On the Brink of Chaos

Protests erupted all over Europe and in Australia over the prospect of renewed lockdowns, vaccinating children and other Covid measures. They’re fed up. I am fed up. You are fed up.

The main problem? None of the measures have actually worked so far and are an incoherent mess. Instead of rethinking strategies and being more thoughtful in communicating the necessity and goals of the new approaches, many governments have instead become more dictatorial and authoritarian. This is creating even more friction within and among the citizenry.

To avoid being a ‘rat in a cage’ your first step toward freedom rests in understanding who is delivering the shocks and why.

In part II of this series, I explore what the agenda really is and how the media is not simply ‘falling down on the job’ but actively and purposely misinforming us; always with the intent of sowing divisions and widening social fractures.

Furthermore, the high rates of inflation and energy price increases now haunting Europe will continue to add fuel to the social fires that are now lit and stoked.

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I was chatting with a guy who lives near Tel Aviv as I was about to play host for an online presentation. I asked him how things were over there and he said they were great - that they were a vaccine success story and were now back to living normally. What?! I thought their vaccinated population was seeing a surge in COVid! I am confused…again!


Looks like their recent peak has troughed again. May be the recent booster round. See how long it lasts. It’s a global merry-go-round - up down up down up down…

I just posted on this general sentiment sweeping across our planet. It really needs to be pulled into a single focus, if possible. That was the subject of my think tank war room post. There’s so much human potential energy (HPE). But it’s still disorganized for lack of a better word. If it were all focused even more on a single couple of demands that are hard to refute, like why are you letting people die in hospitals without treatment. If there were a single banner that everyone chanted so to speak, who knows, maybe we can punch through, And further Pierce this ugly propaganda machine!


We are amidst the “Great Reset”. The vaccine has absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic. It is about control. The pandemic is just a catalyst. The media , and the officials are all in on it. They are all intimidated or threatened or are fully onboard because they have been promised their tier in the control and power with the money that comes from that. It is amazing how many people are going along with the killing of innocent people to move this agenda forward, which does include depopulation.
The truth is most people are sheep , and they,tptb, know it. They are scared of the last 20% but its very small number of the total. Its something TPTB are afraid of , but they are hoping to use the other 80% in our way. we are truly in a war of getting through to about 20% of those sheep. Once that is done it is over for TPTB. But it extremely difficult with what they are doing. and people are very stubborn and not open to anything that jeopardizes their safety zone. It is incredibly difficult as I cannot get through to my own family. And every now and again they acknowledge big pieces of the puzzle and seem as they may make a break through. Two days of CNN and they are right back in line with the Agenda.


thousands of hundreds!
See, the mainstream media doesn’t lie.


My thinking is that the general population won’t awaken until it’s REALLY bad. By then it might be too late. Groupthink is very strong and stubborn. How do we awaken those whose whole view of existence relies on them staying asleep! Here in the west we have it so good that even now we still have a long way down before folks take to the streets with pitchforks. Look at Venezuela, their whole country is a complete mess and they are going hungry yet Maduro has been in power how long? Almost a decade! I think we will be lucky if this global cabal goes a little too fast too soon and shows its hand, then folks might let them have it. That being said everyone wants to go back to the good ol’ days and then we find ourselves back in a resource scarce world. Damned if we do damned if we don’t!


This was another great video. I laughed to myself when I heard Chris saying something like ‘at the highest levels there has to be a relationship between your actions and the outcomes. You can’t just keep divorcing the two entirely forever.’ I’ve often just believed that all of these authorities are just complete idiots and this is why they keep messing everything up so badly over and over again. I then wonder if maybe it could be more than that. I can’t imagine it being everyone of them being ‘in on it’ whatever ‘it is’ but I do think that they can’t all really be this stupid for this long. There has to be more to it. I am coming closer and closer to the view that there truly is something nefarious going on. That is a very difficult concept for me to accept though for some reason.

These videos are disturbing and claim that there are tribes being ‘removed’ and force-injected - clearly, against their will. This needs international attention because if this is happening to them, it needs to bloody stop. Hundreds of years of marginalization and mistreatment is enough, I think. Colonialism sucks. If you want a selfish reason to get involved, then look at it this way: it will eventually happen to the rest of us.
If this doesn't spark a major uprising I'm not sure what would. Video#1 mentioned in the article above, if you are pushed for time PLEASE watch from 9:30mins in https://rumble.com/vppr0l-sos.html  

Jae888 - There’s definitely more to it and there’s absolutely something nefarious going on. Most people don’t understand the depth and breadth of the evil at play here. I suspect for many they just don’t want to go there because it means questioning their whole world view.
We need to go deeper down the rabbit hole folks. Think about it, how is all of this being orchestrated on a global scale by all of these ‘leaders’ (i.e. managers), many of whom are not all that bright?
Start asking yourself this question - who is really pulling the strings behind the scenes? I’ve heard the quote many times lately “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist”. But do you really believe the Devil is an actual being, or do you just generally lump all ‘bad’ people under this label? And if he does exist, then what is his end game?
There’s a book that details his story from beginning to end. Most of you probably have a copy collecting dust on a bookshelf somewhere in your home. It’s time to dust off that book folks. Start reading about how this enemy operates, but more importantly how he will ultimately be defeated and who it is that will defeat him.


That is very odd indeed. What the hell is going on? Maybe the guy is unaware or doesn’t want to believe the truth, or we are fools!

Dear Chris, Thank you for this blog post. Effectively something is seriously wrong to get so many people worked up about a “health problem”. Although I agree with you re: the Australian tyrant - I feel that the following is far worse - insupportable as we say in French, to the point that I yelled at my computer - release tension as Clif High would say. A US senator not being respected by a public employee - avoiding the questions. See for yourself and tell me that the system works. Again as we say in French, “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.” Enough people have to agree that the system is broken to effectuate the change.


The reason most do not act upon what they perceive, is they have no confidence in their ability to perceive Existence. They doubt their own minds, as this is expressly the goal of those attempting to manipulate them, control them, and abuse them.
You see, this type of person was never taught to believe in the veracity of their own intellectual ability to determine, all by themselves, the facts about anything, whatsoever. In fact, they always tend to fall prey to all the “social bromides” invented to shake them from any attempt to posit any principled position, or factual conclusion.
“Do you always think in terms of Black & White?”
“That’s just your opinion!”
“Oh, look who thinks they are so SMART!”
“Your position is EXTREMIST, as you refuse to compromise it in ANY WAY!”
“Reality is merely ILLUSION! You cannot really come to know ANYTHING!”
“All you are using is LOGIC! Don’t you have a HEART?”
And the sort…
People are simply ignorant of Epistemology, and how it is…they come to know anything at all. They are deliberately kept ignorant of CERTAINTY…and what it takes to achieve. They are deprived of any intellectual defense for any thought, or conclusion, and many cannot tell you why an ARBITRARY POSIT may be ignored out-of-hand, without hazard, while the RATIONAL POSIT must be properly addressed. You see, they do not understand the fundamental difference between a supported and an unsupported claim, regardless of the emotional reactions to either.
Either one is Rational…or one is not. Either one establishes REASON as their means of cognition, or one does not. Either one’s emotions are evoked by rationally derived values…or one’s emotions are automatically irrational…as they are unfiltered by REASON.
Most people’s minds are a squirming quagmire of mutually exclusive, dire-contradictions, foggy notions, undefined terms, and emotional trigger terms.
And HALF of the population has an IQ under 100.
Fertile soil for any tyrannical seed…


The following organizations/companies are the key services, used by those conducting this Cull:
“ANSER” - An organizational “bank” which is the primary “owner” of all the responsible contracts involved in the management of this “Pandemic” and of all the “vaccine” efforts of all the involved drug companies. They handle ALL THE MONEY, and ANSER is the primary target of ANY penetration of the various drug company’s corporate veil for any actions made against it, regarding any aspect of this “Pandemic” and any “vaccine.” It is the official “scape-goat” entity, whose purpose is to protect the assets of Big Pharma.
“FORSMARSH” - This massive organization is the actual entity behind ALL THE PROPAGANDA, you will find in ALL the various media outlets, concerning itself with the promotion of the desired narrative …and is responsible for the desired manipulation of the public’s mindset. Joseph Gerbels would have worked here…
“PALANTIR” - This organization handles all the IT and AI software involved.
“PUBLICIS SAPIENT” - Directly interfaces with HHS IT and is responsible for the coordination of all medical personnel and organizations.
Household names…right?
The above entities are what is controlling this world-wide crime against humanity. They are the very foundation upon which it has been built. Yet, they act to protect the individuals, who set them up and staff them, and direct them, who reside one level deeper then they do.
And, these same entities are used directly by the U.S. Government.


I have to thank Chris for this great video. I just watched it a few hours ago and he is spot on with his analysis of the current madness, the divide and rule game, the rat in the cage comparison and the social division. I have not expected to receive a head-on confirmation of all this so quick. However, it did not take long - just only 1 hour for a “live conformation”.
In a company internal conference call with the company office in Vienna a few minutes later inevitably, in the small talk before the work matter, the covid situation was touched. (I am located in the Middle East)
Within less than a minute the Vienna participants (two ladies) geared up shouting and screaming out all their hate and abysmal dislike about the non-vaxxers. There was no way to stop that rant with reasoning and facts. Nothing mattered… “Everything is because the unvaxxed… the statistics say that… all hospitals are full with unvaxxed people…. they interviewed someone with a tinfoil hat… this are only idiots… “.
It was impossible to bring on the matter of early treatment. Everyone who is sick is in the ICU. And yes, “…the doctors in the ICUs know better… the experts saying this… every idiot thinks he know better that the experts…”
When just calmly referenced to Dr. Malone or Dr Shetty it triggered an avalanche of “…the first people died because on horse paste and Vitamin D… No, No, No, No, I don’t want to hear that anymore… that is only vax-deniers talk… all f*£%ing stupid people… they should be thrown out of the hospital…”.
And… as Chris pointed out, alone for calmly mentioning facts outside the main box and raising doubts on the official narrative - I was one of them… Anti-vaxxer!!
Eventually after 15-20min things calmed down because work matters had to be discussed.
After the web call I had to lean back for a minute and digest and reflect. It was exactly that what Chris described.
I have to say that I have grown up under communist rule. I experienced discussion between 120% ters (that were the term for the ones totally convinced from the good of communism) and normal/critical thinking people. But wow boy… I have never experienced this aggressive hate. I cannot see how that can get back to normal again. I have the fear, this upcoming division within our society will stay long.
P.S. After digestion… I now believe that the Deagel forecast we discussed a few days ago looks suddenly not so unrealistic anymore IF… ADE kicks in and all is getting blamed on the anti-vaxxers. The rump up in suicides Deagel expects might turn out to be in truth homicides.


Pretty scary I would imagine. Thanks for sharing. yes, my concern is that the vaxxed are losing the ability for critical thinking. Very much what Clif High said when being interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog on Rumble. Clif said we would have many Vaxidents caused from slowing of cognitive function.


The “enemy” is both foreign, domestic, and is also within our own minds and within our own selves and within our own deliberately socially-engineered and distorted and perverted normative values.
Identifying the external enemy outside of our own selves is easier- just follow the money- than is the moral and intellectual courage to acknowledge that your whole life and value set and worldview was totally, deliberately, manipulated towards your own detriment.
Overcome your own enemy within, firstly, and then overcoming the enemy that’s without all becomes mere childs play in comparison.
The good will of truth, of real wisdom, and of the Verifiable Facts to Power only become possible when your fear of death or worse is overcome by ones courage and ones faith.


Love Clif High. He taught me about cryto in his Alta Reports. I have to say I read his reports as far back as 1999 when he talked about the “Sun” disease that would decimate the world population. I stopped following him then because I thought he was crazy. Then in 2014 I found Clif again talking about altcoins and so looked into them. I wait for his videos on Bitchute. I do wish he was also on Rumble but he must have a good reason to not be on that platform.


My guess is that we could become sustainable and have enough food to feed the world with vertical grow buildings and solar either from biotech or solar panels. But, the elite see this sustainability issue as a reason for a power grab. I don’t believe they care about the earth or the environment at all. They care about their power and they need to be stopped.


Again as we say in French, “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.”
Walensky is Polish.