Institutions Continue to Fail Us

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The official Covid response in the US, UK, Canada, most of Europe, and Australia just isn’t adding up. When you stack all the mistakes, miscommunications, and outright data lies and lapses into one spot, you have to ask, “what is really going on here?”

Worse, when you see Fauci (in a video) in 2019 describing that the best way to avoid an infectious disease is to eat right, exercise, get good sleep and avoid stress, and you realize he’s not saying any of those things today, it’s difficult to assign “public health” as a driver of his statements and actions when it comes to Covid-19.

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Listen to Dr. Fuaki at 23:10 on how to avoid infectious disease ?


He didn’t just forget. He forgot for more than a year and half. For more than 18 months, he forgot. He never woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and said, “Oh shit. I forgot to mention…” That didn’t happen in all of his nighty night night dreams. He forgot even when he saw people running outside his car window. He forgot when they were closing down gyms. He never had a moment in all of his meetings when officials were saying, “We have to close restaurants, night clubs, and gyms.” He never said, “Wait what was that last one.”


At best, it could just be plain, old-fashioned global racketeering, but it’s looking more like totalitarianism or population reduction.
My spidey senses started tingling early 2020, when there was media silence around the pandemic. Mass events were allowed to go ahead & borders stayed open… In the UK & elsewhere, the authorities played dumb - saying you just needed to stay calm & keep washing hands… When the fake lockdowns finally came to England - the mitigations were insufficient to stop a pandemic & were more of a token gesture - leading up to the moment when the jabs were ready to be rolled-out and fear cranked up.



Imagine my surprise when I found someone else who shares my view that this is Alien enemy action. And there I was thinking I was brilliant; how embarrassing.
Clif_High all but regurgitates Dr David Jacobs findings in his book “Walking Among Us.”
My advice is to open the Overton window yourself, now, and get the discombobulating disorientation over with on your own terms. Do it now and share it with those who are capable of absorbing the information.
You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. (But your credibility)

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As regard Uttar Pradesh and their sudden drop in cases is it not possible using the 50/50 principal to suggest that the COVID strain there failed to bring their sunhats and sunglasses and because they were unable to see properly and they suffered from sunstroke, they died off. Would probably be 100/1 odds the official explanation for the drop in cases would be far more ridiculous than the above, but would at least be couched in more scientific language. Is it possible that there is a competition (10 Bn in prizes) for the most ridiculous explanation you can get the public to accept ?)


I agree with you. In all my 75 years I have never, ever seen such totalitarian behavior on the part of our government.


“Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action.”
A great quote, but one which must also be taken to heart. Politicians are making it increasingly clear that those who are not in compliance are against them. Further more, those not in compliance are becoming -or already are- enemies of the state. The historian in me is deeply concerned. The Homeland Security Professional within me is saddened. The Emergency Manager within me understands that the blunders were purposeful mistakes.
Like Dr. Martenson, I have followed this from day one. I remember the blip on the the BBC in Dec. 2019 talking of a new pneumonia in Wuhan. I remember having bilateral pneumonia less than three days later (the flu is what I was quoted as having in the hospital). I became obsessive, reading everything I could find about Wuhan and scouring Social Media for any evidence which I could use to formulate bulletins and provide advice for my clients. Then I found Dr. Martenson and have been following him ever since.
Unfortunately, since this time, things have become worse, not better. Those at the top have purposely misled, maligned and suppressed information. Institutions designed to protect the population have -at best- failed and -at worst- been weaponized. A virus which leaked from a lab that is -at best- being covered up and -at worst- was released as a biological and physcholigcal weapon. A weapon designed to wrest rights and yield control to those who are in power.
President Biden has announced that “patience is wearing thin with unvaccinated Americans,” while PM Trudeau has explained that “there will be consequences” for those who decline to become fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, Australia has completely lost its way. All the while, the Western World continues to lose the freedoms it claims to cherish so deeply as many within the population willingly give them due to the fear which has been created; a fear created by the very institutions charted with protecting the population. Make no mistake about it, those who are not willing to comply are the enemy; of those in power and of those whom believe the lies propagated by those within power.
“Three times is enemy action.” It is time to take this to heart. Those who have not complied have already been labeled an enemy. It is time to understand that it works both ways and that those who are labelling the noncompliant as enemies have by default become the enemies of the noncompliant. The enemy action has been taken. The question now is how will the noncompliant respond?


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Pretty judgemental response imo… guess it never occurred to you that some people are not free as others or may have a need for confidentiality in public view. I’m sure Chris has a producer or intern to filter emails from spammy trolls.
Maybe ask a few questions before trying to analyze somebody’s intentions. It’s pretty common to find an email link or contact us without having to register.
Peace and Good Health

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We have the good fortune of owning two “homesteads”, one in central Florida the other in NNY. Both are over 80 acres and have established food forest on them, this was done over 15 years ago. I have walked the path you are just embarking on. Avid long time reader of John Michael Greer, Gail the Actuary and many others that spun off from The Oil Drum and other like sites from the “early” internet.
My husband and I are very old parents. We have a almost two year old and are 58 and 76, the wonders of modern medicine. I gave birth to our son in Burlington Vt Dec 2019, on the eve of the pandemic. We are both very healthy, but given the situation (age and responsibility) are both vaccinated. I disagree with some of your premises that you base your opinions on, but I respect them and so long as you keep it “real” will continue to listen.
For us a functional health care system is important, accidents happen. At the best of times the Florida hospital/health care system is a mess, don’t even get me started on the OBGYN aspects of the Florida health care system, why I choose to deliver in Vermont, which by the way, also has some very interesting covid statistics… hmm I wonder if the two are linked??? But a functional emergency room and hospital system for follow up care in case of a sudden illness or accident is critical.
We have remained in NNY since 2019 due to the concerns of health care in Florida. I don’t care if it is covid or something else, the number I look at is hospital capacity. And to that end I monitor total hospital capacity as reported weekly the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The data presented at this site is easy to read.
I will not be going to Florida until the numbers are down in the 80% range in a 100 mile radius of our home.
On the side, the couple that looks after our place in Florida were very sick for about 2 weeks at the beginning of August, no test because they abhor doctors and the medical system. I sent the dosage info on Invomec and the published studies and some of the other info on home treatment. They have horses, so they had it on hand… lol. They are OK now, but it really wiped them out, I was very worried about them. Many friends in the local community got very sick, most of these folks would have to be at deaths door to go see a Doctor or ER and even at that they many decided to pass at their own home instead of a hospital.
The realities “on the ground” are not reflected in the statistics for Florida and that is no accident.


As I said in another comment I don’t really see what they got out of all this. I mean they did sell billions of jabs and got people to comply but it is hugely risky.
Already there is some pretty big backlash building all around the planet. If they lose control of this fraud it will be 100X harder to do the next one.
I for one have seen too much manipulation in my lifetime to simply right this all off as bungeling. IMO they have a limited window of opportunity to double down on the control and compliance they have managed so stay diligent and as Chris says stay resilient.

IMO they have a limited window of opportunity to double down on the control and compliance they have managed so stay diligent and as Chris says stay resilient.
This. 'The simplest explanation is usually the right one', that is not to be interpreted as 'the nicest' explanation is usually the right one. Lets follow the most likely trail ; You have a bioweapons lab intentionally creating viruses to be used as weapons [ thats pretty much the only purpose of 'gain of function' ]. You have a disease that comes directly from that lab. The response is to close off travel from that area [ Wuhan ] to the rest of China, yet ALLOW travel to the rest of the world. To assume that all of these things were accidental is NOT the most simple explanation. That would require alot of mental gymnastics. The simplest explanation is that the lab was used as it was intended to be used, to unleash a bioweapon on the world [ more specifically the west ]. All during a trade war. Here's an analogy; Someone you have a problem with comes to meet you with a loaded gun. He points the loaded gun, cocks back the hammer, then right after he pulls the trigger he claims his finger slipped. It wouldnt hold up in court. If you have a bioweapons lab, you are demonstrating intent. If you make an attempt to shield your country from the infection while allowing the infection to be spread are demonstrating intent. They had a motive, the means, and demonstrated intent. The simplest explanation is not that the bioweapons lab [ created to make and release bioweapons ] accidentally created and released a bioweapon. The simplest explanation is that the bioweapons lab [ created to make and release bioweapons ] released a bioweapon. The simplest explanation is not that China stupidly allowed infected people to come here but for some reason stopped them from travelling to the rest of China. The fact that they stopped travel within their own country demonstrates that they KNEW infection would spread by travel. They clearly acted deliberately to prevent spread in their own country while allowing spread to the rest of the world. You can't say they were "stupid" because they demonstrated their intelligence and understanding in restricting their own travel. The simplest explanation seems to be that China released a bioweapon from its' bioweapons lab during a trade war. This is all very obvious, so why arent we doing anything about it? Simple reason, we can't. This is like the 200 lb bully in high school who slaps you from behind and say's "woops sorry that was an accident". Well now you're in a tough situation. You know it was no accident but if you call him out you might get your ass beat. So you think maybe if you pretend along you'll avoid worse. In reality, we know on an individual level that pretending along only provides a short term respite but guarantees more abuses down the line.

From Daily Mail :

Pfizer's Covid vaccine could be rolled out to babies as young as six months in the US this winter, under plans being drawn up by the pharmaceutical giant.

In a move likely to cause international controversy, the company intends to apply for authorisation to immunise American infants within the next two months.

Next they will be rounding up the white-tailed deer and jabbing them!  

…Against this backdrop, the deplorables’ imperative to fight back revolves around four core tenets. First, at a most basic level, understand what time it is in this late-stage republic. The oligarchs of our ruling class are not going away, and they have seized an enormous amount of control over what was once our robust system of government. The hour is very late.

Second, and relatedly: reconceptualize our side’s own approach to the rule of law. To borrow from David Azerrad, we need to get comfortable wielding the levers of state power as our opponents do, to “reward friends and punish enemies.”

Third, use familiar litigation processes to strategically advance our causes when opportune moments to push back against COVID hysteria arise—and they will. One benefit of being in the political opposition is that we have no shortage of donor-funded public-interest conservative litigation shops, such as the excellent Stephen Miller-led America First Legal; reach out to them and cultivate their resources.

Fourth, relocate as much as possible to safe red states, such as Texas, Florida, and Tennessee, where the arm of the ruling class’ Leviathan is less likely to pose an existential danger and where active Republican attorneys general offices will sue the Democratic-held Leviathan on behalf of the deplorables for the mere right to be left alone—and do so posthaste.

The COVID era has revealed the extent to which our elites no longer even deign to care about a “neutral” rule of law that respects and protects all our fellow countrymen. We deplorables no longer have any time to waste in pushing back against their excesses. So survey the landscape, stop clinging to vestigial notions of a bygone nonpartisan legal “neutrality,” strategically sue to protect our most basic rights, and get off your butt and move to red states. If not now, then what are you possibly waiting for?


The two minute ad I was subjected to for this video basically lined out how wealthy families build education programs for subsequent generations in an effort to retain and grow their wealth and power.