Peak Davos and Tyrants - LIVE

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I seriously want to know why the Davos party hasn’t been bombed yet!!!



How did respiration become pollution?



Where is the Barf bag?


Sorry. Sorry for that.

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Peak Davos

I hope you’re right that we may have reached “Peak Davos.” But I’m very pessimistic about that. They have too much money, influence and power to simply melt into the landscape. You know, there were times in Germany 1925-1933 that citizens could have looked at events and concluded that Germany had reached “Peak Hitler.” Beware!
Al Gore’s net worth would make the most corrupt television evangelist blush.
Davosians don’t care if we discover their real agendas. That’s why they don’t hide them. They also don’t bother trying to win our hearts and minds by giving up their private jets and yachts, or otherwise “becoming the change they want to see in the world.” This is because they plan to coerce and physically force (through violence and the threat of violence) our compliance with their harsh demands while of course they continue living by the billionaire’s different set of rules. This coercion and force are already being wielded in places where they’ve already “penetrated” (Klaus Schwab’s word!) enough government structures (Arden, Turdeau Son of Castro, etc.). And they’re winning and getting their way!
At their core, they hate people and love their religion (ideology). And if achieving the goals of their demonic zeal requires the death of 1 - 7 billion people besides themselves, that’s a sacrifice they’re willing for us to make.
They don’t care if gasoline for instance goes to $15/gallon, for instance. They can afford to pay it. And since $15/gallon gas would restrict the movement of the plebs like us, making us more dependent and compliant they may literally be planning such an outcome intentionally. All signs point to exactly that being one of their agendas. That’s why there’s no coherent plan to deal with the devastation that would be caused by achieving their stayed energy plans. That is, they will let those chips fall where they may, while continuing their luxurious jet-setting lifestyles unhindered. And if billions die, that’s actually another benefit and moves the ball forward in their depopulation agenda.
The fight is really not about “the science” regarding climate change. The real fight for our lives is about the “solutions.”


If There’s The Queen On The Coin…

then now Charles has the One Ring. And now year by year, you can see the PMs of all those nations gradually slipping into the wraith world.
Stay away from remote hilltops and watch out for spooky daggers. I mean syringes.


These Davos Clips Are Insane ---- Wef Switches Things Up

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Stopping Fossil Fuel Production

First there was Covid 19 - “you must get injected, no debate, no dissent allowed you horrible anti-vaxxer because the health department experts say so.”
Result: senseless disaster which could have been avoided by open debate.
Second there was Ukraine - “you must support the war against Russia, no debate, no dissent allowed you horrible Putin puppet because the State Department experts say so.”
Result: unfolding senseless disaster which could have been avoided by open debate.
And now it is stop fossil fuel production - “you must give up fossil fuels immediately, no debate, no dissent allowed you horrible climate change denier because the climate experts say so.”
Well, sorry, “experts” your credibility is gone.
It is time for open debate.


Good News! The Masses Are Onto The Wef!

That’s the good news, that the Plebs have had enough of their virtue signaling, their sacrosanct bullshit. The Poster Child of Global Warming, none other than Al Gore who wants EVERYONE to cut back on energy use to save the Planet so he can power his mansion spending tens of thousands a month on electricity bills.
The hypocrisy as they show up in their million dollar private jets and lavished with the finest meats and the most expensive hookers. It’s the Hunger Games, people. That’s what these A-Holes are wanting to happen. A top down autocratic society run by a few so the many can cater to their every want and needs.
Bill Gates the genius behind the BioNtech vaccines that’s wreaking havoc around the world. Rebel News, called out the criminality of Pfizer CEO at Davos. Yes, Der Klaus Schwab may not see his Trans-humanism Utopia.
Tom Luongo wrote a great piece on the Davos dirtbags.
“Davos 2023 Whistling Past The Great Reset’s Graveyard”. It’s worth a read.


If The World Was To Stop Exploration Of Energy

New dark ages


I Just Don’t Get It

The whole Davos thing is a charade for Depopulation and Control. It annoys me to the point of exhaustion, how are people still blind to this?
What do they have on all these leaders such that they comply and was Abe assassinated because he didn’t, i.e. do they know their fate for noncompliance?
So why do they want people gone? What’s it about…really?
It has to be the pole shift and the catastrophe cycle of the earth, is anything else as big?
Look at the timing? They know that every cycle a certain “amount” of people survive. Perhaps they want to pick which genes survive (eugenics). Are they doing this?
What’s the counter? What’s the answer?


I don’t get it either.
About 10 years ago the world stopped making any sense.
It it as if the collective West just lost its collective mind.
Three things about the climate agenda really get to me.
One, climate change might be true. But they have known about the connection between carbon dioxide and temperature for decades. So why is it suddenly an emergency now? Why wasn’t it an emergency two years ago or five years ago? The Paris accords were nine years ago. So they apparently considered it an issue back then. But the Paris accords had no enforcement mechanism. Nothing at all. The whole thing was apparently all for show. But now suddenly they do a complete turnaround. Now they have to eliminate gasoline engines, eliminate farms, stop eating meat, stop drilling for oil and so on. Why did this suddenly become an emergency? What is this all about?
Two, you look at the people like Kerry and they all act as if climate change is as certain as the sun rising in the east. But they can’t possibly know that. Climate is a non-linear complex system. Such systems are extremely difficult to understand. And they are not predictable at all. So how can they be so certain? They can’t be certain but they act like they are!
Three, how can these people not understand the effect of stopping the use of fossil fuels? How can they fail to understand that total electrification is not feasible? How can they fail to understand that the math on renewables doesn’t work? They are just going to stop fossil fuel use while - at the same time - they have no viable plan to replace it. Don’t they understand that they will take down themselves along with everyone else?
This is just like the Covid response. I wake up one day and everyone around me has gone completely nuts.


A Dichotomy Of Visions…

Recently I’ve been reading Sowell and Arendt, in addition to others, and one thought keeps coming up often. That is: Where are the young people?
When reading the great posts of Chris, Brett, or Robert Malone for example, and our PP community responses in the forums and such, its pretty clear that there is some general agreement that “the tide is turning” or “we are on the brink” of some general awakening, and perhaps that’s true to some extent, but it seems to be only in the older generations, not in the young. And to me, that is very worrisome.
The young are prone to idealism, so things like climate change (or socialism for another example) seem attractive to them. They are willing to give up their personal freedoms (or even life) for a “higher cause”. How else can we explain what happened at Evergreen to Brett Weinstein? And the general wokeism acceptance by them, the young. They seem to have submitted fully, en masse, to the shenanigans of the deep state as described in Chris’s video the other day describing the way’s to influence and control thought in the masses.
In another of Chris’s recent post’s, he touched on the over use of force by the FBI, primarily against their perceived ‘enemies’. This is nothing less than intentional intimidation, and, unfortunately, it is working. The travesty that is the Jan. 6th committee and the deep states over use of prosecutorial sentencing has also worked. While the “Defeat the Mandates” rally held last January was a ‘modest’ success, how many did not attend due to the intimidation factor? I believe it was many, intimidation works! What should have been a massive movement, turned out to be something much less. Where were the young people?
Have we seen any large demonstration’s on campuses to end the vax? Even mask mandates?
Have we seen a football or any other sports team refuse the jabs, even as their teammates are dropping dead?
Until the young become involved I can’t see any chance of a real “awakening” which will make a difference. They are the hope for the future. Unfortunately, they seem to be “captured”.
PS: It was nice to see Evie online again :slight_smile:


Melting Greenland

I know it’s a moot point since all the recoverable fossil fuels will be coming out regardless, but I’m always perplexed when people ask how I (or anyone else) know the ideal temperature for the planet, since thorughout its history it has been both warmer and colder. So who are we to attriubte a moral judgment to temperature?
Well, what gives us that authority to attach morality to the temperature is that we are the dominant species on the planet and half taken over everything, we are in every corer and in most places riding the edge of ecological capacity. Any change can have terrible consequences, particularly if we don’t have fossil fuels to buffer our food production.
So my answer to the question of what is the ideal temperature? The temperature, and sea level, around which we have developed. We’ve spent quadrillions of dollars developing our coastal infrastructure around the current sea level. In a purely existential sense, seal level rising 4 m isn’t “wrong” but it sure won’t be good for a billion or more people who would need to find new homes. Where are they going to go? The newly melted polar regions? OK, yeah so we’ll raze every last ecosystem on Earth.
If Greenland melts, sea level rises 7 m. Not sure what happens with Antarctica in that situation; maybe the altered climate causes more snow to fall there to compenate. or maybe it half melts as well. Who knows – complex system. Better not to go there. Of course, we don’t have that luxury.


I’ll agree thats true with a fair share of the city youth put mainly the rick spoiled ones… but my hypothesis is there is also a big achieves heel in there with the youth… now how to take advantage of it?
there is an old saying if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen… they will turn and bail when there are any kind of social consequences involved… or any real effort required… or any real consequences they like to play revolutionary but its more a video game to them… 99% are not really dedicated to the cause … they just like to be part of the cause “collecting likes” they may not believe the jabs have consequences yet… they may never believe… but when its not popular they drop their support like rock… this city used to be plastered in BLM signs…now you can still find em but 98% are gone…
When Antifa/BLM mix was all the rage here in Portland terrorizing the city for a good year… after watching it with boots on the ground…and later on live feeds i saw the same pattern over and over… I’ll Hypothesize " with some evidence" there were approximately 100 PAID agitators running rampant here every night those were the ones on Soros payroll and given immunity by the democratic leadership here…
but those were the hired guns… and not the real power… it was the crowds they attracted that had the real intimidation and they at various points attracted ~ 300 liberal/woke local youths to help riot and march… sometimes up to 1000 locals for the big court house candle light singing and wall of Moms… in fact most of the local ruffians were either spoiled brats of 6 figure liberal parents, government employees or radicals in the Trans movement… basically people that didn’t have to work, or if they did…didn’t have any real deliverables at work …
However, when Trump called in the federal troops the 300 ran home and hid scared and peed their pants, when it rained or was below freezing the 300 stayed home “weather wasn’t good enough”, when some of the locals got arrested and immediately released… some honest journalists posted their mug shots on social media… “many were Portland teachers” they all cried victim for ruining their reputations… One guy at a law firm got fired for staining the firms reputation and boy was that guy crying like a little bitch on TV… one guy picked on the wrong civilian, got his legs kicked out form under him and started crying I sorry… others attacked a car with clubs and the driver fired two shots into the air and they ran scared to call the police for help…
Now when the 100 paid guys still ran around but alone , it was easier to control…smaller group all in the same place, clearer criminal acts, nobodies daddy knew the mayor or local tv anchor… things only got hot when the 300 spoiled connected locals came out on a warm night…
When the 400 showed up at a back the blue rally ~ 2 dozen Proud Boys held off 400 alone while the police hid in the park nearby…
they are bullies but pussies “sorry” for the language
So from what I see when public option turns and they don’t have immunity to run rampant… they cave at once… run and hide, claim trigged and victim… no real dedication to the cause “they may not even realize what the cause was” just that is popular and cool to go bully citizens and throw fire works and set fires…
We may never seen em join the ranks of the old… but bail on the WEF and their crap… hell yeah as soon as it gets a little uncomfortable they are gone the most unreliable army ever… then the WEF loses their entire base except for the few fanatics or paid off politicians… but they will have lost all their fan base as soon as things get real… and their human shields are gone …
And thats not being fair to the youth…its mainly the privileged major city youth in the spot light supporting the stupid shit… my bet is the county youth and middle/lower class have a real job and real bills and real problems to worry about… I know the schools have woked em everywhere but when people have real problems the fantasy ones don’t last long…Ive seen it in my own daughter starting to wake up… was all in for stopping toxic masculinity with the left … until she became a “birthing vessel” now this woke left shit isn’t so cool anymore … now they are bat shit crazy :slight_smile:
… when they start eating their own … their base starts shrinking… and their base is held together with a house of cards…


So, basically what you’re saying is they have no real convictions and are prone to just following the crowd in whatever is popular at the moment to get their “likes”? Especially the pampered class? I’m pretty sure that is even worse! I’d rather they develop a commitment, even if it is wrong, but preferably to a rational outlook which is in their best interests in the long run.

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A View Through The Lens Of The Nervous System’s Quest For Safety

I would look at the worked example of the WEF through the lens of my axiom:

“our Nervous System is constantly trying to keep us safe and alive, and is driving us towards behaviours, actions and thoughts which are intended to make us more safe, both in the present and for the future.”
Here we have a small group of the most wealthy and powerful people, comprising CEOs of big corporations, Government ministers, academics and technologists, the “secret” services [who are openly in attendance], the media, and regulators [including the head of the UK’s Ofcom], who are gathering ever more power and wealth [resources] to themselves. In order to achieve this, they have become obsessive-compulsive about trying to control what the rest of us say, do, and even think, and deciding what is "best" for us. Indeed, their colluding and, yes, conspiring [from the combination of con-, meaning “together,” and spīrāre, “to breathe”] represents a “pinnacle” of some humans seeking to completely control and dominate all other people in order to keep themselves and their acquired resources safe. This hubris seems to extend to them even being obsessive-compulsive about making themselves safe from death itself, at least according to their openly stated technocratic and transhumanist agenda. While those at the very top of that structure clearly score very highly in psychopathy, by any measure of Prof. Kevin Dutton’s criteria for this, I see the rank and file members, who enable those people at the top, as being seduced and corrupted by the power and money on offer, and not least by the protection [safety] that comes with being a member of the club. The behaviours of the middle and lower ranks are hence also clearly, in my view, ultimately driven by their Nervous System’s quest for safety. That this is self-defeating behaviour is also clear, because here is a case where they can never ever feel anything like having safety in numbers, as they are the very, very few protecting themselves and their resources from a perceived, and initially imaginary, threat that the vast sea of the rest of humanity pose to them. Yet, through their own low regard for humanity, I see them as creating their own self-fulfilling prophecy. The more extreme and obsessive-compulsive they are about trying to control the rest of us that they become, the more a threat our own Nervous Systems will perceive them to be. Hence the more driven our own behaviours and responses will be to push back, in order to feel safe from the dangers we begin to perceive them to actually represent. As we start to stand up for ourselves more and more in larger numbers, and, especially, increasingly ridicule and deride them, they will in turn, feel increasingly perilous about themselves and the resources they have hoarded. As we go around this vicious circle, this will lead them, in turn, to coming up with ever more draconian and contemptuous plans to control us. As, ultimately, we do have the numbers, this arms race for safety cannot end well for them. Unfortunately, our own Nervous System level quest to feel safe, can easily be gamed and manipulated, especially through fear mongering, manufacturing dangers, and then offering “solutions” through which we imagine we will be made safe, even at the cost of giving up our rights. By manufacturing a constant state of emergency [the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, the Climate Crisis, the War on Viruses, the War in Europe, and now the War on Misinformation, and the War on Domestic Terrorism], they seek to drive us into our own self-defeating obsessive-compulsive behaviours via our Nervous System’s quest to feel safe in the presence of a constant spectral “enemy”. We must not give in to the manufactured fear. The fear of other people, and the dehumanization of other groups, is also a primary target for manipulation of our need to feel safe at the Nervous System level, through which control can be maintained for longer via divide-and-rule tactics. In particular, these divisions create the illusion that we don’t actually have safety in numbers. The WEF and related groups are masters at this, with their access to “nudge units”, and we need to be very mindful of this. We cannot allow ourselves to become divided, nor fall into the trap of dehumanizing one another.

watching Biden go down now it’s the 22nd is so yawningly predictable, these guys are reading from the script perfectly.

what gives us that authority to attach morality to the temperature is that we are the dominant species on the planet
So this, then? It's true! It's true! The crown has made it clear. The climate must be perfect all the year. A law was made a distant moon ago here: July and August cannot be too hot. And there's a legal limit to the snow here In Camelot. The winter is forbidden till December And exits March the second on the dot. By order, summer lingers through September In Camelot. Camelot! Camelot! I know it sounds a bit bizarre, But in Camelot, Camelot That's how conditions are. The rain may never fall till after sundown. By eight, the morning fog must disappear. In short, there's simply not A more congenial spot For happily-ever-aftering than here In Camelot. ( There is no "morality to temperature" in the sense that we can decide what is the right, ethical temperature range and climate expression and pursue them as a static condition goal. Natural climate change is, well, natural. It happens. We might as well debate the morality of specific gravity and try to impose our own standards rather than recognize what exists and learn to live well within it. When we discuss morality related to temperature rises and falls, we (ought to) mean discussing how to align ourselves with natural law because the point of morality is not to impose our petty designs on nature against nature's grain; morality encodes lessons on how to live well in this earthly garden, at peace with creation, creatures, and one another. Culture is how that manifests on the day to day level in varying environmental settings, refined over time, expressing and distilling accumulated and localized wisdom. We can choose where we live. We can choose how we choose to build where we choose to live (which arguably affects local climate for the short term). We can choose how much we each consume (which affects environment). We can choose whether to follow an economic model that incentivizes consumption and waste (inflationary economics) or an economic model that incentivizes recycling, reusing, reducing, and repurposing (deflationary economics); it's our choice whether prices go up forever and impoverish larger swathes of our species while laying waste to the world around us despite technology creating ever greater efficiencies, or whether prices move steadily toward zero as technology produces ever greater efficiencies, allowing us to consume less of nature and get more from what we do extract. These are moral considerations. We have the power to affect those concerns, therefore are responsible for what we're doing. Do it wrong enough long enough and we'll cull our numbers We cannot make the clock stop because we cannot stop the sun's transition. We cannot stop the natural rise and fall of temperatures because we cannot stop the long cyclical variation and interplay of earth's eliptical orbit, axial wobble, and varying degree of tilt. We cannot stop any of the grand seasons. Nor should we wish to if we are in pursuit of truly moral behavior, which has to include what is good for all of creation and every creature - upon which (despite the fevered dreams of transhumanists and technocrats) we are and always will be highly and essentially dependent.