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Insiders had a lot of questions…from Canada, the economy, interest rates, the Fed, Novavax vaccine, truckers, mandates, immunity, hemorrhagic fever outbreak, 2nd Amendment, building like-minded communities, long haul covid, gas/energy shortages, the looming global Great Reset, and what Chris is doing to personally prepare for world changing events.

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Chris. yesterday a new study was released suggesting that Ba.2 (stealth omicron) is 1.4X more transmissible and more pathogenic (more similar to delta); also that infection with Ba.1 may only offer limited protection from Ba.2. does this alter your thinking at all in terms of the ‘end of covid’ that has been touted here and elsewhere…? perhaps this will be used to bring in the next crisis and reset…?thank you.


If BA1 and BA2 or any other other variants were lab created and released, then depending on why they were released, I don’t see a basis for assuming we’re at the end.


Who do we think is releasing them?
Chris- I really heard Brushog’s words about the time to act is now in a previous post, appreciate your thoughts on what’s next.

Would be swell to hear what are Chris’s near-term preps and recommendations on what acquisitions to focus on in the next 3-6 months. I.E.- top off diesel barrels, buy up construction materials, seeds, fertilizers, tractor/vehicle maintenance etc…


Would be swell to hear if Chris has anything new on the DoD whistle blowers mentioned by a lawyer in WI Senator Johnson’s “Rona, A 2nd Opinion” meeting…

Hey Barry, as Chris says community is key.

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Thanks for asking about that pre-print study in omicron. I am not as taken with this study as I am the observations of doctors who think that BA.2 seems a bit more pathogenic. Of course, many of them are not working with actual sequence data so in many cases they are suspecting they are dealing with BA.2.
But who actually knows?
That study didn’t wow me because they are using a hamster model. That’s not a great model for human immune function.

The researchers infected hamsters with BA.1 and then obtained convalescent sera—essentially blood samples—from them after their bodies had elicited an immune response, meaning their blood contained antibodies. They then exposed samples of BA.1 and BA.2 to these antibodies to see what would happen. The researchers found that BA.2 was 2.9 times more resistant to the hamster samples than BA.1 was.
This is a starting point for further inquiry. It's not entirely worthless, of course, but neither is it definitive. It's hamsters. What I can take from the study is we'd better be prepared for the idea that BA.1 does not protect you from BA.2 Of course, that was a concern I expressed very early on based on the fact that BA.1 and BA.2 are as different from each other as either is from all the other earlier variants Cool graphic from the pre-print paper being discussed to help us visualize this family tree situation: As ever, we should be very alert to the idea that nobody in power seems to have any interest in asking how such dissimilar variants managed to magically arise at almost the same time. Or why these same people in power have so much energy for creating dangerous "othering" within their respective populations and promoting bullshit ""public health"" measures that are proven to not work. When you connect those dots, it's clear; we really need to clean house.  

Could you please upload a video of the meeting? Something came up and I couldn’t attend the event.


They tend to upload the meeting later the next day, so I would expect it to show up in a few hours. I missed it too.

The webinar replay is being worked on right now…we’ll post it as soon as it’s done and then we’ll change the subtitle fop this piece to say “WEBINAR HAS BEEN UPLOADED”
Then it will appear in this post as a video that can be played or downloaded. We’ll also cut, produce and post an audio-only version.
We aim to please!


My feed is almost unusable.
You might have caught somebody’s eye.

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Half way through the audio version, which comes through in bursts.
I have only heard one argument against Hubrid (Alien) intervention, and that is Africa. But even that assumes that they apply the same Methods worldwide.
So how do we separate the hubrids from the humans?

  • Intuition. Trust the third aspect of your consciousness. (Ref: Ingo Swann)
  • Freedom. Anyone who sells his freedom is not one of us. (Ref: Our dear Freya, the Oera Linda.)
In the ultimate analysis, everything is a game put before us by God (the Wr-alda), to teach us and to expand the sum total of consciousness. (Ref: Dr. Tom Campbell's My Big TOE). Once we graduate on this small orb, we get to play in the rest of the Cosmos. And that playground is a lot more complex kiddies. EDIT: I thank you for your answer. I posit that the virus was released in order to set us up through fear to accept the injection. (The True meaning of the word, "terrorism") A common theme in abductee research is the emplacing of mysterious objects in the body by aliens. Perhaps "they" want to place these objects into everyone. The modus operandi fits and is one more way to triangulate on the truth. Another is the hyper- insistence that we all submit. I have been around the block a few times and I have never felt this pressure to get vaccinated against, for instance, polio, which is a much more dangerous disease. I feel like there is a dog trying to hump my leg.

The intense pressure being put forth to try and get people to take the vax is truly bizarre. I have never experienced anything like it. Having spent years serving Uncle Sugar as a cog in his military industrial complex I must say that I have more than my fair share of skepticism for anything they want me to do. I agree with Arthur on how this makes him feel. This is like some kind of giant mind-fuck.


yes, they want-must make us ALL take the shot…I can’t believe more people are not wary of their intent…I think it must be some brain washing thing or something evil


“Everybody knows . . .” And if your mind then goes blank, either he or someone in his cadre is a hubrid.
Get angry. They need to gang up on emotional people. They are not as powerful as those above them.
One of the advantages of being a Berserker.

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Here is one interesting factoid. Even with all the coercion, in just about every jurisdiction, the shot is still voluntary. You still have to actually agree to the shot.
Its almost as if there were some universal agreement not to override free will, as some sort of a quid pro quo for being able to run this game.
“Sure. You guys can construct this total-population-injection program, but only on one condition: you promise that everyone on-planet will always have the right to say no.”
And that’s what happened.
But it does seem really surreal. As did the rush to can Bad Orange Man. As are the “lockstep” policies of the West w.r.t. the pandemic. As are the huge number of “Young Global Leader” graduates in positions of power.
It really is like a bad movie, come to life.
One thing I always try to remember: we all have free will. We just need to choose to exercise it. Sometimes there is no cost; sometimes the cost is large. But in just about every case, we do have free will.


I absolutely love this video- build a portable bartering kit (aka “nuclear football”. This gentleman actually used his last year during the Texas power outages. His advice on what to put in it- ie things his neighbors didn’t have- is valuable.


I like the idea very much but isn’t a knapsack just easier to wield and protect. Both hands free but I guess the items in your sack could get destroyed. I was thinking plastic liquor bottles instead of glass. Put everything in different texture bags so that you can find what you are looking for without letting people see.
So for example, the liquor would be in a velvet bag, like the old crown royal bags.
So the contents he had were:
Kit Items:

  • Case
  • Flashlights
  • Paper Towels
  • Tylenol
  • Advil
  • Alcohol
  • Tinder
  • Cigarettes
I saw a guy from Kosovo who had a bit of a different list:
  • Toilet paper
  • Lots of alcohol
  • Lipstick (apparently when Shtf women don't try to protect themselves, they try and attract a protector) (don't buy tubes, buy pots with little applicator - - lipstick melts)
  • Lighters, flint, matches
From other places:
  • Water purifying tablets
  • Chocolate
  • Ammo in common calibres
  • Guns

I’m not going to risk providing something to someone who could use it against me. Lending or giving something to friends or family is a completely different story.