Mattias Desmet on Mass Formation

“time to take a courageous stand” ?!
Not likely for a group that could best be described as Peak Cowardice.


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A few years ago, I visited your brewery while attending Craft Brewer’s Conference. I’m a board game enthusiast, so we decided to hit up the Wizard’s Chest.
I looked at my girlfriend and said, “Well how convenient? There’s a brewery across the road.”
If you’re headed to Minneapolis this spring, we should meetup for a beer.


Thanks Taswegian,
Good to see you are putting the effort in and you’re absolutely right in building part of the parallel structure. Every single bit helps, at the least for your personal and local community’s resilience.
My point is more with regards to gaining critical mass quickly enough to have an influence in breaking the spell of the mass hypnotized before things derail for the dissenters (us). Basically to become a viable alternative outside the control and influence of TPTB.
Given most of the commons do not have a homestead with sufficient garden, water well and cattle there is a point in time to reach out beyond the self sustainability and rely on some kind of supply. If this is behind the paywall of TPTB (passes, qr codes, whatever) and settled for in controlled fiat (usd, cbdc) the reliance will instill obedience and continue the spell.
The current fear in the masses and spurring rage against the involuntary scapegoats is hard to watch. I’m not afraid to defend myself, but do not want to become an agressor. Question is will peaceful resistance remain an option.
I sense a change in pace and rigidity in mandates and public opinion which does not bode well.
The next step might be a violent attack on a public figure and it almost feels like this part of the plan as they can subsequently increase suppression by the military to counter “domestic terrorism”.
All in all given these observations I believe the train is derailing too fast to have a sufficient parallel structure in place for most to rely and take part in.
We can still try in our own communities and hope the spell will be broken in another way.


I’m struggling to fully take in the “lack of social bond”. As many I am connected to that are fully in the vax is the only solution to leading us through the fog camp, are I would argue more socially bonded than myself. The only way I can draw sense making is, it is more about the qualitative social bond hierarchy rather than a quantitative model. Meaning the primary social bond hierarchy is how I am bonded to something greater than myself, then myself, my family, my community and lastly the global community. Leaving room for more nuance I imagine. What I do feel is true is that hierarchy of bondedness has been turned disrupted and the local community and global community bondedness has been elevated above the relationships to spirit, self and family. When the narrative of vax to health came out many feeling that loss of local community and global community, where they got most of their needs met, suffered the greatest losses. Because they couldn’t ground in spirit, themselves or their families.


Let us know when the English version of the book comes out.
Particularly would enjoy the voice over version so that I can listen to it on Audible (or elsewhere).
Let me know if you need help with voice over talent. My wife does voice over and has an affordable rate.


My most insightful chats occur with the plumber, the person who services the furnace, and the appliance repairman. Know them each by name over the years. I’ll make a side-bar comment about the cra-cra going on and the dam opens. I find the working class to be far more awake than the intellectual class. To me, these folks add more tangible value than the spreadsheet doctors, financial manipulators, and assorted paper pushers, especially now. Best people by far to know when the SHTF.


Fauci’s behavior has nothing to do with guilt. If he felt guilty for creating or releasing the virus he wouldn’t be pushing bogus responses. He’d get behind treatments that work and not push vaccines that are clearly dangerous.
RFK describes exactly what’s behind it all in his book. He also details the prior, and continuing, crimes Fauci is guilty of. If he didn’t feel guilt for murdering thousands of orphans in evil experiments, millions of HIV positive people, forcing approval of hundreds of toxic drugs, or any of the countless other grossly illegal and immoral things he’s done he certainly isn’t going to feel guilt about the corona virus.
The first chapter alone will dispel any thoughts that Fauci is anything but a sociopath.


You wrote:

RFK describes exactly what's behind it all in his book.
I am about halfway through RFK's book. All the things that are happening now are just a replay of things that Fauci has done before. Fauci should have been sent packing after the AIDS debacle. The whole thing is horrifying.

Appreciate your first post, RO. I think you’ll find that the rabbit hole goes deeper than it first appears.
For one thing, there have been multiple pandemic simulations over the years around the world, culminating in Event 201 in the US in October 2019. RFK Jr. notes that the focus of these was not so much public health, but coordinated control of the measures and the narrative. Event 201 was sponsored by the BMGF and the WEF and Johns Hopkins. Check out the highlights video and you’ll note how predictive it was.
The WEF has trained many of the present global leaders through its Young Leaders Program and this, rather than a US lead per se, could explain the lockstep approach to the pandemic. Putter around and see who has previously been through the program - includes Jacinda Ardern of NZ, for example.
Dr. David Martin has followed the trail of the patents on both the genetically modified micro-organisms and the vaccines, which well predate this pandemic. I don’t agree all his speculations, but the patents he references do exist on public websites.
The Trusted News Initiative (quite an Orwellian name) was also implemented beforehand to control the narrative. It includes the usual suspects.
Also look into a seminar sponsored by the Milken Institute in which Dr. Fauci and others discuss how to implement a universal flu vaccination program by promoting something scarier than the flu and using emergency powers to get around the lengthy and unwieldy drug approval process.
The emergency use authorizations for the experimental drugs/vaccines require there be no other efficacious and approved drug available for the same indication. This explains why existing efficacious drugs had to be de-legitimized and suppressed.
Why the push to universal cradle-to-grave vaccination program? Universal vaccines link to a global digital ID, a goal sponsored by Microsoft and BMGF through the ID2020 project. Notice the target date of this program - 2020.
Finally, why have a cradle-to-grave digital ID? To control access to resources, travel, employment. Digital ID paves the way for “surveillance capitalism”, using health status as a pretext. The pilot study, sponsored by Gates, has been conducted in India and enrolled 1.3 billion people. Read about the history of India’s Aardhar system of immunization-linked digital ID here.
This brings us full circle to the conditions for totalitarianism discussed by Dr. Desmet. The hypnosis is needed to obscure the program goals while promoting adherence.
The pieces are all hiding in plain site, but what ordinary person would concern themselves with this rabbit hole? Normal people simply go about our lives.
Hence, only the small secrets must be hidden. The really big ones are obscured by public incredulity.
They have a schedule - Agenda 2030 - and are racing against time to get there. If this all sounds apocalyptic, remember that the Greek word for apocalypse actually means - uncovering or revelation.
The awake are fortunate to be aware. My thoughts on next steps in follow up post.


Thanks Chris and Professor Desmet for the excellent and well expressed insight into the underlying basis of the mass formation. I will be sharing this with others, especially my “intellectual” friends as they tend to be more accepting of “truths” given by other intellectuals.


There is the possibility for a bright future, but tptb are currently ignoring and suppressing it. Regenerative agriculture is amazing. Yes, currently most large scale regenerative agriculture I’m aware of does rely on external energy (fossil fuels for tractors, freezers, etc) but uses massively less than “conventional” agriculture and produces higher quality food while healing the environment. People like Gabe Brown produce similar yields to their “conventional” neighbors without all the filling, pesticides, fertilizers, etc, and are building better, deeper soils in the process. There would be a few hard years of shock as the soils recovered and yields were lower, but we could have a healthier planet and population with a larger adoption of regenerative practices. Instead “They” are busy demonizing animals and telling everyone to eat more of the resource hogging annual crops that deplete the soil and demand massive inputs. Learn about regenerative agriculture, support it locally, practice it yourself (to the best of your abilities/in your circumstances) and spread the word.


Regarding the drive to totalitarianism. I concur with Dr. Desmet that the underlying problem is metaphysical - a flawed materialistic view of mankind. The view that human beings are like livestock that can be manipulated, controlled, enhanced trough trans-humanism, and so forth, profoundly misunderstands human nature and diminishes humanity. The hubris of the technocratic program will be the source of its own destruction - perhaps not immediately, but eventually.
I share the opinion that parallel structures are needed to survive in the short term, in my view they must be low tech and decentralized. Each one must reach a few. And one of the few in each then reach others. And so on. To crete a network. Widespread but decentralized nodes will be more resilient to infiltration, as TPTB will do their utmost to undermine them. Low tech to circumvent high tech control.
They have a schedule - 2030 - are racing against time to get there. Omicron, for example was mentioned by WEF back in July (search the way back machine) then the post was updated around November 26, 2021. Surfacing Omicron now, in my view, has certain advantages - it distracts from the growing global resistance to mandates , it refocuses the hypnosis, it creates the pretext for further isolation and disconnection though lock downs, it can be used to promote scapegoating of the unvaccinated, and so on.
I expect the next move is to crash the internet to disable communication and bring down the now irreparable financial system. Then bring it back up to reset the system (great reset) and institute global digital currency to complement the digital ID.
Maybe China will be the scapegoat (limited hangout).
Then the TPTB rides in to save the day with the solution that represents what they wanted to implement all along.
Perhaps when they bring the system down, they will forgive debt in return for claiming your property, then give you digital universal basic income (rations tied to compliance). You will own nothing and you will be happy. Speculation on my part, but not improbable given they are signaling this in many forums.
So again, I personally think we need to go low tech in our resilience and personal connections.
Second, I’m not just about short-term physical survial but about long-term conservation - and one thing to conserve is an alternative way of being and thinking to pass onto the next generation. A repudiation of and an alternative to the technocratic view of humanity. A preservation of the enlightenment tradition. And so forth. This can be done in the ancient way of the tradition of elders passing on preserved knowledge, both practical, philosophical, and spiritual. Decentralized groups is one way to do this.
In Fourth Turning language, the next generation are the Hero generation that will rebuild. Working to Restore and Rebuild a humanistic society can be the meaning and purpose that connects both elder - Prophet - and younger - Hero - generations.
These are my initial thoughts. Sorry for the long ramble - hope some of it is helpful.


IG: I strongly agree with everything you’ve posted here (#29,#32).
There is so much more going on than what MSM wants us to focus our attention on.
What are your thoughts on the Grand Solar Minimum? I recently started following David Dubyne on youtube, and, if he is correct, we have another big problem to worry about: 3 decades of cooler temps, more cloud cover, shorter growing seasons, and less food production – starting in 2022, gradually worsening, with the nadir in … 2030.


Hello, great Interview and good ideas. I encounter a lot of crasy talk from Friends. I find it hard to deal with them and this new Situation. It is depressing to watch. Heads Up and prepare i try the Same. But as always resources / possibilities are limited. Dont let your selfs be lulled into fake hope. Do what you can to better your situation, at a certain time moving out of the way is all you can do.


Nice hypothesis but I think it falls down with Fauci having the ability to feel guilt.


Problem with mass natural immunity is the recent research which finds that vaccine induced immunity prohibits the broad natural immune system - so those vaccinated will always be vulnerable to variants as the have a narrow immune response. Or something like that.


Repetition might work to deepen hypnosis and generally browbeat, but it annoys me. Repetition can be helpful if the audience is changing such that not all have had the opportunity to hear the important points, or those points require a lot of context before they can be fully understood. If they are repeated simply because the messenger is not believed to be competent or trustworthy, repetition may seem to the audience as the same tactics used by salesmen and ideologues. This can be a tricky thing, since another reason for repetition is to celebrate good news with others or to issue a stern warning out of concern, but if the audience projects their own dishonorable characteristics onto you… I suppose those are the 30% you need not address as your audience. But the middle, on-the-fence group needs reliable sense-making information from a variety of sources until they have their a-ha! moments, not the same information repeatedly.


We all know we have been lied to from the outset. This sets up anxiety to begin with. We now no longer believe any narratives. We are angry at being mandated, nudged, cajoled, we feel managed by either idiots or people with agendas. Everything stinks.
This has set up at least 2 camps over the vaccine some see the vaccine as a saviour or a poison.
I am in neither camp.
I wish to bring you some important information that so far has still not been noticed in this tribe so I will try once more:
I myself actually got my third Pfizer jab/shot a few weeks ago. However I got mine aspirated. I doubt I will have been damaged in the first 2 as I am over 60 with perhaps smaller veins than say a professional sportsman. I had to argue with a nurse to do the old school method (lost wisdom). The extra step I asked her to include takes less than 2 seconds. If she had refused this little English lady the choice of how the vaccine went into my body (my choice) I was going to walk out noisily without my jab and tell the waiting queue why.
The reason I was prepared to do this, not necessarily for my benefit but to get the clinicians to question their methods. As the WHO tends to ignore anything but western studies our clinicians will be made to do what the WHO advises in their green book which is out of date especially with these new vector not-vaccines.
Yesterday the western, peer reviewed paper came out that proved aspiration might just be a good idea and save rather a lot of people from death or the living hell of Long AZ or perhaps Long Pfizer.
Perhaps folks from both camps may derive some comfort this info. Maybe there is a middle road. It could be the delivery rather than the vaccine that is doing some damage.
What scares me though is this info may give all the vaccine manufacturers absolution from wrong doing even though they never gave aspirated advice just the guidance to inject the deltoid muscle.


It has been noticed in this tribe, many of us follow Dr Campbell and he has been insistent about aspiration. But that cannot explain all the many side effects of the vaccines.