mRNA Vaccines Elevate Myocarditis Risk by 133x

This post and video are dedicated to the memory of Brandon Watt of Ontario Canada, and to his wife and children.

A new study out on Jan 25th in JAMA shows that the mRNA vaccines elevate the risk of myocarditis by 133x above background rates.

This is particularly true for men/boys, with a median age of just 21 years.

This study almost certainly is an undercount of the true risk elevation. The VAERS data is notorious for being a fraction of the true rate of adverse event incidence. This has been true every single time a study in VAERS is conducted. You’d think the CDC would be at least somewhat interested in how badly this system operates, but you’d be wrong. They are, instead, more concerned with burying the data rather than surfacing better data and then studying it.

The public health failures – across the board and top to bottom – have been the very worst of my lifetime. I can say this because all-cause mortality is higher in 2021 than 2020.

We also can say this because “informed consent” has been such a complete joke the product inserts for the mRNA jab products are often shipped completely blank.

The impact of the jabs on women’s menorrheal cycles are not even mentioned on any of the safety data, anywhere at all, despite being a major issue for a huge number of women.

How can you provide informed consent if you don’t first collect the data and actually know what the risks are? Well, that’s the situation in which we currently find ourselves.

So, people aren’t informed, and anybody who is coerced has not actually given their consent. To tell people they have to take the vaccine as a condition of employment or education is forcing them to choose between an unknown risk and their careers, and feeding their families. That’s the very essence of coercion.

Let me be clear - these mRNA vaccines are not for everyone! They really should not be given at all to people who are healthy and young. Especially now that Omicron is the dominant strain.

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Can’t allow this one to be censored out of existence.


My usual censoring moment is somewhere between 12:00 am and 3 am ET.
Maybe they have hired Indian fact-checkers or the AI bot scours and scrubs after midnight when traffic is lower?
We shall see. I am pushing the edges more and more as I grow ever more concerned…


I’ll be shocked if YouTube allows this video to stand.
If they let it stand - good.
If they take it down - it will just confirm what I think about YouTube.


Very sad, but excellent explanation and excellent video Chris. I’ve shared it with my family.
Now, let’s make sure that we never ever ever give any credence again to the people that promoted these Covid-19 vaccines.


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Upload your video’s to decentralized platforms such as BitChute (, Minds (, Internet Archive ( and Odysse ( That way you don’t have to worry about censorship much.


My healthy 90-yr-old father who was working fulltime appraising real estate and was not even on a blood pressure pill, got myelofibrosis after the first two shots, which did not appear to be rapidly progressing. Got his booster a few months ago and went to hosptial this weekend with severe chest pain and was in full-blown heart failure. No previous diagnosis. ECHO/ EF 30%. BNP >10,000, trop 43. They got the fluid off but he just faded away in a few days. I am a nurse and I am not sure exactly why he died. Any medical people can weigh in but his BNP was incredibly high. The word fulminant was in his chart. Most other labs ok. He went from perfectly healthy to dead with 2 major conditions within a year. Most in his family lived to 95+. He had a great life, it was a peaceful exit. I am much more upset by the young people getting these shots than a 90 yo who had a full life but I am sad and feel these shots took about 2-5 years of his life.


Andrea, I am so sorry about the loss of your father! My heart goes out to you and your family.


What I don’t get is why a study like this one in JAMA was “allowed” to be published by TPTB. It certainly looks unfavorably on the vaccines. Yet the FLCCC doctors have repeatedly had studies refused or retracted when they dealt with early treatments that could negatively impact the marketing of the vaccines. Any thoughts?


Nothing but swear words - paragraphs of them. Anger and swear words. Not even a fkng surprise. Thank you for doing the hard work.


I wonder if they know the cat’s almost out of the bag and are nudging us toward that truth in the hopes we won’t all lose our fkng minds on them. That’s what I’m betting.


Something I speculated about approximately last June is that United States respect is almost completely tied to the efficacy and safety of the “high-tech” vaccines.  While it is true that the companies which developed them are not 100% US, the US government effectively vouchsafed them.  If they worked and were found to be reasonably safe, people around the world would be appreciative and impressed, and the US would stand to gain stature. But if they failed, or – worst of all – if there were major bad side effects from this “US tech”, hundreds of millions of people around the world would want revenge.  Now, that “revenge” scenario could have been minimized if the US quickly identified and took responsibility for the “mistake” of having been too hasty to go with new tech.  But by June/July, it was already becoming apparent the vaccines were effectively being coerced and forced into peoples’ arms, both in the US and around the world.  Certainly the corruption, propaganda, and censorship was obvious to anyone paying attention.

Anyway, things have gone almost as bad as conceivable for the “United States” vaunted “high tech” vaccines.  They don’t work at all; certainly they haven’t delivered on promises.   The United States “corporations” have made hundreds of billions of dollars profit from these things … to be paid for by people all around the globe.   The corruption, lying, cheating, suppression of evidence, and other perversions are laying out there in plain sight, just needing a little investigation … or a little rumor to get them rolling off people’s minds and tongues.   And ANYONE who has reasonable doubt but that someone significant to them was killed or maimed by United States “foreign policy” and weaponizations of what  sold as United States generosity, initiative, and technical genius is likely going to want revenge…in blood.

At least that is how I see it.  The US is used to some tribal factions, in dirt-poor, “brown people”, 3rd world, fly-over countries calling the US the “Great Satan”.  But what about a super majority of the worlds’ population – in all countries – wanting the “United States”, both as a fictitious entity (country/government) and also as a people, to pay through the nose…and likely in kind (in blood)… as recompense for what increasingly looks like crimes against humanity on a scale which beggars the imagination and historical precedent?

I don’t think TPTB are going to be able to suppress this for very long.  I think the United States is going to be held – rightly or wrongly – 100% responsible for billions of crimes against humanity.  We all know, now, that a lot of things involve tipping points … before they explode.  OMG when/ if this thing tips over!

That’s what I thought and said last June.   And it looks like it is still on track to come true.


Reposted from Common Knowledge Game:

My mom is active in the multiple myeloma patient community. She has made these three observations:
  1. A friend of hers had a stroke. Word is out from multiple people who know this friend that those who have strokes and other clotting/bleeding disorders are asked "When did you get your booster?" by the treating physician.
  2. Same is true for those who report to gynecologists with menstrual and other reproductive health issues.
  3. About half the people she knows in the community (most of them boosted) are done with covid vaccines based on knowledge of people in their circle who have vaccine injuries.
Private knowledge is becoming common, public knowledge. She told me that we just need to get my brother and my sister-in-law to realize this truth, but it is too soon to push with them. They should experience something soon enough that will make our efforts easy.

Not even sure what I’m feeling anymore. I tried and tried to get my family to not take these experimental injections…only my oldest sister listened. (Even one of her college aged sons went and got it behind her back). Frankly, the reality is even worse than I first thought it would be. I’m heart broken for the families who have lost their loved ones and fearful for the future of mine. I’m not a great persuader, I go too hard at people and that turns them off. Anyway, I wonder what the x-factor is for who responds poorly to these shots. We now know (if we didn’t already) why Pfizer is fighting so hard to hide the safety data, they already knew this was happening and they pumped it out in the billions of doses anyway. The term is overused but these are indeed crimes against humanity. When the normies finally wake up and find out what was done to them and their loved ones, I don’t even know what will happen. As for me, I drink a lot of tea and think too much and frankly, I cry a lot to release all the frustrated energy. I tried, I really did, but my voice wasn’t convincing enough and I have no social media reach. Vaccine detox will be a growth industry.


It is only a matter of time until more start to wake up. I know six people in the past year that have had heart problems. Two are currently wearing monitors, and two required surgeries. All of these people had been “vaccinated.” While this could be “coincidence” the likelihood of that is highly unlikely. Two are questioning whether the “vaccines” caused the problems. Trust our government, trust the medical complex, trust the “scientific community,” trust the “media”? You’ve got to be kidding.


This shouldn’t have happened. I feel for the girls, and the mother. So sad, so sad.
With respect to a remark in the great post of Kevin: I disagree. The term “crimes against humanity” is not overused, at least, not in this context. It is underused imo…


Hi Andrea,
I am sorry to hear what is happen to your father. Actually it reminds me on my father we lost one year ago too - at the same age as yours - to covid and the system.
When he caught the virus they tested him every day for 7 days. He was tested most time positive - but he was fine. They didn’t give him anything - nada, nothing, not even Vitamin D - even-though it was the week before Christmas.
On the 8th day he got very rapid high fever and left us 18h later.


I’ve been working with the vaccine injured for over thirty years. The gaslit, the ignored, the belittled. So when this rollout began I knew we were in for a massive death toll and injured line up. The warnings were there at the outset on this unproven injected dose. Few listened, but some of us already understood. Now, now it’s finally so obvious that vaccines can cause injury and death that I was thrilled this would eventually wake the population up, the medical industry up, the governments up. That these poor folk injured or killed in the past were not anti science or anti establishment but genuine humans with genuine concerns and that we would now begin work to establish the mechanisms, the problems, the susceptible, the reasons why. Finally the chance to do the work, to create the safety net, to compensate and to say sorry. But, what I’m seeing now is one of the most disturbing and obscene things I think I’ve ever witnessed. This has fallen into the realms of a grand scale dystopian nightmare. Governments bent on tyranny, bent on hiding the facts, bent on full scale genocide, the media bought out and refusing to bring the story to the masses, the breaking of every medical ethic and law, the breaking of every democratic process. I’m afraid we are heading into, no, have allowed ourselves to walk into the biggest nightmare humankind has ever seen.


Emma, is it OK if I send a snapshot of your, imo, very powerful posts to friends?