Pfizer Safety Data Released, And It's Not Good

This episode reviews a previously hidden report by Pfizer to the FDA covering the first 90 days of ‘post authorization’ vaccine safety data. A judge ordered its release and, perhaps not surprisingly, no major news outlet has dared to cover the story.

Within that first 90- day window, over 1,200 deaths were reported, with a significant number appearing to happen within the first 24 hours after vaccination. We can’t say for sure because the report lacks critical details that would allow us to align the specific deaths with the reported observation that the median elapsed time between vaccination and the adverse event was “<24 hours” for many types of AEs.


This report is a ‘second go’ by Pfizer after the first report was deemed wholly insufficient and lacking detail. This one isn’t actually all that much better, as it is entirely passive (no active data collection undertaken – it relies entirely on “spontaneously” reported events, and no inquiry into the adverse events is part of this version of the report), there’s no attempt made to define the incidence of events, and there is no visible effort made to compare the levels of events to an expected baseline of such events.

It is also impossible to determine first vs second vaccination injections (not reported) and the age brackets are not even age brackets (“child, adult and elderly”).

Besides the 1,223 spontaneously reported deaths, there is an overwhelming tilt towards women reporting AE’s often on the order of 4x or more. None of these were deemed to be worthy of modifying either the administration of the vaccines or the collection of new data in more useful detail.
Further, I track down the actual state of knowledge of what is and is not known about pregnancy and the vaccines to uncover the fact that no providers can say, one way or the other, if the vaccines are safe.

In the most current language available to vaccinators and health care providers, Pfizer says “Available data on COMIRNATY administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.

Naturally, without being able to articulate the actual risk, true informed consent is not possible for pregnant women seeking to understand what the risks might be to their unborn child. All that can truthfully be said is “we don’t know.”

If more robust data does exist, it is not yet been made public. We may have to wait up to 55 years for that.


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Episode 038

00:00 - Intro
02:17 - Pfizer Safety Data “Leaked”
09:38 - Known Limitations of SAEs
12:59 - Issues Immediately Apparent in Table 1
21:32 - Safety: Preganancy
24:08 - Children - Off Label Use
27:09 - Heart Issues (Known by Feb 28, 2021)
31:15 - Immune-Mediated
33:34 - Informed Consent
40:44 - What is “informed Consent” for Pregnancy?
43:00 - Conclusions

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The diagnostic test to diagnose myocarditis is a cardiac MRI. I would imagine one could look to see how many cardiac MRI’s where completed 2021 or some time frame vs some earlier pre-pandemic time frame. Looking for increased volumes vs decreasing average age of people getting these test. Data collection or analysis is not my thing.
When we upend informed consent and someone does get injured. Most are not being treated for the correct diagnosis. The follow through on these patients then follows a different type of outcome like anxiety disorder or something like that. Meaning upended informed consent turns into upended diagnosis and mis-treatments that vaccine injured patients receive or don’t. Risk vs benefit can not be medically accurately provided. This leads to more poor sense making.


I received both doses of the Moderna vaccine this spring. The night of my second dose, I woke up to take a fever reducer and ended up fainting in my hallway. I developed bilateral swelling of my lymph nodes in my axillary, a large rash and swelling of my arm that lasted over a week, and my period re-started mid-month. I was hospitalized for POTS, my heart rate doubled when I would stand up. Three months after the vaccine, I developed telogen effluvium and quickly lost about 25% of my hair. After speaking with many other women on different social media forums, they too developed TE after the vaccine. I’m in my 40’s and the thought of getting a booster shot terrifies me.


I’m so sorry this happened to you Carol


So sorry you had to go through such a trauma. Very saddening and scary for anyone to face such challenges. Hopefully you will be able to get a medical exemption from further jabs.


Hi Chris,
Thanks for breaking down that ‘data’ set. Hard to draw any reliable conclusions when the data isn’t anchored, but there was a signal a blind person couldn’t miss, and that signal should have been investigated by those charged with such things. Regulatory capture is a mild diagnosis, IMHO. Epic malfeasance may be another expression.
At the end of the recording I had a idea for how we might be able to wake some people up. Would it be possible to pull apart a previous trial (timeline) and show the kind of data collection, decision points, etc, that ‘should’ be part of a trial (in a healthy system)? I am thinking of Swine Flu from 1976, hopefully a clear case since the vaccine was ceased when that danger signal was registered. The contrast with our current situation, comparing 52 dead against possibly 40k-500k is so stark that the shock may just register.
Another point I picked up on just in the past few days from a source I cannot pin down now: That previously the fact of fatalities or SAEs related to a trial was allowed to stand (as pure anchored data), which could then be analysed for confounding factors. Now, so much data is waved away, or shrugged away. But causality can come later, if we have proper data. The events are a signal yet the signal is being wished away by our regulatory bodies. In Australia for example we have had over 600 dead, yet only ~10 were attributed to the shots. The regulator spends more time making excuses for why the signal isn’t a signal than they do investigating. Autopsies for example might yield important insights.
I fear that at the moment this scenario may be a little abstract for laypersons, since few of us will have followed such a case study before we too are adrift regarding ‘how it should be’ in a healthy system. We don’t know what that looks like, since our lived experience does not predate the reign of Fauci. And the PR machine is keeping people in that state of ignorance by disgorging carefully curated soundbites, and by nudging us relentlessly.
Providing a frame of reference for people, a worked example so to speak, might help them see just how far the Overton window has been shifted.
And Carol, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. All the best.
Kindest Regards,


Chris, thank you so much for this report. So important!!!


This report was from Pfizer. Are there similar reports from the other producers of the different vaccines?


There may be insufficient document evidence supporting that the vaccines are deadly. Though, we know they are. But one thing is for sure, is they are not proven safe, and there is no reliable data to even suggest they are safe. SO, this is not a safe and effective vaccine period. I will take my shot in 55 years, when more data is released and it proves it is safe.


What more will it take till we demand that they stop this cruel and evil experiment, and strongly advise everyone to stop being victimized. The appropriate messaging is: DO NOT GET THIS INJECTION, NO MATTER WHAT they threaten to do to you as a consequence.
People are being taken advantage of, because they don’t understand the data, or the real science of what these injections are doing, or the long term risks. WE DO. WE have a responsibility to apply our knowledge, follow our moral compass, and advocate for those being medically raped.
Nothing good will come of this. I’ve seen enough. Too much. There is no ‘safe covid shot.’ We need to stop trying to find an age range or comorbidity that might benefit from trillions of spike proteins, which at best, provide a few months of very narrow protection against the original strain of virus, and at worst, cause heart attacks, strokes, permanent neurological disease, myocarditis etc.
What piece of data are we waiting for, to prove they are unsafe? And why won’t they just give us that data?
TPTP have manipulated the world into believing their shots are safe and effective. They shifted the burden of proof to anyone who doesn’t submit. That’s backwards. That’s what sick people do. Psychopaths. ‘If only you did what I told you to do, then I wouldn’t have to bruise your pretty face.’ These self-appointed experts no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt.
Robert F. Kennedy Jrs.’ book on Fauci documents how the Rockefeller and Gates families have had a decades-long shared obsession with eugenics and population control, via fertility ‘vaccines’ (pp.329-340). It’s not a conspiracy theory; it reveals their m.o., their goal, and their lack of respect for human life, nature, religion, spirituality, inter-dependence, freedom from servitude, right to exist, and bodily autonomy.
We are all thinking about this from a position of weakness, dependence, fear, and confusion. The billionaires, the media, the pols are the most disgusting bunch of creeps that ever lived! We’ve been too nice, too deferential, always making excuses for their bad behavior. ‘I’m sure there’s some other explanation. They wouldn’t really try to harm us, intentionally…’. Actually, yes they would.


You said it all… if we don’t stand up now we are just inviting the next beating. I have decided to stop wearing a mask in stores now… I will not comply with even that, because our compliance is what is slowly killing us. We cannot let them ratchet us any further, and we need to step back the insanity now. I will not remain quiet any more.

I have decided to stop wearing a mask in stores now.. I will not comply with even that, because our compliance is what is slowly killing us. We cannot let them ratchet us any further, and we need to step back the insanity now. I will not remain quiet any more.
I don’t comply with this either. Masks as implemented are pure theatre. They are not about safety they are about signaling compliance. A requisite symbolism that we’re in a constant state of emergency that in fact does not comport with actual statistics, which like the mask mandates serve to disproportionately represent the actual risks. The irony of a nation of metabolically deranged mostly obese population needing to wear a mask to shop for the processed junk food that passes for groceries and cornucopia of pharmaceutical poisons to treat the consequences of said groceries is apparently lost on our medical “ Authorities”   mm

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Given this was data presentation to the end of February, context must be used. I noticed the U.K. events recorded highest. We stole the march on many countries (especially EU nations). Pfizer was given the go ahead even before the AZOx vaccine. So one could assume that nearly all the early jabs were Pfizer. We were vaccinating our elderly and those with more life threatening conditions. How many of these people already had weak hearts? Women are represented at a larger ratio than men. I took my then 79 year old mum for her first jab on Dec 30th. I gazed at the queue of very infirm mostly slight ladies on walking frames, walking sticks. None of them appeared to be pregnant and at that age I doubt they would have the nerve to breast feed in public. I saw two confused people needing assistance by a relative as they seemed to be in at least early dementia.
My friend in his mid 60s with a flagged high risk condition did not receive his vaccine until half way through March but received the AZ jab (lucky so and so) by then he had already had Covid the previous September (tested) and reported a marked reaction echoing his previous infection.
Are we likely to get any further more recent data now? Not on your nelly.
Addendum: There was an quite a lot of noise in the early days over here of a black market for private buyers of a jab. Now I doubt the givers of the vaccine (real or fake givers or vaccine) would they have reported an adverse event? The reporters would have probably been recipients of may be or not a real vaccine.


I am the most junior commissioned officer to have ever served as the operations officer for all army strategic counterintelligence in CONUS, helped to launch the precursor of the NMIC, the AFMIC, which was reported to have alerted the President as early as November 2019 regarding a public health threat to US forces in the Sino Pacific, and, hence, can be certified to testify as an expert in federal court. I also possess sufficient knowledge and experience to testify as an expert on FOIA. On March 23, 2021, the White House acknowledged receipt of a FOIA request we had submitted regarding whether the infectious dose and secondary attack rate for COVID-19 was classified. This is a trick question, because we can only classify information if the government owns the property, and under a short list of Supreme Court decisions beginning in 1980, we can only own a biological agent if it had origins in a laboratory. Immediately after the deadline had tolled for the White House on April 20, 2020, a series of events occurred, including a tasking to the Intelligence Community and an order to disable problematic social media accounts, of which ours was one, disabled on Facebook on July 19, 2021.
On July 7, 2021, under the FOIA, we filed for an injunction in federal court, and was assigned an Obama appointed judge, who had been nominated for a promotion to the Circuit Court of Appeals, a $60,000 raise. Long story short, our action to compel the White House to respond to a simr yes or no question, no understanding of science required, was dismissed on October 29, 2021, surreptitiously, to hinder an opportunity to seek an appeal, but we caught it on time. At the Circuit Court of Appeals, a litigant has an opportunity to climb to periscope depth to fire a torpedo, an application to the Supreme Court justice assigned to the Circuit, to obtain a prejudgment decision on the shadow docket, much like the decision obtained by the Archdiocese of Brooklyn last December. Our assigned justice is Chief Judtice Roberts, and we shall be expecting a decision shortly.
Legally, it is an unjust enrichment for the government to create the conditions in which it may profit and an illegitimate state interest when done to restrict liberty and violate rights.
Fortune favors the bold in battle, and Rangers leaf the way, and I happen to be a retired Army Ranger.
By the way, CDC was aware of the myocarditis risk associated with all mRNA vaccines as early as March 2020.


Def time to assert ourselves more. In the last 2 days I did several shopping errands. I did not wear a mask and was successful without any hassles in 5/6 stores. The 6th would not permit me in, saying I could order on line and they would bring it to the front curb for me. Declined to give them my business.
What was extraordinary was that other shoppers paid me no heed, and clerks were passive. This is a marked departure from recent history, where there was a much higher level of concern and discomfort, to the point of tempers flaring by those captured by the fear porn. Of note, many shoppers who were masked (likely 99% of the crowd) had vacant looks in their eyes, like they were not really all there.
I do hope this is a sign of compliance weariness. And for sure, it gives me encouragement to continue to go mask-less and lead by example in the hopes others will get brave as well.


Yes, have gotten this message, and slowdown of access, only in last few days.


Pfizer is committing genocide. Whether Pfizer allowed people to die (or made people kill themselves, like the German family that committed suicide because they refused to take the jab(s)); whether Pfizer knew people would die; or killed people themselves directly. It’s genocide.


Chris’s recent public videos have gotten around 100K views with a few “No Discernable Relationship Between Vaccines and Cases” and “Mass Psychosis and You” pushing 200K. Last night’s video is up to 103 K by 10:15 AM EST the next morning. I’ve reloaded it a couple of times and the views are going up something a bit less than 10K/hour. Maybe this will be a big hit, but of course, that could cost Chris his channel.
3:30 PM: up to 128K, about 5K/hour. We’ll see how long this continues