"It's About Control": An Interview with David Icke

While listening to David speak about lack of self-respect, I could only keep thinking about all the people asking about or questioning what to do after their employer mandated the shot. And I can only think “how little does one value one’s self?”
This all ends tomorrow if we turn off the telly ( news ) and simply do not comply.
It is really this simple.


thank you so much for the Ken Robinson link. really great and spot on.


Chris, who types the transcript??? that’s a lot of typing.
and btw, it would be useful if we could collapse the transcript.


Amazing interview.
Loved it.
Thank you.


Chris Martenson interviews David Icke!
Fuck, why not, things are so crazy I’d believe my balls go on skiing trips whilst I’m asleep…


İ never heard of him before yesterday but then watched a video one of The Tribe posted in comments after another Peak Prosperity video. That video was concerning the zoom call between two high level UK health officials and the conspiracy to administer morphine and midazolam in fatal doses to care home residents. I’ll admit i thought David Icke sounded a little cracked and i was skeptical of the claim. 


After watching this interview with Chris i feel differently. David Icke’s mind and heart feel intact and whole and that means to me that i must at least take his claims about midazolam murders seriously. 


Just about everything he said in the interview by Chris resonated with me and i thank Chris profusely for blowing my mind once more. 


Layers of reality are peeling off. 


We will get there!


Do not comply!!!


Nurture and keep your self-respect!!!


Xoxo ?

Fuck, why not, things are so crazy I’d believe my balls go on skiing trips whilst I’m asleep…
Thanks for a good laugh dude!

I’ve just found out about David Icke last year, I saw ppl say he’s a conspiracy theorist, but my inner conspiracy theorist said he can’t be that bad… boy was I right. Everything this man said was exactly what I feared was happening. I am glad that Peak Prosperity gave him a platform to speak to us, im grateful that Chris could be open minded enough to even listen to him. In a world of science there are plenty of things that cannot be explained by science. The great awakening is very real. Started for me in 2018, as strange or crazy as it seems I’m forever grateful for it. I hope more ppl will open their minds and understand a majority of our lives have been one big controlling lie. From school, religion, and especially our government. Again I’m so thankful to have found Peak Prosperity, and other like minded ppl. This is our tribe now, and we must stick together.


Sanjay Gupta and Fauci discuss natural immunity.
”Natural immunity” now getting banned by social media.




A big Hurrah for Chris to tackle this unpleasant material. You don’t have to buy everything Ickes says to get a lot of value here. What spoke to me was his calling out of human conditioning techniques and propaganda. Such as the “imposition, acquiescence” routine, as well as breaking down of our humanity thru masking, fear, policy vacillation, etc. It’s all a well documented and researched play book. First you break them, then you condition them.
“They” are very especially concerned about future generations, wanting them to be docile (oxygen deprived), subservient. It’s accepted the young are more teachable. Kind of like dog training. Started with George Bushes post 911 terrorism level indicator with red, yellow, green, orange lights. Thank god that failed!
The training has nonetheless progressed with removing shoes and belts at airports, etc. Now we’re onto masking protocols, travel restrictions, vaxx status. The TSA may yet fulfill it’s destined role as modern day American Stazi. Yup, they already wrote book. Just now they’re dusting it off.


Great interview, thanks CM for bringing him up


Gave me a laugh when he started roasting all the leaders of the free world (46:30)


This Icke guy is a bit like Jim Willy at TFMR; throw in a quarter and listen to the rant. I managed to keep up for almost an hour and then gave up.
Icke is so focused on his own theory that a simple question like “what actions to take?” is being dismissed as irrelevant. So following his logic we need to trace the master puppeteers and eliminate them?
Cutting the cords is less violent and equally effective.


There were two ants walking across a TV screen. One ant remarked: “why do you think the pixels under our feet keep changing colors?”
“I don’t know” replied the other ant but we will dig down into one and try to see what is going on". Then we will know.
The movie The Matrix was being broadcast at the time.



I didn’t see any new insights here, even though I still enjoyed the interview.
‘Centralised power’ or ‘power being concentrated into fewer hands without accountability’ is a mainstream topic today. So is the presence of sociopathy in hierarchical structures…
The virus-denial/anti-mask stance is potentially dangerous, & gives the authorities more excuses to impose further mandates… Yes, masks might not be appropriate for all situations - but it is highly likely that we are still dealing with a lab agent that can mess up your body & brain - even if it wasn’t the instant ‘civilization killer’ we were led to believe, or even if jabs turn out to be more lethal…
I agree that the lockdowns were nothing to do with public health in England, 0:20:00. People were being fined for meeting up on the park, while supermarkets were full of families shopping without masks right up until July 24th 2020. Masks have since become optional again.
Interesting point about how people are unable to see beyond materialism, 1:10:00. I’m no meteorologist, but I remarked to colleagues a few years ago, that the winter cloud formations I was seeing looked similar to the ones you’d expect in summer, but I was always met the same blank expression - I quickly came to the conclusion that most people don’t even look up at the sky anymore…
Part of the problem with public compliance to evil systems, is simply that too many people buy into the consumer culture - getting caught up into the debt-trap, & terrified of losing their jobs/positions if they speak out against injustice etc… I assume that most PP members have withdrawn as far as possible from these systems of debt & control, as I have done, even if it means going frugal or becoming more self-reliant etc.


I commend you, sir. You win the objectivity award of the year. I’ll have to add Martenson’s Predicament Cube to my toolbox, alongside Robert Anton Wilson’s Reality Tunnels, and Einstein’s Thought Experiment.

Read everything. Listen to everybody. Don't trust anything unless you can prove it with your own research. ― Bill Cooper
When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?" ― John Maynard Keynes
Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. ― Mike Tyson
Everybody is a scientific materialist until they experience the supernatural. Over twenty plus years ago, Alex Jones called David Icke fringe. He complained that he was detracting away from what was clearly a historical problem of wayward absolutist governance. Then he crashed Bohemian Grove. Jones started singing a different tune after that. Those of you who think Alex Jones is merely an over-the-top radio performer should watch Bohemian Grove: Dark Secrets (c. 2000). Again it doesn't matter if you believe in secret rituals. They do. This cabal/cult conspiracy mirrors the UFO/Abduction conspiracy in an interesting way:
  • Both are constructed with a bias template. They tailor themselves to your ability to receive or comprehend them. Remove the templates, discover the same patterns of obfuscation and narrative shaping (nudging).
  • Both display an intimate relationship of seemingly orthodox conspiracy (government/CIA intervention) and preternatural conspiracy (lock step western accordance is too perfect/ET story illogical).
So if on one side of the Martenson Predicament Cube, we see a McCarthyist's nightmare come true, where the CCP has successfully infiltrated our country to destabilize it, well that lines up with much of the evidence. But if on the other side, we see aliens/demons and a courtier of sycophantic worshippers whom we call governors, well that has some merit, too. Also, who said these things are mutually exclusive? <Zoinkz, Scoob!> So Cui Bono? For what? I'm convinced that we are the resource. And this fits on either side of the Martenson Predicament Cube. On one side, there's a war for souls. They eat/feed on our negative emotions and very life essence (a fate worse than death). On the other side, well....I'll just drop the secret right now: the only thing that gives money any real value is the promise of future human labor. Yeah there's still a surplus of primary and secondary wealth around, but if you wipe that away: No Slaves = No Bond Market The financial dictatorship could fly it's flag in NYC, London, or now Shanghai. The bias template shifts, but the game is the same. There's just one thing: if we're the goal, why are they trying to kill us? Greedy bastards want it all, don't they? The "us vs them" narrative is unhealthy. It's a useful tool to a point, but I feel like psychological splitting becomes the result. Let's talk about solutions. If history is cyclical (probably more like a Fibonacci Spiral), and we have a model of Saeculums and Turnings, then what is the actually nature of a "solution". What if you could jam a sabot into the gears of the saeculum and perpetually freeze society on the first or second turning? Would that be considered a solution? I don't think so. It would be unnatural, just as it is unnatural for autumn and winter to be postponed, or perhaps death, the ultimate price we all pay. We could control the weather and conquer death. Make deluded misers of us all. Solomon has some words on this in Ecclesiastes. I don't believe in solutions, at least as we perceive them (from an Authoritarian Capitalist perspective). This society has created this concept of "static" answers to emergent cyclical problems. Vote with your dollar, one-size-fits-all, ice bucket challenges. Essential Observation: People claim to "believe" in evolution, yet they miss the premise that 99.99% of all species that have existed (past tense) are extinct. This means that to believe in evolution, you must first accept human extinction as an eventuality. Human supremacism seems really infantile in this light. Like, what are we working towards, if our entire species doesn't survive? Bobbleheads and corn chips? Essential Observation: Robin Dunbar's work essentially makes a case that humans are physiologically incapable of retaining a psychologically healthy mass society. What if the solution was for humanity to break up into tribal units of <5,000? Most people reject that, yet it's glaringly obvious. These types of essential observations make most proposed solutions non sequiturs. New Thought Experiment: The Cryptoterrestrial (Mac Tonnies) + Homo Capensis (Karen Hudes) What if there is an apex predator above human, who has become outnumbered over time, and their main purpose is to prevent us from exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet? The Time Machine (2002) - 800,000 Years of Evolution
Who are you to question 800,000 years of evolution?
I disagree with Robey, but not entirely.   Post Script: Topics brought up in conversation - Related Resources The Gatto interview is long, but worth it.

There really was something new here - at least new to me.
When the internet first started I thought it was wonderful. It was so democratizing and free. Because of its democratizing effect, I fully expected that there would be attempts to censor and control it all. Of course, that happened.
One thing that hadn’t occurred to me is that it might all have been deliberate. In other words, the early freedom of the internet might have been a “bait and switch.” The freedom allowed on the 'net brought people flooding into it. Once everyone was “in” and relying on it, the “freedom” was shut down and the internet was used as a tool of mass surveillance and control. That is what Icke suggests. He suggests that the whole thing was a massive “bait and switch” operation. That had never occurred to me. I am not sure that I agree with him but I would not put it past the jackals to do such a thing.


I think that this isn’t necessarily right to think in terms of one powerful group bureaucrats that has a masterplan executed precisely by pawn placed in key positions over the course of decades. However, I would go along with something that it’s human nature that people in decision making positions faced with more and more crisis (health, weather, economic, civil unrest, military) will naturally select to impose regulations, mandates, intervention and more taxes and bans to control the short term effects of these crisis and in order to keep the regime going until their next election or just long enough so that officials can pocket the benefits for their own via corruption and self-dealing. It’s just what monkeys do apparently when they are in any form of management. I would also say that, there’s evidence that’s there’s some level of central coordination of that worldwide but frankly it appears limited right now, although I could be wrong on that. Overtime, you are faced with an accumulation of bad short term policies and unquestionably reduced freedoms over the altar of the can kicked down the road. The more the whole thing is approaching change of regime, the more drastic and outrageous the interventions will be.