Politicized "Medicine"

Why is hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), one of the most prescribed drugs in history, now suddenly labelled as a lethal threat? And yet barely-tested compounds, like Moderna’s “vaccine”, are quickly and loudly championed?

It’s getting harder and harder to see the inconsistency/hypocrisy as anything but a highly political show in which science is losing out to big money.

Perhaps nothing makes this point more than Moderna and its blockbuster announcement Monday that its “vaccine” generated sufficient antibodies to give recipients immunity to covid-19.

The stock soared as a result…and then the company immediately announced a new funding round.

And now, suddenly experts are saying Moderna hasn’t provided data critical to verifying its claims.

Wait… could Monday’s “news” have been a pump-and-dump con?

And then we find out that the White House’s new “vaccine czar”, Dr Moncef Slaoui, who sat on Moderna’s board up until just a few days ago, is dumping his 156,000 stock options in the company at a sweet price.

Is Moderna being touted because it truly shows more promise than cheap widely-available HCQ? Or because those running the show stand to profit from it? We don’t know for sure, but it sure stinks like it’s the latter.

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Chris and Adam, thanks again for an out of the ball park daily briefing. I have been connecting some dots, and wonder what some other folks here think:

  1. 2016 President elect Trump issues press release claiming RFK, Jr. will head up a Vaccine Safety Commission, after meeting with RFK, Pence and company at Trump Tower
  2. 2016 Gates meets with President Elect Trump
  3. 2017 PFizer donates $1,000,000 for Trump’s inaugeration
  4. 2020 Never hear about vaccine safety concerns from Trump again. Vaccine Safety Commission Never Happens.
    What is half the country gonna think when Trump makes a comment on an issue? I think that certain people know there is a swath of other people that have such rigid ideology about Trump, that no matter what he says, this group will take the opposite position, hard, no matter what. Trump says HQC might be a solution and half the country goes bonkers in opposition to HQC. I found that to be so with my brother. When I casually mentioned that having Trump drop the HCQ comment, the “Never Trumpers” would immediately demonize HCQ, and no one’s looking at the data that shows just how effective it is. In fact, my brother dislikes Trump so much, he had his doubts about HCQ.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Trump is invested in Pharma. Personally, I think the big hype is all about money, not politics. Politics is just used to the industries’ advantage: gain opposition to the cheap, effective (with Zinc motherfuckers) HCQ. Who “owns” the few ginormous media outlets (radio, cable, newspaper, and television) and controls the content by way of advertising dollars? Big Pharma.
    Just like Pharma has THE sweetest, no liability, no testing required, no advertising required, compulsory use of their products, national government contract: CDC mandated vaccines; and all they have to do is pay money, submit some shoddy study, and voila, America’s got ANOTHER vaccine on the ever growing vaccine schedule.
    Big Pharma has this country by the balls, IMHO.

Here is a link to the Georgia DPH website. I have been watching this site for a few weeks now. If you look at the website the trend seems to be going down. We won’t really know until a few weeks down the road.
Chris, did you write the commentary which starts at around 17 minutes in the video? If not you who was it? You usually do a good job referencing your information. As you know 17 days is an eternity in the coronavirus world. If you look at the website you will see that the data is subject to change as new information comes in. The state has been quite transparent in my opinion. Was this an oversight on your part? Do you believe that we in GA are not capable of taking information and acting responsibility on it? Perhaps we are too backward for your taste because we pray to our God to remove the vapours.
The decision to reopen the state could not have been an easy one to make. When the President tells you he disagrees then you know that you stand alone. I believe that the governor showed courage (large cohones for the sailor in you) when he opened up the state. Did he make the statisticians change the chart? I don’t know. Was the decision to open up the right one? In my opinion yes.

I am baffled by your assessment of Chris’s reporting on GA. I also live in GA, and I have been following our progress since the state first started posting any stats. The reference Chris makes starting at minute 17 and the chart he refers to on the next slide couldn’t be clearer. You seem to be referencing the website (as it currently exists) in your post… FYI… GA already got caught with regards to the chart Chris mentions, then Kemp’s communication director Candice Broce made a lame excuse for the chart in question, and then GA changed it. Please refer to the link below for the chart (as it was referenced in the video):
Look at the dates on the X axis…I saw it myself, and saw this story. Unbelievable… Georgia’s handling of the stats and their dissemination of information Covid-related has been embarrassing to say the least (and before this turns political, please know that I voted for Kemp).
My admitted guess here is that it is more likely that you are in disagreement with the perceived criticism of Kemp opening the state. Debating the opening of the state is a completely different argument from the one Chris appears to be making. Maybe opening the state was the right move, maybe not… but one thing I am sure of is that our state government isn’t shooting us the straight info, and that seems to be the crux of this segment in Chris’ video. I just wish GA would be honest and transparent when making their decisions. I am open to a healthy debate about whether we should be open or not, but there is NO excuse for what has been done with our stats. Fudging data and/or its representation is just unacceptable. Again, please read the link above for reference… Georgia got lambasted for this chart… made some lame excuses (which are all referenced and were widely seen on twitter), then changed it, so looking at the dph.georgia.gov site now is hardly useful with reference to Chris’ current video.

Thanks for the link. I had not seen it. As I stated Chris usually credits a source when he uses it. What is not transparent about the website now? Is there other evidence that I have missed? I have always believed that if someone is willing to correct mistakes that we should be accept the corrections and proceed with caution. As I stated previously 17 days is an eternity in the present situation.
I am willing to change my opinion about the reopening if more information presents itself. At this time I believe we should do all we can to prepare for the next wave. As I said before this is my opinion based on my experience where I live in south GA.
As I look at the Second Nexus website I notice that there is quite a bit of bias against conservative points of view. If the news a person reads is coming from a skewed prospective it can influence your thinking. This is true of all of the large news outlets. I do not watch any of them. This makes me wonder even more if this website has a bias. I had hoped to find a group that willing to look at all sides of a situation but now I am not as hopeful as I originally was.

The suppression of access to, and relentless media bias against hydroxychloroquine is a huge crime against humanity that has been happening right in front of your eyes, in real time, over the last two months. Here is yet more proof of this, pointed to by our brother in Truth Seeking Dr. James Todaro in a recent tweet;

James Todaro, MD
India offered HCQ prophylaxis to 10,000 Mumbai policemen.
About 4,500 routinely took HCQ, while 5,500 refused.
HCQ group: 0 deaths
Non-HCQ group: 9 deaths
And those who contracted COVID-19 in the HCQ group had "mild attacks"
Edit: I don't think Zinc was included here, but do remember that not adding supplemental Zinc to a study or population does not mean zero Zinc, it just means that the efficacy may be individualized depending on dietary Zinc status. It is my sense that for the purpose of prophylaxis, for most people, dietary Zinc levels may be sufficient to achieve efficacy. This is likely not the case if you are starting treatment with HCQ after an infection has started, in which case I would definitely add supplemental Zinc.

set a new bar for malfeasance pretty high. It takes a lot of work to re-arrange dates to get a down curve and then provide the actual dates and then expect no one to notice. I guess if you look up cherry picking data you find…To bad, if source data was included, it would be fun to look at the data in correct order.

i made chris’s elderberry syrup yesterday and its really yummy. i put in a whole 500g tub (like a big cup) of honey. when you havent had it for a while, it’s easy to keep drinking it.

Here’s my SC2 chart (daily new confirmed cases, MA7) for Georgia, alongside some of its neighbors. In this chart, Georgia’s data does appear to be steadily declining. Not that this is critical - all we care about is that we aren’t swamping hospitals. But the declining infection count is definitely a positive sign. Heck, even moving sideways is good.
And I agree with the assessment that it took a lot of courage from Georgia’s governor to work through the chorus of doom predictions.
Note that the data in this chart has been run through an MA7, which reduces the impact of the weekends, letting us see the trends more easily.


Previously James Todaro used a google doc. But his new website will be the place that he updates HCQ related information. (He posts somethings that I don’t agree completely with, but very much appreciate his ability to hold a non-standard viewpoint and to discuss things outside the Overton’s window).

Chris’s critique of that Washington Post article really hit a nerve with me. Too many times, I have read articles in the American media like the one he mentions. These articles seemed very plausible until you do the background research to check out the story. But upon doing that you find that:

  1. The article’s facts were cherrypicked.
  2. Crucial facts were left out which would have destroyed the very narrative that the author was trying to create.
  3. Experts were quoted out of context or without disclosure of clear biases.
    The thing that is really troubling is that I have come to the conclusion that this is more than simply weak journalism.
    It is deliberate.
    Too many times, it was simply too easy for me to find the “omitted facts” or too easy to discover quotes “taken out of context” or too easy to uncover “biased sources.”
    If I could uncover these weaknesses in the article why couldn’t the “journalist?”
    Clearly, they could have.
    Thus, I have come to the conclusion that much of the misinformation in the media is deliberate.
    How can you claim to have a democracy when the people who vote cannot get accurate information?
    How can you claim to have a democracy when the people can’t trust the honestly of their own media?

Hello Everyone, I ran across some info awhile ago about how vaccines are in a different category from “drugs.” The vaccine category is called “biologic.” Biologics do not necessarily go through the same testing as drugs do.
Second, the industry gets away with minimal testing when they are developing a drug or biologic that has been used before, and the ‘prior use’ is probably liberally construed.
Found this link on testing methods: https://3rs.ccac.ca/en/testing-and-production/tp-testing/biologics-and-vaccines.html
Here is an open letter to the WHO from RFK, Jr., with footnotes!
The reason Moderna is skipping part of the normal safety testing process is because it can.

Mike from Jersey, you are correct. Unfortunately the news does not have to be true and big advertisers control content, and all radio stations, newspapers, television, cable, and all other paid for TV are ALL owned by 5 companies. These companies rely on advertising revenues. During non-election years, pharma represents 70% of advertising revenues.
Some reporters sued Fox news over the news agency’s stonewalling the airing of an investigative piece on the bovine growth hormone. The story was negative, and never aired as Monsanto sent Fox a threatening letter to NOT air the story. GThe reporters ended up getting fired and sued Fox news.
The reporters won at the trial level but lost when Fox appealed. The higher Court reversed stating the reporters did not have whistle blower status and that the FCC’s rule on not distorting the news has never been formally adopted.
Can the media distort facts? Yes. Can the media report false facts? Yes. It’s done all the time. That’s why we have to find our own trusted news sources.
Here’s a link to the case: https://casetext.com/case/new-world-comm-v-akre

Thanks for the response Tony. What doesn’t seem transparent about the site currently, or maybe more accurately, misleading is how the data is being applied to the charts. I am attaching two links from the AJC talking about it with source links within. I don’t want to misstate how they are doing it, but the quick recap is that if 100 new cases came back positive yesterday, most of those won’t actually be assigned to yesterday, but instead, each will be incremented to the day the test was taken, or when the first symptoms were shown. As a result, you constantly have to look back over 3 weeks of data (or more) to see what the daily averages are like. Again, see the links below for a more accurate/complete description of this:
This kind of presentation of the data, along with the chart referenced by Chris in the video just seem to me to try to shape the story instead of just delivering the facts.
I only used the second nexus website link because of the screen capture of the original chart, and the tweets from the Kemp administration about it. I originally saw the graph myself way before Chris covered it last night when the old version of the chart was still on the dph site.
You’re response seems to presume that I am looking at things this way because of my political views. Not so. I really am not political, but I remind you that I voted for Kemp and I am very conservative in many of my views. I agree that media has all sorts of slants. I don’t really care about their article. I am just looking at what our state government is saying and putting out. Forget about the article text, and just look at the chart, and the Kemp administrations response when called out on it. I just want straight facts and data, and don’t think we are getting it here in GA.

Yes, I am aware of all that. The consolidation of the news media into just a few owners was a hammer blow against democracy. And, yes, - being, myself, a retired attorney - I am all too aware of the law which lets these fraudsters get away with fraud. And also, yes, I am aware of the fact that we have to find our own trusted sources - as difficult as that may be.
But none of that makes it right. We should all make it clear that this status quo is unacceptable. The media should not be allowed to lie and we should not put up with a country pretends to be a beacon of truth but is, instead, a mass manufacturer of falsehood.

Down here in New Zealand the TOTAL lockdown actually seems to have beaten the virus. Seriously. Down to basically ZERO cases per day. And the “gold standard” that Chris advocates was the thing. The borders were shut tight, most everything was shut down for 49 days. A big success. And now - because the virus is truly beaten - people are not afraid to go shopping, the carparks are full, business is back, etc. This is way better than what I see happening overseas. Why is that?
Well - the NZ Govt had a policy of “GO HARD and GO EARLY”. What I see in most countries is a kind-of “half-way” measure - trying to keep things open and lockdown at the same time. And often - to quite a degree - their borders are still open. This is a disaster.
Then - even if you remove the lockdown - people are too afraid to go shopping much - because the virus is still around - not “beaten”. If you are going to do lockdown - then DO LOCKDOWN. Go hard and go early. Shut the borders tight. Hardly any western countries did this properly. So they are left in “purgatory” - halfway house.
The UK is bad - but I think the USA is in bigger trouble. Official lockdowns may be lifted - but the virus is still circulating - so nobody wants to go to Malls or retail. Most will largely stay home. The economy will not recover because the lockdowns were so piecemeal and politicized. So late, so slow, so inconsistent. I am worried for the USA.
Anyway - kudos to Chris. Well done, mate.
Best advice - “If you are going to panic - panic early”. Proven true once again.
-Andy S.

This Harvard professor echos Chris’s sentiments on Moderna.
He noted:
“we all know its an emergency, and in an emergency it’s even more important to be clear on what you know and what you do not know.”
And also noted:
“If a CFO had tried to get away with such an opaque and data-less statement it would have been treated with derision and possibly an investigation.”


Andy S,
Your self congratulation may be premature. Just because NZ acted swiftly and closed its borders doesn’t mean that the C-19 virus has gone away. It is still out here in the rest of the world and one day, probably quite soon, it will gain entry into New Zealand and you Kiwis will go though the same trauma that the rest of the world has experienced.
Without herd immunity or an effective vaccine, there is no permanent defense. All your total lock-down has achieved is a delay of the inevitable.
That may be a good thing, because it will give you time during which the international medical community might just get its act together and come to some consensus about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir or invermectin.
Kia Ora.

NZ is a good place right now, because we took extreme measures, but we are not out of the woods. Once we open up our borders again, we open ourselves up to risk. However we are well placed to minimise this where possible through contact tracing and other measures by moving back up a level (we have 4 alert levels here with different ‘restrictions’ and guidelines attached to each) to get things ‘under control’ once more.
As a result of how we have positioned ourselves as a nation, I am hopeful and have a reasonable level of confidence that we will not go through the same trauma as other countries, as you believe we might. In the interim, I’m with you on everyone getting their act together and initiating sound studies on remedies.