Omicron Fears Mount*

The data continues to come in; omicron is exceedingly mild. It’s a super-fast spreader, that’s for sure, but there’s nothing yet in the data to suggest anything other than it is not only mild, but the best of all outcomes; a fast-spreading, super mild version of Covid.

We’ll have to keep a close eye on it yet as it spreads across the world, but more than 30 days into South Africa’s experience with it confirms that for SA, it’s just not a big deal.

This hasn’t stopped many western governments from using it as an excuse to lock down their populations even further, or for the press and many fear-addicted individuals to hyperventilate over the possibilities.


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Data hesitancy… OMG… thank you, I needed a good laugh!


it’s empowering. I’d say most of us are committed, and ’Called’ into this realm of being brave and speaking out. A lot! We will win this. Paper covers rock, and Love cuts thru darkness…


It sure looks like OMICRON! boils down to a highly transmissible case of the sniffles. Mostly. The (“natural?”) modifications to the virus appear to have resulted in a much less toxic spike protein. That’s my read from there being no “day 8” issues seen in patients in South Africa. I thought Delta was going to be the natural mass vaccination wave, but it looks like that’s going to be OMICRON instead.
This is really why the media and the governments are terrified. COVID might just be over.



There is a story of a man travelling on a bus and watching as another passenger every few miles would tear off a piece of paper and throw it out the window. He watched for over an hour and then unable to restrain his curiosity went and sat beside him and asked why he was continuing to do this. Ah, said the man, this is to get rid of all the Tigers ! When the observer stated that there were NOT any Tigers at all in the area he was met with a very confident reply. Well you can see that it works doesn’t it .
Fortunately we live in a totally Scientific world and we are all well aware of the fact that throwing a single scrap of paper out the window would not achieve anything. Scientifically speaking we all know that you would need to be throwing out at least THREE each time.


Thanks. I think I’ve seen these steps somewhere before but found a readable link to this.


Yeah. That’s our new catch phrase. It’s perfect. Think of all the questions that can now get added onto the “fact” that there’s data hesitancy in that 30%. Trust me, they’re not gonna like their new label of data hesitant. Bam, thanks Chris!


Definitely. That infamous punch through message is forming. Thank God. Think about it, if all the captains of knowledge industry get behind the same message. That’s a good thing. I put it in the world. It’s already in the world. They do it all the time they name it and we call it real. Chartrand‘s got a name. Data hesitancy. I can’t wait till that stars spilling from my lips…


Nanski, that’s some heavy stuff right there. The link to the six stages. What does roughly correlate with what Kathryn Austin Fitz is pointing out. Again it can all be brought to a halt, as soon as more voices become one. That seems to be the race right now. Let’s break that spell with some data hesitancy talk. T let’s just keeps saying the words data hesitancy over n over, till it’s natural as pie lol! Can ya say Data hesitancy 30 times real fast. Ha!


I am reading an interesting book the title of which I have put as the subject. The author gives a quick overview of his book in this interesting ted talk
starting at about 8:30.
His idea is that the two hemispheres of our brain have very different roles, but not the ones we have been taught. The left brain is used to manipulate the world, very narrow focus, simplifies things (good for picking up objects, using tools). The right brain sees the world in a more holistic manner, tries to understand relationships, sees the world not as black and white but in levels of gray. He makes the point that the left sees the world as a collection of resources to be exploited, and the right tries to understand how things work together to create the whole.
He later makes the point about experts in London who have never seen a patient giving him helpful algorithms on how to treat his patients for depression. Considering the video is from 2014, it seems quite prophetic (guidelines limiting doctors from practicing medicine).


We know that in the USA death has occurred from the treatment. That is, no early on treatment followed by Remdesivir (which hammers the kidneys sending fluid to the lungs) and ultimately sending the patient to the vent until death.
For the hospitalized in South Africa, what is the treatment? Are they doing something differently that sends patients home from the hospital? Prepare the terrain? IVM? HCQ? Monoclonal Antibodies? Do they use Remdesivir? Even though omicron appears mild, with the Fauci protocol the USA can still turn this into a killing field for so many patients.
Again, for the hospitalized in South Africa, what is the treatment?


The Vax rate in Africa is very low.  It will be very telling if thr death rate in highly vaxxed countrie is much higher.  That could indicate either diminished immunity due to the jab or that the virus is being used as cover for Vax related injury.


Chris all I got to say is Thank YOU!!! Data, logic and reason are rare these days. We count on you and the Peak Prosperity team for all these things.


Hi Chris. Hey not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but is this what we are up against? Gootube dislikes on your video are just off the hook. Is this the viewers of the video clicking the dislike button or is this Gootube?
[caption id=“attachment_693691” align=“alignnone” width=“1062”] Gootube Dislikes[/caption]


I’ve modified Chris’ plea somewhat, to make it more timely.
As Omicron Season approaches, please take the time to help those around you who are experiencing Data Hesitancy. It can lead to living with unnecessary anxiety, poor decisions and Authoritarianism.


Nooooo, really? Ha HA
Though I wonder just how many “paid actors” there are clicking that dislike button AND writing those obvious posts to match and egg on the false narrative!


Chris apparently I installed a questionable plugin for my browser that incorrectly showed dislikes. I’ve installed another plugin and now it shows the correct number which is much lower and much less alarming.


Thanks for the idea, Chris!! ???


Ok, I hear you-- the data hesitant are just brainwashed and it’s not their fault. I should be gentle with them until they see the light.
Forgive me, I’m about to rant. It’s been a long time coming.
As you rightly pointed out, I believe that the hypnotised are being encouraged to blame the 10% of Canadians who still have a facility for critical thinking. For instance, in the last six months, I have several friends of many years who have told me: 1) I will “just die-- like the rest of the unvaxxed” and, 2) that I have “no right to go to the hospital if… sick,” and 3) that I am “just selfish” and “contributing to the death of who-knows-how-many” others, and 4) that I am just buying into “stupid conspiracy theories” presented on non-mainstream media sources (that’s people like YOU, Chris and the FLCC, the VAERS database, etc.) who are willfully giving me misinformation-- which I am-- apparently-- too stupid to realize.
Also, I am subject to three levels of government who are committed to strong-arming experimental vaccines and segregating me and my husband from the rest of the world. At this time-- and for the better part of a year now-- we can’t go out except for work, shopping and medical (so much for Christmas with my grandkids who are a plane ride away.)
If you want to see an example of what our Federal Government is pushing, copy this link:
or search for
(Do it soon, though; this video is likely dangerous information that may soon be censored.)
So, excuse me if I am not feeling so inclined to forgiveness. Data hesitancy seems a bigger threat to the unvaccinated than the Pandemic. Was it Jesus who said, “Forgive them. They know not what they do?” Seems to me, he was still the guy on the cross.
I guess I’m a little cross about it all…