Mind Control Tricks Revealed!

And they have been doing it for decades. I listened to Rush Limbaugh and he caught the word “gravitas” once. All the networks used the term gravitas and he spliced them all together.
Starts at the 2 min mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMO6Ic00or4
That was surprisingly hard to find even on Duck Duck Go.
Rush Limbaugh would frequency point out msm narratives all having the same verbiage.


The students at Western U are rebelling https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/protest-western-vaccines-1.6564640


This is why masks were such an effective way of weeding out the resistors - a very visible sign of compliance or non-compliance.


Good Info

Chris, thanks for this, this is something I have had a “to do” list to research how nudging is done (coming from the nudge unit central - UK), and trying to make myself more immune (like seeing how the magic trick is done). You have done the work for me. What I didn’t realize was how much they were doing unsuspected A/B type testing on us as they went along. ps the Western Union students are revolting against the messages https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/protest-western-vaccines-1.6564640


Thank You

I just watched the nudge video…my god…WTF has happened… Thank god I follow the science (Chris M) And I do not watch TV, so I missed alot of the things I saw on your episode…holly crap.no wonder if everyone is FUc%^ up…


Personal Experience

Just a heads-up about the language you use with family. I encourage family to be sceptical of the new Mrna, due to poor animal trials. That was a Friday. Tuesday morning while away, alerted by security cameras that visitors arrived. They left a brochure and business card from Mendocino County DA, about elder abuse, that interfering with medical care is a punishable offense. No family members are actually elderly, I’m the oldest, which makes the government’s behavior extra odd. The visitors wore suits, aggressively knocked on doors, glared into windows, all on camera, scary behavior. They left, but arrived again two days later, and a third time.


It’s amazing to me that anyone with a brain STILL lives in Kalifornia!


In years gone by here at PP.com we have had long conversations about the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory. We have discussed what types we are and how that affects one’s willingness to think through the predicaments of The Three E’s and the actions we take. One important discovery was that about 60% of respondents on this site state that they are INTJ’s on the Myers-Briggs. I myself am an INTJ. That is astounding from one perspective because INTJ’s are the third most rare of all the types making up about only 3% of the general population (2% of men, 1% of women). From another perspective, it makes a lot of sense. INTJ’s are the type LEAST likely to be impressed or influenced by an appeal to authority or peer pressure, because we insist on thinking our way through ideas and issues without being nudged, coerced, or pushed.
Chris’s methods and approaches to “data” and “facts” and encouragement for everyone to make up their own minds about things appeals strongly to INTJ’s. That is probably why as INTJ’s look for information we often get attracted here. This is also why INTJ’s are the most likely type to fiercely resist all the mind games that are used to try to influence and coerce us to think and act in ways prescribed by anyone else, but most importantly by any person or group which has previously been rejected for using those same techniques. What I’m saying is that people have various personality traits that make them more or less susceptible to nudging of any kind and from any source, and that the people who naturally find their way here to PP are naturally highly resistant to nudging. We are like canaries in the coal mines sounding the alarm that manipulative mind games are afoot.


As an INFJ I take mild offense :wink:


Excellent Public Cautionary

Seems hopeless sometimes but your approach may be successful.


This INTJ agrees.
The N (or NT) looks for big picture analyses, which would draw a lot of us to places like this.


I am sorry to hear that…be strong! we will win this fight

Maybe they’re just getting a jump on this new law, sure to be signed by Gov Noisesome:

A bill that would allow regulators to discipline doctors for spreading misinformation related to COVID-19 has been approved by California's Legislature.

If signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), the first-of-its-kind law would make California the first state to try to legislate an issue that has contributed to thousands of unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths during the pandemic, according to the American Medical Association, The New York Times reported.

Glad to see the students revolting!


Video On Consolidation Of Power


To Me, The Most Interesting Part Was The Irb That Approved The Study

What the hell was the Institutional Review Board thinking? What they gave a waiver to goes against any rendition of ethical behavior.
Any idea how they were manipulated? I bet these tactics were used on them.

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Economic Arm 3

Remember, billions of dollars were printed to pay off pharma (some of which was laundered to Senators), causing inflation. If you do not receive your vaccination before the batches expire, more money will have to be printed to pay for another production run. While you can’t do it alone, you can do your part to prevent further ruinous money printing and inflation.


Can We Use Their Psychology Against Them

We will never have control of social media. With this we are unlikely to hold any more sway than our overlords let us have for purposes of shutting us up. But there will be other possibilities that money cannot buy that cannot be stopped and are afforded by sheer weight of numbers. We could use the same psychology as our overlords with posters and leaflets. Some approaches are perhaps obvious and others are not.
One obvious one is the universal love of one’s children. The trick is to raise concern that the elite have duped parents into unwittingly harming their children by having them vaccinated for example through fertility damage or harm to long term immunity. We just have to raise the question of this intent in the mind of patents.
Another is to associate the elite with shunned political groups such as the Nazis or communists. For example, Schwab has been filmed with a busk of Lennon in his office. This could be used to powerful effect. Or you could use a swastika symbol followed by “WEF action now!” or something like it. Another is to highlight the hypocrisy of WEF young global leaders and elites with regard to climate concern. Just ideas of course, but there are innumerable possibilities.

The Last Three Years Has Been One Giant Psyop

It’s not just the Covid vaccine that’s a psyop. This is a non- kinetic war based on propaganda. It’s the weaponisation of climate change whether or not this is a real thing (perhaps in the name of resource conservation). It’s damage to food supplies in Europe and its psychological aftermath, the deprivation of energy for heating over winter and conditioning of the population. It’s the banning of fertilisers for farmers when limiting industry would have a far more genuine effect. It’s about amplifying political divisions and about ridiculous and irrational distractions. It’s about control like every other totalitarian dictatorship. It seems like a never- ending mind game inflicted on all of us.


This INTP agrees too. :slight_smile:

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