Peter McCullough Tells All

Dr. Peter McCullough - recently on the Joe Rogan Experience - has been a fierce defender of patients, science, and leads with a big heart and compassion.

His data-backed advocacy for early treatment as a cornerstone of a multi-modal approach to dealing with Covid the disease has cost him dearly. His job, his titles, and his reputation have all been risked - and sometimes lost - as he uses his deep clinical experience to help patients.

I’ve been a huge fan of his tireless advocacy for science and logic. I especially admire his courage and his compassion. I’ve never expected him or anyone to get absolutely everything right, but I have expected everyone in a position of authority to be nimble, open-minded and honest. As you know, my expectations have been dashed in most cases.

Not with Peter. He’s the real deal and history will record that he’s been more right than the entirety of the CDC, FDA and NIH combined.

This conversation is packed with insights which are backed by data. As they should be.



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Every mystery is solved if you add one ingredient.
But first, "Who has the Means and the Motive to control the narrative? Seriously. I want you to think.
Read Historian Dr. David Jacobs book "Walking Among Us" Kindle, Narrated.
Oh. And don't offer incredulity as a rebuttal. Incredulity is not an argument.
On reflection I acknowledge that Incredulity is supported by Intuition. And I am big on Intuition.

Now it’s entirely possible the innocent explanation here is that my content is no good. That it pisses off more people than it attracts.
But I hear all the time from people who say that YouTube unsubscribes them from my channel.
I see Dr. John Cambell approaching 2M subscribers but I remain stubbornly stuck at ~420k, and I have to fight weekly to expand that.
Here’s the issue, see if this makes sense to you.
The alternative explanation is that for some reason I am in some hinterworld, neither completely censored nor allowed to really reach more people. Kept on a leash of sorts.
Here’s my data from this most recent video (but I have examples that are the same from the prior 10):

According to Google/Youtube math, in the first couple of hours post-launch this video with Dr. McCullough garnered 16,100 views, 308 comments (very favorable and supportive) and has a 99.3% like to dislike rating. Yes, you can still click the dislike button, just not see the results if you’re not the creator.
Despite all that, the net subscriber count is -3.
I have to believe that out of all that positive traction, somehow a net -3 people were annoyed by it enough to unsubscribe.
Am I making too much of this? I don’t think so. This is soft-censorship…Google sand in the transmission box designed to wear down or discourage the content creators who aren’t saying the right things. It’s nudging.


Dr Campbell is in MHO, a good soul. But he pussy-foots around to keep from being censored, so much to the point that half of his message isn’t useful. He walks the finest of lines, which results in little impact to either side of the aisle.


I’ve noticed that the YouTube channels that produce daily videos tend to grow their subscriber base faster than those that produce content on a less frequent basis. Although Dr. Martenson’s videos are of a higher quality than Dr. Campbell’s, they are less frequent and that is hurting the growth of the number of subscribers. Yes, YouTube is certainly nudging Dr. Chris because he doesn’t come out completely in favor of the jabs, as Dr. Campbell has. Please don’t go that route!
Things could be worse. Look at what has happened to the Louder with Crowder YouTube channel.


I sure wish I could watch the 2nd video with Dr. McCullough. I had to drop my paying membership last month. I’m on Social Security and just couldn’t afford it. I still watch all of the videos on YouTube, follow Chris on Twitter and read the comments from everyone here. Keep up the great work, Chris.


Dr. McCullough is brilliant, eloquent and obviously very courageous. This morning I watched all three hours of his interview with Joe Rogan. I am in awe of his comprehensive insight and encyclopedic knowledge.
We are very fortunate to have such men in these trying times. Kudos to Chris for bringing him to Peak Prosperity.


If you watched the almost three hours podcast of Dr. McCullough, you know the fear mongering generated is laughable at its best, so do laugh at this nutcase calling themselves a governor of NY ?.


I agree. In my estimation Dr Campbell has been VERY slow to criticize the media or govt. and also VERY slow to discuss or promote things like Ivermectin. I stopped watching his reports well over a year ago.


Time to take action people. They are vaxxing the kids. Have found a guy with a dark field microscope. Plan to test the theory that vaxxed blood looks like jelly. Will keep PP posted on the test results.
For people with some money or influence, here are some billboard slogans:
“Do you really want to inject viral genes into the cells of your child’s body?”
“Injecting your child with mRNA technology is permanent.”
“Do you want to program your child’s cells to produce a deadly and toxic spike protein?”
“Myocarditis and Pericarditis are NEVER mild.”
“Remember when children did not suffer from heart disease and blood clots?”
“Why is mRNA technology inventor, Dr. Malone, warning against vaccinating children?”
“Did you know the C19 vaccines are registered as “gene therapy” with the SEC?”
“Why are so many doctors risking their careers to warn against mRNA gene therapy shots?”
“There are no benefits to vaccinating children, only dangers.”
“Do you want your child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history?”
“Why are Americans denied early treatment when they have Covid?”
“Why is all cause mortality higher in post vaccinated 2021 than pre vaccinated 2020?”
People with means need to step up to the plate and start a factually correct counter narrative. Blanket coverage, repetition, aks questions that will splinter the deceptions. Use billboards, emails, door/mailbox hangers, mail outs, posters, concerts, set up free blood testing sites, etc.
“Solutions are only limited by imagination.”
Also had an idea for a door to door campaign. Train volunteers on how to make a VAERS report, then go door to door and offer to help people make their own report if they suffered an adverse event. The CDC needs this information, right?


Your comment deserves 100 likes! So many of us are in the same situation as you. There needs to be a work around plan for those only on SS.


Don’t have the time but what is the essence? #joerogan

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This quote is actually from Peter’s recent Rogen interview, but it makes the point very well, “It seems to me, early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive, suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization and death.”
He is absolutely correct… and if you had been spending time here at throughout 2020, you would have been privy to all of the hijinks in real time. The fake Lancet paper on HCQ, the back-stabbing of Trump’s efforts to promote early treatment by Rick Bright, the actions of the WHO to knee-cap as many of the currently running HCQ studies as possible. One of my favorite examples is Dr. David Boulware using the B-vitamin Folic acid as his “placebo” in early HCQ trials he was running… why? High dose folic acid is a potential treatment for pulmonary hypertension, including when associated with COVID-19 pneumonia
It was clear using only this lens - looking at how early treatment was being handled.. that something very, very systematic, organized, and nefarious was afoot.



Please post a link to this, thanks!


I struggle with my subscription cost also but continue to pay because I hope it also supports developing Honey Badger Farm into a community. How about a work day or two at the farm in exchange for my subscription?

  1. if the PP team could vet some of these people that need subsidized subscriptions I bet some of us paying members in a better financial situation would be happy to subsidize someone. We could help “pay it forward” to build the community. However, being a bit of a pessimist I don’t want to get taken so, some kind of vetting process needs to take place first. I am willing to sponsor someone for a year and I am sure there are others who would do the same. “There but for the grace of God go I.”

I am wondering if anyone here could make a recommendation for an MD or DO who is in agreement with Dr. Patterson’s testing and treatment protocols for long haul Covid? Preferably in MA. I have a loved one who is having trouble finding a practitioner to support them going through Dr. Patterson’s treatment program.

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Your videos are too much of a challenge to the status quo, Whereas, John Campbell poses no threat to the establishment narrative and so his subscriber numbers are allowed to grow. Its that simple.


Here is another American speaking out:

Pandemic Could Be Solved Quickly If Politics Thrown Out: Dr. Ben Carson

“We’ve been having tunnel vision” dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Ben Carson told EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program. “Let’s throw the politics out. We could solve this problem pretty quickly,” he stated in an interview that will premiere on Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. New York time. “Let’s open this thing up to all the different mechanisms,” said Carson, a renowned neurosurgeon who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom—the highest civilian award in the nation—in 2008 for his work. He retired in 2013 and ran for the presidency in 2016, before serving as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Trump administration. “Let’s look around the world at things that work. Let’s look at the fact that on the western coast of Africa, there’s almost no COVID. And let’s ask ourselves, why is that? And then you see, it’s because they take antimalarials, particularly hydroxychloroquine. Let’s study that. Let’s see what’s going on there. “Let’s listen to these physician groups who’ve had incredible success with ivermectin. Let’s look at the results with monoclonal antibodies. Let’s look at all of these things. Let’s put them all in our armamentarium so that we don’t have a one-size-fits-all system.”