Mounting Desperation: It’s CYA time for Covid officials and MSM “journalists”

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As if a light switch were flicked, there’s an obvious change in the Covid narrative. The NYTimes ‘investigated’ vaccine injuries for more than a year, before putting out a mealy assembly of trickled-truths. Suddenly we’re hearing about how Ivermectin is helping to treat Chris Cuomo’s vaccine injury.

And now his brother Andrew Cuomo is attempting to rewrite history by claiming there never were any mandates in his state because everything was voluntary.

Which means that anything that happened to anybody was their own fault because they participated voluntarily.

Naturally, all of these are unacceptable attempts to cover their asses by rewriting history and none of us should allow them to get away with it.

We should also expect many more attempts from many other DC swamp creatures and journalist-stenographers as time goes on.

Why? Because the winds have shifted. They now know that their anti-scientific, antilogical and anti-humane stances are politically and professionally untenable. Because they are all, to every man and woman, narcissists, they will change their positions to map into whatever works personally for them best.

Were people harmed by their actions? That’s irrelevant.

But make no mistake, we’re winning and the dam has sprung a leak. Common knowledge is on the way!


For those who are trying to spread the “it was a choice” logic, I like this analogy:

Your kid is kidnapped. You can pay them 10 million dollars or you will never see your kid again. This too is a CHOICE. A choice that has consequences because there is COERCION.

Cuomo and all the others, like Turdeau, who are saying no one forced you, it was a choice, are gaslighting liars! Big time. Choice my ass!!


If they are able to roll it out and roll it back with no consequence, they will do it again.


The weasels are trying to cover their butts. In fact, a part of me wonders if Chris Cuomo even got the jab. Maybe he’s just putting himself out there as a victim, for his own butt covering, and also for his big bro who is responsible for so many nursing home deaths. Just a thought.


He probably didn’t get the jab. He knew better. He plays an actor on TV. He is trying to rebuild his career and get a new following. This narrative about being vaccine injured and taking Ivermectin to improve his conditions is definitely par for the course.

It gets him lots of press and eyeballs to hear his story and perhaps even some new subscribers to his show.

He may have gotten the vaccines. He probably didn’t. He may have gotten injured from the vaccines but that is not possible if he didn’t take them. He might be taking Ivermectin now to improve his health, assuming he got injured from the vaccines that he may or may not have received. That’s a lot of things to unwind. Most likely it’s all an act but it is working well.

Even if it is an act, it is spreading the word and making the common knowledge that much closer. He has a big enough following and is a celebrity of sorts.

I remember him doing his weights during COVID. I remember him doing his show from the basement of his house during COVID. It was all an act in supoort of the narrative and in support of an agenda. I remember him taking some leisurely bicycle rides in the countryside when everyone else was locked down. It was hypocritical.

His message during COVID on CNN carried weight and destroyed many peoples lives by encouraging the vaccines and discouraging alternative treatments.

His message now about vaccine harm and alternative treatments carries weight and also helps him to rebuild his career. His ‘conversion’ has been rapid and was definitely required for him to have a chance to make it again.

I’d like more conversions but after a certain amount of time, those who did not convert and repent should be executed. There are some who should never be believed in their conversion. Fauci, Daszak and a host of others should just be executed in the most painful way possible.


One of your best videos!!!

It is amazing how the minds that created the problem suddenly have all the answers, and we need to get behind them with our support, because if we don’t then we are the problem.

I’m almost finished with my song, Here We Go Again", and here is a link for those who care to listen and watch my anti vax meme collection.

Here We Go Again And Again ~ The #1 lets fire everyone in Congress because of Covid song! They are worse than useless! on Vimeo?

They must be held accountable!!!

Keep up the good fight Chris you are making the difference!!!


I do agree, them gaslighting covidiots oughta be ridiculed every day, twice on Sundays, and all day long come Christmas.


My judgement is strictly limited to me , Cuomo is evil and never to be trusted. He has a forked tongue and always will. Same with Birks, Fauci, Wolensky and all of them. I will trust folks like Marik, Kory and Chris . Once they burn you, never trust them again.


I can’t believe he was a governor, he comes across as such a Drop Kick! warning Aussie slang.


As Chris pointed out, a real apology would include amends. i.e. 1,000 hours of community service. Which I would suggest all enforcers, Doctors, nurses, Police etc, should undertake to make up for their behaviour.
Looks like I need to clarify the above. The list is an example of enforcers, not all inclusive or exclusive. The 1,000 hours is my minimum take on recon-pence, the more lies and harder the line that was taken by an individual the greater the penalty.


Not all the groups you listed as “enforcers” were involved in all locations. Our local, county and state cops were never involved because our lockdowns were never mandatory. The only thing our cops got involved in was breaking up riots when the “summer of love” tried to start shit in this state. Between that and business owners taking store defense into their well armed hands, we only had a single night of “love”. My regular doctor asked me if I wanted it and I said hell no and not to ask again for any shots and he has never mentioned me getting any shots again.

Most of the nonsense had ended locally by 2021 when it showed to be a nothing burger.

We need to be VERY careful not to punish people and groups that were NOT guilty . If we lump all cops or nurses or doctors together with the guilty we are just as bad as the vax nazis were.


Many of the “official” statements were word salads - lots of touch feely sentimentalities conveying no real information. All this is done with lots of smiling and expressions of caring.

This is all a dead giveaway.

They have nothing to say in their defense and they know they screwed up. They are just trying to appear to be “responsive and caring” without addressing the issues in substantive terms.


That community service should be providing 24/7/365 care for the vax injured and providing for all their needs, meds & assistive devices.

And 1000 hours will not cut it. Since the vax injured are disabled for the rest of their lives, the care must also be for the rest of their lives. Complicity must have consequences to match the effects of the deeds done.


Great video as always, Chris. Thanks! While we are remembering the craziness, one thing that I’m still wondering is where Omicron came from. If I’m remembering correctly, @cmartenson, you had pointed out that omicron was a cousin of the then circulating variants, not a descendant. I guess it doesn’t actually matter where it came from, but since it was the variant that was able to outcompete all the others and was a milder infection - in a way it was a vaccine itself. And in the back of my mind I’m wondering if it was “released”. Any clarification on that?

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If they had just made a mistake an “apology” might work. But they did more than “just make a mistake.” They lied, they suppressed accurate information, they hid information which indicated that they continued to lie as the situation got worse and worse, they intimidated and coerced the populace and finally covered up (and continue to cover up) the horrific damage they did. They are now afraid that if they truly come clean and apologize that people will never trust them again. That’s important. They know that large numbers already “will never trust them again.” If they really came clean at this point then no one will ever trust them again. That lack of trust could spread to a lack of trust in other institutions. Social cohesion is held together largely by trust. Once trust is gone anything can happen.

In short, they have painted themselves into a corner and they are hoping that everyone will just forget about it after the paint dries.


Unfortunately they are now making sure the choice problem doesn’t come up in round 2…


You questioned their use of the “whole spike”… as if partial spike would have been a better choice. How about the other 3 major proteins on the viral surface? Envelope(E), M(Membrane), & N(Nucleocapsid)? 2 of those 3 are directy presented on the surface, according to published research. They are all 3 essential for the structural integrity of the virus. If they mutate, the virus would be significantly less likely to be able to assemble replicant viruses. NONE of them is directly toxic, nor an analog to a human enzyme, which, on the other hand, Spike protein IS – Angiotensin Converting Enzyme-2 (ACE2). The spke mimics ACE2 in order to bind to its very specific receptor on the cell membrane, which means an antibody created to the Spike will potentially BLOCK ACE2, an important signaling molecule in blood pressure regulation, among other important funtions. Also, it is a TERRIBLE idea to create a vax against a rapidly mutating mRNA virus, of any platform, with ony 1(ONE) antigen. That guarantees rapid resistance to any generated immunity. Against the other 3 antigens, it would not be an autoimmune risk, and, just mathematically, would far less easily provoke a successful resistance.

This WAS proposed in a preprint early in 2020 (as was a respiratorily-administered vax, also superior to a humoral immunity to a respiratory virus!). But that went nowhere. The “WHY?” is a really good question. Whether ignorance, laziness, or malevolence, is a subject for more FOIA discovery, if the evidence still exists. But the Spike should NEVER have been an antigen candidate. they saw those big spkes (shiny object syndrome?) that made up the Corona and didn’t consider that the immune system is not as superficial as they are. IMHO.


There are a few reasons why the mRNA platform is disqualified as a vaccine.

Most importantly, it causes the body’s own cells to produce antigens. Since these come from own cells, the immune system attacks them, damaging major organs and is forced to shift to a non-lethal IgG4 response to avoid self-destruction.

To reach any meaningful levels of neutralizing antibodies, it requires trillions of lipid-coated mRNA molecules, which overwhelms the body with gigantic numbers of transfected cells. The immune system has to deal with this tremendous assault all at once, which is nothing like a regular infection where hundreds or thousands of virions enter the body, triggering the immune response within minutes. Some of them enter the cells and don’t reappear for hours. It’s a completely different immune process, and the former does nothing to prepare for the latter.

Then there is the inherent instability of mRNA which, as part of natural processes , had to be addressed; in the last case, with pseudouridine, which led to several undesirable outcomes.

I can discuss any of this in depth if anyone is interested. There are other grave concerns with the technology as well. Using the fast-mutating binding domain as the antigen might solve the problem with the toxicity of the spike protein, but it’s just like putting lipstick on a pig.


I agree with your assessment of the mRNA platform & the dangers of the toxic lipid nanoparticle delivery system. I think the unstated premise of the latter was that it is so toxic that it doubles as an adjuvant, alerting the immune system to a 3-alarm fire, but I don’t think they’ve ever thought past the utility of an adjuvant in provoking an immune response to the danger of causing an immune overreaction with autoimmunity as a likely by-product.

I was just pointing out the idiocy of using a protein designed to mimic a human enzyme/signaling molecule and, tangentially, the wrong-headedness of trying to provoke immunity to a respiratory virus with an injectable, humoral vax. It has never worked. The flu vax never prevented me from getting the flu, but 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 and sun did, for 20 years, now. They don’t collect data, or suppress it, if inconvenient to their profitable vax programs.


It’s hard to argue with anything you’ve said. The question that lingers in the air is whether this was the most arrogant or the most evil public health campaign in known history—maybe even both.

We need to understand it clearly so we can deal with whatever the arrogance and/or evil is up to next.