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Heritage Livestock Breeds

Chris talks about the Remnant which Merriam-Webster defines as a usually small part, member, or trace remaining or a small surviving group —often used in plural. When choosing any small to large livestock for your backyard or out in the country homestead; think about adding Heritage Breeds to your preparedness list. Each group Poultry, Goats, Pigs, etc. has a breed comparison chart in PDF that shows which one would perform well in your area and will fit your needs. I’d suggest that in a way these Heritage Breeds are a Remnant also. Home - The Livestock Conservancy
Something to mull over or research while waiting for 30 November Peak Insider Live to begin.


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The link to “submit your question” doesn’t work.

I just clicked…worked for me. Is it still broken for you?

Broken for me too.
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chris where did FTX get the money to begin w/

Mrna Shedding And White Blood Cloth Cause

We know that the mRNA is in breast milk, will it likely go into the baby’s system and reproduce OR will it be stopped (stomach acid). Same with me kissing someone who has recently gone another jabb, how will I be affected.
I am willing to take some money and search in my unwaxed blood for the mRNA stuff, but whom is gonna do it and where do I get it to get the damn answer?
The other thing, are these blood cloth seen by embalmers caused by the jab or might it be related to the infection? Is there any data from unvaxxed countries like Africa china or could it not be a good fit due to other diet (rice instead of processed food linked to other outcomes)?
I wish all of you the best, great thank you from Europa

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Yes, it is still broken

Weird…It just worked for me…Bottom line it points you to the actual event piece where the Speakpipe etc is. Try this:

Weird…It just worked for me…Bottom line it points you to the actual event piece where the Speakpipe etc is. Try this:

Weird…It just worked for me…Bottom line it points you to the actual event piece where the Speakpipe etc is. Try this:

it works for me now

Great question.

Wow, you raise a great point. BResilient, and thanks for posting this. With so few varieties in the livestock breeds commonly found, we face the same danger that the Irish faced in the potato famine: of a disease wiping out an entire susceptible breed and creating a famine. (Good target for those evil people who wish famine and meat-free diets upon us as well.) Sounds like a good time to increase resilience by diversifying livestock breeds.

Posting A Video Question?

Hi Chris, Evie & team. I am unable to attend these live meetings on Wednesday evenings. However, I would like to submit a question via a recorded video. How do I upload the video and where to? Can someone let me know what the process is for this?

Keep Getting Covid

Lots of people in New Zealand are getting covid for second and third times this year. What would be causing that? Anything we can do to lessen chances of catching it again?

a whole bunch of other crypto exchanges just filed for bankruptcy, including Gemini, which is owned by the Winklevos twins. Maybe the money came from these “bankruptcies”

vitamin D, loratadine seem to have worked for me

Are you being sarcastic MonK… or do you really not know why people are getting Covid multiple times? The ethical skeptic, a numbers guy who has been plotting the data, now figures that the recently boosted (< 6 months ago) are 10X more likely to get infected vs. non-vax’ed. The shots negatively affect the immune system, period.