Outrage! Why The US Government Lied To Us About Masks

The Honey Badger virus refuses to give up the fight.

Global cases have crossed the 8 million mark, and eighteen US states have reported a rise in new infections this week vs last.

China, too, is grappling to suppress a new outbreak, this time in the capital city of Beijing.

We do see, though, plenty of examples where covid-19 has been successfully suppressed or eradicated by good anti-contagion practices including masks, social distancing, handwashing/hygiene, and other measures.

So why was the US government so intent back in February and March on convincing us that “masks don’t work” and urging us not to wear them?

Presidential pandemic task force medical chief Dr. Anthony Fauci is twisting history, claiming that they didn’t want to direct needed PPE away from medical workers. But that’s not the full story.

The truth is, the US government badly under-invested in maintaining the national stockpile of PPE for such a pandemic, which was pretty much depleted by the end of March. And they didn’t want us to know that. So that tried to convince us that masks don’t work.

While they obviously should have funded adequate preparation, the government could have instead been honest with us from the get go and encouraged a national citizen mask-making brigade, akin to the civilian war efforts of WW2. We could have much better protected ourselves AND reduced demand for the higher-standard PPE that the hospitals needed.

It didn’t have to be this way…

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http://newsjunkiepost.com/2020/05/30/climate-crisispandemics-and-bad-governance-humanitys-existential-threats/Climate Crisis, Pandemics and Bad Governance: Humanity’s Existential Threats http://newsjunkiepost.com/2020/05/30/climate-crisispandemics-and-bad-governance-humanitys-existential-threats/

I wonder if this will change the views of all the “anti maskers” out there? There is a crowd of voices coming up with all kinds of reasons against wearing masks. I’m so glad I’ve been watching your videos since February. I live in Arizona, and cases here are spiking through the roof - 2,392 new ones on Monday, a record since the pandemic started. I have been trying to spread the message to “mask up,” but there is a lot of opposition here. I would say less than 30% of the general population is wearing them when out and about. My family and I have been taking precautions, and I will continue to spread the message. Thanks for all your hard work Chris to get this info out!

Welcome aboard @quantumkev

I wonder if this will change the views of all the "anti maskers" out there?
I wouldn't hold your breath. As Chris has said more than once, people view evidence through their own filters and logic is often what was filtered out; belief based on opinion instead of facts.

Actually the US is not a Banana Republic. Though the pejorative description is well deserved. A Banana Republic would be characterized by a country which relies economically on one export such as bananas. These countries are then dominated politically by huge corporations such as United Fruit, now Dole. Smedley Butler does a great job explaining the role of the US military in protecting those corporations.
The US can actually be described as an Oligarchy, a Corporatocracy, Plutocracy, but it anything but a Democracy. All of those are accurate descriptions of the US. My definition incorporates all of those but takes it one step further. I consider the US a Fascist Empire. We have taken our system to every corner of the globe. We have 1,000 military bases around the world supposedly to make us “safe”.
Sheldon Wolin has described our system as Inverted Totalitarianism.
“The people – While the classical totalitarian regimes aimed at the constant political mobilization of the populace, inverted totalitarianism aims for the mass of the populace to be in a persistent state of political apathy. The only type of political activity expected or desired from the citizenry is voting.”
In effect the Amerikaan citizenry are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Amerikaans are incapable of effecting any meaningful, economic, social or political change. The recent protests while poignant are not going to make any systemic changes. They will prove to be as useful as voting. Amerikaans actually as in SS display an affection for their kidnappers. Amerikaan heroes are the extremely wealthy, Gates, Buffett, Bezos, Zuckerburg, etc. They are also political depending on which side of the spectrum you find yourself. Of course there are the military heroes who are our protectors. All of these entities control the levers of power. They do not respond to the wants needs and desires of the majority of the populace. A prime example of this in operation is the recent CARES act (who makes these names up?) Hedge funds get billions and the people get $1200. The people getting $1200 are pitifully grateful. SBA loans have gone to Congress people. and we are not told how much or who. We don’t need to know what the owners do with the money, we just need to keep paying taxes to them.
The only 2 options I see are 1- total collapse. 2-a charismatic figure on the order of a Gandhi who can mobilize a critical mass of the population around the proposition of “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”

Here’s what the spike in new cases looks like. My best guess: New York largely has “herd immunity”. That’s why they can protest and loot and see no spike in cases.
The other areas aren’t there yet.
We are doing the Sweden model.

Note that, for some reason, we are not seeing a similar spike in deaths. At least not yet. Deaths remain flat.

…I’m still here! Yippee! I haven’t nor will I get sick. Why? I wear a mask. I wear rubber gloves. No exceptions. I clean myself and I stay home unless I have to go out or escape to our property, The Roost, where great things are being done and planned for when we take the keys to our front door. Then, to far for drop ins, not to close to my neighbors but, they know they are welcome. I did get our T-shirts and they are very nice. I probably won’t send a picture. We don’t do pictures all that often as we seldom think too. We take all the necessary drugs/supplements.
Additionally, we just assume all politicians are liars and never, ever believe them any longer. For the first time in our lives we care only about ourselves, follow our own gut and find and listen to those who make sense, are honest, of high character and then, we still follow our own gut. Chris, you have won at every stage with truth and so your it, don’t screw up now. Please.
Folks, I hope and wish you all well, I know you are thinking and working hard. How do I know this? Because this is work, all of it so you may as well enjoy every bit of your world because what you do now is more important than anything else out there. We may not do it the same but we are heading in the same direction.
So, just do what your gut says, Chris has encouraged this and I am 100 % in agreement. Why? I can live with my decisions. I could not live with doing it Chris’s way only to find out mine worked better . Saying this another way: I believe in myself, if I’m wrong then I point the finger at myself. I do that allot and will continue but, lots of times no finger gets pointed so I just go about fixing my shit. It’s only work and I love working.
The biggest gift I give myself is I work at checking my Biases at the door. I am brutally honest about this. I want to make good decision without preconceived notions. I want to be fare minded and I like this approach. There is not just one way to do things, my way, I know and want to know the right way and be open to it when I see it.
The Fed, Fauci (my greatest disappointment in all of this) all that is being done by TPTB are disappointing for sure. I can’t do a thing and really don’t want to. I can’t do shit and I’m damn tired of the debates, the racism, the cop killers and cop killings others. Batons hitting an old man and he then gets knocked out and cut up on the streets. It’s just sickening. All of it has been around in worst degrees all of my life. I want some appreciation for trying though. I want all the cash returned by all the Good Folks who stole our Social Security so that they could sit on their asses and do nothing except complain about me as a person when a great deal of my check goes to public housing, food stamps. welfare, medical coverage, better schools, so forth and so on. I am not racists, I am tired though of the super stars who do nothing for their community’s to show the better way. To lead by example off and on their professional stage. I am tired that a felon is idolized for a cause. He should have been in jail, locked up for life and this story would never have been a story. No doubts the knee to the neck was murder. No doubt the victim was stoned out of his mind and trying to pass counterfeit $20 bill. No doubt he beat the crap out of a black women either who was pregnant. No more, I hate this shit and I am leaving, going into the woods and live as quietly as I can.
I’ll have conversation with my Lady, Barb, the girl who in 46 years now has stood with me as we busted our asses to have the great privileges’ to be and do what we want. Done.
Be good. Peace

re Banana Republic
Three simple rules to determine when your Government is lying to you:
1- All governments lie all the time unless it benefits them to tell the truth.
2- Does your Government own/control the means of Propaganda ie— religion, cultural belief systems, education, technology communication?
3- Who benefits? (Follow the Money)

Another excellent presentation by Chris.
But there is a question about masks that no one is asking.
China notified both the WHO and the CDC of the breakout on January 3rd of this year.
Why is it, that more than six months later, I still cannot buy N95 masks?
Not only can I not buy them, health workers can’t. In one case I know about, a health care worker couldn’t even get replacement surgical masks. The hospital policy on masks was “keep reusing the one you have.”
Why aren’t masks, especially N95 masks, in mass production?
I know that most medical masks are made overseas but why - after six months - are N95 masks still not being mass produced here.
I did a little historical research to see how nations respond to emergencies.
For instance, after Pearl Harbor, the United States had a serious problem obtaining certain war materiel. Rubber, for instance, was crucial. It was not just used for tires but for gaskets, hosing, insulators and the like. You couldn’t build tanks or warships without rubber.
But ninety per cent of the rubber in the world came from lands under the control of the Japanese.
While synthetic rubber already existed at this time, it was not a good enough product to rely upon for military purposes. A better product had to be developed.
It was a real problem.
To deal with this problem, the government gave an anti-trust exemption to American rubber manufacturers so that they could work together and jointly patent a synthetic rubber product before rubber inventories in the United States ran out.
The rubber companies, working together, developed a formula for an acceptable and cost effective synthetic rubber product. This was accomplished by March of 1942. In late March of that same year, the companies involved entered into a contract to build multiple factories to commence production. Firestone produced the program’s first bale of synthetic rubber on April 26, 1942, followed by Goodyear on May 18. Other companies followed.
That is four to five months after Pearl Harbor.
In Germany, a similar project produced synthetic oil from coal.
Importantly, the warring parties in WW II had accomplished these feats with 1940’s technology.
We have advanced far beyond 1940’s technology. Now, we have supercomputers, computer modeling, internet based information sharing, video conferencing, robotic manufacturing and so on.
We just have a lot more to work with.
And, in this case, we did not have to create a new technology. All we had to do was manufacture a known product, i.e. N95 masks.
But here we are. We are six months after being notified of a potential pandemic, and citizens still cannot order N95 masks. And hospital workers have to reuse masks since there are not enough in production.
How can anyone justify that?
It is not that we do not have the talent.
We do have the talent.
It is simply systemic failure at the highest levels of the public and private sector.

We all knew they were lying about the masks. Chris and team did an excellent job of getting the word on that out there early on. However, many other people found themselves burned at the social media stake by saying that the WHO, CDC, and all the different levels of government were either lying, being negligent, or incompetent in saying masks didn’t work. People were branded as being crazy or a conspiracy theorist, when all they were doing was just trying to help others understand what was really going on. Very few cared about China nationalizing the American owned N95 facilities in their country, or the still standing import/export restrictions . After awhile, most probably just gave up. Most became distracted by the Shiny stock market…or squirrels,…except the resilient ones. They just seem to keep going…Keep up the great work Guys and Gals!

In Belgium 5000 patients got HCQ in hospitals out of a total of 16,000 hospitalisations. Often the patients demanded HCQ and even threatened to change hospital if they didn’t receive it. Some patients refused to take part in randomised trials because they didn’t want to run the risk of not being given the HCQ treatment. Professor Bottieau sayd the study of all these cases is not ready but he can allready say HCQ didn’t cause overmortality and that the results seem favorable. Source : National newspaper Le Soir : https://plus.lesoir.be/307152/article/2020-06-15/au-moins-5000-patients-traites-la-chloroquine-en-belgique?_ga=2.227893204.835040675.1592431261-1567252995.1592254474

Chris, could you revisit the Dexamethosone trial results? It looks like you may have misrepresented what the results show. For seriously ill patients on ventilators it seems to improve their chances of survival quite significantly. Of course other better treatments should have been used early on but having a 30% better chance of surviving, if you get to that serious state, doesn’t seem like something that should so easily be dismissed.

‘They’ do not want masks to be available to the plebs. If they wanted us to have them, wanted us to survive, to live long and prosper, we would have them. The most powerful country in the world would have, could have, should have stepped on the gas and done what it had to do in a hurry. It did not do it. It did not want to, or rather was told not to by their Deep State masters. It is that simple, to me anyway. All the pieces of the puzzle coming together give every indication this is a long planned strategy for population reduction as well as global control of all people, countries and resources.
If ever there were a get out the pitch fork trigger moment, this lie should be it… Not seeing the masses rising up in absolute outrage at such a despicable ruse is beyond disconcerting. It is deflating… knock the wind right out my sail deflating. Further, I am certain the vast majority of people remain blissfully ignorant in their parochial bubbles…
The lack of caring and outrage tells me it is time to embrace the philosophy of Bob in comment #6 (hi Bob!): going forward, all I do will be about trusting my gut and doing what is right for me. This means also stepping up the mental & emotional resilience efforts, since I have no more lingering doubts that we are totally on our own.
Loss of trust in institutions is the big line in the sand. Once irrevocably crossed it is game over. If other people feel the same as I do, or in the coming weeks and months start to get that feeling, the descent into chaos is will be swift. It is time to bear down and get ready for a ride that I think will be like nothing most of us have ever seen or experienced. I hope not, but trusting my gut…

I knew you would come around eventually.

Resistance is futile…

I wear rubber gloves.
planfortomorrow, out of interest, why do you wear gloves for protection against the virus?

Hey Mike from Jersey:
In WWII the Japanese commander thought it was a big mistake for the Emperor to give the command attack Pearl Harbor. Why? Because he had been to America and seen the manufacturing base (Japan’s wasn’t comparable). He recognized the Americans would mobilize and retool their factories for the war effort. He had no idea jsut what a devastating tool we would manufacture besides tanks and guns. It was beyond imagination, like US before 9/11.
In the 1990s the Clinton Administration pushed to give China - run by a vicious regime – most favored nation trading status. I kept asking myself why. China built up its manufacturing base, undercut prices, used slave labor, and manipulated its currency to undercut US companies and decimate our manufacturing base. Virtually everything we buy is now made in China. (I live in the midwest and even the pumpkin seeds come from China!). The Rust Belt saw its factories shuttered and its despairing population turn to meth and opioids. Recently it occurred to me why we gave them most favored nation status. So they would buy our debt, which the government issues for politicians to buying votes through deficit spending and the corporate lobby wants for cheap overseas labor costs, promting through campaign donations. Oligagarchy, plutocracy, as MMast suggests, is what we have going and how we got here.
We don’t retool because we don’t have the sufficient working factories to retool. The only thing we retooled for in this pndemic for the average citizen was is hand sanitizer made by craft breweries at the bare minimum 62% ethanol concentration.
Meanwhile, China is building fake islands and setting up military bases. We are now Japan circa WWII and China is where were we were then. There is nothing new under the sun.

No WestCoastJan, we are not the Borg, the Borg is group think and we have resisted.

I don’t have the answers either, and am more than troubled by the questions. However, I greatly admire and appreciate your apparently undying love and loyalty to your “Lady Love” in your life. Take care, stay well, safe and healthy and God-speed in all you do. :slight_smile:

Hi folks
We had a slight mishap here this week, with 2 visitors from the UK being let out of isolation on compassionate grounds without being tested, who subsequently tested positive. Everyone is slightly up in arms but good lessons learned and I’m sure the same mistake won’t happen again.
In other news, I came across this wee snippet this afternoon…!