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Chris and Evie take your questions on economics, building resilience, and dealing with the exhaustion no doubt many of us are feeling as the long crisis continues to unfold.

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How To (mentally) Survive The Long Emergency

I’m brought back to the old saying: “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
We’re in this for the long haul. Find your people. In meatspace.


The Distiller

Awe Chris you are a sly one! You, as the distiller, would certainly make you a vital member of the community. I was in Sam’s Club a week ago and saw a most interesting thing, pallets, between 20 to 30 of every type of major alcohol you could name set up in an area that is usually filled with produce and the shelves had their normal stock on them as well. Someone in the Walmart Corp must be expecting some very tough times and want to ensure the pain can easily be numbed by providing plenty of spirits to stock up. But once that’s gone the group would need to rely on the distiller. ?


Boots On The Ground…

if you want to track DEF availability nationwide…just go to Pilot’s website…all locations listed as well as pricing and availability. generally appears to be available at most locations.


Awake And Aware Of Our Future

I am of limited income but have been aware of our path for about 12 years. Most don’t understand what’s in front of us and have never lived with limited income. I grew up middle class until my parents made bad decisions and we had to grow our own food to survive. I listened to my grandparents and the great depression they lived through. What is ahead of us will be far worse.
As far as the jab being poison I feel it’s been a huge IQ test. Many wouldn’t listen, and believe what the news tell them. Most of my own family took the jab and told me how nuts I am. I adopted children 23 years ago and my youngest has severe autism. So yes I am nuts in their book. My ex and my other children don’t have contact because they can’t deal with the autism but they are missing out.
I just wanted to post to let you know that your insight and knowledge helped keep me going. I am also angry at our so called leaders for their greed and heartless ways. I do think they should be held accountable for crimes against humanity and face swift punishment. It’s sad that may never happen.
On a positive note we will come out the other side of all of this. We may suffer loss and have our ups and downs but we will survive. Find things in life that bring our spirits up and make life worth living.


Soothing, Yes, Soothing Is The Word

Hi Chris, Evie, and team,
What a nice conversation, a soothing salve for our hurting souls. I think that many of us are grieving. We see what was lost, and what more we will loose.
It’s my personal believe that:

  • The resentment that some feel find its origin in sadness, just as Evie said.
  • In Buddhism, there is the aspect of "fundamental saddness". Although painful, it is a sign of spiritual growth,
So many wonderful qualities are already present within us, just waiting to be discovered. The key lies in understanding that things are impermanent and unreal. Sadness, of course, is not an end in itself. But deep sorrow comes with realizing that everything we previously took to be lasting and real is actually just about to disappear—and it never even existed in the first place. Such sadness and disillusionment have a wonderful effect. Sorrow makes us let go. As we stop chasing futile and ultimately painful goals, we embark on the spiritual path with superior strength and resolve.
  • The main question we should answer imo is, how do we avoid that "live is happening while were are prepping". After all, we have bodies, needs, etc. We need to cleansen our minds, we need relaxation, we need joy.
  • Because of our new insight and knowledge, we can't act as austriches anymore, nor can we hysterically cling to "the old normal" (like many of my friends). The "wonderful effect" in the quote above doesn't mean it will be painless process...
  • A useful technique is trying ---for one or two daily chores--- to approach it from a "mindfulness perspective". Trying to perform the chores not because they have to be performed, but because it is an act of self love. No need to pray or sing mantra's or something like that during those chores, the chores physical activity itself is the prayer or meditation. Just let the feelings and thoughts flow, and go past them, after all, they are just feelings and thoughts.
  • We can't do it all, so I do not try do do it all. The moment we incarnated, we signed up for love, joy, grief, suffering and death. There is nothing we can do to avoid this.
  • The effect of trying to avoid this is what brought us into this predicament! The WEF childish believe in post-human existance (read: no more death). The fear of destroying our earth (impossible, "earth" will destroy us first). The fear of depleting earth's resources (impossible on earths timescale). The fear of never having enough, the fear of missing out, the fear of suffering etc etc
  • This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time that "we" will go through this: Take care, stay strong, and realize what immense gift we were given, and what gift we can give...

FYI, I found the podcast below. Even if you aren’t a buddhist, I think it is worth listening to. It’s about the “suffering”, that what Chris and Evie basically started this conversation with. The podcast explains the four “Noble Truths” in buddhism:

  • The truth of suffering
  • The truth of the cause of suffering
  • The truth of the end of suffering
  • The truth of the path to the end of suffering
The podcast frames the last four bullet points of me previous comment within the teachings of buddhism (yes, now I can come out of the closet, I'm an anarchist & buddhist...)


My teeth are somewhere between a Jewish cemetery and a suburb of Baghdad.

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Neighbors And Starvation

Former Army SF here and been following Chris since 2010-2011 while in Iraq? My neighbor stopped by while I was tending the garden (it has spread from the backyard to the front yard). He is from Germany and sees what is going on. I asked him what he was doing to prepare and what he plans to do if food shortages occur. He smiled and said he was coming over here (my place). I didn’t smile back and told him to go to mypatriotsupply for freeze dried food even though that is just a short-term fix.
I ran across Pastor Joe Fox (another former Army SF guy) on YT and he broke it down: The 2 biggest threats in a survival situation are starvation and people. The clock starts ticking on starvation the minute you crack the lid on that 5-gallon bucket of freeze-dried food so if you don’t have a garden and you are not canning, freezing, fermenting, dehydrating, etc. then you are f#@ked. The people threat comes from your nice neighbor with 3 cute little kids who didn’t prepare, and he will do anything to feed his family including stealing and killing. I truly believe we are just highly developed primates, nine meals away from bat-sh!t anarchy (hence the tribe, guns, and ammo). cheers


Over My Dead Body!

My oldest son is building a house. Except for the shell, we are doing everything ourselves. So is the water piping. This water pipe must be inspected by an official body. Yes, WATER! You can’t believe your ears.
We have fitted all the water pipes and placed taps everywhere. Time for the inspection. Upon inspection it was DIRECTLY rejected. Why? Because EVERYTHING must be installed. Hot water supply, toilets, sinks, everything. Since the kitchen will have a sink, the kitchen must also be installed before the inspection can take place.
Just a question; just based on common sense: what if something is rejected that is behind the kitchen??? Demolish everything?
My girlfriend doesn’t see the connection between this and mandatory vaccinations (for example). I explained to her that it’s exactly the same thing: “We set the rules (no matter how absurd) and you just have to do what we say”. Period.
I told her where my line in the sand is. We have a cistern that collects all the rainwater from all the roofs. I once read that there are plans from the government, to draw that water when there is a drought. So they are coming after my water! That is only happening OVER MY DEAD BODY. When that happens I will go into armed resistance and it will not be with an air rifle. I know I will pay for that resistance with my life, but I am willing to die for it. I will only take a good number of people with me in my death.

I don’t think the USG is tracking these yet.

Medicinal Herbs

The Science & Art of Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar (

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We Will Just Come See You

This has been irritating me because all sorts of family have said we will just come to your home and multiple of them are multi-Millionaires. And they haven’t realized they may have money now but after a hyper inflation when they need the help it won’t buy anything and they have no real skills . I will turn them away as they will not take a single bite of food out of my child’s mouth.


The framing of the Buddhist perspective was my first reaction to the presentation, and I think a very constructive approach. Not being a Buddhist, but I am appreciative of their perspective.


Although fire arms are basically prohibited in the Netherlands, I still thought it a good idea to maybe procure a couple (maybe I did, maybe I didn’t). Just in case. When shtf, I’m sure the police will not come, and if they come, it will be too late. Civilization is an extremely thin slice seperating order from chaos…
I’m personally not too sentimental about protecting my own and our preps. We all had the exact same information. Some have and had way more money to prep. Imo. Prepping is also an act of decency, once prepped, I do not have to rob, kill, or steal to feed my loved ones. My conscience is clear.
It’s sad that most will suffer, but I’m do not feel responsible for their wellbeing. If push comes to shove, the others will draw the short straw…


Just a question; just based on common sense: what if something is rejected that is behind the kitchen??? Demolish everything?
I’ll tell you what happens… I bought a small piece of land out in the country less than an acre a hobby farm really… it had 2 barns…which was the appeal as i wanted a shop the roof on the big one was collapsing on one so I decided to fix it… they could drove by and since i hadn’t pulled a permit and red tagged it… Before it had been a grandfathered structure… now that i touched it… the entire building had to be brought up to current code… they told me nothing was to current code including the foundation… Could I just stop and leave it? nope? could I remove my fix? nope… I had to demolish the whole thing… rebuild it nope… no longer allowed to build under current code… and as an added bonus I has 30 days to do it at any cost or face a $1,000 PER DAY fine… and that was 4 years ago before all this vaccination crap came in so yeah its been here a while and creeping in… totalitarians crap has got to go


A Case Of The Fuk-its

I love these conversations and especially Evie’s readings.
In December of last year I realized a lifelong dream of moving back to Europe. My first husband and I lived here in the early 70s while he was serving in the military and I reveled in the culture. In January I bought a car and posted on Facebook that it was the first time I’ve owned a car in Europe in 50 years. Think about that. I saw myself living simply in Portugal for the remainder of my days. I have a wonderful expat community here with some phenomenal people of many nationalities.
Since arriving here things have unraveled in a way and at a speed that I couldn’t have imagined. As I listened to the replay today (it was live in the middle of the night for me!) I was packing to return to the states. Chris spoke today about being comfortable in your culture. And I have come to realize that as things unravel more I am likely to be far more comfortable somewhere where I at least understand the language! I speak a smattering of 4 languages, Portuguese is not one of them.
When I decided that I needed to return to the states, I started obsessing about where to land and what to do. Family is in Texas but that’s a no go for many reasons, not the least of which is that they can’t seem to keep the electrical grid viable in reasonably good times. Two days ago I decided to stop obsessing. I’ve been a lifelong prepper but at 71 I realize despite the fact that I can run circles around many 30 and 40 year olds, I am unlikely to rebuild a homestead alone.
Guy McPherson has hinted as has Sam Carana that we’ve only got about 3 years left and that’s getting pretty close to my “use by” date anyway. Long story short, I have blissfully slipped into Fuk-It territory.
That said, I’d still love to develop a tiny home community based on Permaculture and sustainable living principles putting my skills, experience and knowledge to good use. So reach out if you are of like mind. Who knows what we might accomplish in 3 years and what legacy we might create. Fuk It! may take on a whole new connotation.


Excellent Discussion.

I was really sorry not to be able to watch and interact while this was live.
Life gets in the way of life, they say … friends over for weekly dinner with us.
Social Capital.
But one thing that comes through loud and clear to me is that having this format of discussion hosted by a super-star Information Scout, at a table with a super-star person with such perception and insight into of the parts of our “world” that represent the things we can’t measure in numbers but make us the individuals that we are.
I’m an engineer, so I can discuss the physical world all day long.
But I’m also a human being, and I have feelings myself.
If you believe shows like “Big Bang Theory,” as an engineer, I’m supposed to live in the Engineering Box, just like Sheldon lives in the Quantum Physics and Math Box, and nobody I know understands the reason I never liked that show.
Because it’s an insidious way of putting me in a Box, and I’m supposed to stay there.
When my best friend of all time from the Canine Kingdom died,
I cried privately for days and days, even now I mourn what I lost when Walker suddenly died that night years ago, after all the veterinarians were closed for the night, our truck had a flat tire, and there was literally nothing, absolutely nothing I could do.
I wasn’t supposed to cry when my dog died, because I’m a Data Driven Engineer.
I actually had to spend a lot of time forgiving myself for being Human and having feelings, when according to my “Box” all I’m supposed to be is an Analytical.
I really don’t like being made to feel that it’s an Either/Or situation.
Once I got through that process and forgave myself, things got much easier.
Having both Chris AND Evie as the hosts brings a sense of peace, perspective, data, science, and hope that I personally find very enriching.
Because it’s about balance.
I hope next time I can be attending in real time,
because the spontaneity, the comments, the facial and other visual cues, the feeling of not being alone, is (for me) tremendously important, at least as important as money, food, medicine, fuel, … Because without Humanity, none of the other things matter much to me, I’ve concluded.
Thanks to both of you for another great Insider Live.
– Chuck


I plan to take advantage of that situation: you may have some food, but you will have to work for it. I decide what work, because I hold the food.
Work will mean: help build a community.


The tone of your comments hit me wrong at first. But the more I thought on it, it was good that you did not smile and directed him to freeze dried food. He might not get it right now but at some point he will more likely have it sink it before it is too late.