Mainstream Media's Coverage of Covid-19 Is Still Badly Failing Us

Over half a year into the pandemic and yet the US mainstream media continues to badly fail us when it comes to keeping the public well-informed about the coronavirus and what we can do to protect our health.

First, it remains either silent or complicit in failing to hold our national “leaders” to account.

Early on, it failed in challenging authorities who dismissed and downplayed the covid-19 threat, like CDC Director Robert Redfield who – before reversing and calling for national lockdowns – flatly discouraged Americans from purchasing sanitizers, wearing masks, or stocking up on needed prescriptions.

Yet now, instead of asking tough questions of those like Redfield or WHO Director Tedros Adhanom (who refused for months to declare covid-19 a pandemic), the media continues to simply parrot their statements, many of which continue to fly in the face of the data.

And why is no one in the media asking why there’s been zero guidance given to boosting our immune systems? Good nutrition, sunlight (Vitamin D), more sleep, physical activity, stress management – these are extremely cheap ways to reduce our bodies’ vulnerability to the virus – and yet, not a peep from officials or a probing question from the media.

Sadly, when it comes to staying well-informed, whether on covid-19 or across an increasing number of topics important to our lives, we remain on our own…

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This was a great video and, for me, really struck a perfect balance between explaining the good news (XYZ theory) without dismissing the risks and consequences of the virus. Your compassion for the long haulers is evident and appreciated. It is a tough discussion these days.

Hi Chris, Adam and PPers,
This summer has been furiously busy. I’m never caught up. The hours at work close to doubled because of Covid 19, and my garden is bigger than ever. So reading comments here is out, sadly. But I listen to everything you two put out in audio form, and appreciate your characteristic clarity of communication, which comes with those months of information scouting. I trust what you present greatly, and have personally benefited from the warnings you put forward. Your sarcastic humor is also welcome. It boils down to this: I love your beautiful minds.
Sorry to be missing the rest of you in the threads, but if it’s any consolation, I’m either making money or growing food, or sometimes making money growing food. Since some in my tribe need money and everybody needs to learn how to grow food, it’s all good - especially after a long swim in our cold, incredibly clean and gorgeous lake. Find sanity where you can, I guess.
Thanks PP -

First I would like to say the title is completely wrong. It presupposes that “media” has an obligation to provide something for us which they have clearly never done. One can go back to the Yellow Journalism of Hearst which built San Simeon for him. The media is a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate Amerika. As such it has only one obligation and that is to put out the propaganda which the people who own you want you to hear.
I have the same reaction when I hear complaints about the Fed. The Fed owes nothing to the people of Amerika. It is accountable only to its shareholders. No one here is a shareholder. The shareholders are the largest and oldest banks in the world.
Corporate media has only one constituency. Punchline; you aint it. You are the rube. None of this is new. Edward Bernays was perfecting this 100 years ago. This is a long video but well worth the education.

Hi MM,
Sharp as ever. Due to your post I now know how Schrödingers cat must have felt in that box being both dead and alive. Your post made me laugh and cry; I fully agree and somewhat disagree. I wonder what state I would be in when opening my own “lid” to look inside my box…
Now I’m forced to do some soul searching. The fact that Chris was able to that old saying proofs you are right about MSM. But there is some part in me that cannot fully accept this (yet): surely there must be journalists, and maybe some small news outlets who try to be objective? But than again, maybe Albert Camus was right, every revolution ends in dictatorship, every good start is perverted by power and money ?. More pressing: how can I avoid this perversion in my own life?
Thanks, Dave

MM, you are right. Legally the media has no duty to tell the truth; it’s been codified by judicial fiat:
Another little jolt I got falling down the rabbit hole.

Well as they say it is what it is.
But the media chooses what to focus on. Thus as long it does not focus on something it exists but doesn’t exist. It is obvious for people to focus on what the media reports. But what about what the media does not report?
As an example take Kamala Harris. She is now the darling of the media. You would think she is already the next president. There is already talk about Biden either being a 1 term prez or not making it through his first term. Biden has been the invisible man.
But what is not being reported?
Here is just one item.
It turns out that SV can move a “minimum” of 2.6 million votes and as much as 10 million. Forget the Russians, Chinese, Israelis the big players are the tech moguls. It also turns out that Kamala harris is the darling of SV and has been for years. And where are we seeing this info? CSpan. Not CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NYT, and not even on NPR. That is how the narrative is controlled. You are fed what they want to feed you.
Why is Chris Martenson’s coverage of SC2 so vastly different than the MSM?
When you open the lid ask the cat.

Forgive my naivete Mohammed but what is SV?
By the way, you’ve been cranking out some great posts. Keep 'em coming.
My favorite was something to the effect that the problems of the world don’t have a political solution. Priceless!

As Dr. Martenson ended the video with reference to nutritional supplements, thought I’d post this review article regarding Zn, Vit C, Vit D, Elderberry and Silver as supplements in the context of Covid. Authors affiliated with University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy. Not surprisingly, no ringing endorsements.
One might note that in several states, pharmacy boards have refused to fill prescriptions for HCQ, overriding physicians. There seems to be a trend to object to various measures on the basis of an absence of evidence (of a preferred kind) while blocking evidence from being pursued.
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, as noted in another scientific article.

MM is correct; the problems of the world require a spiritual solution.

All I can say is thank you Peak for all the super early coverage, the amazing forums and advice on covid 19, way before the pandemic broke national news. I don’t understand why our health authorities aren’t promoting Vitamin D, zinc, NAC, Quercetin, Monolaurin etc. and a healthy lifestyle, why they aren’t acknowledging HCQ/Zinc/Azithromycin for early treatment. It’s a travesty. So many needless deaths…the question everyone needs to do is ask why? We need an investigation.

How about this instead of Pitchforks? You need to decide NOW!
We are all appalled by the rabid, vicious polarization of American society and the callous use of our collective pain by corrupt politicians, officials and special interests to solidify their cynical power grabs. The bizarre rhetoric from both rabid left and fanatical right is becoming more and more divorced from reality. In case you’re worried about hearing a political diatribe below, I’ll identify my starting place as “a plague on both their houses”.
Harari, in his book Sapiens suggests that civilizations remain cohesive to the extent that their people share a coherent collective imagined reality. America and most of the West has lost that ability to create a catalyzing common story that will help people draw together to work for a shared better future. Instead we inhabit separate, incompatible mythologies where we must make those with another mythology into the EVIL OTHER, lest we question our own crumbling worldview. None of these competing myths have any capacity to solve the overwhelming problems created by current life conditions. Supposed leaders and the media/money machines propping them up continue to double down and then double down again on their already-failed policies that are spreading a relentless pandemic among a clueless population. Meanwhile, working people are rapidly losing the capacity to economically support themselves as federal policies allow the super wealthy to drain more and more of the liquidity away from main street.
Now, as has been happening for many election cycles, Americans are again being asked to hold their nose against the stench of political corruption and vote for the Least Obnoxious Jerk, because the opposition is “truly EVIL”. There is no longer a shining light on the hill towards which we can look for inspiration. We are simply offered more and more of the same old failing pretend solutions that got us into this swamp in the first place, because the “evil opposition” will be worse.
As public health and economic conditions continue to decline, we ask, all too seriously, when will the pitchforks come out. The anger that should be directed to both parties in Washington has been redirected to inner city vandalism, looting, killing and a predictable backlash against mindless violence directed against the wrong source. What would it take for US, collectively, to identify the true villain, direct our anger towards the correct source and work together for a better future?
The voices on the IDW (intellectual dark web, created by wanabe elites who were driven out of the affluent mainstream when they dared to notice a naked emperor here and there) have an idea. They suggest we create our own alternative ticket, totally independent of both corrupt parties by drafting a couple of honest men.
If you’re not familiar with the IDW, I can tell you that Chris ended up dumped there when Wikipedia delisted him as a conspiracy theorist for accurate Covid reporting and YouTube started unsubscribing his listeners. Censorship is alive and real, IF you dare to tell a truth that conflicts with the official media narrative. Demonization of those with a conflicting view is spreading faster than Covid and it may be more lethal.
I suggest you listen to a few of these videos, in the order below. They get a bit long, but like Chris, they have a lot to say.
An interesting discussion of why we trust some people (like Chris), while we find other abrasive people not useful. This is the best place to start your thinking on the topic of civil discourse in the search for the truth.
A short summary of what they’re trying to do now.

This is where they are in Aug. Here’s the Unity website. Most of us think we can’t possibly fight this behemoth and we’re prepping to build our proverbial ark in the hopes that we can survive the predictable disaster. Most days I agree with that assessment. However my grandmother taught me that life was hard AND I was totally responsible for coping with what it threw at me. She also told me “you NEVER give up”. So, I’m asking every intelligent, thoughtful group I know. Can we justify standing back or are we morally obligated to say NO and try to catalyze enough voices that Wikipedia and YouTube take us as seriously as the Portland rioters. I don’t think we’re a voice in the wilderness anymore. Are we ready to give it one last try before we board up the windows and flood the moats?

Antiviral treatment of SARS-CoV-2-infected hamsters reveals a weak effect of favipiravir and a complete lack of effect for hydroxychloroquine

  This project has received funding from the Covid-19-Fund KU Leuven/UZ Leuven and the COVID-19 call of FWO (G0G4820N), the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreements No 101003627 (SCORE project), funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation under grant agreement INV-00636, the Stichting Antoine Faes. Source:  

Would Zinc have made a difference in this study?

An interesting study out of Singapore:

Vitamin D, Magnesium, B12 Combo Improves COVID Outcomes

The cohort study involved 43 COVID-19 patents who were admitted to the Singapore General Hospital between January 15, 2020, and April 15, 2020. Seventeen of the patients received oral vitamin D3 (1,000 IU), magnesium (150 milligrams (mg)) and vitamin B12 (500 mcg) — together known as DMB — upon admission for a median of five days while 26 patients who did not receive DMB served as the control group.9 Significant benefits were seen among the DMB group, with only 17.6% requiring initiation of oxygen therapy during their hospitalization, compared to 61.5% of those in the control group. The requirement for oxygen is associated with an increased risk of needing intensive care, and the DMB group also benefited in this area. Among those in the DMB group who required supplemental oxygen (three out of the 17 patients), two required ICU admission while one did not. Among the control group, all of those who needed supplemental oxygen required further ICU support. Nine of the DMB patients were given the combination within the first week of the onset of symptoms, and only one among them required oxygen therapy. Overall, only three of the DMB patients deteriorated, two of whom deteriorated within 24 hours and may not have had enough time for the combo to work. The third case was started on DMB after seven days from onset of symptoms, and the researchers believe starting earlier in the course of the infection may be important.

Many doctors treating actual human patients including two of my amazing doctors prescribe HCQ/zinc/azithromycin to their Covid-19 patients and have seen remarkable positive results with it. I’ll go with the doctors on the front line any day over a mouse study that is most likely flawed like most of the HCQ studies have been.

Here, I think, is part of the Spiritual Solution.

I was literally shocked watching the CSpan clip on Silicon Valley (SV) manipulating the vote. I had never thought of this. Thanks for enlightening me Mohammed Mast. Here is the clip again:

You’re preaching to the choir here. I am fully in agreement with Mohammed and you on this issue. Hence my post commending Mohammed for that statement. If you go back and look through the archives, you’ll find that I was one of the first posters on this site to say that while the 3Es are important, they are but a subset of problems with the root problem of this planet and humanity being spiritual in nature.
If you notice, humanity is having everything of a material nature, everything that it once thought was important, being stripped from it step by step, day by day, one by one, until it recognizes that there is only one thing it can truly depend upon, the Source of all things in the universe. As has been said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Once human beings come to a recognition of that fact and act accordingly, understanding who they are, where they come from, why they are here, and where they are going, they and the world they inhabit will be transformed. It is coming. All that is uncertain is when.
The seventh fire teaching Anishinaabe prophecy says there are two options (cross-roads): materialism or spirituality. It says if spirituality is chosen, there will be survival, which is not the case if the choice is materialism. Learn more in the Mishomis book.