Peak Insider Tickets Now Available for Honey Badger Gathering 2022

It’s time to welcome the Peak Prosperity Tribe for the 2nd Annual Honey Badger Gathering at Chris and Evie’s farm in Chester, Mass. Plan to arrive on Thursday, Sept. 22 and leave Sunday, Sept. 25.

Space is limited and this will be a truly special event.

As a subscriber, you get special features. Today, the ticket window is open for Peak Insiders to reserve their spots for Honey Badger Gathering 2022. Once all of our insiders have had a chance to sign up our Information Scout level subscribers will get their early access and only then will we open up the event to the general public.

Why gather? Because nothing compares to face-to-face interactions. Because we are approaching a time of great disruption where we will need what Vaclav Havel called “parallel structures” in order to survive and thrive.

The structure of this gathering is meant to have plenty of free time to creatively engage with your fellow attendees. In all of our past gatherings, the #1 wish was for more time to spend with each other.

We’ll join together at the beginning of the beautiful New England “leaf viewing season” to beat the oncoming economic hardships, energy and food shortages, inflation and all the other current and potential problems with a weekend of learning and camaraderie around the campfire.

Early Bird Tickets

Our VIP members attend for free, of course, and can bring their first guest for half price. This might be a good time to consider if upgrading your account to VIP status makes sense for you.

Purchase your ticket by June 30 and receive an additional 20% off the full price. After June 30, the full price will go up to $399 per ticket.

Peak Insiders receive an additional 20% off at the time of purchase. Please make sure you are logged in before purchasing.

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Currently, ticketing is only open for VIP’s and Peak Insiders. Tickets will become available for Information Scouts on May 30.


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Basic Schedule

  • Thursday, Sept. 22 - Check-in, Trade Show and Evening Welcome Campfire Reception
  • Friday, Sept. 23 - Check-in, Seminars, Classes, Trade Show, Evening Campfire
  • Saturday, Sept. 24 - Seminars, Classes, Trade Show, Evening Campfire
  • Sunday, Sept. 25 - Seminars till noon, Lunch/Departure
Here's what you can expect that weekend:
  • Social tribe events,
  • Singing, laughing, dancing, rituals, music,
  • Classes on skill-building such as
    • gardening,
    • solar energy,
    • meditation,
    • homestead security,
    • emotional resilience,
    • canning,
    • survival medicine,
    • self-defense,
    • forest foraging,
    • meat preservation,
    • how to build your own resilience tribe,
    • and more!

Teach a Skill or Give a Seminar!

Let us know if you'd be interested in sharing a skill with others or giving a talk by filling out the following form:

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Travel & Accommodations

  • Airport 1: Bradley International, close to Hartford, Conn. is about an hour away from Chris and Evie's farm in Chester, Mass.
  • Airport 2: Boston Logan is about 2 hours.
  • Chris and Evie's property has plenty of room for campsites. It will be included in the ticket price. But to be safe, and help our planning, RSVP sooner than later to reserve yours.
  • Want to camp, but not the hassle of packing a tent and sleeping bags? When you purchase your ticket(s) above, you can rent tents and sleeping bags. The price includes the entire weekend and costs roughly 40-50% less than trying to rent a room.
Hotels: AirBnB:
  • Search the towns of Becket, Lee, Pittsfield, Middlefield and Chester.
  • Keep in mind these are small towns, and in Chester, there are maybe 4 AirBnBs. The other towns are between 15-30 mins away, except for Lee which is about 25-30 mins.
Lodging Costs:
  • Hotels and AirBnBs cost about $130 per night today. September is the beginning of the tourist Leaf Viewing Season. Book sooner than later as prices will rise.
WARNING: It will be the beginning of Autumn Leaf Viewing Season in New England. Hotels and campsites will fill up quickly. Prices will rise too. Book now. (It will be beautiful.)

DISCLAIMER: This event is not geared towards children and is taking place on a working farm. All parents are expected to be fully in charge of their children at all times.

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Hope everyone is able to make it safely and a wonderful time is had by all.



Question: would the campsite option accommodate an RV? (we have a 30’). Or would it be better to find a spot nearby?

Can We Attend Any Of This Virtually?

I would attend this if there was a virtual component, flights from Oz might be a bit tricky.

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RVs are not as simple to accommodate, especially a 30 footer. That said, email me at with some details. I have a meeting late next week with the town, can look at getting a spot near by that may accommodate. No promises yet though =)


I see the prices shown in Euros. Is this intentional? Is anyone else seeing this?

Can’t promise that yet unfortunately. The wifi signal out on the farm is not the best. That said, we will be looking to record as much of the event as possible to package up for very shortly after. =).


Hi Erik,
It should show based on region. Are you not in Europe?

I’m in Satellite Beach, FL, USA.
UPDATE: I did notice that I did not have a country specified but setting to USA didn’t fix it.

crazy, nope, you are the first. Let me take a look. will email you direct shortly so we dont take up the comments.


I’m considering the campground option (bringing my own tent) and was curious what the lavatory setup will be like. Current assumption is cold shower + porta-potty but I’d like to confirm.

Yes, at this moment. The prota-potties will have functioning foot pump sinks/soap and all too.
I am looking to see about sourcing better shower options, but right now, it is likely gravity shower options and/or wipe options I used while deployed =). This is very much subject to change, and for the better (depending on what I can source).
The goal is to make it as easy and comfy and fun as humanly possible =).

Question On Registration

Do you have to click both on the ticket AND on the campsite? I intend to bring my own tent.

Yes please. We set it to zero dollars on purpose. It just helps us with planning to have an idea of how many are staying with us on the farm itself. ?

Great! Thank you! And can you please tell me what the food options will be? Should I pack food for the entire weekend or will it be possible to purchase on site?

Option:albany Airport

Albany NY airport is only 1 hour 10 minutes from Chester.
Pretty easy trip from there.


There will be a small variety of food choices for sure. Once they are locked in will let all know, but looking like bbq will be one of the options.
Do you have any preferences? ?

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Forgot To Register Camping

I bought 2 early bird tickets but didnt scroll down when ordering and forgot to reserve a camping spot… I tried reordering but it required me to pay again… how do i reserve a camping spot know that ive already ordered tickets?

Hi there, I’m from Au too. Where abouts are you? I’m in Albury NSW and am thinking of making the trip over :slight_smile: