Merry Christmas, from 2031 (Part I)

By: Phil Denniston

Part I: It’s now called Global Gratitude Day (GGD2).

Note: This column was submitted to on Weds, November 23rd at 2:40 PM, one day before the Omicron variant was reported to the WHO and three days before the WHO declared it a Variant of Concern. Is this life imitating art, or is the Pandemic Playbook becoming all too predictable?
It’s 6:00 AM on Thursday, December 25th, 2031, and just like clockwork, the birds begin to chirp through the speakers built into the walls. Quietly at first, and then louder.

“Alexa, I’m awake”.

It’s nice to wake up and not be afraid. The sheets are clean, and there’s black coffee waiting in the common area. Usually. Well, sometimes.

“Alexa, what’s my Social Credit Score (SCS)?”

Shit! Down five points, just like that, and only last night I had a 91. I was kind of expecting it, but I check the Metaverse anyway… At least the notification is private: Reminiscing pre-WGW.

Stop being so stupid, Quinn.

They allowed us two holiday drinks, and I got wishy-washy. I wasn’t criticizing. I know we need to sacrifice. Sometimes, I just miss the old days, like when we could travel.

It’s my 2nd warning; a 3rd will shade my Meta profile red for two months.

I’ve been so good; they must appreciate that. Whatever they use to track my carbon has to be almost perfect; I haven’t left the Pod in 68 days. My consumption and productivity levels are good, and I don’t like, share, or create misinformation. I’ve never even fallen for any of their Meta-Traps.

Don’t worry. I’ve still got all three Citizenship Badges: Climate, Justice, and Compliance. Mom and dad are proud, I just know it.

Sometimes though, I just want to talk about the past.

The days of yore

It feels like yesterday, back when we called them Thanksgiving and Christmas. Driving three hours from blistery UMass in dad’s old Civic back to Tarrytown, NY the anticipation was electric.

After months at school, there was nothing better than Christmas Day. The smell of Mom’s famous dinner, twin turkey and hams roasting in the oven as she quizzed me on classes, friendships, dating and parties, mixing gravy with that big smile, her favorite Christmas carols setting the mood to perfection.

Dad mashed away at the potatoes, reminding us how they always taste better a little chunky, and with the skin on. He never liked helping in the kitchen, except when it was time to mix the drinks.

Laughter roared in from the yard, sisters and cousins taking turns on all the new toys Santa brought – sleds, scooters, bikes, and trikes – six cars front-to-end in the driveway. A fire crackled on in the fireplace under five stockings from the mantle as the Giants game played for no one in particular in the den.

It was as good as it gets, the holidays we shared before the Twin Emergencies. Before the global COVID and Climate Pandemics changed everything.

It’s so different now, sometimes it feels like that was all a dream. Or is this the dream?

It’s hard to reconcile the emotions. All that love, it quickly gives way to shame, an anxiety that’s hard to bear, thinking back to the carbon footprint we made, even on a single day in December.

We were so stupid, all of us.

We didn’t realize, but we should have. It was us. It was all of us, Americans especially… we were killing the planet. We were the cause of the Climate cancer that strangled Mother Earth.

Thank goodness for COVID-19.

It united the world, or much of it, to save the climate. Leaders from the USA, Europe, New Zealand and Australia mobilized our collective strength. They created a World Government for the West (WGW), to curtail twin COVID and Climate Crises. They partnered with big corporations – big tech, big banks, and big box stores – to introduce an inventory-management of people, products, and information.

They told us what to do to save the planet, to protect each other, and to save ourselves.

The road to serfdom

It started slowly. After the vaccines and booster campaigns, we had to come together as one to beat COVID, “the War-on-COVID”, we began to call it.

It was the only way back to normal, they said. I remember the day I was finally able to get my fourth Moderna booster. I cried when I finally got to see Mom and Dad again.

Some didn’t want the vaccines. They believed the misinformation; it was everywhere.

Meta worked hard to take it down, the misinformation. We had armies of Fact Checkers, but at first, it just kept popping up. Lies about vaccine deaths or injuries were everywhere.

They even tried to blame the effects of climate change – like heart disease in children – on the vaccines.

Misinformation had become weaponized – it was now called “Cyber Terror” – they told us, maybe from Russia or domestic terrorist, white supremacist groups. The media would do their best to protect us.

If you stayed in your lane, wore your mask, and followed CDC, you could be safe.

We were allowed to go places and do things if we stayed current on boosters, while it became hard for the unvaccinated. If you can’t protect your community, you can’t participate.

Sorry, not sorry.

Leading up to the 2024 election, there was another surge of COVID from a new, Sigma variant. Unlike Delta and Omicron, Variants of Concern, the CDC and WHO called Sigma a Variant of High Consequence. This meant that prevention and medical countermeasures had significantly reduced effectiveness.

It was all over the news…

“The Sigma variant is said to have mutated and transmitted from Patient Zero, an unvaccinated woman in Ocala, FL, a mother of three admitted members of the Proud Boys. The deadly strain of COVID 19 is vaccine resistant. The CDC reports a disproportionately high number of infections in the vaccinated population, and low vaccine-induced protection against severe illness and hospitalization.”

Most States went back into full lockdown mode – essential businesses only – while Pfizer, Jansen, and Moderna created new boosters, in some cases doubling the dose of active ingredients.

Harris-Warren ran on a campaign of vaccine mandates to end-the-lockdowns.

They won re-election over Trump-DeSantis by the widest margin ever, receiving 71% of the popular vote. The conspiracy theorists said that was impossible, but so many of us just hated Trump.

Though she stepped into the role after Biden’s stroke and sudden death in 2022, to have a black woman elected President was a huge victory, with another woman serving as VP.

On January 6th, President Harris issued Executive Order (EO) 14575 mandating that every American over three be fully vaccinated against COVID 19, including boosters every six months.

There were more riots at the Capital, another insurrection.

Protests erupted and became riots on both sides. The unvaccinated were the problem. They were the reason we couldn’t go back to normal. They wanted ‘individual liberty’, ‘state’s rights’, and chanted ‘my body, my choice’, but COVID doesn’t give any of us a choice. It’s about protecting our community.

We had to protect our community.

Some – even the same people turning up at opposing rallies – seemed to want only rage and destruction. They wanted to blow everything up to pay for America’s sins.

Pallets of brick somehow arrived on street corners ahead of scheduled rallies.

The destruction was allowed to go on, described as peaceful, even justified. Any country that allowed nearly 100 years of legalized slavery, that justifies the destruction of property.

I was so naïve, with my white privilege.

To me, slavery had been the stuff of history books, but that was foolish thinking – white privilege – thinking that way, not knowing any better. So much guilt and shame, as I look back at who I was.

Shame about slavery, shame about racism, shame about climate.

Dozens of cities burned, and local police departments were overwhelmed. Governors pleaded for help, and the Harris Administration stepped in to bring order, issuing 35 new Executive Orders for Martial Law with curfews, restrictions on hate speech, and temporarily suspending the 2nd Amendment.

People were asked to turn in their guns, and received reimbursement. Neighbors, friends, and family members who identified others harboring guns were rewarded with $15,000 each.

Anyone opposing the new rules was labeled a white supremacist, anti-vaxxer, or domestic terrorist. Military vehicles paraded through the streets, rounding them up for reeducation in quarantine camps.

We were happy to see them go, to see the fighting stop.

The Digital Dollar

The rioting ended, but America was anxious. We wondered if we would ever get to go back to normal. If everyone just follows the rules, we can be safe again, I kept reminding myself.

The President had a plan, they announced. Five women would lead us out of crisis, a first in history, America’s finest hour. We watched as Harris delivered a virtual State of the Union.

“My administration is making history. I am happy to report an end to suffering in America. No longer will single mothers have to work two jobs to put food on the table. No more will seniors need to skip meals to buy a modest birthday present for a grandchild. Together with Vice President Warren, Secretary Yellen, Chairwoman Brainard, and Comptroller Omarova, we will continue to Build Back Better, assuring every hardworking American gets a Universal Basic Income, above the poverty line.”

Roaring applause were chimed into the broadcast, and just like that, they ended poverty.

They rolled it out with an all-Digital Dollar, giving us all our own accounts with the Central Bank. I got $1,850 per month, and married couples got $2,775.

People stopped getting married after that.

The money came through an App on our phones, FedNow, but businesses got greedy, raising prices. We had more money, so they thought they could get away with charging more.

Capitalism is so gross.

Nobody was poor, but many of us still didn’t have things. It cost a lot just to get by.

Subscribers can read Part II of this story here.

Phil Denniston joins us as a contributing author from BadDaddy Publishing (, where he self-publishes a line of Better Bedtime Stories educating families about the broken, debt-based fiat money system, and how to prepare for coming changes using the principles of liberty.

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Meanwhile Israel Continues their Slow Motion Holocaust of the Palestinians
Financed by the USA.


Melissa Keenan Ciummei - The Truth About The Global Lockdown A Warning To The World - A Trojan Horse For The Real Agenda FYI, she studied economics and theology. Prepare for the worst, but build, or start building a better future. Don’t let all this distract us…


By 2031 we will actually KNOW the long term effects of the vaccines and they may be fatal, taking as much as decades off the younger people’s life expectancy who took the jab. Worse, it may turn out that those who got multiple vaccines now have permanently disabled immune systems and develop all kinds of diseases and disabilities as a result. This development in turn leads to total loss of confidence in western civilization leadership. The right wing fringe groups become mainstream. Orgnized violence against leftist become virulent and pervasive. Belief in science collapses. Actual racism becomes prevalent. The west declines. China takes over. The end.


There are no Palestinians.

The vast majority of COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated, according to the state. In the last 30 days of data (Oct. 14-Nov. 12), 72% of cases, 71% of hospitalizations and 75% of deaths were among individuals who were not fully vaccinated.
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Unvaccinated =
< two weeks from last jab.
> six months from last jab.
Any person admitted to hospital not showing current vaccination status on hospital records. IE. vaccinated at local clinic, Walmart, CVS, etc.


>>> There are no Palestinians.
And it was Harry Potter Magic that caused Molten Steel to flow out the side of the World Trade Center, moments before its collapse.
Video from a local New York television station coverage of the day.

From “Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed The World”, by Chris Bollyn

Has anyone come across this FB group and assessed it's authenticity?
A recent study seeks to assess... - Unbiased Science Podcast

RKI doesn’t agree with Michigan.
In Germany, most symptomatic 60+ patients are vaccinated (71%). A majority of 60+ patients are vaccinated (56%). A majority of 60+ who die - vaccinated (52.5%).
I know! They all need boosters! Let’s do more of what has been shown not to work.

And we haven’t even started to talk about all cause mortality. The shots (overall) kill more people than they save. This is Pfizer’s own trial data saying this. Not me.
So not only do they not work for COVID - at least in the older group - THEY KILL MORE PEOPLE THAN THEY SAVE. According to THEIR OWN TRIAL DATA.
Hope that helps. It probably won’t though. Because - The Backfire Effect.

15 Likes;id=100000279580555
The base of the podcast is this, it seems.
Question: does the data and research has selection bias or not? I will let experts like Dr. Chris Martenson evaluate it and educate us. Thanks.

The molten steel in the WTC collapse was likely caused by arcing from multiple severed phases of feeder wires. Most commercial buildings have electrical distribution panels on each floor and most hvac equipment runs on 277v fed from 3 phase 277/480v panels. If you cross phases you get massive arc faults that have instantaneous heat loads of something like 40000 degrees and can and will instantly liquify structural steel.
Additionally most high rise buildings these days are built from the core outward, where the structural strength is at the center as opposed to the exterior. The oklahoma city bombing proved the folly of the latter design as the structural load of the building above it was on the exterior and as soon as that exterior was breached all the weight above it sloughed off. The WTC was built this same way. This also means that their electrical buss riser was likely along the exterior as well.
The main city power vault is typically in the garage below the building. And while there are grounds and neutrals in the building that go to earth, there was very little ground fault protection in the main electrical room and none coming from the city power, so after the building collapsed all the structural steel and rebar that was suddenly within reach of the city power supply, and iron being a high resistance conductor, there would have been massive heat signatures coming from that power vault at least until the city killed power completely.
As far as the plane causing collapse, the aluminum skin against the oxydized rebar and structural steel would create thermite, especially with the jet fuel burning and the myriad fires burning from all the flammables at each persons desk (remember this was all before complete digitization of records and people had bookshelves full of firehazards within easy reach of ignition sources). For the upper floors where the sprinkler riser would have likely been severed, there would be no fire extinguishing other than maybe a handful of the red ABC extinguishers which would not have been sufficient even if the people had been brave and experienced enough to use them effectively.
Secondary explosions would have been everything from hot water tanks, to electrical panels to the backdraft of a superheated air shaft hitting an enclosed relatively cooler enclosed space and creating a sudden pressure increase in a confined space. All the questions raised are synonymous with an airplane hitting a high rise building with 1970’s building codes and materials. Nothing really suspicious in the collapse unfortunately.
Say what you will about it as a false flag of radicalized islamic mercenaries hired by the agencies to conduct a coordinated operations to lure our country into war and enrich the military-industrial establishment. The way the building collapsed and the collateral damage to surounding facilities was no surprise and unremarkable. Interesting, but pretty mundane in its actual explanation.
Modern construction high rises are more often built to absorb shock from the outside. The central core is built to hold the weight of the outer shell with post tension cabling in the deck and the outer shell is just for weather proofing. Lessons learned the hard way.


I am frankly surprised my friend at your fanciful apologetics in recounting various anomalies related to the 9/11 collapse. That thermite was magically formulated by the interaction of the aluminum plane with the building iron is chemical fantasy of the highest level… and I speak as a chemist with 35 years of industrial experience.
The unreacted thermite particles that were found in multiple dust samples post 9/11, and that were tested in multiple labs, had a signature layered structure of red on top, gray on the bottom. This was sophisticated, engineered material that was likely positioned around the building at critical positions on the beams as cutter charges.
Here is one academic paper describing this material, which includes as lead writer PhD chemist Neils Harrit;

Interesting scenario: I don’t really know how Occam’s Razor would shave this, but here’s some questions. First, producing a thermite reaction at 3000+ F as the plane takes about 2/7 s to pass through the building, between fuselage aluminum and the oxidized part of rebar in the way, fueled by burning office supplies and jet fuel (though freely burning Jet A can hit 4000 F) seems a bit iffy. Second, I’m unfamiliar with the municipal breaker system in NYC, but I wonder if the local power would be cut automatically long before the hot spots could form. Third, there were certainly some substantial currents in the WTC and arcing can produce some spectacular local temperatures but would they be too brief for ignition? When I unplug a smoking toaster, the wall spark doesn’t ignite the countertop- not because it’s too cold, but because it’s too brief to raise the material to the ignition temperature- much less melt the plumbing . Fourth, is this typical- fire breaks out in office building, resulting in sprays of molten metal from the rafters? Would firefighters in urban environments require special safety equipment?
Anyway, I think the confounding problem is that certain world figures immediately seized the opportunity to disdain the police and militarily attack those whom they found very profitable to blame. It casts some doubt upon a straightforward engineering hypothesis about an honest unlikely chemical reaction- rather like someone instantly appearing on the ship’s deck selling lifevests as soon as the leak is discovered -or a vender peddling unique vaccines with the debut of a…


And of course Bldg #7 must have been close enough to the other buildings that the electrical arcing and plazmatized aluminum jumped right over there and did it in as well.


So you’re saying that, on 9/11, two planes hit, but three buildings actually fell?
Well. That’s kinda strange.
Similarly: "Oh, my God, there’s been an outbreak of chocolatey goodness near Hershey, Pa. What do you think happened? Like, ‘Oh I don’t know, maybe a steam shovel mated with a cocoa bean?’ Or it’s the fucking chocolate factory! Maybe that’s it!”


Fascinating paper. The spectrograms were interesting but still not outside what I’d expect from a building collapse but might update my model to say that its likely they used aluminum wire for their equipment because of how ubiquitous it is and the telling lack of copper in the assay.
This line:

Furthermore, the data in-dicate that wherever silicon or iron is concentrated, oxygen is also concentrated
This is conrete encased rebar. The sand (silica) in the concrete, and the iron rebar. The oxygenation means there was rust (Fe), and probably spawling which likely contributed to the degraded integrity of the structure. The locations the dust was collected from is telling too, in that it is ubiquitous. You would expect that it would be concentrated in pockets were it a planted device, thermite is not an explosive reaction, it has a pretty low REF so there's little explosive force in it to propel the dust so consistently. I'm not sure on the stoichiometry of the thermite reaction but I thought the aluminum oxide reacting with ferrous oxide produce oxygen and an alloy of iron and aluminum. So the dust looks too high in oxygen to be a true thermitic reaction. There should be something similar to this.
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I have no idea why you are doing this… seems your goal is to drive a naturistic narrative to describe certain chemical/physical 9/11 anomalies, in overall support of the government approved narrative. Your commentary completely overlooks the obvious, engineered character of the unreacted nanothermite particles found. Up to you if you want to keep digging Don’tknow… but the hole you are digging is one in which you are burying your own credibility.


Cognitive dissonance is a quite the force to be reccond with! As surprising as it is that he still can’t/won’t see it I understand the why of it. It’s a big ask for most folk anyways…
Nuff said already:


An arc flash can ignite everything and melts metal instantly and does throw molten pellets of the liquified metal in all directions. And the greatest resistor (the iron) is the part that will heat up in a continuous circuit. Think of the resistive coil in your oven. Line voltage on both ends and copper or alluminum wire up to it. The oxydized aluminum would be hard to explain from the wire alone, but those elements are common in commercial construction. I find the argument that canisters of thermite being discretely placed throughout the offices to be fairly difficult to pull off without raising suspicion. Always a nosy Karen in an office wondering “watcha doin?”
I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’m in the commercial property management field and can attest to how difficult it is to work with certain tenants, particularly financial firms.
I can’t attest to the malaise in the industry in 2001 though. So it might have been much more lackadaisical then, than now.
As far as building 7 goes, I was pretty sure it was severely damaged from the collapse of the two big towers and was torn down as a result, not that it was destroyed that day.
As you recall there were windows and such shattered several blocks away too so debris and the shockwave of a 70+ story building collapsing nearby should create some pretty catastrophic damage all around.