NIH Emails Reveal Criminal Intent To Deceive The Public

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Being among the first to describe the overwhelming likelihood of SARS-CoV-2 having originated in a lab due to human designs, I was subject to censorship, and being called a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ which is the charge most often leveled by non-thinkers and conformists.

Now the evidence is in. Not only did Fauci, et al., fund the gain of function (GOF) research, but they then spent every moment since the lab release (intentional or accidental, we don’t know) covering up both their roles in supporting the work AND working to suppress any inquiry into the possibility of a lab origin.

Their emails are 100%, no question-about-it, evidence of a conspiracy to hide their ministrations from the public.

Naturally, I think these people need to face the full wrath of the people and the punishment of the law. They are monsters.

But what if nothing happens?

Which we all know is the most probable outcome.

Well, then we have to fully confront the fact that the republic is lost, that the rule of law is completely broken, and justice is a term that only applies to ‘the little people.’

If that’s the case, then you really need to plant a garden.


When will your Wikipedia page go live again, it was probably ‘removed’ because of your initial exposure of these crimes that are finally getting exposed.

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I find it so hard to believe that there wasn’t a single person with integrity in this group of perhaps 30 or more people. If only a single one of these people stood up and told the truth, then perhaps millions of peoples lives would not have been extinguished, tens or maybe hundreds of millions or even billions of people might not have been damaged as well and the global economies would not have wasted and lost trillions in value. The value loss in trust of authority and within society is basically incalculable. Individuals, families, businesses, society, whole economies were deeply impacted by the mess these people caused.

Just imagine. Only a single voice, early in this charade could have exposed this deep corruption. I can’t say for sure but without all the shenanigans, the whole COVID debacle might have ended within 6 months with far less damage to persons, the economy and society had nothing been done except to advise vitamin d and try to stay healthy.

Doing nothing could not have been worse than what was actually done.

I suppose once they started on this path, they could not turn back from the dark side. These are mostly smart educated people, how could they not expect that eventually their lies and corruption wouldn’t be exposed. It’s unreal the actual stupidity and malice in this group.

GIven all the very clear evidence, do you think the Lancet will ever retract the Proximal Origins paper or is that too much of an admission? Certainly the reputation of that journal as well as several others and many prominent people has been permanently destroyed. Of course, we’ve also learned that medical research and medical journals only publish material that suits their desired outcome. It’s clear that medical studies as squashed or manipulated (study participants can be deleted for example) if they don’t show any predicted or desired outcome or even worse - negative outcomes where the side effects are worse than the disease…

I want to connect some more dots that perhaps have been connected previously. THEY knew this came from the lab but they didn’t know which permutation of many that they created escaped. I believe the lab escape was either in error or was released intentionally by China to mess up the US election process.

I’m sure that the bat lady and others have created many different synthetic sars viruses. The first one got out somehow, intentionally or by escape. Errors in labs are far too easy to occur and for sure this sort of research to create synthetic viruses for fun and for scientific reasons to publish papers and get government funding needs to stop immediately.

What is also clear is that the ‘vaccine’ was created in parallel with each and every synthetic virus that was in development. Why do I say this?

In January 2020, China released the genetic code for the initial virus. Within 2 days, Pfizer and Moderna had their solution to that virus which ended up being the Warp Speed Vaccine process initiated by President Trump. This virus mutated several times naturally or even perhaps coaxed by the poor treatments on offer at the time to eventually become Delta which was actually far more harmful. Delta would be a natural virus from the environment, a mutation of a mutation of many more mutations caused by natural selection. It did far more harm and damage than the original virus and previous mutations.

Sometime later, only a few months, if I recall correctly a group of what was initially described as 3 or 4 Chinese Diplomats were the first to be infected or detected with the initial Omicron variant in Zimbabwe, just above South Africa where is was sequenced and reported. It didn’t take long for the pharma companies to come up with their vaccine for the safer ‘white hat Omicron virus’ as they probably had this vaccine (useless btw) ready as part of their research years previously.

Pharma never created a Delta or other harmful variant vaccine as that takes too long a time. But they had the initial ‘vaccine’ and the Omicron vaccines ready quickly. I don’t believe the mRNA vaccine development can be so quick. These ahd to be have been created and synthesized over months or years prior.

As a conclusion, if a new MRNA solution comes out in close timing with a new virus or disease, you should feel confident they were created at the same time.

It didn’t have to be this way. Do you still remember how the world used to be in 2019? Sure it wasn’t perfect but it was far better than the dystopia that is creeping ever closer to us.


I do not think this was Fauci et al’s first rodeo.

Think back to the mid 1980s. There was an epidemic back then. Fauci “cured” it with AZT. Which killed - maybe - tens of thousands. No Bactrim For You, little person. And nobody got punished. Especially not Pope Fauci the Infallible. They even made a movie about it, back when Hollywood cared about exposing stuff. “The Dallas Buyers Club.” Watch this movie after going through the “Pandemic” and see what you think.

And of course there’s the Tuskegee experiment. Nobody was punished for that. It was horrific.

Fauci et al have been doing this sort of Flexner-medicine little-people destruction for-fear-and-profit for a long time now. Part of it was “them” being in control of the NIH money train. But among the little people - nobody seemed to notice, nobody seemed to care. Why?

I’ll call it my “Niemöller Hypothesis.”

“First they came for the socialists. But I was not a socialist, so I said nothing.”

I believe this long record of apparent immunity for Fauci et al is why that group felt perfectly fine joking about kickbacks and email-FOIA coverups as if it was commonplace. Because it was. “They” had been doing it for as long as anyone could remember, and nobody was punished.


Left to the DoJ and the FBI, it is most probable that nothing will happen. After all, there is now incontrovertible evidence that the official 9/11 narrative is complete bullshit, but nobody in law enforcement or government wants to hear about it.

However, with all of this evidence now available, it must be possible for covid vaccine injured people to file individual or class action lawsuits claiming damages from Fauci and the other perpetrators of this major crime. They aren’t protected like the vaccine manufacturers.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?


Does anyone have any experience with the square foot garden. Trying to maximize the space i have. This year will be a test run for me. My other raised beds im doing traditional rows and spacing. And of course grow bags for potatoes, blueberries, strawberries and such.

Dont have enough space to be completely self sustaining, but it all helps. And learning through trial and error. Never hurts to learn a new skill.


It turns out there are things scarier than being a kooky conspiracy theorist…like being a sober-minded conspiracy realist who vastly underestimated the breadth, depth and evil of the conspiracy.

Sometimes I think Chris told us to plant a garden in part for the solace it brings. After being enraged all over again at Fauci’s crimes…offset a bit by the comic relief offered by stooge Morens…I went out and planted some watermelon and cantaloupe. The dirt was wet, the birds were perched on the fence, chirping in anticipation of turned up wormy soil…and I was comforted by the beauty and fertility and rhythm of nature.

Was it Cicero who said that if you have a library and garden you have everything? Although (snark!) it was probably Mrs. Cicero who had to marinate 20 pounds of eggplant, make tsaziki yet again and figure out what to do with a bumper crop of beets. Just sayin’


Color me overly concerned but I’m gonna go WAY out on a limb here and say that although both things were bad and evil crimes; actually murdering six million Jews was a scoonch worse than IBM and the NYT conspiring to help Germany keep it a secret. I’d go after the actual murder crime instead of the lesser included offenses. I’m just funny that way.


I had a nightmare last night that children were being gunned down. When I woke up, I realized that all the children they have killed may as well have been shot in cold blood.

And people dont’ talk much about all the miscarriages from the shots. Unborn babies. They are people too.

I don’t think it’s just a grift. They want to reduce the population, probably because they see a resource problem coming and it will be less people to have to control. But why can’t they just leave alone the people who want to opt out of it all? The people who would be happy to choose an agrarian life without fossil fuels, even without electricity. Why pick on the Amish? Just let us walk away. Maybe they will let some of us go. I am hoping.

That was a good point, Dave, about them being totally used to doing this stuff and getting away with it. Because I was thinking, why are they so stupid? I always think about my online privacy and am acutely aware of risk.


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I certainly experienced the Fauci/MSM mass formation of the 1980’s HIV/AIDS epidemic, as an avid follower of Gary Null’s work. Who we could add also exposed the cancer industrial complex and the only place he could publish his alternative therapys research then was in a men’s entertainment magazine.
So, yes, nothing new for an Awake Boomer and nothing has changed, no matter who we voted for (Oh! Behave, “He was the greatest press-ident of all time”; snicker).
Here is some remedy for happiness:



You are right this is indeed the best $30 I ever spend every month.


Ahh Jan you’ve done it again.


Has anyone seen this. Woman talking to Dr Campbell about her vax injury from astra zeneca



Have starts going in trays to replace veggies as you harvest. Adjust varieties for the season. For example when a few early lettuces are harvested have a pepper or tomato ready to fill that space. As that nears the end of it’s productivity by end of summer plant garlic there even before the tomato or whatever is done. Have compost on hand to keep adding as you replant. Think about having hoops over the box to make a mini greenhouse with 6 ml plastic for the winter. These can be made from white pvc pipe. They can also be used to support shade cloth during a heat wave.


half of the mister’s bookshelf filled with cookbooks? :wink:


Right…that he never touched! :wink: :grinning:


Looks like I picked the wrong week to drop Anger Management.

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