It's Time to Discuss The Real Reasons Driving The Violence, Informed Consent Replay, Pt. 1

Don’t believe everything you’re hearing about the latest horrific school shooting. After reviewing the colossal and unforgivable police failings of the case in Uvalde, Texas, I discuss the role our so-called healthcare system plays in these tragic events.

It won’t be mentioned much if at all, but the role of overprescribing anti-depressants (SSRIs) and ADHD medications to teenagers that induce violence in young men can no longer be ignored. The data is rock-solid. It’s an even larger unforgivable tragedy that we’re not doing anything about this at the national stage. All posturing. Making it about guns and not about the real crisis at hand. We’re a terrible people on that score.

Don’t miss this important episode of Informed Consent tonight.

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Drug Addicted?

I live 40 miles from the shooting….understand the killer was angry that his grandmother would not let him do drugs in the house. Heard from a school mate of his that he was a druggy….meth head. What about the drug angle?


What’s Missing?

What’s missing is Jesus in your life. He transforms your life and you ARE a new person because He transforms you by replacing your old life with a new life in Him.
“Therefore, as God’s chosen ones, holy and dearly loved, put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience,”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:12‬ ‭CSB‬‬


Other Common Drugs That Cause Mental Aberrations

Here are some other drugs that have mental effects that few doctors understand or aware of when they prescribe them.
Mefloquine, sold under the brand name Lariam among others, is a medication used to prevent or treat malaria, which has been given to most of the world’s militaries, until the last few years. They stopped it due to the mental aberrations it caused. Some shootings on military bases or by those in the military have been blamed on this medication. There are several lawsuits in process.
Fluoroquinolone antibiotics Levaquin, Cipro etc. recently (July, 10, 2018) added mental health warnings for this class of antibotics.
Did you expect your antibiotic to cause mental aberrations?
All related FDA warnings here:
Gabapentin (Neurontin) which today is being used off-label for nerve pain.
One of the known side effects of Gabapentin (Neurontin) is Suicidal Ideation. My late wife Karen was taking this crap when she killed herself.
One lady told me she was standing on a bridge railing when she remembered my warning about it, and got help, instead of jumping.
A few people have told me that this medication helped them. A FAR higher number told me about the devastating side effects they experienced from it.


Hi Frankmeitz,
I understand and respect that your spiritual center is in Jesus and enthusiastically support you in that!
To expand your comment so that it flows across religious boundaries, a spiritual anchor is a life altering reorientation.
When I move away from my religious rituals things go down hill: readings, stop singing praises, taking communion, attending Kirtan, talking to animal and plant friends, thanking God for His Grace when I notice its gentle touch.


Reasons Of Violence

I took my daughter (12) for a yearly physical. They gave her a questionnaire (about 6 questions ) about her emotional mental state. 5 min later the ped told me she needs to see a psychiatrist and possibly put in meds! She is a normal hormonal teen.
I am never going back there.


Identifying The Problem’s Roots.

  1. Police didn't go in. "Meh, not worth it." Evidently so.
  2. High incidence of psych drug treatment in 15-24 yo shooters. Major clue.
  3. It's not depression, it's demoralization. It's a somewhat rationally chosen check-out.
Wow, I have no idea of how to work this problem on a broad scale, but at least you've identified some (most? all?) of the key elements. That's a start. Thanks.

Cops Are Only Required To Protect Themselves.

The Supreme Court has determined that your local police force are not required to act. You are not entitled to protection from the police.


Nor should you!


Amphetamines are a known risk factor for triggering violent episodes in 15-24-year-old males.


Bob - thanks for weighing in, I was hoping you would. What’s the best way for people to get off of Gabapentin? Taper? Cold-turkey?


But the Subprime [sic] Court is entitled to encircling fences when they get nervous themselves.
“Laws for thee, but not for me”


It Just Keeps Getting Worse

…I can’t even…


Rca’s Are Key

I really enjoy your RCA methodology in your presentations.
We have these type meetign when things go wrong.
The most important and majority of these meetings or analysis is are we askign the right quesitons and if we are proposing solutions what are the potential secondary/teritiary effects and are they worst then the original problem.
Sometimes you have several bad outcomes and you seek the least bad outcomes.
I think the ritual of Bar Mitzvah Memorizing/Reading the Torah (10 or so pages Hebrew without Vowels) for 6 months was an important Rite of Passage for me that told me hard work pays off.
you would get 1,000 USD form the whole congregation for this rite of passage, in the late 90’s for 13 y/o kid was a lot.
I have 3 young kids and im glad I have the wherewithal to teach my kids how to be self sufficient teachin him how to grow a garden and tend to our back yard quail.


Yikes, that’s an important point of law I’d mentally misplaced. I’d read this years ago, but in the context of adults out in public. But yeah, I’m sure it applies to there being no requirement to protect children in an under-siege school either. Freekin’ sick, man, just sick.

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Adhd Meds Were Hurting My Son

My oldest son has ‘healthy boy syndrome.’ He can’t sit still, and would always want to be moving, breaking something, fixing something, or manipulating his environment. So his kindergarten and 1st grade teachers strongly recommended putting him on meds. We had a consult with the principle, and told her to just spank him if he’s acting up, because a brief swat on the tush at home always set him straight and he was good for a while. They refused to spank him, and wanted to drug him instead. So we did that for a while. I wasn’t happy with that. He was hardly ever hungry and wasn’t growing as well as he had before. Finally, when he started having bad and suicidal dreams, we said F it, and took him off the meds. The teachers just had to deal with his behavior, because we didn’t want him suicidal. He graduated with honors and now is a happy mechanic, fixing everything he can get his hands on, and people ask for his help and bring him broken stuff. He’s an excellent marksman, but he’s got a soft heart and would never hurt anything except a predator that’s killing our livestock. I think ADHD meds would have ruined his life and his potential if he had stayed on them.


Doctors are just drug pushers, anymore. They probably want to put her on birth control, too, even if she isn’t active in that way and doesn’t need it. Beware. It can harm girls. There’s nothing wrong with a normal, healthy kid, with normal healthy hormones and normal, healthy fertility. But doctors wanna sell pills! It’s sad we need to protect our kids FROM the doctors.


A forum I used to hang out on (now unfortunately shuttered) had, among other things, a “puke emoji.” Never really had a use for that until just now.
I’m going to go finish the dishes and do some push-ups while listening to the start of part 2, then sit down with a zombie novel and a glass of whiskey, and try to imagine a less messed-up world.


A big problem is that schools are treating boys as defective girls. I’m really glad you got him off the meds and back on track. Good to finish out the day with a happy ending story, Thanks!


Then I guess I’m not required to pay my taxes to fund them, if they’re not required to do their jobs.