It’s Over!  (Democracy That Is)

The United States’ experiment with democracy is now officially over. It’s time to declare the experiment dead and make other arrangements.

This is the conclusion I come to after witnessing the utter depravity of Democrats who attempted to censor RFK Jr from speaking at a Congressional Committee hearing on…censorship.

Aside from the punishing irony involved, what was revealed, for all to see, was just how deranged and disheveled the thought processes and arguments of ‘the left.’

It’s so bad, that Representative Sanchez (D-CA) actually said “No right given the people of the United States is absolute…and that includes the right to free speech.”

She actually said that! On purpose in front of a recorded hot mic.

She’s a lawyer by prior profession and training, but she somehow slithered through that educational process without being informed of the difference between a right and a privilege. Rights are not granted. They simply exist.

But she would argue that point up and down and then sideways because it does not fit into her authoritarian worldview. And she speaks for many, which is why we have to become prepared for the mass difficulties we’ll have to endure if we wish to avoid the mass casualties that will otherwise result.

Because that’s the final destination of the Mass Formation train.

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Again In Vain I Present The “no True Scotsman” Argument …

… that the Donkey Party has not in my 60 year lifetime been in any way a real Left faction, with authentic Left values of Free speech, anti-imperialist, anti-corporate, anti police state, pro-civil liberties, save the environment, what have you.
For the longest time, there have been dozens, if not thousands of folks who were not fooled by the false, triangulated positioning of the (D) Party 2 inches to the ‘Left’ of the other uniparty faction.
For an example of this perspective there is the bitterly funny book “Savage Mules: The Democrats and Endless War” by Dennis Perrin in 2008.

In this hard-hitting examination of their role in the War on Terror, political analyst and satirist Dennis Perrin shatters the myth of the reluctant-warrior Democrats. He explores Democrat collusion in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and support for Israeli assaults on Gaza and Lebanon, while revealing their overlooked appetite for planning wars and selling them to the electorate. Compelling and bleakly humorous, Savage Mules shows a party at odds with its public image on this key issue in the race for the White House.
Coincidentally, the 'public image' of America as a functioning 'Democracy' has not been plausible for a long, long time, though young children in school have imbibed the star spangled propaganda and have lived more soothing lives if they never thought critically or questioned it. Another debt of gratitude is owed to Bobby Kennedy for stirring up and arousing the ghosts of 1963 again - though there are also the Presidential elections of 1980, 2000, 2004 and 2020 that are major cracks in the facade. Kudos to Chris for expounding on the implications of "It's Over, Democracy that is" but this is another example of how the future can already be very manifest, but awareness of such is very unevenly distributed. (*at least among the plebes. it should be remembered that the ruling caste has long been aware of this reality, and has maintained pretty good message discipline about it until now. "Rights have never been absolute" omfg.)

Know These Clowns
There seems to be an eight year gap between his BA and MA. Nobody takes eight years to finish a master’s; par is about two years. Were he applying for a job, I’d want to know what he was doing in these gap years.ánchez
Reading down this short biography… hoo boy.

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Over For A While

Hasn’t democracy essentially been over for a while. Edward Bernays and his ability to manipulate the masses since the 1920s has essentially been a template in which governments have built upon to tell us how to vote and think. For how long have we been manipulated to be in our exact positions? Hard to believe in democracy…



Sure wish we could reach into the past and bring back Justice Hugo “no censorship” Black.


Windows To The Soul…

Way to lay it out there Chris…bare naked for all to see. These lunatics ARE up against that brick wall foolishly thinking we will quietly give up our Constitutional Rights. All their lies can never erase this 3+ year long episode.


Ok i do not agree with connolly’s politics at all but your views on his educational path are unfounded. I would bet that after he got his BA we was working for a few years before going back to school and getting his MA. People do that all the time.


Recalibration Of Rights

Who was it at the WEF in recent years, who said it was time for a “recalibration of human rights”?
RFK presents a threat to them because he is spot on about the biggest threat to us: the merging of a corrupt government with corrupt corporations who will bleed the populace dry to benefit themselves.


Love The Zappa Quote

At horrific times like this you have to laugh it off sometimes just to get through the day. She had that Camarillo Brillo. And please don’t eat that yellow snow…

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Lacking Aggression

It would be a nice change to see people use a far more aggressive “take no shit whatsoever” type approach in these Congressional hearings (et al). People are angered deep down, and rightfully so.
The 2-party paradigm expects those on the side of sanity to attempt civil dialogue and demeanor - when we should be shouting at them with every opportunity to REMIND them that WE the people hold all of the power and they should go F themselves.
Clone Mark Levine when he goes off on one of his tangents and give the people an example of how to use their voice. Do it repeatedly to set the example, and people will wake up to using their voices.

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Democracy Canadian Style

Democracy is dead. I can’t agree more. Here’s an example of our current Canadian style democracy. Disagree with the Prime Minister? No problem, he’ll just have you removed.


A Republic, Not A Democracy

The US wasn’t supposed to be a democracy. In a democracy, if 51% of the people vote for something, they win. The 51% majority could vote to violate the rights of the 49% It’s supposed to be a republic, where the people delegate power to elected representatives who are supposed to protect the rights of the people. Clearly things aren’t going as planned…


Message From Carlo Maria Vigano

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Dr Shiva

Hey Chris, I love your content, have you considered interviewing Dr Shiva? He is running for president of the USA and fits with your content.


Rfk Jr Not What Who You Think He Is

Hi Chris, your completely wrong about JFK jr he supported vaccine mandates, along with lots of other issues that are not in our best interest…he is NOT for our freedom…check out

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“we The People” Are The Biggest Problem

Most Americans say the U.S. government and technology companies should each take steps to restrict false information and extremely violent content online. However, there is more support for tech companies moderating these types of content than for the federal government doing so, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.
Support for both technology companies and the government taking steps to restrict false information online has grown in recent years. For example, the share of U.S. adults who say the federal government should restrict false information has risen from 39% in 2018 to 55% in 2023.
This increase in support comes amid public debates about online content regulation and court cases that look at how tech companies moderate content on their platforms.
Additionally, tech companies have begun to remove some content restrictionsthat they had imposed in response to misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 election.
That said, the amount that people have heard about the debates surrounding the role government should play in regulating major technology companies has decreased in the past two years. In 2021, 51% of U.S. adults said they had heard at least a fair amount about this topic, compared with 39% today.
Key takeaways
65% of Americans support tech companies moderating false information online and 55% support the U.S. government taking these steps. These shares have increased since 2018.
Americans are even more supportive of tech companies (71%) and the U.S. government (60%) restricting extremely violent content online.
Democrats are more supportive than Republicans of tech companies and the U.S. government restricting extremely violent content and false information online. The partisan gap in support for restricting false information has grown substantially since 2018.
Views toward moderating false information online
Just over half of Americans (55%) support the U.S. government taking steps to restrict false information online, even if it limits people from freely publishing or accessing information.
U.S. adults are less likely to say that freedom of information should be protected even if it means false information can be published (42%).

I just came across this on Twitter…seems appropriate:

Robert Sterling

I’m telling you guys: There is something deeply unwell in our society right now.

You’re not going to see it if you’re a member of the select, far right-hand side of the bell curve. If you and your peer group are educated, financially successful, and healthy, our society probably feels better than ever.

But, travel outside that bubble that most of us here—myself included—inhabit, and you’ll notice a pervasive sense that something just isn’t right.

I don’t know what it is. It’s more than economic. It’s more than physical health, or anything material (though it certainly creates ripple effects across all those domains).

It’s nothing less than metaphysical. For lack of a better term, it’s a vibe shift.

It’s a sense of apathy that you feel emanating from far too many people—especially from the young, who should have all the hope in the world. It’s a lack of aspiration, of seeking a better life and better conditions for oneself.

It’s dead eyes. Pop music and cinema that just feel lifeless. Teenagers not caring enough to get their drivers licenses anymore (or even to sneak a couple beers with friends). A world where too few of us feel like we have a purpose, and too many of us are finding nothing but despair on 6” phone screens.

I don’t know what the causes are. I’m sure social media, economic malaise, Covid lockdowns, fentanyl, and every other reason we hear about factor into it.

All of those reasons, though, in aggregate, still feel insufficient. They might be symptoms that compound the underlying disease, but they are not, in and of themselves, the root cause.

I also don’t know what the solution is. I wish I did. I’m one small person just trying to spread positive vibes on social media and trying to raise my kids right.

But I am 100% certain that something is wrong. And I hate seeing it, and I wish there were anything I could do about it.
6:14 PM · Jul 22, 2023
Link: I agree with him...the 'vibe' is off. When anything goes and nothing matters, and your adults don't even care enough to speak the truth or care for your future, and you've got unlimited (and targeted) cell phone distractions, why should the youth care at all? It only takes a couple of years of this behavior-response set before economic mojo is lost, and then your economy and institutions degrade and the experiment is over. That the grown-ups in this story are not horrified by their own weaknesses and mistakes here over the past several years is quite the mystery to me. I had always thought that, deep, down, they'd draw the line at harming their own children. I was wrong.

The Left Is Too Far Gone

Great video Chris, as a member of for the last 9 months I’ve watched you carefully avoid left/right arguments with a focus on integrity and actual science. I’ve felt the same way, naturally identifying with liberal values my whole life. It’s hard to admit the left is too far gone, but at this point, not admitting so is just willful blindness. I hope your video reaches many people and helps to pry open their eyes. I’ll share this one to Facebook. I won’t hold my breath. In the meantime, I use a lot of your detailed and helpful resources from your website to prepare. Mostly emotionally and mentally and from that, with the decisions I make about taking care of myself, my family and loved ones.