Peak Prosperity Launches "Informed Consent" Livecast

Tonight we launched Peak Prosperity’s inaugural, exclusive Livecast: “Informed Consent”! Chris was joined by an incredible compelling guest, Grace O’Malley: farmsteader, activist, educator and Peak tribe member.

What makes this different?

As always, the information is deep and data-driven, but this time Chris and his special guest answer your comments and questions LIVE.

Chris and O’Malley discuss censorship, the end of the petrodollar (and what that means), the energy crisis in Germany and the rest of the EU, the need for informed consent, resilience and the importance of finding a tribe.

Replays and Part 2

For you paid subscribers, a Part 2 will be made available below, because while we’d love to make all of "Informed Consent"open to everyone, we don’t live in a society where free speech is allowed.

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Where are we at with getting to 25% of the membership signing up fpr the page where we can find people near us? Can you promote that page?


By what is the dollar backed? Thank you.

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Hi Broad,
The blunt answer here is nothing, not gold, silver, nothing. Petrodollar was what truly kept us going by essentially creating a demand, but that is breaking down too…


Actually it is backed by something and it goes back to FDR on March 9, 1933. Almost all Americans have no idea. Only a handful of us have realized what happened that day and what it meant.

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In 1971 the gold window was completely closed. In reality, there were two systems. 1944-1971. then 1971 to now. Up through 1971 it was backed, after it was not.
Wanted to add, if there was a change to the change, I am all ears, and would love a reference to read =).


Thank you so much, Grace, for describing the anxiety so well. I experience the same ‘background noise’, energy-depleting anxiety every day.


Please excuse the delay in a response, something came up…Those are just bricks in the wall. It really goes back to the end of the Civil War and the 13 and 14th Amendments. If you answer “Yes” to the question, "Are you a U.S. citizen? then I know that you do not know what happened there. We have been taught to believe that slavery and servitude was ended in the US. But it was not. The 13th Amendment is a fraud. And the 14th just creates the new citizen that would not have Constitutional Rights. What happened in 1933 & 71 were also assisted with what LBJ signed The Unidroit Treaty of Rome. JFK would not and THAT is why they blew his brains out. the 1964 Civil Rights Act replaced your Constitutional Rights with weaker Civil Rights which is all a citizen has. Most persons (another very legal word that doesn’t mean what you think it does) believe they have Constitutional Rights but they do not…they have only Civil Rights. So what backs the dollar?


The smartest person in the world has an IQ of 228, Vos Savant.
Her choice of career?
Agony Aunt.
Point being?
We cannot dismiss our natural proclivities. She is female so she has a natural bent towards the Humanities.
(Hang in there, I’m getting to the punch-line.)
So, Saxons, who should we have running our society, and who should be hitting things with a big hammer?
Womenfolk should be running society We need properly elected Overmothers with Her cadre of Maidens. This will be a multi-generational project to repair the damage done to our society by the Abrahamic cults.
(Overmothers can only council, not command).


Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Madeline Albright, Victoria Nuland were /are, all as ruthless and warmongering as any man


The money for the military is what gives the us dollar its strength. (Unfortunately)


This was the best interview Chris has done since the one with his daughter. And that one was fantastic.
Can’t wait to hear more of these!


Disagree with entitled generation comments. I have known many younger people who had to delay their educations, simply because they were middle class or upper middle class and were not handed their admissions or had wealthy/elite put them into select colleges. Many are much more like those raised in 70s and 80s then people realize. They just had access to some marginally better technology, and also have had to deal with / overcome marginally better brainwashing and propaganda. I have more hope for them then older people I know who grew up in 60s and 70s.


A trillion dollars thrown at the results of the SAFIRE experiment’s results would have got us a lot more energy than shale oil fracking.
Consider; a cupful of gasoline will raise one ton through one kilometre.
A cupful of nuclear will raise one ton through one Million kilometres.
There is “someone” blocking our minds and saying. “Don’t even consider that Humans”; not so Bugs? (Mantids)
Where do you think the free-floating fear that underlies mass psychosis comes from?
Who or what is controlling the direction of our interests and sending us up blind alleys like Einstein’s “bent nothingness” conjecture and other mathematical fantasies like black holes etc. is the nub of the issue.
We are like trained fleas. We cannot jump higher than we are trained to.

Question: I live in a large US metropolitan center, i will not leave, it has multiple targeys in case of a nuclear strike aroundvit. Do I start digging/timbering a mineshaft/bunker in my backyard?

Your examples are women pretending to be men. Men are in charge of Defence, therefore these women, in order to be successful in a man’s world, had to be hyper-masculine.
Overmothers are selected and groomed by her predecessor from a cadre of Maidens who forsake their own desire for a family in order to serve a higher cause.
The conditions that pertained in our (Freyan) world do not pertain now. It is long gone due to the depredations of the Male priests.
Freya told us that if it became necessary to bend the knee to a foreign religion, we should do so; but should return to Her as soon as conditions permitted.
That time is Now.
One does not become a Freyan; one Is a Freyan. One becomes an Abrahamist.


The quantities easing will end when foreign govts control our defense contractors.

I should have watched this live to comment. But I’ll never comment on youtube… sorry for cluttering the comments.

I can’t imagine a world where someone goes from autopsy to delivery, he’ll today getting a pathologist interested in doing autopsy is like pulling teeth. Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome…

But do good bananas make good monkeys?