"It's About Control": An Interview with David Icke

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I want to preface this video by saying that I will interview anybody about anything.  If you value learning, as I do, then you know that you have to consider all sides of every issue.  It’s non-negotiable.  If you’re serious about learning, then you are serious about listening especially to people with whom you do not entirely or even remotely agree.   

Those who insist on not being exposed to different or uncomfortable ideas are shortchanging themselves. Learning something new is always an uncomfortable process.  In fact, being uncomfortable often is my first clue that I am on the right track for learning something new or sharpening up something I didn’t know quite as well as I thought I did.

One final point; I do not consider it my role as an interviewer to convert someone to my point of view or let them know I think they are wrong about something.  Quite the opposite, my job is to get them to speak as completely and as freely as I can.  I always seek to ask great questions to draw people out more fully, not to put them on the defensive.  That’s how I roll, and if that works for you – great!  You’ll enjoy my work and this channel.

David Icke, one of the most controversial personalities of our time, has become a central figure in the UK Freedom Movement protesting ongoing lockdowns and the otherwise general medical tyranny following COVID-19’s emergence in 2020. Icke argues that the extreme overreaction by governments that we’re witnessing around the globe in reaction to COVID-19 (see Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, etc.) has little or nothing to do with public health, but is rather a well coordinated plan to clinch control and transform society as we know it.  In this Brave New World of frightening technocratic dictatorship, what it means to be “human” and have “rights” no longer applies. 

So why this interview at this time?  Because I talk with people all day long - very smart people - and we ask ourselves “what’s happening…what’s even going on?”  None of us really know.  We turn the possibilities this way and that way.  We weigh possibilities.  We ask, “who predicted any of this?”  And that’s when David Icke’s name shows up frequently.  He foresaw many of the features that we now struggle with - Big Tech power and overreach, centralization of power and control, the loss of border and cultural boundaries as billionaire globalists push their agenda.

Well, when someone gets a lot of things right, it behooves us to ask them how they did that and to explore their methods and ideas.  

So, in the spirit of being open-minded, we bring you David Icke...



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It was actually by way of David’s site that I was first introduced to Peak Prosperity , starting with Dr Martenson’s very first wuhan virus video back in January 2020… I feel I have remained ahead of the curve with the knowledge imparted by both David and Dr Martenson.


I’ll edit as I go along but his comment at 20 minutes food shortage=control… I have questioned how thos global cabal intended to boost vaccination in the third world and Africa particularly. But then when you consider how much food subsidy they actually get and how restricting that food aid will ensure their hunger turns to compliance, then it starts to make sense. Every vax-hesitant country has a fulcrum to move their vax rates, and I’ll bet the globalists have a long enough lever.
Min 35. I love his explanation of the top down control structure. A very elegant design that is very effective… that’s exactly how the military operates. You absolutely CAN have naive enforcement, and that is exactly what we’re seeing with medicine these days.
Fascinating interview. Worth a second watch for sure. Everything that has been said by many thoroughly and comprehensibly articulated.
He’s right about the idea of resistance to authority. About the power they weild being made up only of power we have ceded to them.
I was explaining to a friend of mine today that faith in the system is the same thing as syncytin to embrionic development. Its a clever twist that the vaccine destroys both. Everyday I see more pieces of this puzzle develop, and only from the perspective of a skeptic on the fringes looking in does it reveal itself. And everyday more people see a piece unveil itself and gives them pause to ask the questions that expand their awareness to the darkness in the world. I have become aware of many voices that previously were ridiculed and alienated. No self respecting person who valued their reputation would pay heed to. I didn’t listen to them, and today, I feel like I can hear those voices clearly. Their message has not changed, but my willingness to hear them out has.
I don’t think he has everything right. But at the same time, neither do I. I have my own model for explaining the world we are dealing with, but its those points of overlapping confirmation that make it clear that the full story is out there if the voices of the demagogues are heard.
Chris, this interview was excellent, and strangely hopeful. The fact that this organized evil can exist and still allow people like David Icke to exist means they are not interested in silencing pariahs, merely discrediting them. But the more of them I hear the more credible they become, and as you said at the beginning, it is almost proof of bona fides that they ARE disparaged and silenced by the mainstream. At least then, you know they are saying something dangerous. And nothing is more dangerous than the truth.


Check James Corbett’s #SolutionsWatch interview with Christian Westbrook. Lots of the same ideas with a “how we can become more resilient” spin. cheers
#SolutionsWatch: James Corbett with Christian Westbrook of Ice Age Farmer (odysee.com)


I so appreciate Icke’s take on the big picture.
A triumph of the intuitive function that looks at the dots and suddenly sees a vision that ties it together.


Loved the explanation that the whole power structure is based on the next level down complying with the instructions given. Perfect scheme for plausible deniability and info compartmentalization. Those below will never know who is really pulling the strings from up above. Big “a-ha” moment for me. Thanks to both David and Chris.


I had thought that Icke was a whacko, but actually he makes an awful lot of sense.
The quotes that got me were these:

And so you look at the number of people in positions of political power around the world who can only be described as bloody morons. You’ve got one in America, Biden. I mean, for all his flannel, Fauci is not the brightest man ever to walk the earth. You look at Gates, he’s not the brightest man either. You look at Johnson in Britain, complete idiot. Macron in France, ditto. You look at the Premiers of Australia that have imposed that fascism like Daniel Andres in Victoria and the one in New South Wales, they're complete idiots. I mean, Queensland too. I mean, where they get them from I don't know, but they get them. ... They're just front people. What they're doing is putting moronic people in positions of power because if you can see the moronic, and who couldn’t – advanced minds people obviously can’t – but you still do what they say, you have conceded your self-respect.
So true.

David’s ideas elegantly (and horrifyingly) explain so much of what we’re seeing.
Love his saying: “Know the outcome, and you’ll see the journey”!
Thank-you for this incredible interview with an incredible guest, Chris!


I was prompted by his discussion of self-respect to consider that fear can be a manifestation of a lack of self-respect. I’ve decided to respect myself more in future.


If you’re going down the rabbit hole and you find lizards, You’ve gone too far!
Just teasing. Awesome guest! I read a few of Icke’s books when I was younger. He’s got a good perspective on a lot of things


He said that he will be giving a six-hour talk in November including on how to get out of this mess. Can we brainstorm here at PP before that?


“They will give what you will take”.
“Evil is the absence of love”.
Money quotes for me.


Had a friend that always told me; “you deserve what you tolerate”.


If many of the nurses will not take this shot, it must be something they are seeing in the hospital? Things may not be what it seem to be.


H. G. Wells wrote The Open Conspiracy in 1928. Here are some quotes:

This candid attempt to take possession of the whole word, this Open Conspiracy of ours, must be made in the name of and for the sake of science and creative activity... .Intelligent control of the population is a possibility that puts man outside competitive processes that have hitherto ruled the modification of the species... ....the organized world community conducting and ensuring its own progress requires a deliberate collective control of population as a primary condition... ...The first thing we should examine is what we want to do with natural resources, and the next, how to get men to do what has to be done as pleasurably and effectively as possible
I’m with Chris. Subjugation is about control of resources by the elite few.

The culmination of this line of thinking is the current push to technocratic feudalism - rule by the technical elite.


Thanks, it was well worth listening to Icke as it helps put things in a larger perspective. For those who haven’t watched Zeitgeist series you can watch it here:
and for Peter Jordan’s most recent film InterReflections you can find it here:


As I've mention before I believe that changing the narrative, "the story", that we frame and make sense of our observations with is going to be a critical component of creating a world that we all want to live in and one way to do that is through conversations like this one between Chris and David. Another is through media such as film.

Nowadays I listen during either when running errants by car or bike, or while excercising. I couldn’t help myself this time, and listened early in the morning. I fully recognize his statement about self esteem. I think that this ties in neatly with Chris’s “integrity”: once one embraces ones “wholeness”, there is only the option of not accepting what the AMF’s want us to accept.
I find it difficult however to translate all this into a general recipe: I started some time ago with preparations to be sufficiently financial free to not accepting this BS. But I realize that for most people who are less prepared, this is a devilish choice. The mechanism that David describes in this interview and other interviews, are clearly visible in the company I’m working in at the moment the only differemce being that people are not really silently accepting certain things, but they are nevertheless accepting it. In discussions, people always say that they would make a different choice if they were not dependent. However, I think that PP’s “rescilience” nicely ties into all of this.
With respect to our education system, my mind was blown open by this speach of Sir Ken Robinson. It is very funny, brilliantly articulated, but also highly relevent today.
Btw, I agree with Canuck21 .


He us very right, and yet there are elements he leaves out, maybe because they don’t matter in the end or he just didn’t think to get into it. I am certain his pyramid/control data is correct, but what also goes on in this dynamic is those at the top tend to eat each other as they go along. Any power structure just does. From Rome, to the monarchies, to empires - it’s endless and will play a part in how things evolve. Social engineering is real and this is as good an example as I have ever seen in time. This is where we hope Hegel is correct and the will to be free creates the counter force that takes us to an ever evolving synthesis.


USA - Patrick Wood on Technocracy - history of the global technocracy movement and players to present time
Peru/UK: Miklos Lukacs - Transhumanism
US: Edwin Black (historian of the holocaust) - the algorithm ghetto (e.g. Vax passport/social credit system as means to deal with the noncompliant)
US: C.J. Hopkins (satirist) - the Covidian Cult
Australia: Alexandra Marshall - Apocalypse politics as manipulation of the masses