Losing Hope? Focus On Gaining Life Instead.

For over a decade now, my job has been alerting people – the aware few who will listen – to the massive changes ahead. Many of which are now underway.

Covid-19 has brought these changes to the forefront, serving as an accelerant for many of them.

For instance, the wealth gap was large before Covid, but now it’s massively larger. That’s thanks to the issuance of $trillions in newly-created stimulus by the global central banking cartel (led by the US Federal Reserve).

Rising global temperatures, already well underway, have been goosed this year by the absence of airlines’ vapor trails. These trails had served to bounce a lot of heat back into space as the sun’s rays reflected off of them. But with air travel largely absent, surface heat is now setting records.

The feckless US media remains busy fanning the flames of division. A populace that was already divided and confused pre-covid is even more so today, perhaps dangerously so. I can’t see any outcome besides one half of the US electorate being bitterly disappointed by the upcoming November elections.

It’s been clear for a long while now that the western ‘sickcare’ system pursues money over health. But even I (jaded and cynical as I’ve become) have been shocked by how willing many scientists, doctors and pharma companies are to promote untested and expensive new drugs over cheap, widely available and safe solutions. Far too many people are suffering long-lasting bodily damage or death as a result.

A Covid Health Strategy With Integrity

It has been my consistent position that if we’d had caring, responsible health leaders in the US (and in much of Europe, as well) many tens of thousands of lives would have been saved and millions of covid survivors would have better future health outlooks than they do today.

What would a caring, responsible public health strategy be for tackling the covid-19 pandemic, you may be wondering?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s what I would do if in charge – offered in the hopes that health policy decision-makers either follow these common-sense steps or complement them with even smarter ones.

#1 - Immediately Adopt Universal Mask Wearing

The need a clear and consistent position that masks are essential in blocking large viral loads from both leaving and entering people’s bodies.

Not this freak show:

That is an unforgivable and indefensible Tweet. Similar anti-mask statements have been made by the CDC, the W.H.O. and many hospital systems. In my judgement, such egregious and erroneous inconsistency reveals a profound lack of personal and professional integrity, to say nothing of the lack of morals on display.

The logic is, and always has been, simple. A lower viral load (or ‘inoculum’) means your body has a better chance of detecting a viral invader and mounting a defense before the virus gets the upper hand. A mask on a sick person reduces the quantity of virus particles ejected. A mask on a healthy person reduces the intake of virus particles. It’s best if all parties are wearing them during a pandemic. Full stop.

The failure to (a) maintain an adequate stockpile of masks and other essential PPE (b) in the absence of that, advise the use of DIY homemade masks during the temporary shortage and (c) offer big incentives to companies that could have ramped up mask production is collectively one of the greatest health care blunders of the century.

#2 - Provide Clear, Consistent Advice to Use Proven Supplements

All health authorities from Redfield of the CDC, Fauci of the NIAID, Tedros of the WHO, the FDA, and every equivalent health body from every other country should have been advising people to take zinc, Vitamin D, and an ionophore such as Quercetin. And/or Hydroxychloroquine (upon either exposure to Covid, testing positive or exhibiting early symptoms). Vitamin C and a handful of trace elements and vitamins (i.e. selenium, B-12, etc.) should have also been advised, too.

There’s a vast amount of data from prior outbreaks and peer-reviewed research to support the approach of ‘preparing the terrain’; meaning having people’s immune systems as strong possible to fight a viral invader. This is especially and startlingly clear for Vitamin D, something I have been publicly advising since April 10th, 2020, based on available science. It’s manifold benefits are so well-proven that it’s not even remotely up for debate.

That such a campaign for immune system wellness wasn’t pursued, at all, is a massive indictment of the motivations of our so-called health “authorities.” They don’t deserve that moniker and aren’t even worthy of being called crappy “managers”. They remained silent on the subject of how people could cheaply and effectively prepare themselves to fight off Covid, and that has led to many millions of people suffering unnecessary and possibly permanent health consequences.

So why wasn’t this done? I have literally zero knowledge of any US health ‘manager’ advising people to take care of themselves in this way.

#3 - Embrace Effective & Cheap Covid Treatments

By failing to make best use of existing medicines with known anti-viral properties such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, in combination with zinc and either azithromycin or tetracycline, hundreds of thousands of needless deaths have happened.

The story is as ridiculous as it is dark. A perverse system of incentives mostly centered around money, petty politics and inflated egos led to cheap, off-patent medicines being either sidelined or put through studies that were literally designed to fail.

Brave doctors and scientists led the way, suffering enormous reputational damage and professional insults as they published their clinical data from a toxic ecosystem of companies, government agencies and a conflicted, complicit media.

My Youtube video series on Covid, always centered on the science, represents the hardest and most sustained effort of my life. This series was immediately de-monetized by Google/Youtube, thousands of my followers were unsubscribed and the videos were buried by algorithms that cared more about serving the toxic ecosystem than helping us all get through a pandemic.

Google’s motto once was “Don’t be evil.” Seems they lost the “Don’t” somewhere along the way.

Working quickly and usually with early or incomplete data, I managed to surface and publicize the importance of both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine early on. My first mention of Ivermectin was on April 6th 2020. That’s a very long time ago. Yet how many studies on Ivermectin have been completed in the US or UK since then? Zero.

But India has been using this cheap safe drug very successfully. Same for Argentina, which just reported a 0% rate of Covid infection in its front line health care workers. This compares to a 58% positivity rate vs the control group:


Let me repeat that: Ivermectin+ has a 100% rate of success in blocking SARS-CoV-2 infection in the most vulnerable group: front line health care workers.

Meanwhile in the US, no such protection is mentioned let alone recommended by our national health “managers” (who really ought to be fired at a minimum) and no studies have been completed.

Where’s the US media on all this?

Well, they do run heart-wrenching pieces when healthcare workers die. But beyond the “if it bleeds, it leads” dynamic, the media appears otherwise unconcerned or unwilling to report on sound evidence that can prevent future front-line provider deaths. Here’s an example:

How many mentions in there of the excellent prophylactic work done in India that, if implemented, might save many of these lives? Zero. Zero mentions.

This is an enormous scandal and a huge indictment of both US culture and the lack of a proper role for science, logic, and common sense.

Along the way, my Youtube videos on covid-19 have been right far more often than not. They’ve saved lives, truly helped people and have elevated scientific communication about this honey badger of a virus.

Want to guess how many mainstream news outfits have wanted to interview me during the past nine months? Zero.

However, I’ve been derided in the press quite often. Never with an actual interview first being conducted, mind you --as in this truly shameful Mother Jones hit piece that was never retracted or amended:

(Source – Mother Jones)

Yes, Mother Jones, which literally got its start following a mission to nurture citizen journalism, is now writing hit pieces on citizen journalists who dare to buck the system. We’re living in a time of a near universal lack of integrity.

Don't Lose Hope. Gain Life.

The behavior of the national health managers has been shameful, if not criminal. They’ve prioritized many things over saving lives and doing the right things. They’ve promoted bad science and stifled good science. The press has mostly gone along.

What was it that made me decide to pick up my tools and wade into that shitshow? I care. I actually care about people and want to be helpful.

I also don’t have any conflicts. I don’t have a boss with a pet theory or strong political views I have to step carefully around. I don’t have any financial interests in the sick care system, nor will I ever; my ethics forbid such investments.

I care about getting the story right, wherever that leads. I am more than willing to put my reputation on the line. Heck, I could have gotten everything mostly wrong, and that would have been a disaster to my goal of reaching more and more people with a truly important message.

But I didn’t. Using logic and a systematic approach to researching fast moving topics, I managed to get the Covid story pretty much dead right from the very beginning.

I raise all of this not to take a victory lap – because there’s really no victory to be had in this sad tale – but because the same elements that suppressed science and killed & sickened people are also overlooking an even larger story. One that will assuredly impact us all with far more damaging consequences than Covid.

This is the story that I really want to tell. It’s a story of infinite exponential growth on a finite planet. It’s a tale rooted in energy; in many ways it’s really the story of Life.

But instead of boy meets girl, falls in love and lives happily ever after, it goes like this: organism finds tasty food source in abundance, organism explodes in numbers, has no plans for when the food source runs out, and when it does things collapse.

It’s not a tale of woe, necessarily although it might turn out that way, but instead one of change. It’s telling us that the next 20 years are going to be completely unlike the last 20. We have the chance to do better, and live more fully and regeneratively.

Even though the situation may look hopeless at first, I’m filled with hope. The past is gone, the future is here. Our opportunity now is to reclaim our lives and to make of them what we will.

Step one is to disconnect from the old story, which Covid has revealed to be one shot through with fraud, deceit and a profound lack of integrity. If items (1), (2), and (3) above haven’t convinced you that the old story isn’t worth your time and attention anymore, then I’m not sure what will.

Step two is to thoroughly ground yourself in the data and let it tell its own story.

Step three is to leap into action and to use your big human brain as a tool for regeneration and to create abundance.

In Part 2: Get Ready: Here’s What’s Coming, I reveal my current understanding of the next BIG story – the one I’ve been diligently before covid-19 deflected me for a while.

There’s a massive energy and economic crisis on the way, and I don’t think there’s anything anybody in power can do about any of it.

Which is why you need to

Click here to read Part 2 of this report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access).

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How do we take back control over the money we use away from the central banking cartel? It’s called decentralized cryptocurrency, where no intermediaries (trusted third parties / central clearinghouses) are necessary as the leveraging of the implicit trust in the mathematics of strong cryptography (and impartial raw computational power in the case of 1st-mover Proof-of-Work distributed ledger consensus mechanisms) replaces them, once we/Satoshi solved the double-spending problem.
And it’s an inherently antifragile system as there is no central point of failure to which alleged “authorities” or cartels of any kind could go to to shut down their competition. It’s a parallel process of creative destruction, the “process of industrial mutation that continuously revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one”. You can also make strong arguments for Bitcoin (the cryptocurrency with the most computational/hashpower backing) actually being the world’s hardest asset, rather than an “intangible” one as many (generally older) people like to assume.
Allow Andreas Antonopoulos to explain this transition which is not without precedent when looking at it as another infrastructure inversion:

I don’t think masks should be #1, they should be #3, or equally important as #1 and #2 in the case of someone already sick and the elderly and vulnerable. Extended mask usage does not come without undesirable (side-)effects such as hypoxia and hypercapnia, and it can be used and in many cases is being used as a symbol to muzzle/silence us as they do their best to censor all information about #2 and especially #3.
Don’t forget NAC and vitamin B3, as these are very useful to fight off respiratory infections in general. Avoiding glutathione depletion is absolutely essential (NAC is the precursor to take), as is vitamin C depletion, in any infection and many other disease conditions.
There’s also CDS (yes that “bleach” one), which acts just like the endogenous leukocytes-released pathogen-busting hydrogen peroxide reactive oxygen species, which is also highly effective (it’s the primary effective treatment/prophylaxis used in the hispanosphere, at least where HCQ is banned), however I understand both the reticence and the optics of addressing that one, as it’s been demonized to an extreme degree (they really really hate that entire mechanism of action) already prior to the Honeybadger.
Your other big reticence is addressing the fact of vaccine adjuvants. Continuing to pretend vaccines are only attenuated pathogens won’t cut it – all truths about the extreme corruption has to come out. We have no choice. HCQ, ivermectin, vitamin D, are only the top layer that we need to hack at.

Chris Martenson, nice to have you telling us what things were like from your point of view. You’re right, the powers that be on the internet aren’t fair to individuals like you. Too bad Mother Jones wasn’t either and they weren’t the first…didn’t Boston Magazine put out a snarky piece about you? (The author’s first name was “Pagan” …with a name like that how could she have the nerve to be snarky?)

The way I see it, you’re not bragging if you’re just telling us - your followers - how things looked from your point of view.

I don't think masks should be #1, they should be #3, or equally important as #1 and #2 in the case of someone already sick and the elderly and vulnerable. Extended mask usage does not come without undesirable (side-)effects such as hypoxia and hypercapnia,
Sorry and with all due respect, but you've consumed a load of crap somewhere along the way. I've read and seen many studies that all refute your claims here. Further, plenty of people have to wear full face p100 respirators ALL DAY LONG as part of their job, and seem to be just fine. So I'm pretty confident people can manage loose-fitting facial masks when out in public. So either bring data to these claims or drop the assertions please.

I am a friend of a family of Puerto Rican descent named Pagan (pronounced puh-gone’). It’s my sense that it’s a pretty common name on the island.

“…organism finds tasty food source in abundance, organism explodes in numbers, has no plans for when the food source runs out, and when it does things collapse…”
I try to imagine it this way. At birth, we are provided with a couple of amazing technologies.
The first, a result of a research effort (of sorts) that has been ongoing for more than fifty years (a lot more) uses the energy of photons to drive enzymatically-aided chemical processes that actually convert atmospheric gases and water into chemicals suitable to run our metabolism. It’s the proverbial free energy that used to be advertised in the backs of magazines, and it’s real. The technology is well understood, and the source is widely distributed and available at no charge. The source provides enough chemicals that it can maintain a population of several billion of us in comfort, while producing waste that is almost entirely recyclable.
The second technology is based on use of the accumulated carcasses of all living things from the beginning of life until now. There are a large number of disadvantages to the use of this technology, including, apparently, waste issues that lead to the destabilization of the planet’s ecosystems, but the technology has the advantage of using a more concentrated energy source, enabling a few individuals to become extremely wealthy by gaining control of chunks of its source.
Our society has chosen to rely on the latter, which allows the creation of extraordinary wealth for a few, despite our knowledge that this source lasts no more than ten generations and has the effect of endangering the use of the more basic, less concentrated technology.
(Briefly, we used a third technology, one based upon an even more concentrated energy source, but the “woke” movement of its time, in which I proudly participated in an insignificant way, saw to it that this technology was suppressed, because it created invisible but real dangers, and because those dangers were deemed incommensurable with the dangers of the other technologies.)

@Chris Martenson Sorry and with all due respect, but you've consumed a load of crap somewhere along the way. I've read and seen many studies that all refute your claims here. Further, plenty of people have to wear full face p100 respirators ALL DAY LONG as part of their job, and seem to be just fine. So I'm pretty confident people can manage loose-fitting facial masks when out in public. So either bring data to these claims or drop the assertions please.
I'm not saying masks are a bad idea, just that it does have undesirable effects. Just like most drugs, and other NPIs like lockdowns and even social distancing. As I explained here,
There’s a fairly strong case that can be made against mask-wearing [at least in various situations]: https://www.covid19refusers.com/heres-the-science-that-shows-face-mask-mandates-are-political-and-not-medical/ – But of course there’s an enormous difference between wearing them in appropriate situations vs. mandates to wear them everywhere outside at all times, and wearing one in the supermarket vs. wearing one 8h a day 6 times a week at work. To say there are no health consequences to extended mask wearing is absurd, a product of unawareness (because YOU don’t have to wear it 8h a day) or [in some cases] slave mentality. But more importantly, realize that, while to you and decent people around the world, wearing a face mask is about stopping the spread of the virus (based on the belief in the already-officially-retracted claim of extensive asymptomatic spread, whether true or not), but to a minority of criminals, having us wear face masks (muzzles) is about submission, silencing, domination, fear, control, enslavement agendas… while they censor us to prevent the truth about effective cures coming out.
You can even measure your oxygen levels with a device, i.e. you can verify for yourself that your oxygen level can drop to unhealthy levels. Consider also people with other respiratory or oxygen-related conditions, as many elderly have, who are asked to wear them whenever they are outside. I have friends, young and old, workers who wear it 8h a day and even some that wear it far less time than that, who say they have gotten dizzy from wearing it. Not my case at all frankly, but to deny that there are any side-effects at all seems like an exaggeration. There's a trade-off to most things. Masks are now less important than they were (or would have been) early on, as we're now practicing distancing and have effective treatments.

Here’s a study on N95 mask-wearing. This, on healthy pregnant women. Definite changes were noted in all sorts of things - most of which I don’t really understand.
I do wonder what would happen to > 70 year old people subjected to the same conditions.
The conclusion:

Breathing through N95 mask materials have been shown to impede gaseous exchange and impose an additional workload on the metabolic system of pregnant healthcare workers, and this needs to be taken into consideration in guidelines for respirator use. The benefits of using N95 mask to prevent serious emerging infectious diseases should be weighed against potential respiratory consequences associated with extended N95 respirator usage.
This probably doesn't apply to cloth masks. In my use of the N95, it definitely provides more resistance than the cloth masks I've tried. I'm guessing that cloth masks provide a whole lot less protection than the N95. I'd be really interested in finding out just how much lower "inoculum" you would get from using a cloth mask. What percentage are we talking about? Having actual data could be really persuasive to those who don't like wearing masks. I'd be willing to bet that for normal people in most situations, taking a daily Vitamin-D supplement (especially for blacks and native americans) is vastly more helpful than wearing a cloth mask. Likewise - situations matter. Where do we get infected? Mostly, that would be at home, and on transport. Home = nobody is wearing a mask, while transport = mostly people are wearing masks. (And maybe, if we eliminate transmission on transport, maybe it goes away everywhere else too). Of course if you are taking care of someone who is sick, you probably want to wear that N95.

I agree that there is usually some downside and risk/reward with most medical interventions. But Masks, I do not believe qualify here. I cant believe this is still a thing.
Firstly all filter media, be it, an air filter for your AC/heating system or vacuum, all have a filtration rate , usually expressed in CFM. The mask media we wear all have filtration rates that far exceed the air requirements of a human at normal activity. So, there can be no real deficit. However, I do acknowledge there may be a negligible increase in resistance, which most people , except those with respiratory muscle deficits can easily compensate for.
As for the for only risk, Its purely psychological for those who believe it will suffocate them, and therefore refuse to breathe normally, thereby causing some shift in blood gasses… Which , if and when they do pass out will be immediately restored because they will breathe normal once passed out.
David, I am not really surprised about the study with pregnant women. It should be noted that breath rate and gas exchange can be altered just by position. Obviously fit and thinner people are less effected. Its interesting that the study was no pregnant healthcare workers. There is an increased workload on pregnant women , I would expect all kinds of altered dynamics on work load with pregnant women, not just with masks, but breathing alone can be laborious in these individuals as can in obese and unconditioned individuals. But for the regular paper mask with a good flow rate, it should be so negligible in comparison to those other considerations. There are workers in industries that use chemicals all day long that virtually live in full-face mask respirators, like auto painters and exterminators etc. These people are not becoming gas challenged within their bodies… If they are - its more likely to be from smoking, drinking, medications, being unfit, over-weight - or even pregnant.

If I could award a Nobel peace prize I would be giving it to Chris. As a retired MD who was part of the successful containment of SARS (better than all the rest of North American cities, inoculation of new cases from overseas vs resulting deaths), but not this time; Chris has consistently got it right, and has followed the science, a rarity unfortunately. I will be signing up as a paying member (of PP) as my form of recognition.

I had introduced your videos to a friend of mine because she had asked where I was getting my information from. She found the Mother Jones piece and immediately dismissed you saying she trusts MJ. I didn’t even know where to begin to respond. If you don’t get that no one entity has a cornered the market on truth and keep an open mind then you are limiting yourself. Everyone needs to think for themselves. Karen

The bigger issue is overlooked here. Most people in this world (about 94% according to what I have been studying) are incapable of true independent rational thought, wherein a logical conclusion is treated with the same veracity as an empirical observation. This is why it is worthless or even a detriment to argue with most people.
As America descends into Germany 1930s- like tyranny it is important to keep this in mind because rational people who think for themselves are a threat to the fascist state (using Chris Hedges definition of fascism as the merger of state and corporate power).
so my point is:

  1. it is increasingly dangerous to speak truth or argue truth to most people
  2. peak prosperity is a site where rational people can find each other and find the kind of truth seeking that is possible from respectful discussions
  3. it might be best to take the approach “let sleeping dogs lie” when it comes to the majority of people who proudly identify themselves as non-rationals by proclaiming trust in particular media…

Hello PPer’s, I just thought I would put this out here as a sort of connect the dots exercise based on the information Chris has so graciously, like a champ, shared with the world completely free of charge at great personal sacrifice.
I have learned that maybe up to 50% of the population is immune to SarsCov2 based on long term T-Cell immunity. I have also learned that another good percentage of the population maybe somewhere between 25-35% have very mild symptoms when they get sick. That leaves somewhere between 15-25% of the population being susceptible to a serious case of Covid19 and a smaller % of this group will either die or end up with long term health problems from the virus.
According to the CDC, of all the deaths counted, and we know the deaths are inflated because we’ve been told the authorities are inflating the death rates, only 6% of the 172,000+/- deaths was due to Covid alone and the remainder of the Covid deaths had 2.6 co-morbidities.
I’ve learned that Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Selenium and of course Zinc are particularly beneficial immune boosters for the SarsCov2. I’ve learned that quercitin is a potent zinc ionophore along with green tea, which I drink almost on a daily basis. I’ve also stocked up on Elderberry tinctures and syrup.
I’ve learned that HCQ with Zinc and a Z-pac, early on, will knock out Covid, pronto; and I’ve found a doctor in a neighboring town that will prescribe it.
With all the information we have now, knowing there are effective and cheap treatments, after knowing more of the statistics on who’s getting it and who’s not, knowing how to boost the immune system uniquely for this disease, why the need for face masks?
Don’t we all remember that wonderful interview with the guy from Texas who ran a nursing home and he followed Chris’ protocols early, early on, re: quarantine, HCQ and Zinc and only one person died in that nursing home? I don’t remember if he implemented that everyone in the nursing home had to wear facemasks, that’s like having to wear facemasks all day in your home. Maybe just the Staff? Would be good anecdotal information to have.
Quarantine the sick. Quarantine the at risk - voluntarily. Treat them effectively. Let everyone else live their lives so the population can reach heard immunity and then it’s over.
No shut downs. No school closures. No stopping church! No agricultural shut downs. No “essential workers.” Who in the sam hell is qualified enough to make the decision to shut down society?
I don’t believe in force or coercion. What ever guidelines are recommended should remain recommendations, otherwise where does it stop? I have seen Australians beaten for not wearing their masks correctly. I have seen an Australian middle age woman tackled to the ground, sat on by a male officer with his hand on her throat because she was not wearing a face mask. My county wants it’s residents to register if any of us plan on having more than 10 guests at our home - that bit of news this morning was rather chilling. It felt like a noose tightening.
Where do I draw the line? Where do you draw the line? Where do we draw the line?
Seems to me, based on all the evidence Chris has presented, this disease is not the bogey man it was portrayed as initially. I was very afraid and concerned in the beginning but with all the data, my fear meter as to Covid has gone silent.
On the other hand, my fear meter of what is my government going to do next is on high alert. The mismanagement of this whole thing is so incredibly poor, I mean even a broken clock gets it right twice a day, right? The links are below and I saved the best for last.
The best for last, for Chris, who loves peer reviewed science and all on face mask wearing (BTW, the scientists writing the article linked below were really afraid to print it, so they just cited the studies (:

A great read on truth (and certainty) is ‘Being Wrong’ by Katheryn Schulz.

Just to let everyone know, under the most bizarre circumstances I have been called a racist twice in the last 60 days for the first time(s) in my now 60 years on this planet.
While I just tied the knot with my brown sexy man and partner of 16 years, and I know we are not these bodies! I’m not even prejudiced against snakes or wasps or scorpions! I stopped eating flesh food so as to not offend/incur more karma from directly participating in that creature’s suffering.
Has anyone noticed a narrative or two is being shoved down our throats?

Hi Chris, great work, been following you since January.  Since you have a strong science background I wonder if you would take a look at this and comment on it.  Cheap decentralized clean energy is key to the future.  Most people I’ve shown this to just don’t get it, I suspect because they don’t have enough science background.  I think you do:

Kirk Sorensen @ PROTOSPACE on Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors - YouTube

best to start at 5:00

This shows that the Trump administration knew this protocol was effective months ago.

With due respect-
Granted: if everyone wore masks, the rate of infection/transmission would likely drop. That’s a qualitative statement, similar to: if we stopped spewing C02 in the atmosphere, global warming would slow. That’s not a sufficient reason.
Do you have any quantitative data and modeling (not from folks like Neil Ferguson) that would gives us a high confidence in some dramatic improvement of ultimate outcome of this pandemic with respect to lives saved and quality of life by everyone wearing masks? Please share. I have seen nothing but speculation and “it’s reasonable to assume” type argument.
Note that the confirmed cases are plummeting all over the country, even with ramped up testing, and have been since late July.
When do we stop wearing masks according to your protocol? When there are no more cases detected? Epidemiologist have confirmed that SARS-COV2 is not containable, and will always be circulating, and vaccines are only 50-60% effective at best (maybe won’t have a vaccine anyway - recall the failed attempt to develop one for SARS).
Why don’t we wear masks during flu season? The flu does kill also, (20-50K per year in the US at current estimates- and probably more) as you probably know.
Biden is promising a mask mandate. Fear and Control, the herding of sheep, nothing more. Irrespective of whether wearing masks may lead to a significant and demonstably better outcome (and that hasn’t been shown yet), the gov is using the issue as a form of social control.

I have learned that maybe up to 50% of the population is immune to SarsCov2 based on long term T-Cell immunity. I have also learned that another good percentage of the population maybe somewhere between 25-35% have very mild symptoms when they get sick.
I am glad you think you learned something. Show me the study proving this? I can assure it very wrong. Even if you based on tested people., we now know the tests are way off. So, no.. I challenge you and anyone who affirms your statement above to go sit in and take care of covid victim and tell me how it goes.. Trust me you will find very quickly what they call mild illness is not.. and you will also find that this immune to covid is far far from fact. and nowhere near 50%.. it might approach 20% but not 50. AND that is with bad tests. I looked at those ridiculous cherry picked studies, about specific people with significant conditions being affected by masks.. like it substantiates the reason for the other 99.99% of population to throw them away.. Some of those studies were about the wearers protection,. and not the wearer being the spreader. Which is what we are really talking about - so again looking at bad science.. other studies said very little about anything at all.. Just really some of the worst compilation of science I have seen to try to prove the point why to get rid of your mask.. Just crazy stuff .. I feel I do not even need to justify this type of garbage but since its out here.. and we are supposed to be objective.. I will try my best.. But really , those studies are hardly relevant or very bad science.