More Harmful Than Helpful

In this video I present three sure fire ways to detect if your government actually cares about your health specifically or public health generally.

Spoiler alert – most don’t.

The dysfunction we are seeing with the health authorities is just the tip of a very rotten, and corrupt iceberg. The same levels of dysfunction exist throughout the entire edifice of agencies upon whom so much depends.

It’s time for your voice to be heard and it’s time for you to become more resilient – just in case.

Part 2

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Let’s get a head count. It’s a Million Man March, for cause…
And - Tens of dollars. I needed a good laugh. TY!


Here is another related thread on this.
There may be others.
In his first video tonight, Chris mentioned some coordination happening, including a possible meetup and T shirts with “Resilience” printed on them. I have not seen anything else on this though.



Thanks Helmadi! I’ve watched Tommy before, seems like an everyman like Joe Rogan, also does a great job.
Unbelievable that Tommy ropes in 3 huge guests on the hottest topic out there, Mass Formation Psychosis, immediately after McCullough and Malone introduced the American public to the topic, along with the biggest expert in the world, Dr. Desmet.
I can only conclude that Malone and McCullough were impressed by Tommy and made this happen.
Watching immediately!


My Goodness, this Mass Formation discussion was the best video I’ve seen in many months. Tommy and all his guests are superlative.
Tommy concludes by urging Malone and McCullough to have Joe Rogan host Dr. Desmet. I think that will happen, and that it will be a key event in bringing the country out of this destructive spiral. To discuss the topic openly and sympathetically is the key to exposing it for what it is, and allow recognition to develop. Tommy rocks!!
Fantastic. Inspiring.
Helmadi, this certainly deserves its own thread, please consider creating it. Thank you so much, I might not have noticed it otherwise.


Chris - Nigella sativa (sometimes called black cumin) is used as a spice in Indian cooking. It’s available as a supplement in oil form but super cheap as a spice without the possibility of the oil going rancid. Not fond of the taste but I buy the whole seeds at a specialty grocery, grind it in a spice grinder, and take 1/2 teaspoon per day, straight up with water chaser. Have been for months since it’s been shown to be as effective as synthroid for hypothyroidism. Was diagnosed with low thyroid last spring when it was spotted in some pre- and post-surgery blood tests. After a few months gluten and soy-free, and daily Nigella sative, my blood test came back with thyroid levels in the normal range and I’ve lost 5 of the 20 pounds I’d gained and couldn’t seem to lose.
It’s cheap and really easy to buy. No discernible downside. Highly recommend it.


I watched it last night. Had the sense that history was being made. However, I would recommend that people watch Chris’ interview with Desmet first. I’m forwarding both videos.

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Really, it seems the government agencies and medical/pharmaceutical complex have a twofold aim. One is to maximize profits for Pharma, the other is to kill as many Americans—and citizens of all Western democracies—as possible.
I say that because that which is blatant is what seems to be, usually.


Black Seed and honey as a treatment for Covid has been shown to be effective. I forget the proportions, but it’s a searchable thing.
I was glad to learn that turmeric is also being shown as effective. I take pretty large doses of it along with black pepper whenever my shoulders start aching. Knocks it out handily. If it improves my terrain against Covid, we’ll what a bonus. Turmeric is really cheap at the Asian food stores. It’s also easy to grow—which may be critical in the uncertain days ahead. Folks up north will have to start it early in a greenhouse and protect it in the fall as well, as the curcumin content depends on a long growing season. But it makes a good looking houseplant, so it could be kept going for multiple seasons by rotating it indoors and outdoors as temps indicate.
Ive posted this info before, but it seems worth repeating.
A great way to take turmeric is to make “golden milk”, which is ginger, turmeric and honey in warm milk. I add a bit of black pepper as well. Good for what ails ya.


I am thinking of showing the first 16 minutes of this to employees and others where I can’t afford to have the message be interpreted as showing political bias of any sort.
I think praising El Salvador’s message as a template for what all government’s should be EXPECTED to be doing for their populations, as public health outreach is fantastic. I also think it could be even more effective if that simple message, together with only the common sense suggestions of large dose Vitamin D & C, exercise, fresh outdoor environment, avoiding fast food and processed food, could do great good if it was able to be widely promoted – regardless of political or other leanings and without any sarcasm or exasperation coming through. I totally share your exasperation; I just don’t think it will improve uptake by those who are still in the dark or who are in any way attached to a “pro vax” or “pro big government” viewpoint.
I’m trying to decide right now if I dare show the first 16 minutes (through the link) to rank and file employees in the heavily “blue” (and litigious) state of California. I mostly want them to consider large dose Vitamin D+C presented as a matter of common sense; many of them are already vaxxed and most of them eat largely fast-food.


I’m sure others have mentioned these anti-virals before
so I would second the vote on:
echinacea, Echinacea—A Source of Potent Antivirals for Respiratory Virus Infections (
oregano Antiviral efficacy and mechanisms of action of oregano essential oil and its primary component carvacrol against murine norovirus - PubMed (
turmeric Curcumin as an Antiviral Agent (
holy basil Tulsi - Ocimum sanctum: A herb for all reasons (
Ginger, Cinnamon, Giloy and Neem Spices and herbs: Potential antiviral preventives and immunity boosters during COVID‐19 (


Has there been a discussion on this new vaccine developed by Texas Doctors?

thanks for the info re nigella. I’m trying to work out my hypothyroid state. My GP is pretty well uninterested, so I’ve found a new one. Any links you can share?

Chris, the NY Times graphic is fantastic! I shared it after you shared it in a comment pre-New Year’s.
I don’t doubt the info, but am curious…
Question 1: How do they calculate people coming and going since a household could represent any number of people–e.g., a friend and her family moved en masse from MD (-4) to WV (+4) and my mom recently moved cross-country (-1 / +1)–but how are these numbers tallied since people aren’t exactly cars in an automated parking lot?
Question 2: And what does that chart mean for the future of the voting public? As you mentioned, not everyone can pick up and move so even if people have “woken up”, they may not be in a position to move along with other people are of like mind. But if the largest majority are herded into a few states, how could that affect future elections (if a fair election is still a possibility)? Just rambling thoughts…

Dr. Desmet cautioned against the term, psychosis, as it is diagnostic. I do not know if the term neurosis is now generic but I substituted it here. Definition:

A psychological state characterized by excessive anxiety or insecurity, compensated for by various defense mechanisms and lacking evidence of neurologic or other organic disease. No longer used in psychiatric diagnosis.
At any rate, el gato malo paints a vivid picture with the examples he chooses for this Substack post titled, "The eternal anxiety of the thoughtless mind."  

With all the serious discussion we have about COVID I had to share this. For some reason my husband and I found ourselves belly laughing over it;)


For those looking for a reference it was from Dr Been’s (youtube) video which discussed the RCT placebo controlled trial in Pakistan which did the study.
.08g/kg of the black seed, and a tablespoon of honey was the daily dose. So for me (roughly 200+lbs) it would be about 8 grams which again roughly is between a teaspoon and a tablespoon (all measurements taken with a grain of salt pun)…
strongly recommend watching the excellent video: