Mounting Desperation: It’s CYA time for Covid officials and MSM “journalists”

That is truly appalling!

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I pushed back on this the other day suggesting we just get it over with (hypothetically, of course), but then again we could go old school:


I would like to repost something that DotMatrix posted earlier. It directly affects the the base theory about who was the motivating and organizing force behind the Great Covid Deception (GCD).

Theory 1: Oligarchs will oligarch. Given lots of money/power, the Big Dogs will abuse this power over the little people. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Theory 2: Psychopaths work themselves toward positions of power so they can run their abusive schemes and scams, and enjoy being richer and more powerful than others. Machiavelli 2.0.


Theory 3: There is a secret society that organizes world destruction intending to emerge as the dominant power later in the game. They recruit allies, but retain decision making control (secretly).


Theory 4: A mix of these. They are not mutually exclusive.

As everyone here knows, it is my impression that the secret society intending to destroy, then rule the world is in someway related to Jewishness. But does not include ALL Jews or even MOST Jews. Root teaching sound Talmudic in tone. They are racial supremacist and more Spiral Dynamics RED Meme than BLUE.

So, a faction aimed at world domination, that is some how related or springs from, but is distinct from, the greater Global Jewish Community seems to be the best theory.

David Icke (pronounced EYE-k) suggests that the hugely popular Jewish factions of Sabbati Zevi and Jacob Franks from the 1700s, are behind this destroy then rule the world movement.

At a peak, some 50,000 Eastern European Jews followed the Sabbatean-Frankists and supported their claims to Jewish messiah-hood.

Icke believes that it is the secret descendants of these factions (the Sabbatean-Frankists) that form the secret world domination group.

Both Sabbati Zevi and Jacob Franks REJECTED JEWISH RELIGIOUS LAW. In fact, they argued that spiritual freedom came from rejecting religious law and engaging unrestrained debauchery.

Dietary, sexual and behavioral rules of morality and custom were rejected and conspicuously violated by Frank and Zevi. Orgies, incest, feasting on Jewish days of fasting, etc. were advocated.

A couple of books on Sabatean-Frankism were mentioned by Icke. One below–from the Amazon blurb on it.

To Eliminate the Opiate’ Volume One was originally published in 1973. It was the first well-presented history of the conspiratorial efforts to subvert and undermine Judaism. Read about: Jacob Frank, to whom sin was holy. Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit priest who founded the Illuminati on May Day 1776, from which the Communist Party emerged. How Weishaupt’s Illuminati and Frank’s Frankists Worked hand in hand to destroy religions and governments.

(I am not a historian and have little background in the Jewish or Jesuit religions, intersection with the illuminati and other topics. So I cannot evaluate this thesis. Only to point out that this alternative explanation exists.)

Posting a 2 minute video link previously put up by DotMatrix. Please notice 2 things: The CONTENT of the speakers hurried rush through the Jewish connection to the GCD, and, the crowds urgency to SHUT HIM DOWN.

Rochelle Wallensky director CDC.
Ane Schulat, deputy director CDC
Sheri Berger
Mitchell Wolfe
Jeff Reznek
Jeff Zientis, chief of staff, Biden
Andy Slavitt
Rachell Levine
Albert Bouorella
Tal Zaks
Rob Kapotol
Black Rock CEO, Larry Fink.
CDC medical office
Micheal Rosenblatt
Mikael Dolston
Rob Kapito
Yuval Hari. WEF Science adviser.

I could not catch all of their names, organizational affiliations and which held dual citizens with Israel and which were not.


Never too early to start thinking about Christmas. All I want is a systemic collapse that:

  1. Destroys the current fiat currency regime in a manner that renders it’s planned digital replacement a mute point
  2. Painfully slams the head-in-the-sand denial and go-along-to-get along types in a way they simply cannot ignore
  3. Exposes the folks responsible (including those @sand_kitty references above) for all to see as the source for most of this misery and
  4. Then let human nature do its thing

“The only way out is through.” - Robert Frost


I can solve this whole thing with one rule.

“Any medical professional who delivers a defective product, intervention, or medicine to someone that harms them and there was insufficient evidence to promote or encourage said product, shall be liable for the lifetime medical expenses and care for that person, without limit.”

There. Done in one. Put the incentives back where they belong.

Now MD’s will deeply scrutinize any and all ‘evidence’ put forth by pharma before recommending anything.


Chris: perfect rule! Many thumbs up :+1:t2: Wish I had a magic wand to make it happen in reality!


Any medical professional who delivers a defective product, intervention, or medicine to a patient that harms them and there was insufficient evidence to promote or encourage said product, shall be liable for the lifetime medical expenses and care for that patient, without limit.

In the recent mass formation event few people, including most medical professionals had agency anymore. Forces higher than the medicall professionals (Doctors, nurses and the like) instructed and forbid the medical professionals from questiniong anything other than the regime dogma. Does your definition of medical professionals go as far down as the lowly ‘vaccine injector’ who may be minimally trained in using a syringe to handle the so called ‘medical emergency’? What happens when in the future the dispersal of the dangerous medical intervention is by inhalation or even is dispersed in our food source or aerosolized for general application?

I think that your rule although nice sounding but invalid in practice in such a mass formation event and most likely in general. It takes great courage and conviction to stand up against the mass formation.

I do wish that doctors would be more critical about the interventions that they propose but as we’ve seen the incentives from the pharma industry and the protections that they have from the medical authorities (medical approvals) and malpractice insurance make this impossible.

I don’t think the medical care expenses and lifetime care is of sufficient value to a patient once harmed by any insufficiently authorised medical intervention. The life is still wrecked by the intervention.

In the recent mass formation event, patients also lost agency in most cases.

I suppose if there was enough courage and conviction in our society, we could have all (or at least a vast majority of the population) said “NO, I will not comply and I will not accept your mandates and these vaccines.” Then this mass formation event would have ended rather rapidly with far fewer harms to society, and the economy.

I will add that there are several ‘influencers’ that fought the system. Including Chris Martenson whom I grately appreciated the advice given during the recent mass formation event. It’s the reason I discovered this group and why I joined this group of generally like-minded individuals. Most of us, I believe, did not comply and resisted and many of us even tried to encourage others to resist and not comply. I know I did. I was vocal about the vaccines and interventions and tried to inform others.

What Chris did online was to straddle the line between honestly informing the public on the youtube channel while not crossing the censorship line and losing the ability to interact with the audience.

Future mass formation events might have stricter censorship regimes. Any person who publicly or privately releases information that goes against TPTB mandates shall be summarily executed rather than your channel being canceled or whatnot. Who will resist when it come to that? Again, I hope it would be everyone but there are sheep amongst us that will accept any edict from TPTB, including acting as informants for an evil and corrupt system.

We live in a sick system.


That only proves the medical system was morally and intellectually bankrupt even before the pandemic. The argument that some doctors and nurses were exceptions merely proves the rule. Imagine reading a WWII report praising a Panther tank driver who managed not to destroy the gearbox even after months of combat. That only proves that Panthers were poorly made tanks that broke down just by performing their intended function.

I think @cmartenson is way too lenient.

Please notice how nervous people around here get when one mentions a new virus with a new vaccine to accompany it, or a pandemic treaty, or anything public health-related.

Doctors in general have become paid goons, and we need to be clear about this.


I have a little bit of a pro view for dual citizens, as I would still put Australia first, but have no interest in having bad relations with Germany. However I can’t say anybody would behave the same. Also the picture highlights the Pfizer link, which isn’t a country I know of.
But to your main point, Icke can dig up threads of what is going on in the background with amazing consistency.


The maintenance of ritual purity in times of war is a covenant commanded unto Israel, encompassing the abstinence from sexual relations.

No battle waged in impurity shall stand as a fulfillment of the Covenant.

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Thank you for your thoughts. Especially since I believe that I recall that you are Jewish. (?? is that right ?? not sure I remember correctly.). Especially appreciate the thoughts of Jewish friends and PP thinkers on this topic. (and you too, @allaninvietnam )

Almost EVERYONE here on PP is YELLOW Meme or higher Spiral Dynamics Thinkers. Capable of transcending a limited tribal identity perspective and looking at the SYSTEM and how it affects everyone and everything.

Please continue to help make sense of all of this.


Sand-kitty, have you listened to this? I haven’t finished it, but it’s very interesting.

This Ex-Zionist Loved and Lived In Israel Until He Realized Decades of Deep Deception (

Basically, it’s an interview with boots on the ground-Michael Ganoe

Michael Ganoe is an American Christian who lived in Israel from 2012-2022 as an Independent journalist. Michael grew up in an Evangelical family and has a degree in theological studies. While in Israel Michael started “Chocolates for Heroes” where people around the world sent notes of love, prayers, and support for the IDF on Hershey’s Chocolate bars. This program gave Michael access to just about every base in Israel. He also volunteered for the IDF for 6 weeks. Since 2020, Michael has dramatically shifted his views on the country.


I’m actually a lapsed Catholic. Having said that I believe that religions have been infiltrated, in the same way Governments have, and you can’t blame any flavour of religion. Thank you for your contribution also.


Thank you @ucwino.

This Ex-Zionist Loved and Lived In Israel Until He Realized Decades of Deep Deception (

First: my impression is that this guy is MANIC. Way too much energy and grandiosity. (But he may have some good things to say anyway.)

Michael is a right wing evangelical Christian from West Virginia. Degree in theological studies. Back ground of living in Washington DC and being involved with national politics. Went to Israel very enthusiastic and pro-Israel. Wanted to support the “resurrection of Israel by the grace of God.”

A very very extroverted guy. Decided he would “network” with the military. Get to know them. He was from a special forces/military family. Thought the military would know what is happening. Gets embedded into the IDF.

Launches a program of “chocolates for heroes”. Gave chocolates to IDF soldiers to encourage them. Became a valued member of the IDF support community. Went to Gaza several times. Went to crash site of fighter aircraft. Told by a few: “Listen, there are things happening with this country that are evil.” But he did not want to hear it.

2000 years of victimhood. Did not want to hear about the “negative side”. Supported the IDF without asking many questions or questioning. How did the country get started? Did not want to know. His religious faith prompted him to “not look” at this.

Hebron. Segregated population. Went into the Muslim areas. They were surrounded by a wall. In Tel Aviv you are near the wall and can see it easily. Became friends with Muslims. They took him and befriended him.

His eyes begin to be opened, gradually. “The Muslims who live in Israel are happy and free.” That is not true. Started to see this was not true.

You will never see a picture of an Arab that objects to Israel. They would call the cops and the IDF. No freedom of speech for Arabs. Actually the Jews do not have freedom of speech either.

An Arab cannot marry a Jew in Israel. They would have to move out of the country to marry, and then fight to get back into Israel. Unlikely to make it back into Israel. Intense personal persecution if succeeded.

“Know your place.” (to the Arabs)

Even my vaccinated Jewish friends cannot come on Michael’s show. One Jew says Oct 7 was an inside job. Other Jews live in Israel cannot speak out on this. Terrified to speak. Was this an inside job. Lots privately say YES it was.

Why did Netanyahu give money to Hamas? Can’t ask this publicly.

Israel has the best intelligence in the world. Yet they missed the Oct 7 clues pre-attack and had a profoundly SLOOOOOW response. The were warned a year head. Every Cell phone in Gaza is under surveillance. Camera’s surveil the Gaza community.

Intelligence agents on the border of Gaza watched the border activities. They were told to shut up. Weapons were confiscated from the Arabs near the Gaza border years in advance. Then everyone in the Israeli security service went home and went to bed.

Oct 7: We are talking about a 9 hour military stand down. Local Jews moved down to the border to fight against against the attacking Arabs getting there WAY before the Israeli military responded. The military did not not step-in for 9 hours!

They want the Greater Israel Project. All the land held (mythically) by King David. Egypt, Jordon, Syria. Everyone in Israel wants to pursue this as the ultimate goal–Greater Israel.

The “______” canal project–how do we get the gas and oil out?

Israel and the Pfizer vaccine: “Data for Doses.” The Israeli people agreed to become experimental subjects in a global trial of vaccine administration. Why would they do this? After the Holocaust, how would they agree to this?

“Lying to the nations” (משקר לאומות) “We are going to save the world.”

When I really turned, I ratted out my neighbors. 10 of them gathered together. Violated curfew by gathering together. Friends had to sneak to go visit family. This was his breaking point for him. Friends complained that it was like the Nazis.

Israeli Jewish run pharm company gave 1/2 million Jewish baby’s a Hep B vaccine at birth. This was an experiment. The Jewish people would not discuss it. Harms resulted. Could not be talked about.

Stopped taking notes after 48m minutes.


Great summary Sand Kitty. Gotta agree, potentially good info, but the guy is manic…I can only listen to bits at a time


Now I find myself hoping and praying my friends and family members who lined up for these “vaccinations” don’t develop cancer[s], autoimmune diseases, etc., etc.
As a licensed chiropractor I can buy clinical grade supplements at wholesale cost. Early on, March 2020, I ordered a box on zinc compound capsules and 10,000 i.u. D3 capsules. Not a single person I gave these to [for free because I didn’t want to argue/educate why they should buy them] ever tested positive for covid. This included my mother and mother in-law-law in retirement homes, a critical care nurse, and someone who [hands on] ran the respiratory therapy department of a large Atlanta hospital.
And I have friends and family working for the CDC. These are good people; not the bad decision makers.
The whole thing was such a cluster F. The “F” is for failing grade of course, lol


I have to say, Chris, that I am so grateful for all the research and information you provided during the honey badger crisis. I was just thinking about how many people’s lives you must have touched with your courage to speak the truth. You gave affirmation to all those of us who perceived there was something wrong with the actions of our officials, media, government, and so-called experts. For many of us, it was the resurrection to full awakening to the evil of our times. I never can express the immense debt of thanks we owe to you and those like you who led us during the dark times and continue to do so!


I’m no fan of A. Cuomo, but I’ve never understood why discharging patients from hospitals to nursing homes was so bad. Where else were the patients going to go? There was a real need for beds in the hospitals.

A nurse I spoke with told me that the hospital was so empty during the initial months of the pandemic that they really had nothing to do.
Why do you think all these nurses had time to shake their buttocks and post it on TikTok?

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