Mattias Desmet on Mass Formation

Thank you @RichCabot, I have interacted closely with two or three high functioning “sociopaths” in my lifetime, and, yes, I can accept your explanation as more plausible then my explanation of “guilt”.
Your explanation also explains much better why Fauci was tinkering with adding function to these viruses in the first place.
To further tease out the “sociopath” thesis: I wonder what Fauci’s family says about him? How about those people who have worked closely with him over the past 30 years? We need to start digging deeper! We need to find the “Mary Trump” in his family.
I will have to pick up a copy of the book that you mention, maybe some of the answers are in there.
If he is a sociopath – then alongside Trump who was another “sociopath” – that means we’ve had two soci0paths contribute to nearly completely destroying our American way of life over the past 5 years!
This is consistent with the experience I’ve had with sociopaths: one as a business partner nearly destroyed me personally, and one as a romantic partner nearly killed me. These people are destroyers of all that is good, just, fair, and has virtue in the world.
As a humanity, we desperately need to fund research on how sociopaths come to power, how they have contributed to 90% of the destruction of human life and prosperity over recorded human history (Hitler, Musolini … Xi,Trump, etc.) and how we can design our recruitment and election processes at our organizations and institutions to prevent people who are entirely missing the “empathy” and “love” modules of their brain from becoming leaders of important organizations and institutions.
I would invest my money in this cause if others would join me. I had solicited interest from the head of sociology at Stanford to pursue a formal program on this topic a few years ago, and he generally agreed with my thesis, but we didn’t end up pursuing it as both of our lives are too busy. But we should have.
Chris: if you are reading. Let me know if you’d like to share the research proposal that I shared, you have the platform to try to gather people to take up such a cause. This is a centuries old problem that has never been tackled in a serious way within social science, and one of the most vexing problems facing humanity, imho.

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Horrifying. I have tears in my eyes. I just ordered the book.

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Primary Care_MD wrote:

What are your thoughts on the Grand Solar Minimum? I recently started following David Dubyne on youtube, and, if he is correct, we have another big problem to worry about: 3 decades of cooler temps, more cloud cover, shorter growing seasons, and less food production -- starting in 2022, gradually worsening, with the nadir in .... 2030.
The Grand Solar Minimum may be here or not. The best estimates I've seen for this solar cycle (SC25) is it will be similar to solar cycle 24. Most of the basis for this prediction is that the uptick slope of sunspot numbers wouldn't be as strong if the sun was starting a deep sleep like it did in the Maunder Minimum. Unfortunately, our understanding of the sun's inner workings isn't complete enough to make accurate forecasts. I haven't heard of David Dubyne's work. Dr. Valentina Zharkova has modeled the sun as a double dynamo and generated some remarkable results with backcasting. Here is a link and abstract to a paper (only 14 pages) she and others wrote that use her double dynamo model to show Grand Minimums and Maximums occur periodically. Recently discovered long-term oscillations of the solar background magnetic field associated with double dynamo waves generated in inner and outer layers of the Sun indicate that the solar activity is heading in the next three decades (2019-2055) to a Modern grand minimum similar to Maunder one. On the other hand, a reconstruction of solar total irradiance suggests that since the Maunder minimum there is an increase in the cycle-averaged total solar irradiance (TSI) by a value of about 1−1.5 W m−2 closely correlated with an increase of the baseline (average) terrestrial temperature. In order to understand these two opposite trends, we calculated the double dynamo summary curve of magnetic field variations backward one hundred thousand years allowing us to confirm strong oscillations of solar activity in regular (11 year) and recently reported grand (350-400 year) solar cycles caused by actions of the double solar dynamo. In addition, oscillations of the baseline (zero-line) of magnetic field with a period of 1950±95 years (a super-grand cycle) are discovered by applying a running averaging filter to suppress large-scale oscillations of 11 year cycles. Latest minimum of the baseline oscillations is found to coincide with the grand solar minimum (the Maunder minimum) occurred before the current super-grand cycle start. Since then the baseline magnitude became slowly increasing towards its maximum at 2700 to be followed by its decrease and minimum at 3700. These oscillations of the baseline solar magnetic field are found associated with a long-term solar inertial motion about the barycenter of the solar system and closely linked to an increase of solar irradiance and terrestrial temperature in the past two centuries. This trend is anticipated to continue in the next five centuries that can lead to a further natural increase of the terrestrial temperature by 2.5◦C
(Bolding by Grover.) One of the big tenets of AGW is that the total solar irradiance varies by ~0.1% over the course of the ~11 year solar cycle. They therefore conclude that such a small percentage change in TSI can essentially be ignored. It doesn't matter that ALL energy inputs other than solar in total are less than this variance. They just want to blame atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations in order to subjugate the populace. It's the same play book being used for the plandemic. Hmmm. The second highlighted portion gives a more credible reason for seeing increased temperatures over the past 2 centuries. She also forecasts that this trend will continue for the next 5 centuries when earth's temperatures will be 2.5°C higher on average. This may be disheartening to most fearful followers of AGW. You can ameliorate your fears knowing that warmer temperatures are more conducive to plant growth. Also, as much as politicians would like to tax carbon emissions and distribute those taxes to the organizations that supply the majority of their campaign funds ... they really are powerless to control this phenomenon. Grover

Great interview! Much Thanks!
Makes a lot of sense as a hypothesis/theory; however is it falsifiable? Don’t get me wrong, we need working hypothesis and this one is good, and probably to an extent accurate - at least with respect to the masses.
However it seems to lead to the following conclusions:
All totalitarianisms that leads to atrocities are just a scientific phenomena, explained by some form of reductive materialism - although in the case of psychology, we are unable to connect the material to the phenomena, so we have to invent the concept of “mass formation”.
Good/evil? Responsiblity or free will? These concepts of course are not scientific so they are jettisoned at the outset, and we are left with: Hitler, Stalin, Jacobins, etc., were just folks under some hypnosis doing what they thought was right. Who’s responsible then, nobody?
I reject any theory that denies free will and let’s genocidal maniacs and there minions off the hook as being hypnotized (Desmet himself admits that people under hypnosis can’t typically be turned into murderers if they weren’t already capable of it). Sure, the masses can be manipulated, using modern psychological warfare to effect a “banality of evil” as Arendt described.
Desmet seems to go further an imply that the leaders themselves are part of the formation and are under some kind of hypnosis. Under this theory, the defense of Goering and others at Nuremburg, “just following orders” becomes “I was under a trance” and did not know what I was doing, which of course exculpates one from liability if true since actions are not “voluntary” but rather under hypnosis.
How does mass formation fit into human evolution? Can’t wait for Richard Dawkins next bestseller in which he explains how this type of behavior provides fitness for the evolution of homo sapiens .
Maybe, just maybe free will and free agency drive these types of events and good vs evil is playing out before us.


Thank you for sharing these ideas and resources. I will study them.
Personally, as a young professor in my mid- to late 20s I had experiences attended G20 meetings, WEF meetings, APEC meetings, Milken events, etc.
Today I am in my mid 40s, a private business man, and it’s been more than a decade since I attended any of these international forums. I actually walked out on the ivy league professor lifestyle at age 31 as I found it to be entitled, pointless, unproductive, and I needed to be working on grounded problems with small teams to feel I was actually making a difference.
Anyways, I only mention this personal background, as I need to share it in order to also explain that I have a very hard time based on my personal experience within the “international community” – as it is called by the insiders who attend WEF meetings – in accepting any explanations of world events involving any kind of “grand conspiracy theory”.
The emergence of societal level phenomenon is incredibly messy, and I believe we need to be careful not to “over connect the dots” as we try to interpret and understand the path-dependent events of history.
I do absolutely 100% agree that each of the elements that you describe could exist as key catalysts within the historical narrative, and together the confluence of this set of people and motivations that you have described could very well have had the net effect of creating the “societal psychosis” outcome we are now witnessing.
My interpretation of history can certainly expand to include all of the people and motivations that you’ve noted (thank you!), but, I will probably always stop short of any “grand conspiracy theory” kind of explanation, because, in my personal life experience within these various multi-national forums and the people who attend them I’ve never really seen any “a priori collusion” of that scale or extent.
What I have witnessed is merely the work of individual actors, the sharing of ideas, and the convergence of the self-interests across various individual, organizational, and state actors leading into a societal inertia, which, and in hindsight it is dangerously tempting to explain this as something that must have been coordinated.
The thing to watch for is when self-interests of powerful actors converge, and, these are the cracks in history in which the ugliest events can be lurking and hidden!
As an example, if the US funded the creation of Covid-19 and China hatched it in its laboratory and let it loose on the world, then both of these actors have a vested interest in hiding its true origins! It is this convergence of self-interest that enables the devilish actions to be covered-up. Thus, the only real conspiracy is the conspiracy of silence! Conspiracy of silence, yes, I buy that!
There is no need to have US and China colluding a priori to explain the cover-up, simply a model of self-interested behavior is enough to explain it, right?
As another example: all of the oil majors, automobile companies, transportation industry, and Western governments (who love the tax revenue of the industrial economy) have refused for years to look seriously at climate change. That is another conspiracy of silence that can be explained by overlapping self-interests.
This could be a great book title for a book covering the history of the 21st century: “The Conspiracies of Silence That Led to the Destruction of Humanity in the 21st Century”. :slight_smile:


agree Rosehip . Connection to Spirit/Soul, Family, then Community


Hi Chris, You/We seem to be in a bit of a catch 22. The Human species is in population overshoot. You mention that the world population would have to halve - and for 70% of jobs to go - to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions.
It would seem that those who are driving the ‘Great Reset’ agree, and are enacting their plan to achieve that (putting aside that they have been the drivers behind creating the problem/s).
We can only do our best to survive and work towards a future where they do not maintain control of the world for too long.


“Escape from Freedom” by E. F. explains the movement toward “Totalitarianism” far better than any “alienation” that is caused by “anxiety” or by “cognitive dissonance” in or by “hypnosis” in our Western World.
It is clear that this “psychological operation” and that this “bio-weapon” of Covid-19 is the pretext to inject the actual “bio-weapon” of these spike proteins- all to destroy the immune systems of those foolish enough to buy all of the false “official narratives”.
The 10-20% are intelligent and perceptive enough to see through all the “bs” of the controlled mass media. Only about 30% aren’t either, and drink the “koolaid” and the rest just “go along to get along” and are not committed either way and these all can be “deprogrammed”.
Chris was correct in that this is “enemy action” by both sociopaths and psychopaths.
The genocide and depopulation of the planet, specifically of “Westerners”, was all planned since the end of World War 2, by all those that alone actually won that war:
“They”, or the “Usual Suspects”, or the “Cabal”, or the “Cult” all from ancient Khazaria.
That is what David Icke and all others that have actually discovered the truth by really connecting all the dots and by following the money and the real history that is “totally unknown” to almost all so-called “historians”.

This brings us full circle to the conditions for totalitarianism discussed by Dr. Desmet. The hypnosis is needed to obscure the program goals while promoting adherence. The pieces are all hiding in plain site, but what ordinary person would concern themselves with this rabbit hole? Normal people simply go about our lives. Hence, only the small secrets must be hidden. The really big ones are obscured by public incredulity. They have a schedule - Agenda 2030 - and are racing against time to get there. If this all sounds apocalyptic, remember that the Greek word for apocalypse actually means - uncovering or revelation.
I concur strongly with Island Girl on both problem definition and where ultimately the best solution space (distributed resilience networks )potential is. Both her posts (#29,#32) are worth re reading and following the links therein. While Mass formation is present. It was and is, purposefully engineered and promoted by powerful interests. Many of the instigating players are sociopaths, but not all. Some are true believers and some are just followers. Regardless, they are all culpable and they and their agenda need to be stopped and discredited. I also agree that at it's root this is a metaphysical problem and any solution renewal will need to integrate that at it's core. Given the state of the art emotion based propaganda/advertising and psychological manipulation campaign that is driving these agenda items there is Zero chance that this mass formation is accidental alignment of events or an organic emergence. Her brief outline of some of the major interlocking pieces of the puzzle that precedes the above quoted summary captures the essence of what is going on.
I share the opinion that parallel structures are needed to survive in the short term, in my view they must be low tech and decentralized. Each one must reach a few. And one of the few in each then reach others. And so on. To create a network. Widespread but decentralized nodes will be more resilient to infiltration, as TPTB will do their utmost to undermine them. Low tech to circumvent high tech control.
As to the solution space, I also agree strongly with Island Girl on this but I would modify it by saying that this is a desirable end state and that a "Diagonal" approach would leverage and utilize the very "Enemy" high tech and hierarchal structures that we're hoping to outcompete, thus allowing the emergence and successful establishment of the low tech decentralized resilient networks. Resilient network topologies is an area of great interest to me and I hope to distill my research and thoughts on this in the near future. mm

Total solar output and it’s effect on Earth temperatures also needs to take high energy particles into consideration. Especially how they interact and are effected by changes in our geomagnetic field. Cycles/variances of that field (like the polar excursion that seems to be going on at present) interacting with solar particles and galactic cosmic rays, have impacts on cloud cover/planetary albedo. It is not completely understood, and I’m not sure how much those things are included in climate modeling, if at all.


Well, you perplexed me when you listed Trump along with Hitler, Mussolini and Xi as being examples of sociopathy. An ego-driven buffoon much of the time? Yeah, for sure. But you are either woefully ignorant of the historical atrocities of the above-mentioned folks or you are simply media-captured and don’t see it. For all his faults (and they are many) Trump was no sociopath.


I am not saying it is the cure all answer. However it seems clear to me that if you do feel the need to be vaccinated you should at least be able ask for it to be delivered in the correct way. I have seen lot of ‘scientific’ info as to why you should not get the vaccine I have also seen equally ‘scientific’ refutations . I always try to challenge my views and maybe moderate my conclusions. Everybody should look at all sides and do risk assessment for themselves.
None of us have the definitive answer. My own position is different to others so I must make a decision for myself. I just post here to let more info be available for others who may not be aware there are more than 2 choices. I do not stick to a couple of commentators. Uncle Chris has been a great resource and so has Dr. John. One thing I am sure of is I want a life back even if I am going to die of some dreadful disease or some malign vaccine. My younger sister has had long Covid for over a year, it has razed her life to the ground. Whilst it looks like the Omicron could be quite mild for the vaccinated we have no idea how it may affect non vaccinated individuals yet. I truly hope this version is not such a big deal for anybody. I really wish all well with their choice. I would not mind chancing my arm at this version with a little protection as I am in the age group who has a much reduced chance of doing well. I would like the natural immunity if possible and looking at the infection figures in the U.K. today I may just have to deal with it myself. I do not for a minute believe that I have a ticking time bomb in me that seems to be flexible as time goes on. I have not got a new auto immune disease my heart has not so much fluttered . Even if the bomb explodes I might just have a little time to have my real life back before I peg it. Younger fit people have the luxury to choose, some of us are faced with Hobson’s choice. Get the vaccine and suffer maybe, or get Covid and suffer maybe.
I will never curl my lip at others who have made a different choice to me.
The only thing we can all be sure of is we are considered, by the ‘great and the good’ too stupid to handle the real truth and we all know there are many guilty parties with blood on their hands but never will be brought to book.


What was your reaction to John Campbell’s admission that he did NOT aspirate his recent booster shot? I saw it in one of his updates, as an aside to underscore the point that apparently it’s futile to expect aspiration.
If you missed it, John Campbell said he did argue to receive an aspirated booster but he was refused so he simply accepted the un-aspirated booster.
My reaction? I was shocked. Then I felt deeply sad for John Campbell. Then I wondered what kind of cognitive dissonance he must be experiencing. I cannot imagine the situation where John Campbell, with his decades of experience, obvious kindness, concern for his fellow humans, and scientific knowledge submits his integrity to the know-nothing clerk who administered the shot. What a farce.


Thank-you Chris & Mattias, this helps explain the feelings and opinions my wife and I have had over the past year or more. We contributed the hysteria to “politics”, but this mp3 explains it so succinctly. First post for a long-time reader.


oh my… i hope he stays well. i like him. he seems to really care…he was a close second to Chris M.


Check out Suspicious Observers website, extreme excellence.

If you missed it, John Campbell said he did argue to receive an aspirated booster but he was refused so he simply accepted the un-aspirated booster. My reaction? I was shocked. Then I felt deeply sad for John Campbell. Then I wondered what kind of cognitive dissonance he must be experiencing. I cannot imagine the situation where John Campbell, with his decades of experience, obvious kindness, concern for his fellow humans, and scientific knowledge submits his integrity to the know-nothing clerk who administered the shot. What a farce.
A farce indeed, I don't doubt that John Cambell is a good well meaning person. That comes through in his videos. That said. I think he is functionally a useful idiot. He has been consistently 9 months to a year behind Chris and others in identifying useful information such as efficacy of Ivermectin. He is prone to being taken in by disinformation such as the initial campaign against HCQ and he invariably credulously accepts governmental statistics. He has conflated his strong life long institutional indoctrination and acceptance of traditional vaccines into a pro mRNA "Vaccine" stance despite the criminal roll out and testing schedule of those agents and easily deconstructed statistical manipulations of their alleged efficacy not to mention that they operate by radically different mechanisms. His grand thesis on lack of aspiration as being causal on incidence of myocarditis was easily disproved with a statistical analysis as the age group of vaccinations shifted to younger cohorts. Does the significantly higher incidence of myocarditis in young males mean that the they have significantly higher accidental venous injections then the young female cohort or older cohorts? Which is not to say that all things being equal it's probably better to get the poison in the muscle rather than a vein. Either way, the spike protein is a poison. Sometimes there is no middle ground. There is no mass formation around the idea that these mRNA "vaccines" are bad. This is not a deluded group psychosis. That is a false equivalency with the pro vax institutionally driven compromised propaganda created mass formation we're discussing. Rather the anti vax consensus and advocacy is a growing awareness and body of people working and advocating for the actual science and the emerging body of proof that (even taking the whole early treatment silver bullet out of the equation ) when you strip away the disinformation and statistical manipulation about the actual number and distribution of covid deaths coupled with multiple rigorous statistical analysis of the actual scope of complications including death (like what Steve Kirsche has done) they kill and injure more people than they help. Conservatively, by a factor of two. The fact that you don't drop dead immediately from the jab is statistically to be expected. That doesn't discount the fact that there is proof that it doubles your risk of cardiac or stroke events within five years not to mention making you vulnerable to a host of complications running the gamut from neurological complications, accelerated cancers, prion and other diseases to autoimmune reactions and of course proven compounding deleterious effects on natural immunity. Like these Vax treatments John Campbell and his trusting milk toast medical detective skills does more harm than good. mm

Aspiration only makes a difference if the needle hits a vein. Then you reposition the needle until you don’t hit a vein.
Poster Ra. in #38 above reasons that if you are aspirated you are better protected from damage and I would not necessarily agree. If you are aspirated, that means the mRNA is injected into your muscle tissue as intended where it enters the local cells and pumps out spike proteins. Spike proteins are what cause the cardiovascular problems.
If you aren’t aspirated and hit a vein, then all that toxic soup goes straight to your heart and causes a whole different set of problems, as Kyle the mountain biker from Idaho experienced (he stated that the second jab didn’t leave any pain afterwards, which means the liquid was injected straight into a vein and didn’t cause any local tissue tearing as that volume is injected into a muscle.) I would think that the production of spike proteins would be less if you hit a vein, since there would be less uptake into cells via the blood vessels? But I don’t really know.
So either way, you are risking it. And seeing what damage this stuff does when it goes straight to the heart via a vein, I’m not so sure I feel any better about it going into my arm muscle. At this point, I have lost almost all concern for Covid. I have the treatments available if needed and other than that, I just don’t care.

A farce indeed, I don't doubt that John Cambell is a good well meaning person. That comes through in his videos. That said. I think he is functionally a useful idiot. He has been consistently 9 months to a year behind Chris and others in identifying useful information such as efficacy of Ivermectin. He is prone to being taken in by disinformation such as the initial campaign against HCQ and he invariably credulously accepts governmental statistics. He has conflated his strong life long institutional indoctrination and acceptance of traditional vaccines into a pro mRNA "Vaccine" stance despite the criminal roll out and testing schedule of those agents and easily deconstructed statistical manipulations of their alleged efficacy not to mention that they operate by radically different mechanisms.
Exactly.. Campbell has been two steps behind all along. While it's nice to see people like him waking up.. his commentary is not going to help us stay ahead of the globalist WEF ratchet. I will stay here to wargame the future of the globalist, WEF tyrannical ratchet.

Thanks RO for reading the long post and responding. I shared only a few links to give an overview but I think you got the gist. I hope you will peruse some of the links.
Thanks for sharing your personal experience with international forums. I notice that your involvement dates back some time. Consider perhaps that the urgency around resource allocation, population growth, energy declines, etc. may have grown considerably in the interim.
I agree that not every aspect of what is happening is necessarily a “grand conspiracy” and I understand that this feels like a bridge too far. I would not have thought this way at all back in March 2020, there has been a slow evolution based on observation. It became apparent to me by July or so of 2020 that something was amiss. Like Chris, I initially came at this from a scientific perspective and could see the incongruities, inconsistencies, biased data gathering, the perverse incentives, and the counter-productive measures in the public health response. These have to be in service of something.
As time went on, it became rather apparent - to me at least - that there is a high level of coordination, from finance to media and in between.
In terms of forms of influence that could drive what we are observing, you might consider a framework of concentric circles, in which a core set of players coordinate a strategic design with various domains, and others further afield play a role through self-interest in their domains. The further out in the periphery, the less aware one is of how measures adopted in response to various authorities may be in service of a larger but not fully apparent strategy.
Is this a possible framework? Consider the following interactive widget on COVID-19 from the WEF website. Every node in it expands into a detailed widget of its own. It suggests a highly comprehensive, top level strategic plan to be implemented in multiple dimensions with detailed action steps for each. This level of detail must have been very long in the making.