Making Sense Of An Increasingly Insensible World

What the heck is going on?

I hear this a lot these days. Developments are happening too quickly to process for many folks, creating a persisting cloud of confusion.

Even focusing down on any particular single event often gets nowhere because so much of what’s going on simply makes no sense

Take for example, the W.H.O. which as recently as two weeks ago recommended that only sick people should wear masks. What? We’ve known for months that people can spread Covid-19 when they are asymptomatic. How can a ‘sick person’ wear a mask if they are sick but even they don’t know that? It just makes no sense. What is even going on?

Or take Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve, who defiantly declared that the Federal Reserve “absolutely does not” contribute to the wealth inequality gap:


Say what?

The Fed is busy buying distressed financial assets for far more than they are worth from the largest and wealthiest of stock and bondholders. That absolutely contributes to inequality.

So does juicing the stock market, or ““market”” as I like to term it (because it’s so distorted it needs two sets of quote marks).

So does appointing Blackrock – the world’s largest private asset manager – to select which private assets should be bought with the freshly-invented currency emanating from the Fed’s electronic printing presses. Should we really be shocked to learn that Blackrock chose their own distressed assets, like the junk bond fund JNK, for the Fed to buy first?

It’s a bald-faced lie for Jay Powell to claim anything other than the Fed is the #1 contributor to inequality. And that’s by a country mile.

So does Powell even think he can state such an obvious untruth and be taken seriously? And why does no one in the media seriously challenge him on this?

What the heck is going on?

The US government is supposed to be an open-book affair. The public has both an interest and a right to know what’s going on with its money.

Yet somehow, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin believes that $500 billion in recent bailout funds shoveled out the door to US corporations both can be and needs to be kept secret:

How is this even possible? How can anybody, let alone a sitting US Treasury Secretary think that it’s okay to keep $500 billion in fund disbursements a secret to the public? What the heck is going on?

At least this hasn’t entirely escaped everyone’s notice:

But ask the average person on the street? 99 out of 100 won’t have a clue this is going on.

Look, in the US alone, 44 million people have applied for jobless claims over the past 12 weeks. Over that same time period, thanks to the efforts of Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve, the Nasdaq 100 powered to brand new all-time highs:

The economy as measured by GDP is thought to have plunged anywhere from 15% to 50% during the quarter…and stocks were not just stable, but positively euphoric over those same 12 weeks, as if gleefully celebrating the largest loss of jobs in US history.

What the heck is going on?

What Comes Next

These and dozens of other weird, backwards, and truly unnatural acts are piling up; each difficult to understand on its own. But taken together, they reveal a current era of great uncertainty and upheaval.

There’s really no other explanation other than something has broken and it scares The Powers That Be to the point that they are wildly flailing about with increasing desperate policies, lies, and extreme actions that would have been unthinkable just a few months ago.

So, here we are.

The important question to ask yourself at this time is: What am I going to do about it?

For my part, I think that this current shock to the world economic system is too great to simply paper over. The loss of economic activity as measured by the demand destruction for oil, which remains down some -20% to -25%, suggests very large future disruptions the economy and, more generally, our way of life. Supply chains will run short of critical supplies and suddenly-blocked money conduits in the financial system imply a cascade of defaults are yet to come.

Nobody is smart enough to figure out in detail what any of that means. It’s just too huge and too complex.

So, what to do about it? You become more resilient. If you’re unsure if your paycheck is secure, you save money, begin thinking about ways to trim expenses, and fire up alternative income streams. Just in case.

If you can’t be certain that the stores will always be stocked with food, you build up a deep pantry and start a garden. Just in case.

If you doubt the ability of the Federal Reserve and Congress to ‘get it right’ you buy gold, invest in your home, and develop a buy list to execute if or when ‘they’ dial up the deficits, debt levels and money printing to even more ludicrous levels. Just in case.

If you’ve been relatively isolated but want a community to enrich your life in good times and support you in bad ones, you dedicate more of your waking hours to doing things with and for your neighbors to strengthen those social bridges. Just in case.

Here’s the thing: nobody knows what’s going to happen next. Our economy, our machinery of state, and our global supply chains are all interconnected complex systems. Such systems have two features:

  1. they are inherently completely unpredictable, and
  2. they have emergent behaviors
An emergent behavior is something that arises out of the conditions of the system. Because humans are complex systems, we can use them as an example.

Put one set of humans in a desert with scant resources on and you’ll get one set of languages, culture, art, technology, and beliefs.

Pick up those same humans, drop them onto a lush and moist prairie and eventually you’ll get an entirely different set of languages, culture, art, technology, and belief systems. The complexity of the ecology and the human species will yield different results under different circumstances.

Even though you know everything there is to know about humans, you cannot possibly predict what will emerge. You can only observe these things as they emerge.

Similarly, our economy and its key derivatives – such as technology and systems of production and distribution – have emerged from the combined actions of billions of people using immense amounts of fossil fuel energy.

What can we expect from our new reality now that tens of millions of formerly-productive people aren’t working? Nobody knows because it’s unpredictable. At the same time oil consumption, our primary energy input, is down by a shocking -20%. What does that mean in terms of changes in behaviors and goods produced? Nobody knows. We can only observe what emergent activity happens (or ceases to happen) next.

Here’s another thing to know about complex systems - perhaps the most important feature: they owe their complexity to the flows of energy through them. More energy and they can become more complex. Less energy and they become less complex, they simplify.

In economic terms, a reduction in energy throughput might manifest as a far simpler arrangement of fewer people working at fewer types of jobs. Or it might mean fewer sorts of goods being produced and reduced services to choose among. Again, we can’t know the future details; but the broad strokes can be defined – and ‘simpler’ is one of those broad strokes that comes along with a -20% drop in oil consumption.

Which is why because I cannot predict the outcome, I prepare.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, driven by a growing internal anxiety of the increasingly insensible developments around us, I purchased a 182-acre property earlier this year. One I’ve been hard at work restoring into a productive and highly-sustainable family homestead.

It’s time to reveal what I’ve been up to.

In Part 2: Building The Foundations Of A Resilient Life, I give you a tour of the specific projects and installations my fiancee Evie and I have been busy with this hectic spring. An important goal of mine as we work to fully activate this property’s potential is to produce a body of “how to” content to help guide you and anyone else interested in making their home more resilient.

It’s the only way I know how to make sense out of today’s increasingly insensible world.

Click here to read Part 2 of this report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access).

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To have spent so many years warning this was coming. So few took the warnings seriously. And you’re living in it now. Does it feel surreal? Just wondering what it’s like from your vantage point

I also felt that this was coming for a long time.
Nonetheless, right now, I personally feel a lot of frustration.
It is just very, very difficult to determine what is actually happening.
Dishonestly and deception have become a way of life in the West. You can’t trust the media, the health care institutions, the government, the educational institutions - you can’t even scientific institutions any more. And that is just to name a few of the players.
We live in an age of almost universal deception. That makes it extraordinarily difficult to figure out what is actually happening - much less to determine what is likely to happen from here on out.
To make matters worse (as Chris points out), it appears that the system is about to go chaotic. Events from here on out are probably completely unpredictable.
I have positioned myself just about as well as I possibly could have.
But in the end, it might make absolutely no difference at all.

That’s a complete “Ditto” here! Well said

Would like to add an observation that is becoming more and more obvious; Nearly every institution upon which our civilization rests is crumbling before our eyes in real time.
My wife showed me an article about how the hospitals are basically gaming the system by over diagnosing covid cases. They get money for every new covid case and the state gets more federal aid for every death. So they are literally putting people who might recover on their own onto respirators. Once on the respirator the lungs weaken and the chances of coming off and living are small. Also they are putting healthy people in the same hospital room with covid cases, the implication was that maybe they want you to catch it…7k for each new case, would you put it past them?
So, now, if you get sick you might not even want to go to the doctor or hospital. Next we have police literally and figuratively on their knees to rioters. One picture showed a police officer on his belly in supplication before a crowd of looters/rioters/protesters. Even if that image doesnt convince you that law enforcement is no longer protecting us, we have half the world going crazy because a police officer murdered a man on video. Reality check…the police are there to protect and serve the citizens, when your protector murders you…they arent functioning as protectors anymore.
Next up the media, literally caught in lie after lie after lie. Disseminating obvious, poorly constructed, and very transparent propaganda that even a child can see through. They have effectively lost their credibility completely at this point. No, we cannot believe anything they say…literally nothing.
I could go on and mention the fed, the government, but Chris touched on those already. When I think about it, I cant see one institution that has maintained it’s credibility. Science…medicine…law enforcement…the media…big business…government…the banking system…markets…its all crumbling. None of it is functioning, none of it is trustworthy.
So what I see happening is people are turning to the natural world. The sun still rises, the rain still waters the ground. My cow never heard of inflation, she gives the same amount of milk no matter what. A 50lb sack of seed potatoes still nets the same yield as it did last year assuming you have properly cultivated your soil. This is the kind of thing that people feel they can depend on when so much of the ‘human world’ [ what I call the artificial world ] is no longer dependable.
For those of us who saw this coming and made the move years ago, it is very self confirming, but also very curious. I am somewhat amazed at how people who snickered at my choices 10 years ago have absolutely no compunctions about calling me up and telling me how they plan on coming up near me and buying land. They want to get out of the city and practice some self reliance. Im supportive and glad to hear it but I cant help notice that there is no recognition that they made fun of my lifestyle not too long ago. Oh well, I guess human nature is nothing if not flexible. The ability of people to completely turn on a dime and pretend as though they have been going that way their whole lives is a kind of strength I suppose. Lets hope its one that will be used to good effect in times to come.

Your comments are spot on. On the whole, there is little we can trust in except God. When people are told for generations they are victims and this is reinforced by political agenda’s and the media, bad things are sure to happen.
No doubt police knew this was occurring but their hands have been tied by the recent happenings. Anarchy. This is what happens when people bash law enforcement, the largest part of whom are honest, good people just trying to keep the peace, serve their communities, and make things better. Likely more of this to follow. It is good that PP and all those here emphasize preparations.

I talked to a healthcare worker who corroborated some of what you are saying. There seemed to be little concern with testing and spotting cases early. Even worse, it looked as if they skimped on protective clothing for health care workers and showed little regard for those workers that fell ill.

In my work in the field of emotional trauma, we have shifted from focusing on changing behavior to instead getting curious on what’s driving the troublesome behavior. I focus on the drivers rather than the content of what people say. I think that applies here with Chris’ questions regarding the huge upheaval that’s going on. In my opinion, gaslighting (oh, you’re not really feeling that way), reality distortion (this is what’s really happening) and denial (nothing to see here) are unconscious ways that people in all kinds of contexts use to manage their own as well as other peoples reactions to the enormous pressures we, collectively, have been facing for a long time now. Unfortunately, I also think there are people who use those mechanisms intentionally to try to manage collective behavior. What’s real? Who can we trust? These questions become increasingly more important as the stakes get higher and higher.
Which is why I want to add a shameless plug to this post. Both Chris and I have talked here about Dr. Lawrence Heller’s groundbreaking healing modality called the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM). Training in this work has been largely limited to licensed mental health professionals across the world. Until now. Beginning later in June the NARM Training Institute is offering an online NARM Basics Training for the first time so that anyone can become a NARM informed professional. In my opinion anyone who works with people in any context whether it be clients, employees or customers, can benefit from learning the signs and behaviors of complex trauma. My understanding of these elements help me consider what may be driving peoples’ behavior in this crazy time and that allows me to be far, far more relationally resilient and also compassionate. In addition to helping me build social capital more easily, I am also more professionally resilient at a time when professional precariousness is spiking. Check it out if you’re curious. End of shameless plug. Thanks for listening.

You know we love you for what you are doing. I have been a member for what, 5 years? Follow your developments all this time. I live nearby, in Ashfield. I have been doing the homestead process for 45 years now. Made most of the mistakes, but still trying. I want to support your efforts while also doing my own. Perhaps my specialty might be useful to you. I am an experienced Title 5 consultant. 25 years as a professional Registered Sanitarian, with always an eye to doing the best systems available under this difficult code. You need an expansion of the septic system? Maybe an evaluation of an existing one? Let me help, please. You have been a delight for me for a long while, I want to offer you service at nearly no cost. Best practices available. My septic designs are based on Eljen ( the only septic system that can be as close as 2 feet to the water table. That means less mounded systems, lower cost systems, and still full compliance. Please call on me if you unfortunately need some question answered on this code. Loved this latest video, nostalgic for my own development here in Ashfield.

I am fully aware that I am speaking from the comfort of my home in New Zealand. Our place has reached stardom and the envy of the rest of the world by the way it handled the Covid-19. This was done under the inspiring leadership of Jacinda Ardern which was chosen by the New Zealand people in 2017. We all deserve the leaders we get. So basically you all should ask yourself in the USA, UK, Brazil and so on: Where did we go wrong? How did we got into the situation we are currently experiencing like a break down of government systems and being lead by uncapable leaders. We all played a role in that and I believe it did not start when Trump was elected but long time before that. Think about it.

There is an old Sufi story about blind men encountering an elephant. One grabs ahold of the leg and says an elephant is like a tree trunk. Another grabs the tail and says an elephant is like a rope.The one who touched the ear said an elephant was like a fan. The one who grabbed the trunk said an elephant was like a thick snake. On and on. The moral is we all have our own subjective views of reality. Reality is objective but we bring our emotions, imprinting, political biases etc to make judgements about objective facts. I am sure THC has lots of stories about eye witness accounts,
You can agree with my subjective response to “what the heck is going on” any which way you choose. It does not change objective reality nor the apparent consensus that there is something seriously amiss.
All of my experience has led me to believe the government is NOT my friend. The banks are not my friends. Corporate Amerika is not my friend. The media is not my friend. Virtually no public institution is my friend. As is said very often here “You are on your own”
I come by that honestly from coming of age in the 60’s. I watched JFK get killed. I watched RFK get killed. I watched MLK get killed. I saw up close and personal the Civil Rights movement. Dogs being sicced on innocent people who just want to be treated equally. I watched the Vietnam war every evening on the news. I lost many friends to that debacle. And for what? Vietnam is now on top of my list of places to go to. I watched as the National Guard murdered 4 innocent students at Kent St. The list is endless.
Then along comes the Powell Memo. I am going to guess not very many people have ever heard of it let alone read it. For me it goes a long way to explaining how the heck we got here. One definition of Fascism is the melding of the state with corporations. The Powell Memo lays out a blueprint for how to accomplish that. BTW Powell was an atty. who eventually was appointed to the Supreme Court by Nixon. What we see now in the economy, colleges, media etc is a direct result of the program laid out in that memo. The fusion of corporations and the state was completed with Citizens United. That was the final nail in the coffin. I knew in the mid 60’s what this country was all about and in 1971 the Powell memo confirmed it. In 1971 I put into motion plans which started in 1968.
So when people are perplexed or frustrated at the media lying to them, the government lying to them, science lying to them it is just more of the same from over 50 years ago and totally predictable. It was predictable because it was a PLAN and none of this is an accident. The first link is Bill Moyers on the memo. It is relatively short considering how profound the impact it has had. The second is the actual memo. Good luck and good night and remember “you are on your own”

Nate from CanadianPrepper:
Market Crash, Civil Conflict, Second Wave and Defunding Police (6/13/20)
“A long [36:57 minutes] free form talk about a variety of issues we currently face
00:35 What this channel is about
02:45 Financial Crisis/ Predictions
06:30 Non-Preppers
08:30- Politicizing issues
10:20- Defunding police?
14:15 Civil unrest
16:30 Race relations
20:05 Media influence on social issues
26:06 Music industry
33:50 Civil conflict?”

For more nuanced information:

Thank you for the kind offer!
And, yes, we’ve got another septic system in front of us on that project across the street. The systems are shockingly expensive. I watched a guy on an excavator spend about 5 days installing what appeared to be $9500 of stuff that the sellers got dinged $48,000 for.
That’s one system. We’re going to have to put in another. The good news? The soil is remarkably well drained. Exceptionally well drained. Heck you could dig it up and sell it to someone else as septic sand practically. If you sifted it, you could.
But even with that, there are many hands reaching into the Title V pocket for their fair share, so any help we could get in reducing that somewhat would be most appreciated.

and where I live? Septics can be an addendum, ie. Shovel, shit, and shut up.(do you entertain alotta folk?)

Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper posts a national guardsman’s personal account of his several days on call up to help with the Seattle Riots.
He tells a story of being sent into crowd control, unarmed, and facing a great deal of verbal abuse. He also explains that the rioters were well prepared with bricks in back packs, a plasma torch for cutting through steal barricades and a number of leaf blowers for returning tear gas to the police.
Basically, he was asked to stand there, be abused by the crowd, and to retreat when pressed. They were under orders to NOT interfere with vandalism, looting and burning.
Even more significant is an essay by Alistair Crooke at Strategic Culture. He tells of his experience at 3 different riots and explains how that were orchestrated similarly. The protestors and counter protestors were “fodder” for the geopolitical machinations of the organizers (who were not at the front lines), and the financiers, who were thousands of mile distant.

  1. The Jewish settler outpost of Beit El in the West Bank near the Palestinian town of Ramallah some 20 years ago.
I head to the back of the sprawling mob, for it is only from this perspective that one can understand the nature of events. You observe the silent organisation in action. Young men smoothly and unobtrusively, position the piles of stones that later would be hurled (mostly ineffectually) at the soldiers who are stood just beyond the range of stone-throwers. Then the protest managers are gone – vanished. I know what is about to unfold. I have just seen two snipers (in this instance, Palestinians), slip into position, well-back, concealed on a hillside over-looking the crossroads. It is a sad sight – the young people massing before me are not dangerous; they generally are decent, sincere young people, angry at the expanding settler-occupation, and hyped by the ‘animators’ sent amongst the crowd to stoke emotions. They are not bad young people. I am sad, because some, I know, will soon be dead, their families mourning a child’s loss tonight. But they are the fodder – innocent fodder – and this is war. At the height of confrontation, the snipers begin. Just a couple of rounds, but enough; they fire with silenced weapons. The Israelis soldiers cannot tell (unlike me), the source of the firing. A number of Palestinian youth fall dead; the mood incandescent. Purpose achieved.
2. Hong Kong
Luongo quotes a September Bloomberg interview with HK tycoon, Jimmy Lai, billionaire publisher of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) scourge, the Apple Daily, and the highly visible interlocutor of official Washington notables, such as Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. In it, Lai pronounced himself convinced that if protests in HK turned violent, China would have no choice but to send the People’s Armed Police units from Shenzen into Hong Kong to put down unrest: “That,” Lai said on Bloomberg TV, “will be a repeat of the Tiananmen Square massacre; and that will bring in the whole world against ChinaHong Kong will be done, and … China will be done, too”. In brief, Lai proposes to ‘burn’ Hong Kong – to ‘save’ Hong Kong. That is, ‘burn it to save it’ from the CCP – to keep its residue in the ‘Anglo-sphere’.
3. American Cities
Why do I write about these twenty-year old events? Because I know well the patterns. I have seen them often. It is a playbook widely used. And I see familiar tell-tales emerging in the videos posted on the current protests in America. Most notable, are the ubiquitous palettes of bricks that mysteriously appear in the background to many videos of the protests (see here for a typical selection). Who is positioning them? Who is paying? U.S. commentator, Michael Snyder, too has noted the “complex network of bicycle scouts to move ahead of demonstrators in different directions of where police were, and where police were not, for purposes of being able to direct groups from the larger group to … where they thought officers would not be.” He observes too, the anticipatory raising of bail money; the preparing of medical teams, ready to treat injuries; and of caches of flammable materials (suitable for torching official vehicles), pre-positioned in places where protests would later occur. All this – with simultaneous protests in more than 380 U.S. cities – in my experience, signals much bigger, silent backstage organization. And behind ‘the organisation’, the instigators lie, far back: maybe even thousands of miles back; and somewhere out there will be the financier. However, in the U.S., commentators say they see no leadership; the protests are amorphous. That is not unusual to see no leadership – a ‘leadership’ appears only if negotiations are sought and planned; otherwise key actors are to be protected from arrest. The most telling sign of a backstage organisation is that on one day, it is ‘full on’, and the next all is quiet – as if a switch has been pulled. It often has. Of course, the overwhelming majority of protestors in the U.S. this last week, were – and are – decent sincere Americans, outraged at George Floyd’s killing and continuing social and institutional racism. Was this then, an Antifa and anarchist operation, as the White House contends? I doubt it – any more than those Palestinian youth in Beit El constituted anything other than fodder for the front of stage. We simply don’t know the backstage. Keep an open mind. Tom Luongo presciently suggests that should we wish to understand better the context to these recent events – and not be stuck at stage appearances – we need to look to Hong Kong for indicators.
Charles Hugh Smith points out that 40% of small business owners are not planning to reopen after the pandemic lockdown is lifted. This will decimate the economy of downtown sections with small shops and restaurants. Add to this an increase in crime as police become more scarce, more reluctant to engage, or are overtly "defunded." The relationship between inner city crime and economic activity is not linear--a 10% increase in crime might cause a 50% decrease in visitors. This, of course, will be most pronounced in black sections. First by pandemic / lockdown, then by crime and un-policed downtown, the inner cities are being burnt. I must suspect that there are fodder, organizers, financiers. All aimed at "a win."

This might educate some people who haven’t been in a violent riot. After reading the whole thing, I’m still 100% convinced political decisions by the Mayor and others are why the taking of the Third Precinct was successful. Please note these facts:

  1. Note the crucial role of “peaceful protesters” contributing to the success of the violent rioters.
  2. The writer doesn’t know what real “rubber bullets” are because he uses that phrase to describe what are clearly paintball marking rounds that leave a glow-in-the-dark paint splotch to identify a rioter who has committed a serious crime and should be arrested. S/he describes the police firing volley after volley of “rubber bullets” which I take to be highly unlikely, due to the paucity of injuries consistent with that weapon. Or maybe when used properly they don’t cause very many horrific injuries (like a demolished eye ball). So what do you think: if a rioter is throwing bricks, throwing Molotov bombs, or shining a laser in people’s eyes, what would be the best police response? What kinds of police response would a judge or jury deem reasonable? Do you think the law should consider such acts as equivalent whether they are directed at police or ordinary citizens? (Would it be a felony to throw a brick at a citizen but not a felony to throw it at a police officer or fire fighter?) What should the punishment be for police who witness these kinds of felonies but take no action to stop or arrest the perpetrators? To help you figure it out, recall this incident from the Rodney King riots. Remember that Reginald Denny wasn’t a police officer or a racist, just a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  3. As you read make a mental note how many violent felonies were committed by the rioters. A felony “aggravated assault” is any act that could reasonably be expected to cause serious bodily injury or even death (or the threat of such an action). That would include throwing bricks, committing arson, throwing Molotov bombs, and shining lasers into the eyes of police on the ground and helicopter pilots. Can you imagine a police or news helicopter pilot being blinded by a laser and losing control of the helicopter?
  4. In light of editorial guidance given recently to reporters not to use the word “looting” because it is stigmatizing, I found it amusing how the rioter/author uses the word frequently and approvingly. So much for political correctness among the rioting class and their fragile feelings. ?

Hello PP Team,
Being a person of limited resources, making the distinction between actionable and non-actionable information is just as, if not more than, important to putting resources into action. So far along the journey on Honey Badger trail, the information from Peak Prosperity has been spot on, with only a few revisions along the way. The current information being presented is a great motivator in keeping our guards (and Masks) up , and our resources topped off. I see so many people every day being lulled into a sense of normalcy…and trying to get back to what we were as a society only a few short months ago. Supermarkets are pretty much full, social NPI’s have fallen by the wayside, people (for the most part) are either working or getting 1k a week. What I am really concerned with is when the 1k/week payments stop, will it be around the same time as the bankruptcies hit, and we start exponential growth of the virus again? Talk about a perfect storm or recipe for disaster…Oh, yeah, let’s throw in a tablespoon of ongoing civil unrest…and maybe a teaspoon of hurricane or earthquake for good measure.
So…What do the tea leaves hold for the average worker bee in July?
Thank you Chris, Adam and the team for keeping us as informed as possible.
P.S. Thank you also for sharing any changes to the daily supplement regiment or EVMS protocols. It seems that transparency in the work place concerning CV cases is not required…or recommended.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend. The weather has been gorgeous here in Washington DC, where there is absolutely no mention of Seattle in the Washington Post Sunday edition. Nothing to see here. No worries. Would never happen in my city? Must not be worth noting.
Just a few months ago would you ever have accepted as a possibility that oil futures could fall more than 300%, in a blink, into negative territory?
Just a few months ago would you ever have accepted as a possibility that a major metropolitan police force would abandon a downtown station and withdraw leaving those who live work and own businesses to themselves?
Looking at a map I see just a block away more than one book company. There are eateries, churches, and a lock smith. Mostly though this is a heavily populated residential district, home approximately 30,000 people.
What does all this mean?