"Informed Consent" LiveCast: Divided We Fall; Is Cultural Destruction Planned?

Non-removable Unpaid Student Debt

As I understand it early users of expanded student debt supported by Federal insurance included med students who received their MD, then declared bankruptcy.
Payback is hell …

States = Rat Cages?

Couldn’t states be the same as rat cages? Using your example of UK/France in colonial times and dividing. Isn’t states rights creating the same dynamic?
And why states? Why not at the county or city level? Where’s the line?

The 10th amendment to the constitution says:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


The corrupt State government is NOT the People. State governments are not representing the people in their state, only the special interest groups.


Stewart, read the original question. Sorry if I diverted from that.
Why are the STATUSES (and I mean that in the sense of hierarchy) displayed in the feeds??


Chris is unbelievably smart, articulate, and comfortable in front of an audience. I would personally be absolutely at a loss to be on stage with him talking over wide ranges of issues. Very few could match him as an intellectual equal.
I appreciate the personal tone that comes from having some personal banter.


Rich , Doesn’t it amaze you that something so obvious is never seen by most people. At least everybody I know


I thought that the younger people were going to be “the Change” but now I know they are just as stupid as my generation


Speaking Of Soil

Is anyone familiar with the Save Soil movement? I’m still getting familiar with it, but it may be of interest.

How Does Stagflation Fit With Kapoom?

You’ve said recently that we may be heading for stagflation. How does stagflation fit with the KaPoom theory? And how would PMs perform during stagflation?

Jumping Worms

You keep encouraging everyone to plant a garden, but I keep hearing about this outbreak of jumping worms in the Northeast, so I have been wondering what you’re doing about jumping worms at HB Farm?

Dick Fuld

I think he’d agree with your theory that at some point it’s everyone for themselves.

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But We Are All That


Unearned Income

Nothing wrong with money except if it is unearned. The layman’s definition of unearned income is the person or people who created the value is different than the person/people/corporation who pockets it. An example of unearned income is slavery. Obviously someone else who creates the value is different from the peron who pockets it. This is what make slavery unfair, unjust and officially illegal. But we have massive legal unearned income. How much? It is estimated that unearned income is at least 40+% of GDP. The best idea I’ve heard is to reform our tax systems to tax unearned incomes and untax earned income. Earned incomes are wage of labor and the profits of unmonopolized capital investment. Main street is a place of earned income because very few businesses on main street are monopolies. The shocking truth is that the land under Main Street businesses produces unearned income 100%.


He was always “for himself”

Humanure Handbook By Joe Jenkins

Explains the entire process.


What He’s Saying Now Is Why I Don’t Keep Much Money In Banks

Cyprus bail-in kind of thing could happen in the US.


Oh And Don’t Forget Justic Trudeau Froze The Bank Accounts Of The Canadian Truckers

Could happen in the US.


This Is Way Off Economic Topics, But . . . .

Good Evening Everyone, – Audible topic. Maybe other members who have experience in this can offer input also. I have participated in Hapkido, Reiki, and Qi-Gong for over 30 years. I understand a “little “ about the human bodies energy centers. Chakras. As a Reiki Master I have assisted many people in energy balance and relaxation meditations. Having taken a few years off from regular practice of Reiki, I got back into it in the last 2 years. In the past, depending on the person, their chakras, the energy centers of their body would emit different colors depending on their bodies state of being. Sounds weird, I know, and it took me awhile to be able to achieve this ability. But, by closing my eyes, hovering hands about 2-3 inches over a chakra point and then focusing on the person, I could “see” different colors. The colors would represent the state of that chakra point. For example, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and white. I was blessed to be trained by three different, excellent Reiki Masters. I was blessed to help them in hospice situations, emotional distress situations, and physical symptom manifestation situations. The crown chakra on everybody typically emits violet or white light. Sometimes bright, sometimes faded. In 30 years of doing this, never black, except once with a person heavily addicted to heroin and other drugs who was so distressed and sub-consciously suicidal that most every charka was “off”, and discolored to some degree. Their crown chakra (which has to do with your soul, was black. Only time I have “seen” this. Until the past 3 months. I have only done about a seven Reiki sessions in the last 3 months. 3 of these people have black crown chakras. They look and behave relatively healthy. I thought it was me. I chatted with two of my Masters. They have also recently experienced the same. So, not me. We compared notes. Don’t know for sure, but we are fairly confident that these are ALL vaxed people that we see “black” in the crown chakra. BUT, not all vaxed people are emitting a “black” crown chakra.  I am not judging vaxed people. That is a personal decision that is none of my business, but what the heck am I observing?
Any other energy workers out there have any sort of similar experiences?


Yes! The Blue-pill People Will Not Entertain Data.

Brainwashed. Even he highly educated ones. Actually, it seems to me the highly educated folks are more indoctrinated than those with less education.