PODCAST: Everything We Know So Far About The Coronavirus

In the midst of our furious coverage of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Chris is giving interviews to numerous interested media outlets.

Here’s an interview he just recorded hours ago on the TFMR Podcast, which gives a good breakdown of what we know so far about the unfolding situation (as of Saturday, Jan 25, 2020).

It’s a worthwhile listen for those concerned about the outbreak. And it’s great for sharing with people just waking up to the contagion risk, as it provides a thorough overview of both what’s going on and what’s most likely to happen next.

The Peak Prosperity team is busy producing more podcasts, videos & reports of our own on this fast-moving situation, which we’ll be releasing as quickly as we can over the coming days.

Click the play button below to listen to Chris’ interview with TF Metals Report (38m:14s).

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Thank you for the updates Chris! We will continue to monitor your posts closely.
Cindy and I spent the day driving around, freshening parts of the deep pantry, and the cat’s deep pantry as well. After inventorying things last night, we were surprised how lax we had become. It was nice to get a good freshening to things consumed or in need of donation.
I was a little surprised to see the N95 masks sold out on Amazon, but we just bumped up to nicer masks, and quick delivery is not a problem. Ordered a mask set, delivered to the kids as well.
Wishing everyone at PP well,
Cindy and Eric,
Washington State!

Hi Cindy and Eric,
Here’s a resource you may find helpful:
“If you have questions about what is happening in Washington state, how the virus is spread, and what to do if you have symptoms, please call 1-800-525-0127 and press #.”
Stay alert and well!

I did a quick pubmed search and there are a lot of papers on the effectiveness of zinc for treating influenza infections (and my own experience is that it works), but there is not much on coronavirus. I’ll keep looking into this.

At this time I don’t have 37 minutes to listen to the podcast [hope to soon]. My friend who is the managing editor of the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases publication https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/ told me Western scientists haven’t had much chance to study this in detail, but will soon.
My wife works there too and is a “right hand article traffic cop” to the head medical editor, who decides what articles gets published. Few articles are internal works; they are submitted by university PhD’s or research scientists or institutes. But many authors that want the world to see their articles, research, or research summaries on an emerging infectious disease submit to this publication.
To be very clear this is not the CDC’s labs on the same campus. But I will have a source for info soon. Realize careful study & research and the release of statements from the CDC will take some time. Crafting carefully prepared statements that don’t unnecessarily alarm people is the goal.
Unlike some conspiracy theorists, I do not think the CDC will try to minimize or overstate what they find out. I’ll check back on this thread & post again later.

I’ve been skeptical of masks really working. Please provide a source[s] for a mask that will work.

On January 21, 2020, Netflix [belatedly? suspiciously?] released a six-hour docuseries titled Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak.
If you aren’t a Netflix subscriber and don’t want to be, they’re currently offering a free 30-day trial (see button at top of page linked above).

“News of the latest American case comes as Chinese Health Minister Ma Xiaowei delivered the revelation that people can spread the virus before they have symptoms – which a veteran US health adviser called a “game changer,” but not in a good way.
It calls into question current US practices to contain the virus, longtime CDC adviser Dr. William Schaffner said.
“When I heard this, I thought, ‘Oh dear, this is worse than we anticipated.’ It means the infection is much more contagious than we originally thought,” said Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
If Ma is correct – and information about the virus is constantly evolving – people can go two weeks without realizing they’re sick, during which time they can spread the virus.

  • Source: CNN

Heh heh.

This was a great interview and sums up a lot in a few minutes. For us audible learners things like this are very helpful.
Thanks Chris and Adam for putting this on the site.

The spanish flu pandemic took two years to burn out. There is no way I am prepared to hunker down for two years or more to wait it out, maybe a year. I guess the silver lining MAY be, if I get the coronavirus in the first wave (of the first few months) despite my best efforts not too, is that if I survive I may then have partial immunity to the virus as it mutates and continues it’s merry, infectious way. Just trying to put a positive spin on things.
Seriously, I am not sure I have the mental resiliency to try to avoid contagion for months and months on end. Of course, the virus could kill me early (i’m 59, but pretty healthy) and then mutate to become relatively harmless. No one has a crystal ball. We are leaving for a week in Costa Rica next Saturday, I don’t look forward to the flights/but less likely to encounter coronavirus there, than Seattle which has a multiple flights a day to China. At the end of the day, I choose life, and my husband and I have had a relatively good run. I wish I somehow could help my 21 yo son and his generation more. Maybe exiting sooner than later is that way.
I am still going to wear my mask on the plane, take my elderberry and Vit C, zinc, wash hands religiously…more to avoid random flu/bacterial infections…who wants to be on vacation in the cloud forest with a cold?
Thanks for the lyme joke Sandpuppy, I appreciate the humor now more than ever.


US paratrooper Joseph Beyrle served with the 101st Airborne Division during World War II. Prior to the start of the Normandy invasions, Beyrle jumped twice into occupied France to coordinate, provide arms, and money to several French resistance units. He then jumped into France on D-Day, destroyed a enemy gun emplacement, was captured, escaped, and captured again. He was beaten nearly to death, his uniform and dog tags were taken from him. A German soldier attempted to infiltrate US lines dressed in Beyrle’s uniform and was killed. The US War Department believed Beyrle had been killed in combat and notified his parents. His mother refused to believe her son was dead and continued to ignore the calls from the family to accept his death.

Beyrle was taken into captivity at a German-controlled POW camp. He attempted to escape and was shot and wounded. He survived on minimum food and medical attention. Beyrle would be held in seven different POW camps and escaped again; this time the Gestapo was ready to shoot him, claiming he was a spy. He escaped again and found his way to a Soviet armored brigade which was near the POW camp. Beyrle having knowledge of engines and mechanical background assisted the Soviet tank unit which was equipped with American made M4 Shermans. He served with an armor unit commanded by a Soviet female officer and acted as a scout for the Russians against German positions. He was wounded again when German dive bombers attacked the Russian armor column.

He was taken to a Soviet hospital where he met Soviet Marshall Zhukov who was curious on how this American paratrooper ended up in a Soviet hospital. Zhukov was so impressed with Beryle’s story he provided safe passage back to the US Embassy in Moscow.

Due to the U.S. War Department believing Beyrle had been killed back in June 1944, the U.S. government kept him under guard for several days until his dental records confirmed he was indeed Beyrle. Beyrle served more combat time with the Soviets than the Americans and received both US and Soviet citations.

Beyrle returned home and married his sweetheart by the same priest who two years earlier had held his funeral when his family believed he was dead.

Here is Sgt. Joseph Beyrle’s Prisoner of War picture after he was captured again by the Germans.

One bad-ass warrior.

Find and unleash the warrior within yourself!

I’ve read that UV light can kill viruses. I’m thinking it would be wise to get a handheld device that can be used to sanitize masks, goggles, clothing, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use and where to get one?

CDC, “What to do if you are sick with 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)” 1-page pdf flyer:
More detailed information from CDC site: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/guidance-prevent-spread.html

Last line of the CDC guidelines Sparky1 linked:

If you do not have any symptoms, you can continue with your daily activities, such as going to work, school, or other public areas.
That, right there, is the fail.

Just a thought - I bet you would generate a lot of goodwill by putting the coronavirus related stuff out to all, not just to paying subscribers. You are doing a great job with this and it would be a helpful service for the community.

Surgical masks don’t protect the wearer. There are a lot of different kinds of masks, mostly in how much particulate is filtered and how well oil-based pollutants are filtered. See

These links are from Australian media.
Does the body language look more like that of someone lying, or simply worried?
Either way is bad. Especially when combined with statements urging us to use only ‘trusted sources of truth… our website’.
The comments from the general population are a giveaway that there is no trust in the Australian Government. I can’t remember off hand which of the 5 stages of collapse this fits into, but some Australians are cottoning on.
And this is on Morning TV. So many Aussies worship this show. (facepalm)
Just keep smilin’
I’d prefer to take matters into my own hands as Chris advises. We don’t homeschool, but we do sometimes miss school for good reason as decided by Me…
Comments are turned off on many of these youtube videos. Censorship much.

Try doing a google search. I purchased one a few years back, from a catalogue company.(about $100) It is about 16 inches long and has an easy to use handle. Good to sanitize all surfaces, especially that are not easily cleaned. If I can find the name of the Co, I’ll write again. There is also something called “Phone Soap” that you can by at QVC.(about $40) It is a rectangular 2 sided box, with UV lights on both sides. Will sanitize phones & small items like keys, credit cards,… in 10 min.

Pat Auble responded to my request for additional information concerning UV Lights for sanitizing surfaces. (I really don’t understand why others don’t think this is something to consider.) I PMed Pat and he responded! He suggested the Verilux Cleanwave portable unit. It produces UV-C light and uses 4 AA batteries.
Here is the website: https://verilux.com/products/portable-sanitizing-wand. I just ordered one for $59.99. With shipping, it was $70.94.
If I wanted to make Jeff Bezos richer, I could have ordered it from Amazon for the same price. Frankly, I don’t want to make Bezos any richer.
Thanks to Pat for following up on my question!