Mattias Desmet on Mass Formation

I think Dr. Campbell makes a reasonable point that injecting the mRNA directly into a vein will carry the payload to the heart. This would deliver a bolus dose and account for acute, immediate responses. However, I think the lipid nanoparticles injected into muscle tissue can disseminate via the lymphatic system and enter the bloodstream that way as well. This, I suspect would be a slower process with broader tissue distribution of the administered dose.


In addition to narcissism disorder, Trump also demonstrates clear sociopathic tendencies.
He made it very clear that he would kill his own Vice President without any remorse shown whatsoever.
He was willing to end the American experiment for his own personal empowerment.
Here is his own family member Mary Trump who is a clinical psychologist describing his complete lack of empathy and diagnosing him as having sociopathic tendencies: (start at 2:30)
“I think its safe to say that he exhibits sociopathic tendencies, and its equally fair to say that he’s not high-functioning at all”. (to your point about him being a buffoon!)
In another video she says: “He is incapable of caring about other human beings to the extent that they can be useful to him.”
Based on everything that I’ve read and all of the psychologists and psychiatrists whom I’ve talked to, the consensus analysis for Donald is severe narcissistic personality disorder with overlapping sociopathic tendencies.
The fact that he is low-functioning is why he’s not quite as scary as some of the high-functioning sociopaths, i.e., he is not a capable operator and totally bungled his coup attempt.
What was scary with Trump – especially given that he was holding the nuclear codes – was his low-functioning, petulant, and erratic behavior.


I think what caused Kyle his problems was not the lipid nanoparticles but the other chemicals in the jab, some unknown and others not.

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Thanks for your comments. Looking forward to hearing your additional thoughts.


An amazing interview. Chris, you asked all the important questions.
Thank you.


… in many forms. I lean on Mary, the Mother of God, whom I met as a child in church. The ‘she’ of many names may be our only hope in this seemingly final dealing with the Powers and Principalities of the ‘second choice Master’… Mammon ox


The Overmother was a real Office in our Materium, as Clif High calls it.
She was voted into Office by the Maidens on the death or resignation of the previous Overmother. Her role was akin to an Agony Aunt, but with a lot more influence. Her Maidens could ruin a man through scandal. (Overmothers had to be Virgin so that their Mothering instincts were transferred to the Tribe)
She could not mandate, only council; and if she had no advice to give, the supplicant had to leave empty handed after a week. The penalty for an Overmother giving malicious advice was death; although if 50% of the tribe sided with her, she could leave and take her supporters with her, for the majority may be as wrong as the minority.
If we expose the profound stupidity of the corner-stone of Communists and their ilk, that all men are “equal” then we are free to suppose that some people have a proclivity towards the animate (Womenfolk are more interested in People), and some are more predisposed to the inanimate. (“Wife with tractor wanted. Please send photo of tractor.”)
Then we are in a position to say that In peacetime Women should be running society.
Abrahamism, with it’s emphasis on The Angry old Man god has crippled the Tribe. We cannot maximize our talents.
Take a look around you. Who organizes birthday parties? Who teaches the children?
Is it any wonder our womenfolk went mad and became feminists?
Ref: The Oera Linda.

The Eeremoeder governs the whole country. The kings can do nothing, nor can anything happen without her advice and approval. The first Eeremoeder was appointed by Frya herself, and was called Fâsta. Sandbach, William R.. The Oera Linda Book (p. 21). Library of Alexandria. Kindle Edition.
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CatastrophicNewEngland wrote: Total solar output and it's effect on Earth temperatures also needs to take high energy particles into consideration. Especially how they interact and are effected by changes in our geomagnetic field. Cycles/variances of that field (like the polar excursion that seems to be going on at present) interacting with solar particles and galactic cosmic rays, have impacts on cloud cover/planetary albedo. It is not completely understood, and I'm not sure how much those things are included in climate modeling, if at all.
CatastrophicNewEngland, The earth's magnetic shield has been diminishing at an increasing rate recently. At the same time, the magnetic poles are going on "walk about." The magnetic north pole used to wander around the northern reaches of Eastern Canada. Now, it is on the eastern side of the International Dateline. The southern magnetic pole is now off the coast of Antarctica and heading toward New Zealand. The earth's weakening magnetic shield has many consequences as you noted. Combine that with a weakening solar magnetosphere from a less-energetic sun. A weaker magnetic system doesn't deflect charged particles as effectively That allows more high-energy charged particles (cosmic rays) that were ejected by stars during nova events easier access to our system. As you alluded, cosmic rays can and do seed clouds and cause nitrogen-14 14N to become unstable carbon-14 14C. If the atmosphere doesn't intercept them, they can and do pass through your body. For an average person, a few to several cosmic rays per second typically enter uninvited. Most pass through without incidence. Some impact a cell's DNA and can cause changes. Some changes are mutagenic and can result in cancer. (It is just a numbers game and can't be mitigated; therefore, it isn't worth worrying about - just like global warming.) Cosmic rays also can pass through the atmosphere through the crust and into the asthenosphere where they can interact with siliceous mantle and release entrained water. This results in more active volcanoes. As the released water gets forced out, the pressure that keeps the high-temperature water in a liquid state suddenly disappears and the water flashes into steam. Hence, more violent and explosive eruptions occur. During the recent Grand Solar Maximum (20th century) volcanic activity has been significantly diminished. Ejecta from volcanoes can and does impact albedo and thus realized solar irradiance. Look at historical data compared to the 20th century and you'll see a dearth of strong volcanic activity during the last century. That is beginning to change. Frankly, I don't know what is included in the climate models that wrongly conclude that anthropogenic CO2 is to blame for the recently increasing atmospheric temperatures. One thing I've noticed is that these models all start near the mid 19th century when the industrial revolution began. Coincidentally, that was about a century after the Maunder Minimum and Little Ice Age. Because of buffering capacity in the oceans and atmosphere, there is a considerable lag of about a century between increased irradiance and atmospheric temperatures. Who would have guessed that glaciers would advance during those years of shorter summers and longer winters? Obviously not the global warming worry warts who decry disappearing glaciers now. For some people, it is hard to connect dots. Hmmm. I'd really like to see one of these wondrous climate models get tested against prehistoric temperature records from ice core data (temperature records based on proxies.) Since humans only started the industrial revolution in the mid 19th century, CO2 concentrations should have been fairly constant. I'm just guessing that the climate models (based on CO2 concentrations) would miss all the variability that the earth's weather has produced. Unfortunately, the big-player people who espouse anthropogenic climate change and claim that we only have a few years to avoid catastrophic results ... are the same people who are pushing these vaxxines under threat of government violence. Yet, these people fly private jets to the COP26 conference to discuss how we need to stop the little people from consuming so much fossil fuel. Am I the only one who thinks they are hypocrites? Grover

when the tap is frozen in winter…


Hi Mr. Micheal. Yes I did see that Dr John failed to get his vaccination aspirated, my jaw dropped. I was hoping he would explain what I know is a difficult conversation it is to persuade an un willing or unwitting vaccine giver ( he may yet). He was too busy looking at the “blood leak” research yesterday and was not at his own home at the time. I do believe he said that this vaccine giver did not know how to aspirate. As you well know Dr. John is perhaps a quieter and more patient English chap. I was like you sad for him but raised my Roger Moore eyebrow that a) he acquiesced and had it anyway and b) could not find anybody that would or could listen to a teacher of nurses all over the world and do as he asked. Perhaps he decided that he, like myself had less risk of vaccine damage due to his age and physique. You may guess I am a little more feisty.
I have watched this delightfully respectful English gent give thoughtful breakdowns of all the worldwide data, international studies in language that is very accessible to anybody with an ordinary education. As time progressed I watched him get more and more sceptical and tight lipped at the stupidity and lies coming from the WHO and expedient government scientists. I am quite sure he was very aware he could be de platformed as Uncle Chris was for simply telling the truth on line. I clapped and cheered him on as he campaigned along side Dr Tess Laurie to get our government to do a clinical study on the horse dewormer. Oxford was reportedly starting a trial on 23d June, we all know it went there to die.
I fell about laughing when he was ‘fact checked’ by journalists because of Jimmy Dore’s respect for him.
For a retired, mild mannered guy he is turning into a cynic before our eyes.
I must admit that this whole shoddy affair has been an eye opener to those that care about our world and everybody that temporarily shares space on this little blue rock.


Aspirated or not, the red flag is the hidden ingredient is a carbon product in the vaccines graphene hydroxide, not graphene oxide as listed. Dr Andreas Noack, the whistleblower who lost his life soon after making his video sharing with the world his discovery. Bless you for your sacrifice to share your discovery with us. Here is the study is also mentions in his presentationÉbreszt-Ők:0/GRAPHENE--RAZOR-BLADES-FOUND-IN-THE-COVID-BIO-WEAPON-DR-ANDREAS-NOACK:1


This is amazing. I have been struggling to understand the insanity of what has been happening and this just wrapped it up for me in one neat package. I have been puzzled by the fact that some very smart people that I know have been caught up by all of this so i couldn’t just blame it on stupidity or people who get their news only on TV. This does explain it.
As well, I have noticed that this seems to have impacted some groups much less such as the Amish or Hassidic Jews who seem to have been less likely to have gotten caught up in the Covidian cult. Given the close communal ties to each other and that they are much less likely to have been isolated and alone, this would explain that.
I’m guessing that as my state has a whole lot of people with some mental health issues, gender confusion stuff, drugs etc, plus probably the least religious state in the country, it could help explain why it has so embraced the vax and all the rest.
So now what? I’m going to continue speaking out when I can. Try to network with and socialize with those who are like minded so we can support each other.
But I don’t know about the forgiveness part if/when this finally is over. Are all of those who have been forcibly vaxed, lost their jobs and careers, been turned on by family and friends etc supposed to just forgive? Maybe they can in which case they’re a better person than me. I can’t. I won’t be able to trust these people anymore. I’ve seen how quickly they turned on us and what they were willing to do to us.


Whilst there is plenty of interesting info and links posted here, there is no definitive truth found for anybody regardless of opinion on the vaccine matter. We are all facing decisions under pressure and all have differing positions from which to make them. I do not believe we should ask our young to have the vaccine as none of us absolutely know the ramifications further down the line. They can never make an informed choice, let alone misinformed choice. I can eat all kinds of seafood except squid of all things. So which component am I allergic to? ( I am sure somebody here knows exactly what it is) Should I start a campaign to ban it from restaurants?
I have seen intimidation from crowds outside surgeries directed at the vaccination queues and outside schools. I have seen governments mandating vaccines and banning unvaccinated people from anywhere remotely enjoyable.
We have just seen an important video yet some here are calling people not present insulting names. Just because some people are self assured in their stance they are setting up people with different arguments as ‘other’ with insults. Whilst I am sure all of this tribe has an IQ score in triple figures, perhaps some would not score quite so well with emotional IQ. We are all sitting here with screens between us, not in a debating hall human face to human face. Stabbing a person physically would be a difficult thing to do for most. Using a drone to kill a stranger seems to be acceptable these days unless it is leaked to the wider public.


Does anyone have links to research about how children don’t really transmit covid and/or cognitive harms on children of mask wearing (for children or of others around them)?
Thanks ??

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Let the punishments match the seriousness of the crimes.
You should forgive, but just only for your own heart’s sake.
In the end, God, Providence, Fate, or History, will be the judge!


A brave man indeed. RIP.


Yes, both are needed for balance and perspective here.
But, to understand the fact that our ship of civilization has been deliberately torpedoed by a clever and insidious and malicious and a disguised enemy is the first step towards positive action.
This damage and fire is severe enough to sink the ship and we need to decide if we can still fix it, or just get into the lifeboats and just try to survive the pending disaster.
I know that the time is short now and that the latter choice is our best bet to make it.
Prepare now, while you still can do so, or regret it after the ship inevitability goes down.
Resilience and mental and emotional toughness is the only way to increase your odds of survival in these “Dark Times”.


I haven’t listened to this interview yet, but I have heard the professor in other interviews. Regarding forgiveness, in the past he emphasized forgiving the average people who got caught up in the craziness and NOT forgiving the evil bastards who were the root cause of the Mass Formation.
Also, many psychologists and religions teach that forgiveness does NOT mean you trust someone again; it means that you stop carrying the poison of what THEY did to you, stop yearning for revenge, and get on with your life. Example, me constantly telling myself how much I hate Fauci, or my state’s governor doesn’t impact them and messes up my mind. I do believe Fauci is evil, and given an opportunity I will do what I can to hold him accountable. But that doesn’t make me miserable on a daily basis.


Like many here, I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Campbell and appreciate his hard work to share FACTS with the world. However, EVERY single time he has come up against a public agency NOT promoting the right thing for public health, his public comments are those of a guy who can’t IMAGINE why the agency isn’t acting on convincing data. Vitamin D, Ivermectin, and injection aspiration are two examples. He can’t bring himself to admit that there is a perfectly good explanation for the way things have played out: the priority of government agencies is NOT public health. Until he can bring himself to flip that switch, he will continue to be befufddled and mostly compliant.


I fully agree that the crux of our problem is our increasingly mechanistic view - not just of humankind, but also (and perhaps more importantly) of the natural world. And I think that our cities are emblematic. In cities we literally pave over the natural world with asphalt and cement; bury the rivers and replace them with pipes; root out the trees and glades for balconies and potted plants; banish wildlife for zoos and compliant pets; eliminate gardens for grocery coolers; give up building a lifestyle to buy one off a shelf. No wonder we lack meaning and feel isolated even when (particularly when) surrounded by millions of anonymous faces. Urban settings are anti-human technocratic enclaves where even the dark of night is banished, the hours of the clock mean nothing, circadian rhythms are overpowered by power drinks, and temperature and humidity are regulated to personal preferences.
Now the technocratic gods want to make the sun stand still in its place. They want to banish time. They’ve already banished the night, why not the year? The cycle of life and death? The long rhythm of the earth heating and cooling in succession - the very respiration of the universe? (Or do you think that if we ever successfully froze carbon emissions at some determined level we would subsequently allow it to fluctuate, as it has for millennia before we burned oil - or trees? And if we did, would it not be according to our schedule, not nature’s?)
Too often, people who move to the country take the urban aesthetic with them. They hire someone else to tend the yard, install ac, put up flood lights to keep the dangerous dark away from the dooryard, draw curtains even when there’s no one to peer in, and stare at urban-oriented television programming rather than gaze outward and fall into the natural world.
We treat our bodies the same way. If I have this ailment, I take that synthetic compound to relieve it, just as I put nitrogen into nearly dead soil to stimulate a season’s vegetables. We do this rather than cultivate a healthy terrain, a naturally vital ecology both inside and outside our bodies. We go to the gym to systematically target muscle groups and specific health goals rather than get outside to till the soil, feed the animals, move the rocks and fell the trees to shape into lumber to construct the new building. We get on a treadmill and simulate hills and valleys while listening to the Top 40 through earbuds, privately, in isolation although lined up with twenty other people doing exactly the same lonely exercise rather than go for a long walk in the woods and up and down hillsides, ears wide open, listening to the small sounds of nature and falling into the rhythm of seasons; or sharing a hike or a farmstead chore with a neighbor, a spouse, or a child.
Of course we’re crazy. Of course we’re desperate for some sign that we belong, that we matter, that there’s a reality larger than ourselves that we can sink into through service. Service is meaning-generating effort. Most of us just don’t know where to look for it any longer. We’ve forgotten who we are, what we are.
I’m a theologian. I fought for a couple decades against the tendency even in formal theology to confuse the psyche with the soul, to conflate having a feeling with experiencing spiritual insight, to replace spiritual rectitude with political ideology. Our forebears knew the differences; lived them. We call them primitive, pre-scientific, and superstitious.
I think what is superstitious is the belief that we can make ourselves our own gods and fashion the world in our own image. That is anti-scientific and suicidal. Also, of course, finally homicidal - which, spiritually speaking is pretty much the same thing. The problem is as old as humankind, which means that our reversion to this ideology is the truly primitive view. Every major religion and spiritual path knows better. Our adherents to scientism don’t; they know worse. And they’re our vision-casters - at least for a while longer.
What we are participating in is the demise of this latest, greatest incarnation of the Great Lie encoded in every spiritual discipline. In the Judeo-Christian tradition it’s in Genesis:

Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, "Has God indeed said, 'You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?' " And the woman said to the serpent, "We may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden; but of the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God has said 'You shall not eat it, nor shall you touch it, lest you die.' " And the serpent said to the woman, "You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, [directly] knowing good and evil."
That is the Lie: that we can know for ourselves what is good to do and what is evil. The Great Reset is nothing more than the Great Lie dressed up in a technocratic dream coat. And what God said is true: the day we eat of that fruit is the day we set about to kill ourselves. But we think we're smarter than that...
So the woman saw that the tree was good food, that it is desirable to make oneself wise. Therefore she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate. Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked.
Naked. Not a fig leaf's worth of rationalization to hide the truth about what they had done and who they had become. They were hiding from no one; not themselves and not God. Only the thin veneer of self-justifying lies obscured from their immediate consciousness the certain knowledge that they had blown it. At that point, and until today, only metanoia could reverse the disaster. Metanoia, the deep, foundational recognition of one's faulty path that results in repentance - which is stopping in one's tracks, turning about, and walking in the opposite direction. That is not the path humankind chose. Instead...
They sewed fig leaves to make themselves coverings. And when they heard the sound of the Lord walking in the garden in the breeze of the afternoon, Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God. (Gen. 3:1-8)
As if. Yet, here we are. Pretending we killed God and established ourselves on his throne. Robey likes to say on this site that the Abrahamic faiths are about guilt and shame. Not so. They are about identifying the root of the problem, being honest with ourselves, and changing direction. Not moving on to new fig leaves and regurgitated threadbare self-rationalizations and fantasies, but giving up the enterprise of being our own little gods capable of getting it right this time, competent to rule over nature. We are about metanoia and repentance. That is, admitting the truth, stopping in our tracks, and turning around to walk back into the Light (of ancient wisdom) in order to become the "living spirits" who "tend and keep" creation (Gen 2:7, 15). Biblically, to tend and keep is to serve; that is, to nurture, care for, uplift, ennoble, give one's life to, or even husband according to the true meaning of that word. It does not mean abandoning technology, it means knowing the affirmative role of human ingenuity and exercising discipline over our appetites accordingly. To "tend and keep" is to embrace and live into our place in the natural order, rather than try to subject nature and the natural world to our self-referential notions of order; notions of order conceived in fevered brains that fantasize their godly status, but truly hardly know themselves.