Peak Personalities: Dr. Pierre Kory (Part 1)

Dr. Kory just bared it all on Joe Rogan. But there’s more from this world famous doctor…What tips can increase your odds of surviving your next trip to the hospital? And will Vitamin C be the next banned topic?

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Can’t wait to watch this when I get home.
Plus Del Bigtree has Dr Malone on the HighWire.

  • Forcing subscription to see the rest of Kory talk smells of profit motive. I wished it wasnt so but I dont see how to view it any other way. Sensational talk more eyeballs more profit?

I would say the matters discussed would result in a “strike” from YouTube. Soon the whole channel would be gone.
Everything has to go this way. Sites like PP aren’t free to run and the “free” sites like YouTube simply don’t allow Content that contradicts their truth.
Pick some people you respect and throw a few bucks in their hat. If it werent for independent thinkers there would be almost no useful information out there on covid and a lot of other topics

I do not have a problem with a profit motive. But most every other subscription is between $5-$10/month. If the cost is still $30/month it will not work for me.

... According to a directive released Wednesday by acting chief of the defence staff Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre and Sajjan's deputy minister Jody Thomas, the military deployed propaganda techniques in Canada without approval during the pandemic and gathered information about Canadians' online activities without permission from authorities. The directive from Eyre and Thomas concedes that the military went too far. ...
That would be an understatement.

I’ve been wrong so consistently that the statistical probability of me being wrong again is negligible. (the gambler’s falasy)
These blocking actions are what we in the military call stop groups. (When planning to do something nasty to the enemy, stop groups are pre-placed to cut off escape.)
This reeks of pre-planning. The issue to be settled is by whom and with what method?
The finger of suspicion points at the Mantids.
Their agents, the Hubrids, have been told not to steal from retailers, but to steal from the Banksters.
They have the ability to walk into a bank, ask for money, and walk out again unchallenged. Such are their mental powers. They can easily gain influential positions of power and create stop groups.
Mantids are cosmic specialists. They are sent in as soon as The Bomb goes off in order to gain control of the nascent civilization. This is not their first rodeo.
Be aware that hubrids are mostly human. They speak of themselves as “those like us”.
“Greed” in a world where Banksters can just print money? Such a scenario is crazier than anything I have written.
Ref: retired Professor of history, Dr. David Jacobs, “Walking Among Us”.
I watch with interest, Dearest Freya.

30 bucks a month is a dollar a day. If the well-being of yourself and your loved ones and tribe is not worth a dollar a day, I don’t know what to tell you.

One of the pioneers of Vitamin C usage was Dr Linus Pauling (Author of ‘How to live longer and feel better’ & ‘Cancer & Vitamin C’). website has links to many different organizations using vitamins to restore health. Below is the link for Vitamin C usage for COVID treatment. The FLCCC team would benefit by connecting with them.
Dr Andrew Saul’s website is also a very good resource for vitamin information.

The censored @DarkHorse videos are available on I’m sure Peak Prosperity could post videos to if they wanted to and get past the censors without having to charge people.
I’m firmly in the camp of $30/mo is too much. At $5-$10 I would consider it.

I agree I have followed Chris since day 1 before the pandemic started and have watched all of kory videos I can’t afford to subscribe even if it’s 30$ a month thus pandemic has been hard on my family but would really love to see the interview

So this post is almost identical to a post made today by someone with a different account name. Leaving aside the fact you’re not here to actually have a conversation with anyone, just to subvert the process of truth finding, I’ll tell you what I told you in the other thread: $30 a month is one dollar a day. If one dollar a day is too much for you to look out for your tribe and family, then I don’t know what to tell you. Now that I know you’re a troll, it would be sweet if you would kindly F off and leave us to try and actually help actual people.
Viva — Sager

So, you’re farming crypto, but can’t spare even seven dollars a month? I find that unconvincing. At least genius level IQ is a high-class troll. You’re not even trying.

It is obvious that PP would attract agents. Please do not allow them to derail the conversation, as is their want.

You know what some of us have really been affected by this scamdemic and I can’t afford 30$ which is 45$ in my currency and I recently got laid for so f?Off

If your referring to me my name has been cryptofarmer for a decade I don’t farm crypto nor to I own any I dont use my real name for socia media shit, I’m a part time beef farmer and will be selling because I got laid off and can’t afford to feed my cattle anymore so yeah every penny counts right now because I got laid off again from this stupid scamdemic

It was worse than that, Chris. I read the paper too. If I remember correctly they only gave the vitamin C for 96 hours. They presented an accumulated mortality time series for both groups. The patients in the treatment group did much better than the control until 12-24 hours after the end of the vitamin C treatment. Then they crashed and the mortality rates ended up quite similar.

Perhaps he needs money. Perhaps he needs to keep certain things hidden from Big Brother.

Yes I’m going to second that recommendation. It is where I got a lot of my initial data on niacin, niacinamide, and vitamin C.
Did you know: vitamin C is an antihistamine?
Here’s an interesting paper on vitamin C:
Bioavailability of Vitamin C: Taking Early Measurements Reveals Oral Intake of 4000 mg Ascorbic Acid Enters the Blood Equivalent to Intravenous Infusion
Before COVID I would have assumed these guys were nuts. Now? After NO TREATMENTS FOR YOU?
My conclusion: this game has been going on for maybe 80 years now.

But I want it for free!
Once upon a time, Americans paid subscriptions to read the newspaper. There were ads in the newspaper, but they understood this: “hey, someone’s gotta pay for all that paper, the delivery boy, the reporters, the big building”, etc.
But then the CIA got a clever idea: “I know, we’ll be able to control the narrative, sell them stuff, change elections, monitor their behavior, all at the same time, if we just give it to them for free.” Thus was born google, facebook, and twitter.
So free is good right? Free means freedom!
Free means you are the product. Free means slavery.
Who pays for all the servers? And the reporters? And the staff? And the programmers? CIA is saying no for some reason. Why might that be?
I know. Let’s bring back The Investors. They had a model. Do you remember what it was?