's anti-democratic and anti-majoritarian powers. Rights can be violated by a small handful of tyrants, but they can also be violated by hateful and unhinged majorities. The Founders’ fear of majoritarian tyranny is why the U.S. was created as a republic rather than a pure democracy.


Divided We Fall

Add in distraction of Johnny Depp trial. Please be careful re George Floyd. There were 4 incidents of police aggression that month & the damn politicians & other groups co-opted the largest movement here & in other countries for serious police reform & accountability
Here in Florida one can now run over any protester

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In Tampa we now have the Capitol Police dept & new police chief whom has worked for Homeland Security. Police state is ready with increased powers & gear

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Divided Here?

Why are people divided by listing what level of membership they have?


To me this is the Feds versus the states. Big government proponents are aghast because it drains a little tiny bit of Fed power back into the states. Over the last 2 years the Fed has hoovered (as in Electrolux and not J. Edgar) up all the power it could suck, while draining the states and people. This is a small reversal of that trend, and the extreme response to it shows just how zealously the central government guards every bit of power they have stolen. In my view the politicians care only about the power.


Outside The Domain Of My Lane

Hello, friends! I hope you are well.
The “Site Posting Terms of Use” clearly states that Religion, Abortion, and Politics are “off limits” and outside the domain of our jurisdiction. So, even though I live in the shadow of the taboo drinking my own Kool-Aide stoking and stroking my self-reinforcing echo chamber of confirmation bias, I need to bow out and leave this conversation to the grownups. I think we have the best politicians that money can buy. Furthermore, I just go with Abraham Lincoln’s quote, “When I do good, I feel good, when I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion.”  
I’m a Peak Oil guy, so I try to stay in my lane and primarily discuss topics involving energy, the environment, and ecology.
I’ll sit back, watch, and learn.
Thanks, friends. All the best.


That’s a really good question.
It would be easy to think Information Scouts are no less dedicated, but not as affluent, however they may also just be people who don’t have time to participate so much or who don’t find the content of as much value. Since I’ve been telling Chris for years that it’s important to be available to everyone this is a welcome addition, since due to censorship it’s important to move discussions like this inside a protected environment.
I like having the VIP Supporters identified. This is a more affluent group that is using disposable income to buy more contact and therefore more influence in PP. The affluent always think a bit differently than main street and probably a lot differently than those of us from a working class background. For example, many of them can early buy a bug-out location as Chris has done, something the Info Scouts generally cannot do.
In some ways it’s nice that Chris has contacts that most of us could never get on our own giving us vicarious access to the influential affluent crowd, most of whom are now finding the the Davos crowd doesn’t care that we’re collateral damage road kill. I think many are also discovering that the Elite gangs are bent on destroying the non-1% who still have resources, as that group represents what’s left of the capacity to resist.


I hear you. And, to be clear, I have no intention of weighing in on abortion itself. I am keenly interested in the way in which this divisive issue is being used, right now at this time as yet another highly emotional and distracting element.
Rats in a cage being shocked and all that.
It all feels entirely too intentional for my taste.
These sorts of highly emotional distractions keep us from discussing Peak Oil, or the fact that this morning, on a 70 degree sunny day after 3 cold rainy days, with the dandelions in full early bloom offering up pollen first out of all the flowers…there were exactly zero bumblebees and zero honeybees anywhere to be seen on my entire lawn.
A terrifyingly silent spring.
How come we’re not discussing this in the most urgent of tones?
Because we’re mainly distracted by a carefully tuned machine that is serving us up one massive distraction after another, and we’re buying it. And by “we” I don’t mean any of the fine people here, of course.


Agree & temporarily dropped the higher due to time & sudden multiple crises. Gosh I loathe healthcare in this country:) I’ve noticed a few times some ducking on the “scouts.” I’ve held high positions in other fields & came to reject hierarchies. Tis nice when true reliable players here are repeatedly named tho. That’s how I see credibility.

I’m still reeling from the shock of a transcript of the preliminary ruling being leaked.
I don’t believe that’s ever happened before, and all I can think is it was done out of pure malice - towards the justices, towards us.


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Other Debt

You can’t discharge IRS debt either.


Immunity To Ideological Pressure

I think I am one of the rare people who is “immune” (Evie’s word) to ideological pressures.


Cannot Stand Npr Anymore

I used to listen to NPR whenever I was driving. Now I CAN’T STAND IT.


I’m Sure She Is A Fine Person

I don’t get it. Evie seems like a very fine person but it seems quite awkward for her to be on the live cast. Chris has a schtick that really is all about a monolog and a one person show. With all do respect , I don’t really see what Evie brings to the show. I’m a little embarrassed for her, do to how the show flows, and that it seems more appropriate if she was watching the show off stage ,just like we are.